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Sexual Love

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“So?” My friend asked reminding me to answer the dying questions that hung between us.
“Who?! It seems like your avoiding this question.” She pouted.
I frowned, “Maybe I don’t want to answer it...”
“But you made a promise that you would! No matter what the question is.” She sighed.
I bit my lip and looked at her. She’s my best friend and she’s asking me who I like!
“I uhh...” I paused, “I like...” my throat felt dry as if I had swallowed sand, “I like you...”
I watched as she grew red, “M-me?!”
It was out there. Finally out there and now I’m screwed. I nodded and looked away with embarrassment.
“So your a lesbian?” I saw her look at me from the corner of my eye and nodded again.
“I like you a lot, like... more that just a best friend.” Oh god! Did those words just escape my mouth!
“Why?” Was all she said.
I looked back at her, I still felt he warmth on my cheeks, “because your fucking cute! And you make me laugh like... all the time and I enjoy your presence...”
Surprisingly all she did was smile, “Well I’m glad you opened up.”
“Now it’s your turn...” I said.
“My turn for what?” She looked confused but then she realized what I was getting to, “ohhh...”
“Wait, first what are you into?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
I rolled my eyes, “are you into guys, girls, both...?”
“Both.” She said right away. For some reason this gave me little hope. Maybe my chances can come true.
“Who do you like?” I was desperate for one specific answer.
“Phhhph, ohh, you know... I don’t really like anyone!” Her voice squeaked at that last word.
“Mhmm,” I could tell she was lying, “Who?” I pushed.
“Ughh fine. Since you shared I might as well. I like me as well.” Then she busted out laughing.
“No no no. Stop joking around. I told you who I liked.”
“I like you...!” She blurted.
“Wait so we both like each other?” I said in more of a high pitch voice than expected.
“I guess so, you make me laugh and I feel a connection between us like we could be something... you know... more.”
My heart was racing with praise, we were just sitting on the floor like children and agreed to play this game like we did when we were younger, now it’s about 10 years later and we both are 25, out of college and living life. “This is honestly surprising.”
“I honestly don’t know what to do...”
“Yeah me neither.” I laughed. “This feels like one of them movies where the friends get together or where the lady always gets together with the man she likes.”
“Yeah.” She agreed. “Wait are you saying that we should get together?”
“I mean it’s worth a shot. We both like each other and see each other together in the future.”
She smiled, “well then what cute name should I call you? Cupcake? Sugar bear? Actually you know what, Sugar bear doesn’t sound that bad.”
“Wait w-“
“That’s going to be your cutie nickname.” She giggled. I smiled at that then I blushed at myself smiling. I’m going to need to get use to this.
“Want to watch a movie!” It already sounded like we’ve been together before and the ‘just friends’ life was over now we were more than ‘just friends.’
I smiled at this remark, “you know what, ok, we will watch a movie.”
She squealed and then ran downstairs to probably pick a movie. I rolled my eyes again, this night has jumped around a lot. I didn’t expect to actually get her to become my girlfriend. This was all so exciting and scary at the same time. But a movie might settle things down. It’s just a slow step that we were taking I guess.
“Common Sugar bear! I picked a good movie!” She yelled from downstairs.
“Okay Malissa! Coming!” I rushed downstairs and saw that she was already sitting on the couch with a blanket.
She patted the spot next to her, “come sit here.”
“Me?! Right next to you?” I mean sure I would love to snuggle but things are moving a lot faster than I hoped.
“Don’t be shy Liz we can take it fast.”
“Fast? I would rather take it slow.” I clutched the bottom of my shirt.
“Hey this is slow. If you want this relationship to go any further then this is a step in the right direction.” She patted the spot again. I hesitated then sighed and plopped down right beside her.
“Don’t tell me this is a horror movie.”
“You mean the best genre of movies!” She smiled then turned the lamp beside her off.
Oh god! I didn’t like this already! I took the other half of the blanket and wrapped it around me hoping that would save me from my imagination of what could lurk in the darkness. Then she hit play and the movie started, the screen blinding me for a second. Then I found myself pressed against Malissa and her arm wrapped around me. A shiver ran down my spine but I didn’t mind it. It was actually... comforting.

There were lots of screams and me barring my face in Malissa’s arm during that scary movie.
“How’d you like it.” She asked I was still pressed against her arm.
“I don’t think I can sleep anymore...”
“Oh you baby! At least I got some snuggles in that.” She smiled and looked into my eyes.
“Me too.” I admitted and looked back into her eyes.
At that moment our faces become very close together and I could feel her breath on my face. A few seconds later our lips found their way to each other. We were both kissing each other deeply. Her tongue founds it’s way into my mouth and I accepted it not holding back.
I finally broke away only a centimeter away from her face, “you sure about this?” She nodded breathing heavily. I smiled and we came together again. I was on top of her pushing her against the couch, her hands found its way at my hips then creeped it’s way up my waist pulling my shirt off. I parted for a second practically ripping my shirt off then I began kissing her neck. My hands found it down to her pants and I started sliding it down and off of her legs.
She sat up with me and looked into my eyes, “you ready for the next step? Or is this all?” I looked at her of course I wanted more but this was obviously too much already.
“I think that we are taking it too fast.”
“But we both want this.” She pleaded.
I bit my lip then shook my head, “kissing defiantly I don’t mind but getting fully undressed isn’t Want I want right now. Yes I desperately want it but it’s just going to fast.”
She nodded in understand-meant then pushed m e back down onto the couch.
“Well since kissing is allowed I take it.”