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I hope your day is as nice as your butt

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“Captain, my captain, what’s the plan for today?” Castiel Novak’s gravelly voice startled Dean out of his concentration while staring at his playbook.

Dean rolled his eyes, even as his stomach felt warm. “Shut it, Novak.” Dean looked away from bright blue eyes and a smug smile to engage the rest of his team that had gathered on the field for a final practice before the big match against the Demons the following day.

Dean hadn’t been completely sure about accepting the Quarterback position at the start of the year, but now, as the Hunters stand on the cusp of winning the season, he’s feeling a rare moment of pride.

“Alright guys, we nearly have this season in the bag. The last thing we need is for everyone to get cocky or complacent, so let’s do a few laps before going over our main plays.” A collective groan rose up from the team, just as Dean had expected. “Yeah yeah, I’m a hardass, you can all whine and run at the same time.”

“I’d like a run at that hard ass any day," the same gravelly voice said, softly enough that no one but Dean heard.

Dean turned to give Castiel a frown, but instead his body rebelled and he felt blood rush to his cheeks... Just in time to see Cas grin and wink at him before running off to catch up with the rest of the team.

Dean huffed a laugh; Cas had been flirting with Dean all year. All harmless of course, as Cas had a reputation for being charming and flirtatious with everyone. Why he had targeted Dean is anyone’s guess. While Dean had a reputation of his own, it was more along the lines of Dean having dated nearly the whole cheerleading squad in a year.

Cas had definitely become more aggressive with his flirting recently, though. It was no secret that Cas liked both girls and guys, especially if that story about him with both Hester and Balthazar was anything to go by. Dean wouldn’t go as far as saying he enjoyed the flirting, but it didn’t bother him. It was actually funny how ridiculous Cas purposefully made his pick up lines sometimes.

Dean wondered if Cas used the same pick up lines for girls and guys or if he had to change them. An image of Cas both giving it and taking it during a threesome materialized, unbidden, into Dean’s mind, which made his cheeks heat up again.

What the hell was that?

“What’s got ya blushing like a school girl?” Coach Singer asked in his usual gruff voice.

“Uh, nothing...” Dean replied nervously, trying to think of anything but threesomes involving Cas.

Bobby gave him a look of annoyed disbelief, but didn’t push the matter. “How're they looking for the match against the Demons?” Bobby nodded towards the team.

Discussing the team - Dean could do. Dean took pride in how well he knew his team and their abilities, so he explained to Bobby how each team member was doing.

“Have you talked to the Novak kid yet?” Bobby asked while looking for his old pocket watch.

“Me? What? Why?” Dean responded defensively.

“About switching him from full back to running back? We talked about this yesterday, ya idjit.” Bobby smacked Dean over the head with his own playbook - just hard enough to smart, but Dean made it look like it had really hurt.

“Alright Winchester, this isn’t soccer. Just make sure you let Novak and Lafitte know they’re swapping positions," Bobby said as he finally found his pocket watch and opened it one handed.

“Yeah yeah, I’ll talk to them,” Dean said dismissively. He could message Benny later; Cas on the other hand...

“Balls! I’m late for class again.” Bobby chucked the playbook at Dean and stuffed the pocket watch back into his jacket.

“Heh, I still can’t believe Principal Mills convinced you to teach Japanese," Dean grinned.

Bobby glared at him. “Shall we talk about whatever or whoever had you blushin’ before, boy?”

Dean’s eyes widened and he looked down at the ground.

“I thought so," Bobby gruffed. "Keep your head in the game.” As he passed Dean he gently added, “You got this.”

“Thanks, Bobby," Dean replied, equally as soft.

Bobby had only been Coach for a couple of years, but he’d always been Bobby to Dean. Especially during the darker parts of his childhood where his father had been at his most alcoholic. John Winchester had gotten a lot better since then and had even managed to hold down a construction job for a couple of years. Still, Dean felt safer knowing Bobby would always be there to help him and Sam out in the worst scenarios.

The rest of practice went uneventfully. They didn’t go over any plays because the team was incredibly riled up for the final match tomorrow, so Dean let them blow off some steam running laps and other exercises. All the while completely avoiding looking at Cas, who had decided taking off his shirt and running around in tiny soccer shorts was a great idea. Who does this guy think he is?

When practice had finished and the team was heading towards the showers, Dean took the opportunity to stop Cas.

“Hey, Cas?” Dean kept an even tone, not exactly knowing why his palms had gotten a bit sweaty.

"Hey Cap."

“Um, you ok being running back?”

Cas laughed, “That's crazy, Benny and I were just talking about that before. Good tactic, the Demons won’t be expecting it.”

Dean smiled, loving the fact that he was so in tune with his team. “We’re counting on that.”

Castiel lifted an eyebrow. “So I’ll be crowding you tomorrow night then?”

Well this took a turn. This guy could make moldy gravy into a pick up line. “Uh...” Dean replied eloquently.

“Being running back and all?” Cas smiled at Dean, clearly going for casual.

“Oh, uh yeah. I guess.”

Cas took a step forward. “You wanna get some practice in before-"

“Dean?” John Winchester’s voice was such a bucket of cold water over the sound of Cas’ rumbling purr.

Not that Dean needed cold water because Cas’ flirting hadn’t affected him... at all... nope. Not. In. The. Slightest.

“Oh, hey dad. Uh, I’ll see you tomorrow Cas, get some rest tonight - don’t... you know... have an orgy or something.” Dean had no idea why he had said that. So he sprinted over to his dad’s truck.

Castiel gave him a confused smile and saluted him.

Dean felt thoroughly embarrassed by the spectacle he had made of himself. When he reached the car, Dean looked back but Cas was gone.

“Wasn’t that the Novak kid?” John asked with no emotion in his voice.

“Yeah," Dean replied dryly. He wasn’t all too happy with his father for ‘accidentally’ dinging Dean’s beloved Impala. If that hadn’t happened, Dean wouldn’t have needed a ride home and he could have spoken to Cas without an interruption. Not that Dean WANTED to continue the conversation. Did he?

“Isn’t he gay?” John asked in his emotionless voice.

“Who? Oh... Um, I think he’s bi?” Dean replied, trying to keep the conversation casual - John was better but the temper was not the alcohol’s fault, apparently.

“Pfft, that’s just fancy talk for gay," John said dismissively.

Dean cringed internally. “Y’know I could have just gotten a ride from someone."

“Who? That Novak kid?” John asked with his eyebrows raised high up into his forehead.

Dean closed his eyes because great, this was what he needed right now. “Dad...”

John suddenly laughed out loud. “I’m kidding, you’re so sensitive Dean, been spending too much time with Sammy.”

Dean looked out the window just in time to see Cas being hugged by an attractive man. A jolt of something like annoyance went through his body. Strange.