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Sabina's face genuinely lit up when her vibrating phone alerted her to Alex's card activating the elevator up to the club. She hadn't had a chance to call Alex and Patrice and tell them that she was back in town yet, and their presence at the club, something that she knew had become more rare over the years, was a pleasant surprise. Nathalie was still in London on business, leaving Sabina's sleep restless. But there was always the possibility that she could persuade her old mistresses to revisit the past and if that happened, she knew that she would sleep soundly that night. She headed toward the elevators, planning to greet them when they arrived, but when the doors opened, they didn't open on Alex or Patrice. Sabina blinked once before she licked her lips. "Theo." It took all of her composure not to laugh outright at the expression on Theo's face.

"Aunt Sabina..." Theo's voice cracked as he said her name. Of all of the things that he had expected to find in a sex club, his parents friends, the woman who was practically his godmother, was not one of them. "Um... How's Aunt Nathalie?" It was the only thing that he could think of to say and Sabina seemed suspiciously on the verge of mocking him. "You know what, this was a mistake. I should just go home or something... someplace that isn't here, yeah, that, right." He tried to back himself into the elevator, but the doors were already closed.

"Theo," Sabina shook her head, a smile still tugging at her lips. "It's okay." She wrapped a hand around his bicep and guided him down the hallway to the main room. "I'm not one of your parents, and if you're curious enough to sneak in here, I'm not going to send you away. Even if you don't quite meet the dress code," she joked, trying to put Theo more at ease. She accepted that his weak smile was probably all that she was going to get for the moment. When they walked into the main room, she carefully watched Theo's expression, making sure that he wasn't scared or disturbed by what he saw.

"Um... thanks." Theo looked at Sabina skeptically as she guided him to a couch and motioned for a drink, which turned out to be sparkling water. Still, it was something that he could distract himself with, rather than staring too openly or otherwise embarrassing himself.

"You're welcome. Now, are you interested in men or women? I don't like to assume." She was already thinking of whom she might summon that would both appeal to Theo and make sure that he wouldn't do anything stupid, though her concern was more the latter than the former.

Theo blushed bright red as he struggled to answer. "Um, women. Definitely women." His eye flicked to the girl that had brought him his drink. "And, uh," Theo squirmed uncomfortably, "maybe someone not so... submissive?" He hoped that he wasn't pushing things too far, that he was using the right words, that Sabina didn't think he was a complete idiot, though he was still pretty sure that she was just humoring him.

Well, that was certainly going to make it easier for her to keep him from getting into trouble. "Of course." Sabina motioned to Eric, Brynn's successor, and whispered a carefully worded request. He was quick to nod and disappear. Sabina smiled down at Theo. "Cameron should be here soon. Do what she tells you to do and you'll be fine." Sabina ruffled his hair and stepped away, first to quickly exchange words with Cameron about using kid gloves with Theo, and then to call Alex.

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