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You're the Best Worst Thing to Ever Happen to Me

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Yuuri wasn't sure want he had gotten himself into. No matter how he looked at he was starting to doubt what had all transpired throughout his years with Viktor, many times he found himself doubting if Viktor even wanted him to be around. Although Viktor had told him time and time again that he wouldn't want anyone else next to him while he ran his family business. Viktor had never mentioned his business until after they went on a couple of dates to make sure that this is what both of them wanted even though they knew that they would be inseparable after they first laid eyes on each other at an event that Viktor was hosting. Yuuri however still could not believe that someone as gorgeous as Viktor wanted anything to do with someone like him. At the event Yuuri was standing in the corner with his best friend Phichit Chulanont fluke of champagne in his hand and Yuuri wanting to be anywhere but in the ballroom feeling like all of the other party goers were staring at him like he wasn't supposed to be in the building even though he had been personally invited by the man hosting the party himself.

Viktor kept looking around the room trying to find the omega that he had met in a little coffee shop in St. Petersburg. He saw the omega sitting by himself in the corner of the cafe and no matter how hard Viktor tried to pry his eyes off of the omega, he found that it was impossible for him to keep his eyes off of him. When the alpha was finally at the counter, he had to be snapped out of his trance by the barista ready to take his order. After he ordered his usual drink he walked over to where he saw the most beautiful creature in the world and asked him if the seat across from him was taken, when the omega shook his head no Viktor sat down.

"I guess the fall didn't impact your beauty." Viktor tried his best to flirt with the omega.

Yuuri looked at him perplexed at what was going on. "W-What do you m-mean?" Yuuri always had self-confidence issues and having a complete stranger sitting across from him flirting with him.

Viktor gave him the most blinding smile Yuuri had ever seen and said "What I mean is that falling from heaven didn't hinder your beauty. When I saw you, I always thought that angels didn't exist until I laid my eyes on you, zvezda."

When Yuuri heard that he blushed the darkest shade of red he could think of and Viktor thought that it was the most adorable thing that he has ever seen in his life.

"I-I can guarantee that I'm n-no angel. T-There's no way that a-anyone would think let alone call me beautiful." the omega said.

Viktor looked at his dark brown-amber eyes trying to find why the omega would put himself down. "Well let it go in your record that I am the first to call you beautiful, zvezda. I expect to see you at the party that I am hosting in honour of some of my colleagues. It’s a semi-formal party but I think that the way you are now is perfect." The omega looked at him as if he was insane to even think that someone like Yuuri would ever be invited to something so grand and as the alpha looked at him, the omega could only feel like this was some cruel joke that he was playing on him. Viktor had handed him an envelope that had the invitation inside and told him to give it the men that would be standing at the entrance of the building even though Viktor would tell them to watch out for the omega and that no matter what, they are not to harm the omega or even speak negatively to the omega and if they did, they most certainly would not be walking out the building alive.

After Viktor was finished with his drink he got up and asked Yuuri if he would like to go with him on a date before the party was going to happen. The omega looked at him like he was insane and that he was still playing a prank on him even after the alpha had handed him his phone and asked if Yuuri would put his number in it so that way he would be able to contact the omega in order to set up a date and time to meet again. Once Yuuri put his number into the others phone, Viktor sent him a message so that way Yuuri would not freak out if he got a random number texting him and asking what he was doing later.




When Viktor walked into his house if you can even call it that it is more like oversized mansion that he had no idea what to do with all the space that is available to him. As soon as he walked into the house, he was flanked with problem after problem issue after issue and incompetence that seemed to hang around all of his workers and no matter how hard he tried he just seemed to not be able to escape the stupidity. The first issue that caught his attention was about a deal gone bad and losing about five of his men to a rival mafia gang that was watching and waiting for the perfect moment to strike and take his product that he had been waiting and planning for months in advanced until the deal actually went down. He was becoming more and more irritated as the issues came, and he started to unconsciously release angry alpha pheromones and as soon as they were released the people surrounding him backed away, the other alphas in the room submitted to him while the betas looked at them wondering what was happening and as soon as the omegas caught a whiff of the hormones they started to whimper and submit to the powerful alpha in the room. Viktor finally realized after he saw and heard the omegas in the room that he was releasing the hormones and tried to combat the angry pheromones with calming ones trying to calm the omegas in the room since in his mind the omegas were the most important, then alphas, and lastly betas, because omegas were the only ones that were able to create life and that there was little left of them and male omegas are the rarest of them all.

After Viktor had interacted with the male omega, he realized just how special and important he was going to be in his life. Once he was done dealing with his headache of a job as he called it, he went into his office where his best friend and most trusted colleague in the whole organization was waiting for him with his own issues that were out of all other issues were the most important in the organization and needed the most attention. Christophe Giacometti was sitting on Viktor's desk when he walked in and once he saw Chris he knew that something was wrong.

Chris took one look at Viktor, "You look like absolute shit and I mean that in the nicest way possible."

"Well when you have to deal with dumbasses that can't think on their own and you meet the ray of sunshine that made this whole life a little more bearable."

"You at least got me, Feltsman, and the blonde kitten that are capable on our own."

Viktor gave him a side glance and an irritated humph and although he knew he was right he didn't want to admit it to him.

"So, tell me about the ray of sunshine that made your day." After he said that Viktor's face lit up just the slightest that Chris happened to see before his face went back to looking like it could melt steel.

"You know how I go to that little coffee shop down the street."

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Well there was this angel that was sitting in the corner of the shop all alone and he just seemed like he needed a lift me up." Viktor said with a slight lift in his voice at the memory that occurred only a few hours ago.

"Was he cute? Did you at least get a number from him?" Chris asked with a smirk in his voice.

"He was the most gorgeous most beautiful person that I have ever seen in my whole life. I never wanted something so badly in my life. I acted first and asked for his number and gave him an invitation to the party that we are having this weekend, I also asked him on a date and he blushed." Viktor sighed and continued, "He was the shyest adorable guy but when he started to degrade himself, my heart broke for him and no matter how much I tried he just would not accept my compliments." The alpha frowned at the last part and was playing with the hem of his shirt.

Chris gave him a look and told him, "You do tend to come off a little......forceful when you want something." Viktor glared at him and Chris held up his hands defensively as he continued "What I'm trying to tell you is that maybe you should ease into this before you chase him away. When you go on the date try being subtle and let the guy come to you. Viktor you’re my friend and my boss but more importantly your also like a brother to me and I respect all of your choices and will support you no matter what you choose but with this you should take my advice and let the guy come to you." After Chris said that Viktor gave him an understanding look.

Viktor gave him a smile "Thanks I think I needed someone to tell me that." He rubbed the back of his neck "I might need help in deciding on a date that won't be too much but yet have an impact on him that will last. And I also need your help in texting him so that way I don't come off too pushy, you know how I get."

"You know that I'll always help you, you just need to not be stubborn and come to us whenever you need any assistance."

After the alpha got that off his chest the beta turned to him and they both realized what needed to happen first and for most before anything happens.

"We should text him first before I forget, you know how I am with memory." Viktor gave a soft chuckle. Both of them turned to each other and Viktor took a seat at his desk with Chris hovering over him as they typed out the message.

"Hey, its Viktor I wanted to know what day and time would work for you for the date."


A few minutes passed, and Viktor started to become worried and thought that the omega already forgot about him. After that last thought went through his head his phone dinged and the screen lit up showing that he received a text from his sunshine.

"Sorry I didn't respond right away my roommate took my phone and locked me out of it"

" about Friday for our date?"


When Yuuri mentioned his roommate, Viktor tensed as he was thinking that no one should even be near His Yuuri let alone tease him by taking his things. After Viktor calmed down Chris helped him decide what places were open on Friday along with how hard would it be to get a reservation.

"Friday sounds wonderful, what time would you like me to pick you up at?"


"How about around 6 I have work until 5 and I would like to get back to my apartment so I can clean myself up beforehand."


With that Viktor smiled at himself and as Chris was making reservations for them Viktor texted back to him.

"6 is absolutely perfect zvezda, where I am taking you it is semi-formal."

"If you want I can pick you up earlier and we could go shopping for clothing for you."


"I do have a button-down shirt and slacks. If you still want, we can still go before hand to buy clothing."


Viktor sighed, and Chris looked at him after he was done getting him reservations.

"Text him the day of the date and see if he still wants to go shopping with you. When you pick him up ask him again if he wants to go shopping with you." Chris said giving him a knowing look, since Chris has been friends with him for most of his life he knows what he might be planning in that thick alpha head of his.

Viktor knew that he was right "Ya I think I got carried away again. I'll ask him again when I pick him up." Chris smiled knowing that Viktor was finally understanding what to do.

"Okay, let me know where to pick you up so that way I can find the easiest route to get from where you are to get to the restaurant."


Once Viktor got Yuuri’s address he started to plan out his plan of action of what he was going to do with Yuuri.




Yuuri was pacing back and forth in his and Phichits apartment wondering what he is going to do about Friday, he had three days to figure out what he was going to when Viktor takes him out for the date.

"Hey Peach"

"Hey Yuuri"

"What am I going to do I have no idea what to wear let alone any idea on what to even say to him. What if he thinks I'm too plain? What would happen if I stand outside waiting for him and he never shows up?" As Yuuri's anxiety starts to rear its head Phichit takes a hold of him and pulled him into a hug and started to tell him small reassurances.

"Yuuri listen to me from what you are freaking out over it seems to me that if he didn't want to be involved with you he wouldn't have even texted you in the first place let alone ask you to go to a restaurant that requires you to dress up. It also doesn't help me help you if you've never told me what the guy is even like."

Yuuri started to calm down and realized that through his whole anxiety that he forgot to even tell his friend about the guy he met at the cafe.

"Okay I'll tell you just promise me that you won't freak out like you normally do."

Phichit put a hand to his heart and in the most sarcastic hurt voice he said "How you wound me Yuuri you know that I'm never like that. You have such little faith in your dearest friend. But fine I'll shut up, so you can tell me about Mr. Heartstopper."

Yuuri threw a pillow at him and started to tell him about it "Well I was minding my business sitting in the cafe in the back by myself and in walks this guy. He's tall with short silver-platinum hair with a fringe that covers his left eye. And he's wearing a suit that fit his body perfectly and seemed to hug every part of him just right and it looked like it could pay for our apartment and then some along with a long flowing coat that trailed behind him as he stepped in. And as I'm watching him, he turns and looks at me and so I panic and pretend to look out the windows and I could feel my blush turn up. He started to walk towards me and asked me if the seat across me is open and I tell him yes since there was obviously no one sitting with me since the beginning and as he sat down he shot me the most gorgeous smile that I have ever seen. He starts flirting with me and calls me an angel and another word in Russian that I finally translated to mean star and as I'm staring at him his eyes shine like diamonds at me but if the diamonds were the bluest blue that you have ever seen. After a while he stands to leave and hands me his phone asking for my number and so I put it in his phone and while I'm doing that he pulls out an envelope and hands it to me saying that he expects me to show up at it. Help me Peach I have no idea what to even do he at least told me that I could bring a plus one with me to it."

After he says the last part he hands the envelope over to Phichit and as Phichit takes the envelope in his hands, he stares at Yuuri wide eyed and mouth agape.

"YUURI take this opportunity you never know you might enjoy yourself and when you take me to the party I can help you with what to say to him. You are definitely going on this date on Friday and you are going to the party you just need to learn to have more confidence in yourself."

Yuuri looks at him and sighs "I know you tell me that every day and no matter how many times you say it you know that I have the same reaction every time. But yes, I am not backing out of this I am going to take this as it gets thrown at me and counter it with the best that I can give it."

"You never told me where you two are even going how can I help you if I have no idea where you are even eating?"

"I don't even know where we are going he never said he just said that it's semi-formal and that he's picking me up at 6"

Yuuri knew that there was no way in winning a fight against his roommate, so he decided to let it happen.




Friday 4:58p.m.

Viktor’s pacing back and forth through his study and while he's pacing Chris is staring at him trying to calm him down and help him relax.

"Viktor relax everything is going to be fine you’re going to pick him up he's gonna swoon over how you look and he's going to give the brightest smile as he sees where you two are headed and he might even shed a few tears because of how everything looks. And who knows you might get a surprise at the end of your date." With the last part Chris wiggles his eyebrows suggestively at him and Viktor gives him the most venomous look that he can, and a low growl can be heard coming from him.

"Chris if you think that I'm going to do anything to the omega than you got another thing coming at you." Viktor ends it with another low growl and he lets some of his pheromones out letting anyone know that he is to not be messed with tonight.

As soon as the time hit 5:15 Viktor started getting ready and sent a text to Yuuri.

"Are you ready for me to pick you up?"


"I'm just getting dressed now I should be ready by 5:25."


"Okay I'll see you in ten then :)"


After Yuuri sent the text he started to get dressed. He was looking for a dress shirt when he found the one he wanted he put it on the bed it was a deep navy blue colour with black buttons and with the shirt he matched it with cuff lings that shined brighter than the sun, they were a gift to him from his parents when he graduated from college and moved to St. Petersburg right afterwards. He paired the shirt with black slacks and with black leather shoes. When he was done dressing himself he started on his hair, he had let it grow out some and decided to put some gel in it and combed it back and after he combed through he took his hands and messed it up a little, so it wouldn't look like he was a greaser from the 50's. When he was done with his hair he had asked Phichit to help him decide if he should add some make up to him they both decided to add a little bit of eye shadow to help make his eyes seem softer than what they were and Phichit insisted that he add wings to his eyes but Yuuri decided that it would be too much. When he was finished it was 5:23 and he started to get everything else he needed ready and with that he was heading out the door and down to the sidewalks.

As soon as Yuuri stepped outside he saw a car pull up that he could only assume was Viktor since it looked like it could pay off his college debt and his apartment.

When the car pulled up a tall man stepped out of the back of it and went to the back of the car and opened the door for Yuuri and as he stepped into the car if you wanna call it that, he was met with the most mesmerizing sight. Viktor was sitting across from him dressed in a deep purple button-down dress shirt with black slacks that hugged all of his curves and he had on the most beautiful shoes that Yuuri has ever seen. When Viktor realized that Yuuri was in the car there was an audible gasp from him as he stared at Yuuri mouth agape.

Viktor started to talk but he was too mesmerized by the way that Yuuri's dress shirt hugged him along with the way his pants showed off his ass. He tried again to speak this time actually getting words out. “Yuuri, o bozhe, you look amazing I would suggest getting clothes but apparently I was completely wrong I take back the text that I sent. Are you sure that you don't work as a model because you look, wow." The last sentence was breathlessly, and a low rumble of approval was heard coming from his chest as he couldn't keep in how captivated Yuuri has him right now.

When the alpha did that Yuuri blushed harder than he thought humanly possible. "I don't look amazing I would say that I look average at best and I don't think that I could ever pass as a model I think if I were to try they wouldn't even call me back saying about a job with them." Yuuri ducked his head down and tried to make himself seem as small as possible as he said the last part knowing that the alpha was going to try to win him over with flattery but when the alpha said nothing Yuuri looked at him in shock.

Viktor just sat there looking out the window as if what the omega had just said wasn't putting himself down. When the alpha moved, it startled the omega causing him to let out a very soft whimper and caused some distressed omega pheromones to be let loose causing the alpha to react and put out his own calming scent to try and help the omega. But when Viktor looked over it seemed to not help at all it actually seemed to make the omega shrink further in on himself making the alpha panic and try to figure out the problem and fix it but when he looked around there were no threats in the area. Until he realized that the reason the omega was shrinking in on himself was because of Viktor making Viktor begin to panic and when he started to panic even more he realized that he was not helping the situation instead making it worse because he kept sending out pheromones making the omega think that he was in trouble. Viktor was going to stop the car until he realized that they had arrived at the restaurant Percorso.

When Viktor started to move to get out of the car Yuuri flinched even more and started to feel tears sting the ends of his eyes. The alpha stopped and let the omega out first and then got out himself telling the driver that he would text him when to pick them up. When he turned around Yuuri was standing stock still looking like prey that was frozen at the sight of a predator. Yuuri started to relax once he realized that he was safe and that no one would hurt him he kept telling himself that Viktor, his alpha, would be there to protect him. Once he kept repeating that like a mantra he started to relax even more and realized that Viktor was staring at him with what Yuuri could see in his eyes concern for the well-being of both Yuuri and his omega.

"S-Sorry I-I started t-to panic a-and once I realized that I-I was safe I could relax." Yuuri said hopefully trying to provide some type of comfort to both Viktor and his alpha.

Viktor just walked up to Yuuri and went to try and hug him to help him out, but he flinched and stepped backwards away from Viktor. Yuuri realized what he did and tried to make it right and stepped forward toward Viktor and hugged him to make up for flinching away from him. Viktor embraced him and as soon as they pulled apart he looked at his phone and realized they had to hurry to get into the restaurant in order to make sure that they still had their reservations. When they were finally in the restaurant and seated, the waiter handed them their menus and told them that he would be back to take their orders however before the waiter even left Viktor pulled him down and whispered something into his ear to which Yuuri just looked at him confusion plastered on his face mixed with another emotion that Viktor couldn't identify.

"I asked him what the finest wine they had was and requested it"

Yuuri looked at him dumbfounded because no one has ever gone out of their way to make sure that he had the best save for his family. "You d-didn't have to do that, I'm not that special that you should waste that much money on me." Yuuri finally looked at the menu and realized the most important thing, "V-Viktor there are n-no prices listed how will I know how much something costs?"

Viktor looked at him and replied "Don't worry about it what we spend here is barely a drop out of the bucket with how much I have. Don't worry about the prices." Viktor reached over to put his hands-on top of the omegas and started to rub circles into his wrists "Tonight I don't want you to have to worry about anything the only thing that I ask from you is that you enjoy yourself you seem like you could use some time to be pampered."

"I-I'm sorry V-Viktor I j-just am always watching prices, that when we walked into the restaurant I was kinda set back at how expensive the decorations look and how expensive everything looks in general that I never stopped to not think about it."

"Yuuri, whenever you are with me, you will never have to worry about the cost of something. If I could I would give you the world and even though we just met I feel like I could spend the rest of my life waking up to your breathtaking face, your heart stopping body, and spend the whole day getting lost in your absolutely most positively and possibly something that should be illegal but surprising there not and that is your eyes. If I could I would keep you all to myself and not let another person look into those gorgeous orbs that could bring a country to their knees."


"Please Yuuri when you are with me you can call me Vitya, Viten'ka, Vityusha, or anything else Viktor just seems to formal between just the two of us." Viktor gave a soft smile that made Yuuri blush and made Viktor give a soft chuckle at how adorable his date is being.

"Okay, V-Vitya"

Viktor's alpha started to let out a low rumble only able to be heard by the both of them causing Yuuri's omega to let out a response back to the alpha letting him know that she appreciates the positivity coming from Viktor's alpha.

"Zvezda do you think after we are done here we could head back to my house to have a movie marathon as long as it’s okay with you."

"Sounds perfect just let me text Phichit and tell him that I won't be heading back to our apartment until tomorrow. Do you think that we could stop back at my apartment so that I could grab a change of clothes, I wouldn't want to ruin my outfit."

"Yeah we can do that." Yeah, I would do anything that you want, if you would let me I would take you out of this place and head back to my house and keep you all to myself. Viktor thought, he was also trying to hide his jealously from Yuuri because he wants him all to himself and this Phichit guy is keeping my Yuuri away from me.

After a few more minutes their drinks arrived and since Yuuri never decided what he wanted, Viktor ordered for the both of them since he has been here numerous times, he even had an operation ran out the back of the restaurant at one time. Since Yuuri was never here, he asked what Viktor ordered for the both of them.

"For myself I ordered Roasted Lamb Loin, Sautéed Chard, Pine Nuts and Raisins, Grilled Lettuce and since I wasn't entirely sure about what you wanted I got you what would be considered a "starter" dish, I hope you like it it was the very first dish I had in this restaurant. For you I got you the Ravioli Ricotta which has ricotta, spinach, vegetables, candied cherry tomatoes, it’s a light dish so it shouldn't make your stomach upset. And plus, if you are still hungry afterwards I know a really good pastry shop that is usually open until midnight"

"I-I don't know what to say, all of this is perfect, the restaurant is extraordinary, you take my breath away whenever I look at you, and you put a lot of thought into the well-being of me." Yuuri started to tear up and continued "Are you sure this isn't a dream or are you really my prince charming coming to take me away?"

"I wish I could take credit for everything you just said but sadly I didn't pick this restaurant my best friend picked it out after I found out when we were going on our date." Viktor looked down at his twiddling fingers and slowly raised his head "I'm also sorry but if you knew what I do, you would not consider me to be prince charming, however I can take you away if you want to wherever you want to go at any time." He gave a small chuckle that sounded pained to Yuuri's ears.

He reached across to grab the alpha's hands and looked him in his beautiful blue eyes that he could just drown in and told him "Vitya I don't care what you do, you could be an executioner or the boss of a mafia-"Viktor tensed up when Yuuri said that but still let him continue. "-or even a garbage dump operator and I still would not care as long as I get to see you I'm happy. I realize it too, but I feel like we've known each other for years instead of just a few days."

Yuuri felt Viktor tense up when he mentioned the mafia but shook it off, since anyone who even mentioned the mafia would tense up at the mere thought of them.

"Yuuri-" Viktor started but as soon as he started their food came out.

Yuuri stared at the food and he could feel his mouth salivating at the smell and sight of the dish. He took his fork and knife and cut into one of the tomatoes and as soon as the tomato went into his mouth he moaned not realizing that he is even doing it. All the meanwhile Viktor is sitting and staring at the stunning sight that sits just three feet from him indulging on food that Viktor had ordered for him making his alpha rumble in approval at being able to make his omega moan like that and to be able to cause the blissed-out face of Yuuri.

After a few minutes Yuuri realized that Viktor hadn't even touched his food and being concerned for him asked "Are you not hungry Vitya? If you don't start now your food will get cold." He said with a teasing tone but once he said that Viktor woke up out of his trance of watching the omega indulge in his food.

Viktor started on his food after watching Yuuri eat for a couple of minutes and finally digging into his food making his own pleased noises as he ate. He glanced up after feeling like someone was watching him only to find Yuuri staring at him.

When they were finished Viktor texted his ride letting him know that they were ready to leave and that they had to make a pit stop at Yuuri's apartment before heading back to Viktor's house to have a movie marathon.

"You still want to go to that pastry shop that I said about, or would you rather just see what I have back at my house?"

Yuuri decided for a while and finally decided that he would rather just go back to Viktor's house to have the marathon and eat whatever is at the house for them.




After they stopped at Yuuri's apartment and he got what he needed, they headed off to Viktor's house.

Once they reached his house and opened the front door, a big brown shape attacked Yuuri, jumping on him and knocking him down and continued to lick his face. Viktor once he was done chuckling scolded the dog.

"Makkachin sit."

Yuuri sat up still hugging the dog and the dog still licking his face didn't realize the command that Viktor had just said causing him to say it again. Viktor immediately helped the omega up while brushing the dirt from his clothing all the while Yuuri was laughing causing Viktor to smile at the snorts now coming out of the omega due to how hard he was now laughing.

"Yuuri I am so sorry she is normally so well behaved, I've had her ever since she was a puppy." Viktor regaled at the memory of bringing her home and how she was so small that when he went for walks around the house he could fit her in his coat pocket.

Yuuri, trying to catch his breath responded, "It's okay I used to have a dog just like her but smaller, but shortly after I moved here she got into an unfortunate accident and wasn't able to recover from it." Yuuri's voice died off at the end still smiling but Viktor could see the pain of the memory and how much the omega fought to keep in all the tears and emotion inside of him. Viktor kneeled down in front of the omega and embraced him in a hug causing the omegas fought back tears to come out in fat droplets soaking Viktor's shirt, but he didn't care because he could never fathom losing his dear Makka.

Yuuri pulled away from Viktor his eyes red and puffy from finally allowing his emotions out and he smiled at the alpha, happy that he was understanding and not judging him on being emotional.

"Come on Yuuri we should get in out from the cold, you can hold onto to Makka while I get changed to watch the movie with you." Viktor said lifting himself up and then helping Yuuri to his feet along with Makkachin at their side they headed into the house.

Viktor had led Yuuri to the living room and onto a giant "L" shaped leather couch where there were various blankets on the back of the couch. After Viktor had the omega settled he went to his room to get changed grabbing a few movies along his way out and back to the Living room to where the love of his life sat on the floor hugging the dog close to him whispering something in Japanese to the dog. While Yuuri was doing that he had no idea that Viktor was standing there until he sat down right next to him causing the omega to let out a little surprised squeak making the dog tilt her head and making Viktor force himself to not burst out laughing only allowing himself to chuckle into his hand.

"I need to pu-" Yuuri lost his voice as he saw the man sitting next to him in just his boxers apparently having no issue showing up practically naked in front of a complete stranger. But Yuuri was not just surprised by what he was wearing but he saw just what the alpha was packing underneath the boxers staring right at the bulge that presented itself causing him to gulp just thinking about it.

"See something you like?" Viktor teased seeing the omega stammer for words before giving up and eventually just ended up blushing the deepest red that he could imagine making the alpha laugh out loud this time seeing the shy omega blushing so much.

"H-How about y-you just put the m-movie in and then we can w-watch it." Yuuri said trying to not let it slip that he was just staring at the alpha even though the alpha knew what must have been going through his mind.

Yuuri thought to himself, if that's just the view from the outside imagine how big it actually is, even in heat I don't have a dildo or plug of that size. At that thought he felt himself start to get excited just thinking about what it would be like to have that sitting in him as he rides it. When Viktor turned around Yuuri's breath hitched in his throat as he saw that not only was he getting excited but the Russian had also been thinking about it.

"Um...Vitya I think you got a problem there" as Yuuri pointed to the obvious bulge still growing in his boxers as Yuuri tried to suppress a moan at the near thought of that being pushed inside of him, of him being stretched around it making him beg for more until he can't take it anymore....and now not only does Viktor have a problem but now Yuuri's normally loose fitting pj pants are now unbearably tight.

Viktor stands there still staring at the omega on the floor trying not to moan as he seems to be imagining what exactly he could be doing to help the Russian out.

"I don't think it’s just me that has an issue happening." Viktor says seeing that the omega is starting to form a wet patch in the front of his pants and as the omega started to wiggle around Viktor got a whiff of slick that is coming out of him preparing for an alpha to take him.

"Alpha..." Yuri whines obvious that his omega has now taken over and Yuuri is now trapped in his mind somewhere.

Viktor quickly kneels next to the omega taking him into his arms as he hushes the omega while sending out alpha pheromones to let the omega know that his alphas here and that he is not going anywhere. It finally clicks in the alphas mind that he has to get his omega somewhere safe so that way no one can harm or get in the way of a needy omega and an alpha willing to die to make sure that their omega is safe at all costs.

Viktor hears a whimper come out of the omega now sounding more and more needy and desperate by the minute "Shhh, hush your alphas here he’s not going anywhere he’s not going to leave you."

He picks the omega up bridal style and as he does that the omega shoves his head into the crook of the alphas neck pushing his nose into the scent gland there trying to get more of the alphas musky scent to come out. The omega starts to lick at the gland causing the alpha to shiver and groan in response to how much the omega needs him right now. Viktor is almost to his bedroom when his one henchman comes out looking at the alpha wondering what he is doing until he catches a hint of the omegas slick now running down his legs soaking his pajama pants and leaking onto the alphas arm now. The omega now sensing that there are now two alphas around him tenses up in Viktor’s arms making the alpha hold him closer and forcing his head into his scent gland now.

"What are you doing up this late?" Viktor asks his henchman Yuri

"I came out because I heard noise and thought someone was robbing the house. I could ask the same about you." He says trying to put some venom into his words

"Go back to bed." Viktor says coldly now, getting irritated about being held up from helping his omega.

Yuri after he got a whiff of the omega is now releasing his own scent out trying to catch the omegas attention, but Viktor realizes what he's doing and is now sending out a warning scent saying to leave them alone and that this omega is his. But while the both of them are at a standoff, the omega in Viktor's arms starts to squirm and whine in his arms confused on why nothing is happening and wondering why that his alpha is now mad.

"Alpha.....please, alpha, please." the omega whimpers causing both alphas to look at the omega in his arms now sending out a distressed scent instead of an aroused omega.

Viktor now beyond furious turns to the other alpha, snarling Viktor snaps at him "Go back to your room you have begun to upset My Omega, now I'm asking as nicely as I can before I lash out at you and do something that we both might regret." he says behind clenched teeth

Yuri now realizes his mistake but instead of going back to room he puffs out his chest to challenge the alpha standing across from him. Before he knows the other alpha is on top of him teeth bared and has his hands pinned behind his back and the omega is sitting out of the way looking at both alphas fighting for him. The omega is confused and scared at what is now transpiring between the two alphas in one hand the omega feels flattered for having two alphas fighting over him but on the other hand he only has his heart set on the alpha that is currently pinning the other to the ground baring his teeth and threatening the other that if he does not head to his room now, neither are going to going to like the outcome one of them dead with the other being restrained by the rest of the mafia.

Yuri finally relents and bares his neck to the other alpha showing him that he is done fighting but before the other alpha gets off of him he growls out "Whatever I never wanted your stupid pig I only came out here because I was concerned for your fucking safety but I guess the next time I hear something I'll let it go, maybe I'll even lead the intruders to your chambers and while watching your ass being beaten by intruders I'll be-" before he can continue he feels himself being thrown against the wall held up by his throat. After being slammed into the wall he feels himself being thrown into a pitch-black concrete room door being slammed shut and locked. He hears the alpha on the other side snarl at him

"If you would have just fucking listened to me instead of running your damn mouth you wouldn't be in the last room before I have you tortured and beaten for talking back to me, threatening me, and disrespecting My Omega, now did you hear me that time." Yuri can hear the alpha walking away, but he can still feel his hands wrapped around his neck choking the life out of him, in the darkness he starts to sob regretting everything that just transpired just like Viktor had warned him.

Viktor returns to his omega now curled into a tight ball and whimpering now afraid that the alpha will attack him but instead of feeling a slap to the head, he hears tender words being spoken to him and can feel the alphas calming scent wrap around him as he is being lifted again into his arms and when he gets settled he buries his nose back into the alphas scent gland trying to calm himself. After what feels like an eternity, Viktor has finally arrived in his room setting the omega down on the bed watching the way that the omega rolls around in the bed trying to get as much of the alphas scent as possible. While watching this, Viktor doesn't realize that he is releasing a low satisfied rumble and what surprises him more is that he can hear the omega purring at hearing the alphas satisfied rumbling.

"Does my omega want me?" Viktor asks obviously knowing the answer but wants to hear the omega say it

Yuuri realizes that the alpha is still standing there watching and he whimpers to try and get the alpha to into the bed with him.

Viktor starts to walk away to grab condoms and the lube that he has hidden in his room and as he takes his first step away from the bed he feels a hand grab his wrist. He looks at his wrist to see the omega clinging to it like a lifeline whimpering out "Alpha" like a mantra and Viktor’s' alpha takes pity on the omega and he crawls into the bed taking the omega into his arms. When he feels the omega start to relax in his arms he asks the omega

"Can I get up to grab the condoms and lube, its only three feet away from the bed and I'll be back in nothing flat." but the omega shakes his head back and forth so fast that the alpha thinks he's going to get whiplash.

"Don't have to." the omega manages to get out

Once Viktor realizes that the omega must be on birth control he starts to undress the omega first and once the omega is now naked on the bed, Viktor starts preparing him and when he does that the omega starts to paw at Viktor’s boxers and once that has the alphas attention he takes the boxers of and now that Viktor’s cock is released he takes a sharp intake of breath as the cold air hits his hard and leaking member. After he gets used to coldness of the air around him he turns back to prepping the omega.

He starts with one finger rubbing the pad of it around the rim of the omega and after a bit of teasing he puts his finger inside of the omega feeling the tight velvet heat around his finger and starts to imagine that its his cock inside of the omega being wrapped in warmth as he pumps in and out of the omega. After some time of having one finger in the heat he pushes in another finger causing the omega to moan at the intrusion that he feels and after a couple seconds the alpha starts to hear the omega

"More...more, faster, alpha" the omega whimpers and the alpha replies by thrusting his fingers faster and after a couple more seconds he adds a third finger. After he put in the third finger, he began to stretch the omega to prepare him for the size of his alphas cock being pushed in along with the alphas knot.

When he feels that the omega is thoroughly prepped he gathers some of the slick that the omega is producing and coats his cock in it. After he feels like he has it coated enough he turns the omega back onto his back so the alpha can watch the omegas blissed out face as his orgasm hits him and he rides out the high. Viktor lines himself up with the omegas entrance and starts pushing into the omegas tight heat as he manages to finally sheath himself fully into the omega he grips the base of his cock so he doesn't cum just from being in the omega. When he feels like the omega has gotten used to his cock being all the way inside him, the alpha starts to move at first agonizingly slow, but he picks up his pace and thrusts harder into him, he can feel the omegas heat squeezing around his cock as he pushes faster and faster. After a while he turns around and now has he omega riding him, at first the omega starts slow and as he gets used to having more of the alpha in him he rocks his hips faster back and forth and the alpha has his hands on the omegas hips fingers pressing hard as he can feel himself getting closer and closer to his release he starts to feel his knot starting to form at the base.

The omega becomes more vocal the further they continue on with him riding. Viktor begins to test the waters the further along the go.

"I bet you would look good swollen with my pups and while your swollen with them I'll continue to pump you full of more of my pups until you can't take it anymore."

The omega started to move faster trying to chase that sweet spot inside of him "Alpha!! need you" He whimpers out getting closer and closer to his finish

"What you want to be bred over and over again until your too swollen and then after you give me my first pup I pump into you again and again until your swollen again with more of my pups, and your nipples become so engorged from feeding my pups. I bet your tits would look good feeding my pups, making them healthy and strong." The omega keened at the feeling of the alpha twisting and teasing his nipples pulling them until they were standing at attention for the alpha to see. After he was done playing with them the alpha pulled the omega down and started to nip at his scent gland and moved down to where the omegas nipples were and began to suckle at them moaning whenever the omega move a certain way trying to chase his own ending and while he was trying to have his prostate hit with the alphas cock.

When the alpha felt himself coming close he flipped them around now on top of the omega moving his hip as fast as he could make them go while biting at the omegas scent gland making his back arch at the stimulation of it. After a couple more thrusts the alphas knot pushed through the omegas hole making the omega cry out in pleasure and when he had his knot in the omega he started to give thrusts until the omega was screaming out his name while thick white ropes of cum coloured both of their stomachs and once the omega came the alpha followed soon after. Having the omegas heat contract around his thick cock and knot caused for the stimulation and he cried out the omegas name as both of them could feel the alphas cock still pulsing inside of him filling him up to the brim and yet the alpha still had more as the omega began milking the knot for all it had it.

After they were both panting, sweaty, and covered in the omegas many releases Viktor turned them both to their side to make it comfortable until the knot started to go down. Viktor came down from his high first watching the omega still blissed out and as the omega slowly began to come down from his high Viktor started to play with the omegas hair twisting it in his fingers not caring if the hair was soaked in sweat or not he still needed to let the omega know that he was still there that he would never leave the omega, not like he had a choice seeing as they were both locked together until the knot deflated.


Viktor heard the blissed out rough voice of Yuuri say

"How are you feeling?" the alpha asked

Yuuri responded with a bit of ecstasy still in his voice "I have never felt better than I have right now."

Viktor chuckled and Yuuri could feel the chest of the alpha pressed against his back and he felt the vibrations from the chuckle.

Yuuri began purring not realizing that he was until Viktor had pointed it out by releasing a purr of his own and although it is rare for an alpha to purr, it was not unheard of. The circumstances just happened to be perfect and they got the rare treat of an alpha replying to the purr of an omega. The both of them started to laugh but the laughed turned into a groan as they both forgot that the knot was in him and that it was currently overstimulating the omega and when they tried to move more cum was released from the alphas cock making the omega shiver.

They both looked down at where Viktor's cock was seated in and began to stroke lightly over Yuuri's swollen belly full of the alphas release and when they lightly pressed down Yuuri moaned at the feeling of fullness laying there wondering if this is what it would feel like carrying Viktor's pups for nine months. He felt Viktor next to him move and asked the weirdest question that Yuuri has ever asked but Viktor has heard stranger.

"Do you have a plug?"

Viktor froze at the question sure he may have heard quite the questions but hearing this shy omega ask for one took him for a total look.

"Bottom drawer, why may I ask would you want a plug?"

Yuuri shrugged "I feel proud to have spent this with you and I want it to last so I would like to trap it in me until we meet again."

They both know that he wouldn't have it in for that long but hearing it made Viktor's alpha rumble in approval sending out a pleased growl at the end of the rumble. Making both of them realize that what they had was special.

They fell asleep holding each other after Viktor’s knot went down and they had the plug in Yuuri per his request, they fell sound asleep in each other’s arms, Yuuri has never felt happier than what he was right now, and Viktor has finally found one of his goals "love".