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Always Green, Ever Living

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Detective Weaver felt both his pulse decreasing and heart rate increasing. Snidely laughing at the thought he had a heart due to the years of abusing his position within the Hyperion Height Police Department.

The detective was dying; shot in the chest by an informant he never wanted to admit was the closest person he cared about, karmic justice he supposed. Weaver didn’t blame Tilly; he knew he was treading in dark waters in humoring her but when it came to Mayor Belfrey threatening to expose him over the well-being of his informants, self-preservation came first. The images around him became fuzzy and the sounds multiplied with every second, Weaver never believe in the concept of an afterlife, but he never imagined his last moments on this earth would be replaying the gunshot.


She called him something and he was too wrapped distracted care about her delusional rantings, Weaver regretting not being considerate.


Weaver continued floating; feeling his chest bursting. He tried to massage it until he noticed the hole where the bullet had been lodge had now decreased. Placing his fingers over his chest, the detective felt the sting from the blood looking at his hand observing only there had not been any signs of blood but now his chest was devoid of the bullet hole.


A large wave hit Weaver causing him to stumble. He placed his hand over his head to stop the headache but it continued leaving him screaming for the pain to stop when the memory of Tilly shooting him became replaced with images of a time he never imagined existing. A land similar to the medieval period, fantasy creatures and magic with the two most frequent people in his stream of memories became a young boy with eyes similar to his calling him a coward and a beautiful young woman with chestnut hair and blue eyes wearing either medieval clothes in some images or feminine modern styles dancing with him to a strange yet familiar tune.

Bel-Belle…Weaver thought when the last image broke of Tilly showing him his chipped cup screaming about how it would lead him back to her.

The cup, the gunshot and memories now poured into Weaver leading him to smile as he soaked in his newly required memories. He was not Detective Weaver a corrupt police officer from Hyperion Heights but Rumpelstiltskin the Dark Wizard of Misthaven.

Rumpelstiltskin woke up finding himself in the hospital staring at the vision of Belle. Even though it had been a decade since her passing, she was still as beautiful as he remembered. How he longed to join her. Within the past decade, he was nowhere near finding the Guardian than he had when leaving the Edge of Realms were all he accomplished was giving the curse to Lady Tremaine in exchange for Tilly’s life.

Rumpelstiltskin leaned to touch his wife knowing in the back of his head it was another projection

Please Belle, I am so sorry.

He hoped Belle would forgive him for his recent endeavors but he knew there would be a good chance he may never join her should his death mean even his existence became shattered. In a flash moment, Belle disappeared. Even in this realm, he couldn’t have a bit of solitude when it came to his true love.

“Oh good, you’re awake. I was beginning to worry for a bit”

The voice took Rumpelstiltskin back. He started getting up seeing the physician looking over the notes who then greeting him with a warm smile.

No, it can’t be!!

“Belle?” Rumpelstiltskin voice was shaking from uttering the name.

“Pardon?” The doctor asked. “It must be the medication.” She pointed out in frustration. “I told the nurse to lower the dose, but I guess sometimes you can’t find good help nowadays.”

“You look like…” before Rumpelstiltskin began to finish the sentence, he inspected the physician hoping whatever tricks his mind came up with to quickly desist. At first glance, she could have easily been mistaken for Belle since both women looked similar, even down to the exact shade of cerulean in her captivating eyes. In the green scrubs and white coat, he thought she was a beautiful woman perhaps in her mid to late thirties. The only difference between the two women the golden blonde the physician wore in a bun allowing her banes to sweep to the side. She inspected his eyes and ears leading the imp to notice a plain brass band on the fourth finger of left hand that left him to snicker at the cheap bastard she made her vows to. “Like someone familiar.” Lowering his voice hiding his disappointment.

“I have been told I have one of those faces.” She winked back at him. “I am Dr. Lilley, do you remember what happened?”

Rumpelstiltskin didn’t want to get Tilly into any trouble but he knew the gun fired was his where there might have been little explanation. “I was doing a routine investigation on South End and I just happened to be at the wrong place, wrong time.”

She pursed her lips back looking over her notes. “I’ll say. The bullet was once inch away from your heart but missed because of an unusual movement. You honestly should be dead especially since most of my colleagues were telling me to pronounce time of death not even a few minutes after you were brought in. You will need to stay here for the next 72 hours to rehabilitate even though your vitals show everything is fine.”

“Right, because I am immortal” Rumpelstiltskin commented thinking the physician assumed he was making a joke.

“I guess someone up there doesn’t think it’s your time yet.”

“How’s the patient?” Rogers stated knocking against the wall to get their attention. A brief moment Rumpelstiltskin nearly forgotten about his partner, a version of his old enemy who only had the memories of their time together before Storybrooke. There had been an encounter between the two men shortly after he arrived in the new realm in which Rumpelstiltskin discovered certain secrets about Hook where it made him realize had they not had a past together, the two men could have been at least well-meaning acquaintances which made him wonder if Belfrey intentionally placed them as partners in this curse solely to see who could easily do her bidding. He immediately thought of Regina if she was even awake, he was happy to see she  was still alive especially after their last encounter included some regretful choice words.

“Thankfully not dying, where is Tilly?” Rumple snarled at Rogers whose attentions quickly switched to Dr. Lilley.

“You mean girl who insisting on coming in the ambulance?” Dr. Lilley quickly intervened. “I sent her to get something to eat just before I got in. She was really upset over the entire matter.”

“She’s back in the waiting room playing chess.” Turning back to Dr. Lilley “Love, can you leave me alone with Weaver for a few minutes.” Insisted Rogers smiling at her leaving Rumpelstiltskin annoyed at the display he was seeing.

“I have to do the rest of my rounds. I will come back tomorrow to check on you Mr. Weaver so don’t run out on me.” Dr. Lilley took her items turning at the two men before leaving. “Oh and Detective,” she directed her attention towards Rogers, “it’s Doctor not Love.” Dr. Lilley left the room causing the imp to smile at seeing there was a woman immune to Roger’s charms.

Dr. Lilley turned out of the room seeing Tilly in the chairs next to her playing with a chessboard against herself. She noticed the girl had recently been crying with her posture crunched up into the chair where it made her appear younger. Realizing it wasn’t any of her business and there was good chance she was speaking to the person who might have lodged the bullet into her patient, she checked her wristwatch seeing she had a few minutes before going to her rounds.

“Hey, you got a minute?” asking Tilly getting her attention, the girl wiped her eyes giving Dr. Lilley the seat next to the chessboard leaving them across one another.

Tilly started looking at the physician, something about her felt off. However she still had been trying to get adjust back to her medication where she started thinking the few moments she held Weaver’s hand on the ride there meant he was going to hurt her too.

Dr. Lilley kept smiling at Tilly holding some of the pieces of the game constantly staring at the white pawn placed in front of the black queen leaving her more concerned.  “Everyone always says the queen is the most powerful piece in chess but I always thought it was the pawn. Eight pieces in all but they help start the game and there are even some beginner moves allowing the pawn to corner the king.”

“I have been playing chess since I was a kid.” Tilly snarled at the physician.

“Pardon, I meant no harm. Detective Weaver will be fine he is just with the other detective right now.” Dr. Lilley looked at the young girl seeing her fingers twitching and her feet were tapping at what appeared to be an uncontrollable rate. “How long have you been off your medication?”

Tilly looked at her shocked and scrunched away from her. “How did you know? Oh my god, please don’t tell Rogers! Mayor Belfrey will send me to the funny farm!”

Now that was a name Dr. Lilley hoped she wouldn’t have been happy to not hear for the remainder of the year. “I don’t work for Mayor Belfrey…thankfully” stating that last part under her breathe “and even if I was, I’m bound to silence. Tilly is it?” Tilly didn’t respond leading Dr. Lilley continued. “I promise I won’t talk to the mayor about what happened. The only person who can talk is Detective Weaver and I think he cares about you too much to have you dragged into jail or as you placed it, ‘the funny farm’”

Dr. Lilley went into her lab coat getting a handkerchief handing it to Tilly who looked at it then at the physician. She hesitated slowly getting the handkerchief and quickly dried her eyes, “at least three days. I didn’t want to feel small again and they gave me dreams about things that weren’t real like the detective being a wizard.”

Dr. Lilley looked at Tilly sympathetically placing her hand over. “Interesting, have you spoken to your doctors about these dreams?”

“I can’t, my doctor ordered me to the take the pills because Mayor Belfrey told her to. I was trying to prove to Weaver that I wasn’t crazy to stop her, but I messed it up.”

All of a sudden Dr. Lilley’s pager started going off causing the physician to get annoyed at the bad timing when Tilly looked at her bewildered. “Okay it appears that I have to go now.” She then got a pen and a post it note from her pocket handing it to Tilly. “I want you to write down your complete name and the name of your physician and I also want to know if I have your permission to request for any files?”

“Why?” Tilly asked.

“So you no longer have to feel small again.” Dr. Lilley smiled at her leading for Tilly to hand back the handkerchief.


“Happy to help, now get some sleep and make sure the detective doesn’t see you are crying in the morning.” She quickly got up feeling terrible in leaving but she was sure she would get written up for being late to an emergency once again.

“Doctor, you look familiar. Have we met before?” Although her medication began to finally take its effect, there was a strange sensation of déjà vu Tilly had towards the physician that didn’t sit too well with her.

She looked at her sadden in seeing those blue eyes which appeared to have seen a lot of suffering. “No, I don’t think so. Take care of yourself.”