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I Hate You, I Love You

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"I'm late! I'm so late!" Prompto announces, running inside his apartment building, arms full of bags. "I'm going to miss the beginning of my show! Damn that line at the convenience store!"


He stops at the elevator and presses the up button on the wall and waits impatiently. He taps his foot, checking the time on his phone. It's 8:25 PM, he's got three minutes to get upstairs start, get the tv on, and start cooking his instant ramen.


It's Friday night, the night when King's Knight: The Animation, came on. He's been a loyal viewer since the day it first aired; he can't miss the first minutes of an episode!


Finally, the elevator dings and opens, "About time!" Prompto says, starting to rush forward, but then stops.


"Excuse me," the man on the elevator says. "It's common courtesy to let the person that is already in the elevator off before pushing your way in."


He looks over his bags and rolls his eyes. Ugh, NOT him. There in front of him stood his terrible, very rich, douchebag of a neighbor, in one his perfectly pressed suits. Noctis Caelum. He's got some blonde chick hanging off his arm, most likely his girlfriend. He's got to admit, she's not too bad looking, but why the hell would a beautiful woman like her, wanna date a snob like him? He guesses she doesn't have standards.


Prompto scowls at him, "Yeah, well like I was supposed to know that you and your rich ass were going to be in here." He rolls his eyes and steps to the side. "Terribly sorry, your Majesty."


Noctis steps out of the elevator with the woman, "How unfortunate of me to see your dumb face before leaving," he says, giving him a sharp look. "Like I don't see you enough."


"You know, I was thinking the same thing," Prompto backs into the elevator. "I was having a damn good night, minus missing the first few minutes of my show, but then you show up."


"Well, let me not get in the way of you watching your kid's show and playing with your little dolls any longer." Noctis snaps, nodding his head towards the other plastic bag in his hand.


He is obviously talking about the figure Prompto has bought earlier. And the "kid's show" he's referring to, is the anime he is about to go watch. Prompto rolls his eyes and stops the elevator door before it closes, "It's a figure," he says firmly. "A collectible. It's my hobby, you know the things that you don't have. Oh wait, I'm sorry you do! You like to see how long you can hold that stick up your ass!"


Noctis turns toward him, "You wanna run that by me again?"


"Noctis, let's just go," the blonde woman says, tugging on his arm. "We have reservations, and, we need to talk, remember?"


Prompto moves his hand from the door, "Oooh, she wants to "talk". It's over for you dude. She probably wants to talk about your dick size and how low your performance in bed is."


The woman gasps and flushes with embarrassment. Anger burns in Noctis' eyes as lunges toward him, "If you don't get the fu-!"


He gets cut off by the elevator door closing, Prompto smirks in pride. Noctis thinks he's all that and then some just because he's rich and shit. He had just had to get the last word.


He sighs, pushes the three button, and leans against the wall; gods he so wishes that he didn't live next door to that asshat. But unfortunately, at the moment, he has no choice. You see the apartment has tenants with various incomes; it wasn't always like this, it used to be just low to average income apartment complex. It wasn't until another owner bought the building that everything began to change. What happened was, the new owner kicked out hundreds of tenants on the upper floors, and afterward started renovating rooms. These renovated became available for higher-income tenants. So, the higher you go in the building, the fancier and more expensive the apartments are.


Prompto lives on the third floor with the average income tenants; his floor was one of the lucky levels that avoided renovation. This information probably leads you to question his situation; if Noctis is wealthy, what is he doing down on the third floor, living next door to him? Well, there was an accident up in his fancy dancy, tenth-floor penthouse and so he had to be moved down to a lower floor temporarily. And quote, unquote, conveniently, the only available apartment was the one next door to his.


To be honest, at first, he had nothing against the guy. As in the matter of fact, he gained a bit of a crush on him. He would always admire him from afar, watching him through his peephole as he left to do whatever job it is he does. He listened to the sound of his voice through the cheap walls. He would also pretend to be out of or in need of things, just to go over and see his pretty face.


When he gained enough courage to ask him to hang out one day, his reply was, "Sorry, you're not quite.... someone I'd hang out with. I'm fine just being neighbors with you for a while." and after he said his piece, he shut the door right in his face.


Needless to say, Prompto was hurt. He doesn't have that much confidence in the first place. For him to put himself out there like that and just to get instantly rejected, really damaged his confidence. In the end, his hurt turned into bitterness, and his bitterness turned to hatred. He completely and utterly loathed the guy now; Noctis did quickly catch onto this and began to act just as resentful towards him.


"Can't wait for him to go back to his stupid little haven," Prompto mutters, exiting the elevator as it opens. "Those repairs cannot be done fast enough."


That's another thing! What the hell did he do to cause almost a month and a half's worth of repairs? Probably something reckless and stupid; that's what most people are best known for their recklessness and stupidity, because 'hey, I got money why not?!'


Prompto approaches his apartment and sets the bags on the ground; he takes a glance at his phone as he fishes his house key from his pocket, "Huh, already missed the first two minutes and the opening of King's Knight. Stupid, rich boy. Can't wait for you to be gone." He unlocks the door, quickly scoops up his bags, and goes inside.


"The sooner that idiot's gone, the better."