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Sighing in resignation, he skilfully avoided the large indents on the ground and continued down the part, his hood drawn so that his features remained disguised. His tongue flickered out of his mouth to briefly wet his lips in nervousness and his hands were balled into fists, hidden inside his too big cloak. His shoes barely made a sound on the pavement and that was just fine with him, better to have an advantage in-case of any trouble. His breathing became ragged and he forced some air in his lungs, the suffocating presence of Dark Magic cackling strongly in the air, he slowed his pace lest the air completely left his lungs. Trembles suddenly wracked his frame as he saw the outline of the rickety looking door which separated him from the person inside.

Within a few strides, he was standing in front of the door, hand poised to knock before a cold voice ordered him to enter. Breathing deeply once more, he opened the door and entered, he was immediately shrouded in darkness and it took all of his will power not to cower and turn around. Instead, he straightened his posture and remained still lest he infuriate the person standing in front of him.

"A little birdie told me that you were seen leaving the House of Black, rearranging your robes, rather suspiciously I might add," The person spoke calmly, yet he could practically sense the anger and warning in just that sentence.

He gulped and opened his mouth to explain, when out of nowhere a hand descended and slapped him right across the face. The force of the slap making his head pivot to the side; He choked on the pooling blood in his mouth before he spat it out on the floor. Tears were threatening to leave his eyes but he told himself to remain still and silent, lest he didn't make it out of the current situation alive.

"You would do well to remember that I have no qualms about killing you, Barty. No matter how much I make care about you, I do not and would not tolerate Infidelity," hissed the man.

Barty whimpered as he suddenly felt an angry presence in his head as soon as his eyes connected to those of his angry lover's; He forced himself not to fight against the powerful presence lest he rose suspicion on himself.

He watched as his memories were pilfered through thoroughly until he lover came upon the memory of which he was speaking about. He watched the memory of himself and Regulus Black talking and playing a game of Wizarding Chess until he fell asleep, then another scene played where he woke up late in the night to see himself half-naked but fell right back asleep until the next morning where he hurriedly got himself dressed unless someone got the wrong idea. He watched as Regulus explained why he undressed him and then as he accepted the explanation and left the house.

He relaxed slightly when his lover's presence left his head. "Don't make that happen again. If you want to sleep, then do it at our home. Don't ever let me hear you sleeping at another man's house again. Do you understand me?"

Barty bit his lip and nodded slightly before he was abruptly slammed against a wall and that was when the tears fell from his eyes.

"I said, do you understand me?"

Barty whimpered in pain but answered nonetheless, "Yes, I understand. I'm sorry. It won't happen again, I promise."

He felt the hand around his neck disappear and he visibly relaxed, but before he could breathe a sigh of relief, his lips were abruptly captured in a sweet yet aggressive kiss and he kissed back with as much passion as he could muster. Their tongues swirled in a battle of fiery passion and Barty could feel the hot, hard, fleshy rod of his lover against his stomach and he moaned out loud at what it entailed.

"I love you so much, Barty. I may not deserve you, but you belong to me in every sense of possession. I am sorry for being to rough with you, I just couldn't hold in my anger any more and I just snapped even when I saw your memories. I am really sorry, My Love. I can't promise that It won't happen again because you know how Jealous I can be. I just don't wanna lose you, It was just hurt thinking that you left me for another man," His Lover explained, breaking away from the kiss so that their foreheads touched.

Barty's lip trembled a bit and then he cupped his lover's tender cheek and planted a loving kiss upon his lips, "I love you too. I am sorry about this entire problem and I promise that it won't happen again. Although I love you, I don't condone you being that physical with me, I am not unbreakable. Just... Please try to control your anger next time."

Sobs filled the room and all Barty could do was hold his lover tighter, to reassure him that he wasn't going anywhere.

"You are totally out of your mind, Harry! Consider what you're doing and you'll see how utterly irresponsible you're being. You should just go to Professor Dumbledore, he'll know what to do," Hermione hissed.

Harry glared at her before he replied, "Would you just shut up for once, Hermione. I do not want nor need your advice and if you even tell anyone about what you have just heard, I promise that Voldemort isn't the one you should fear."

He turned his back when he saw the terrified look on her face and then he walked out of their common and headed towards the Main Hall.

                                                                         <><><><><><<><><<+++++ Flashback+++++>><><>><><><><><>

Its been a while since him and Hermione grew distant. It started when Hermione mocked him when he was mourning the loss of his parents on Halloween. That night was when he truly felt alone, he watched as the parents of Purebloods visited them along with the Magical parent of Half-bloods. It hurt a lot to see the parents with their children. It was something that he truly realized that he could never have. Hermione had found him in the common room alone, crying, while everyone had gone to meet their parents or to enjoy the feast.

She had pointedly told him that it was no use mourning something that he'd never had and to just sick it up. She even had the audacity to tell him that if it weren't for the Dursleys, he would probably become big-headed from his fame and she even condoned that what they did to him was for his own good.

That had been the last straw and his Magic lashed out  practically blasted her out of the room.

He had come to realize that he may have been blind-sided by the people around him. He had let other people think for him and walk all over him without saying one word. He feels so stupid now at turning down Draco's hand because of what Ron had thought and not what he himself had thought, maybe he should have let the Hat place him in Slytherin, it would've really helped him a lot. He thought of everything wrong in his life, The Manipulations, The Greed and everything else while he laid on his bed.

Maybe being what the people wanted him to be and not what he wanted to be was not the right course of action. It may just lead him to his grave when they realized that he had outlived his purpose.

Dumbledore had been controlling his life from the start and he was angry at first, but then, he believed that he deserved it. He was just too trusting of anyone that seemed to care about him, but he should thank the Dursleys for him. Come to think of it, it was kinda suspicious the way that the Dursleys starved him of everything, yet they didn't lay one finger on him.

It seemed kinda suspicious and he even remembered that he had heard Dumbledore's name mentioned a couple times at the Dursleys and he thought that he even saw the man once through his cupboard door.

At the last thought, he suddenly felt a warm fuzzy feeling spread around his mind and if he could describe what he was actually seeing in two words, it was Crystal Clear. It felt like he had just become whole once more. He's been having the feeling like he was missing a big part of him ever since he came to Hogwarts and it seems that the more he thought of the people that had wronged him, his mind was becoming clearer from the prejudice thoughts that had once filled his head.

Harry started to realize that he should really start to stand up for himself and try to become friends with people who he had previously slighted.Who knows, maybe his life would start to straighten from there, he would even be updated on Wizarding Customs and Etiquette.

From this day forward, he was gonna try to be as independent as he could be without others controlling his actions .

                                                                     <><><><><><><>++++++ End of Flashback++++++<><><><><><><><>

 He pushed open the doors of the Great Hall rather loudly, gaining everyone's attention and angrily stalked towards the Staff's table, his Magic cackling angrily around him, causing people to cower from the sheer amount of it and the dark scowl upon Harry's face.

It was time to show everyone that he will not be their little pawn or. He was gonna wipe the smile off of Dumbledore's manipulative face and tell him just who is in charge of his life.