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Holistic Meets The Supernatural

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Dean was getting antsy being in the bunker all day and night. After he, Sam, and Mary fought and killed Prince of Hell, Ramiel, and Crowley saved Castiel, things were somewhat calm. Even with Kelly Kline pregnant with Lucifer's spawn, he just needed something to hunt. Then Sam appeared from elsewhere in the bunker, with his laptop in hand, which could only mean one thing...

"I think we got a case," he said, instantly getting his brother's attention.

"What do you got?" Dean was just itching to hunt something. Anything evil.

"So, apparently, millionaire Patrick Spring, was found dead in the Perriman Grand Hotel penthouse in Seattle with two other unidentified bodies a couple hours ago. And get this. There were huge bite marks all over the place and one of the bodies was ripped in half. Police are calling it an animal attack, but the bite marks were way too huge to be a domestic pet," Sam fully explained to his brother. "And Patrick's daughter, Lydia Spring, was at the penthouse too, and now she's missing."

Dean was thinking of all of the possibilities, but one came to mind. "So, you're thinking ol' Pat made a deal to be rich 10 years ago to a crossroads demon, a hellhound came to take his soul, killed him and those other guys who were in the way, and then probably took off with the girl?"

"Well, it's worth checking out," Sam said.

With a possible case in hand, the brothers took the long drive to Seattle and prepped themselves in their typical FBI suits and fake badges to get some information. The names they decided to go with this time was new: Agent Moore and Agent Babineaux, last names from characters from a TV show. They first went to the hotel and talked to the manager to see what he knows. They had to walk and talk with him since he was too busy helping guests.

"All I know is that I told one of my bellhops to check the penthouse because there was a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door 2 p.m. the other day. When he told me what he saw, I called the police."

"If we could, check the cameras on the penthouse floor to see if there was anything suspicious?" Agent Moore (Sam) asked.

"Knock yourselves out," the manager replied, "but I don't think you'll find anything weird."

After the manager gave them security tapes, the brothers checked the footage around the penthouse floor. There weren't any footprints to indicate a hellhound, but they did catch a glimpse of someone with a gorilla mask wearing a black jacket, leaving the penthouse after the murders. Seeing this, Agent Babineaux (Dean) turned to the manager.

"Any chance you recognize who the guy with the mask is?"

"No, but detectives say that he got in using the bellhop's keycard," the manager replied.

"What's the bellhop's name?"

"Todd Brotzman."

Walking out from the hotel, Dean pondered at the situation at hand. He then asked his younger brother, "Alright, so what could all of this mean?"

Sam thought about it and said, "It looks like the demon was using the gorilla mask to keep himself from being found and went back to check out what he had done. But it doesn't make sense. How did a demon manage to get a hellhound through the hotel, a big one at that, and not get caught?" This got Dean thinking too.

"Well, I say we go and question this Brotzman dude and see if he knows anything else."

"Sounds like a plan." And with that, they hopped in the Impala and headed off. Meanwhile, there was a Corgi that they didn't even notice right behind them...