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Together (Justice League- Barry Whump)

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Barry clutched is leg in agony, a burning sensation ripping into his flesh, he could feel warm crimson blood dripping through his fingers. The sound of buzzing filled his ears as the human bugs swarmed around above, his back hit the floor and his vison blurred for a second but he shook his head quickly regaining it. pushing himself up slightly with on hand he watched a missile fly over head, Steppenwolf caught it with one hand like it was nothing and easily redirected it at the wall beside him, he heard batman shout something as he took a firm grip on Barry’s arm and lifted it onto his broad shoulders, his other arm wrapped around Barry’s waist.

“Also one of my fears is drowning.” Barry informed as Batman helped him painfully hobble along, every now and then his vison would once again blur, a quick fix was to blink a few times before it returned. But his head was starting to spin and he could still feel the blood dripping from his leg, the burning sensation becoming unbearable. With Cyborg piloting the Night crawler, Batman helped Barry up onto the machine making sure he was holding on. Water suddenly burst from the wall, the sound of the waves crashing against each other deafening. Steppenwolf quickly beamed away out of danger, the water quickly closed in on the others. But it was suddenly stopped in its tracks. With a closer look you could see Aquaman holding back the water, giving them the time they needed.  Barry’s blood soaked fingers clutched round some metal, his grip slipping. Aquaman’s fight with the raging water was lost and it rushed towards them, the Night Crawler began to climb as the water began to rise. Barry only just held on as the machine scaled the wall, it suddenly came to a halt a safe distance away from the swirling water bellow, that had now consumed where they once stood. Barry could barely focus now, he could feel his heart pounding in his chest, his fingers growing cold and numb. He struggled to even think. A sudden sound made him look up, he witnessed Cyborg making a quick exit, leaving his team behind.

“Barry?” He thought he heard a deep gruff voice call, as his eyes unwilling closed. He didn’t even feel his fingers slip from the metal, he didn’t hear Wonder Woman call his name, and he didn’t feel the water smash against his face. However, he could feel his lungs fill with water as he was dragged from reality.

“Barry!” Diana called, both her and Bruce dived down into the water simultaneously, they both felt the ice touch of the unforgiving water stab at their skin, threatening to seize up their muscles. Their eyes struggled to adjust to the murky blue water, the raging current already dragging them along, Bruce held his breath reaching for the small breathing device on his belt. It met his lips and he took a well needed breath. His eyes scanned the water, but he was moving so fast all that filled his vision were bubbles, he quickly lost sight of Diana. He could feel his own cape attempting to wrap round his body as the water pulled at him, he tried desperately to swim up to no success. Suddenly something warped around his leg stopping the water from taking him any further, the warmth of the burning yellow lasso made the water bubble even more. Bruce found Diana at the end of the lasso, and Aquaman holding onto her arm his trident pierced into the wall. Bruce’s eyes fell on Barry, his red suit hard to miss, Diana had him held close to her chest. Knowing what had to be done, the raging current only leading to a dead end. Bruce retrieved a small gadget from his belt. He showed it to Diana, hoping she realise what it was.  A quick nod from her gave him acknowledgement, already knowing what was needed of her, Diana swung Bruce over to the opposite side of the tunnel where he quickly planted the explosive before he swung back, hitting the wall hard. Suddenly a bright light engulfed everyone’s vison, and they where sucked through the newly made opening. The water suddenly stopped pulling at Bruce, not knowing which way was up he glanced all around, he could see a dim light above but before he could attempt to swim, again he was dragged by the lasso towards the light. Diana already being pulled up by Aquaman.