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Give Me a Name

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(( A/N - Everyones nicknames. You = Shortie // Yur Best Friend -  Soren = Glasses // Sneaky = Fringe // Haunterz = Raven // Jensen = Blondie ))

[ Y/N PoV ]

"you know, n/n you would make a hella bomb ass psych, psycho. Something with the world Psych in it." Your friend spoke as you both walked out of class. You just chuckled and waves a hand about.

"Psycho, that's for sure" You smiled. Sure you were a lot of things. But Psycho really was the main thing. You would often abuse your talent of knowing how the human mind and such works. Playing with Emotions, and often tricking people. After all, you've spent countless hours reading about human brains and taking classes on it. Wouldn't be any fun to let it go to waste.

"Well, n/n. You're now out certified Psycho here at School, aight?"

You smiled even wider. It wasn't much. But you just loved the thought. It was strange. You never really had a self-proclaimed or given title before. Mostly you got called y/n or n/n. Sometimes even crazy bitch and lil miss user. However, you'd normally retort with the asshole, dick much, slut, or idiotic dunce. You didn't have a good rep at school. Few hung out with you. You kept to yourself. Often found reading or writing. You wrote insane fantasy and adventure stories. No hints of romance. Just Girls saving themselves and living life to the fullest.

You passively listen to your friend chatter constantly as you two headed off campus. You two attend the University of Los Angeles. You majored in Psychology, minor in Writing. Your lovely friend was there for a major in Theatre and a minor in Writing. She wanted to be a movie director or actress. She had the skills it just depended if she could land a job. And You bet she could. Both off you just walked about town. Classes were over for the day. So you two just did whatever. You didn't live on campus. You both just rented out an apartment that was a short walk away. And thankfully neither of you had a class super early in the morning.

The walk from Campus to the apartment was short and sweet. As normal. You both put all your belonging away before agreeing to go out for coffee or something. Neither of you knows what you were in the mood for so you both just walked around the town for a bit before you bumped into someone on the street. The taller male smiled and adjusted his glasses quickly before he spoke.

"Sorry..." He said.

You just nodded "it's okay, I wasn't paying attention." You gave a reassuring smile before turning away. Except he didn't want you to leave just yet.

"Wait, where are you two going?" He spoke again. Both of you looked at each other and chuckled before turning back to the male and his group of friends.

"We're jus' walking about." Your friend spoke placing a hand on her hip with her favorite devious looking smirk.

"Do the two of you want to hang out with us?" Another boy with glasses spoke, stepping out from the small crowd of boys. There had to be at least 4 or so.

Your friend gasped before turning you both around quickly. Making a small scene, but you could hear a few of the guy's chuckle. "y/n, that's my favorite esports player ever!"

You take a small glance at the two boys who spoke before replying. "The one with the short hair or the one with the fringe?"

"Fringe, that C9's Sneaky, I always talk about him!"

"League of Legends? What about the others?"

"Dunno, I normally just watch Sneaky streams,,," She spoke softly.

"Why not watch competitions?"

She shrugs. "We should hang out with them though! That'd be so cool!"

You nod "play it cool, don't act like you know who any of them are."

She nods before you both turn around. "Okay, I guess we can come with you boys." Your friends spoke.

This wasn't something that occurs often. You've seen it occur to others and one to yourselves. So you have a plan in place. No usage of names. You have premade list of nicknames to call the other instead. You can't know their name. Which you will clarify with them soon. And hopefully, they'll listen. You both smile and link arms as you walk to the group of boys.

"However" You spoke up. "No names are allowed to be used. Don't want to learn names and never see each other again, know?"

You get a nod from Sneaky, and a few others. The male you bumped into is just staring ahead and walking. You aren't sure if he's listening or not, but eventually, he agrees. Thinking about it, you don't know where you're going. You never asked, they never told you.

"Where exactly are we going?" You softly spoke glancing at the one you bumped into.

He glanced down at you before speaking. "We were going out to just hanging out and have fun."

"Well, Glasses. That sounds fun. But more information would be pleasing"

"Okay Shortie, We're going out to dinner. You and me."

You quirk a brow. "Sorry I don't go anywhere without my lesbian lover"

You friend heard Lesbian and immediately halted her conversation with Sneaky and took a hold of your hand. "yeah, We have a package deal. You want one. You get both" She stuck her tongue out.

Glasses chuckles. "It was a joke, all of us are going out to dinner. Pick a place you lesbian lovers and we'll go."

You glance at your friend as you both smile. "Sushi, at Surgarfish"

Why had you picked sushi at a restaurant as far as possible away even though there's one even closer? Sugarfish knew your face well. As you were a regular customer almost every Saturday and Sunday. Let us just say you really liked sushi. You just continued to smile as the boys gave off small agreements before you all started to make the trip over to Sugarfish. It was maybe 20 minutes walking. You and the man called Glasses keep chatting. About your school life and about hobbies you two did. And how you all met your friends and stuff. He just said video games. You said, class. He didn't go to college like you. He finished high school and that was it. He came to the US from Denmark. Which was pretty Cool. You spoke of having you self-taught you Korean, Spanish, French, and German. You spoke of your year in Korea for school and the two half years in France and Germany. You loved studying abroad. But it was really also a tactic to find a place to live when you are ready to move out of the US after College. He thought you were so cool and smart. He said he wished he had time to do the things you did or the chance too. But he was constantly busy with his job. You didn't ask what. You didn't care enough.

Soon enough you are standing in front of the building. You turn counting how many of you there are. You, Your best Friends, Glasses, Fringe, Blondie, Raven. You all walked in and said the number of people there, and awaited a table. You notice your friend is still talking to the one she called sneaky, but now everyone's been calling him fringe or shorter glasses. At the table, everyone had passive chatter. You can notice your best friend trying to play off that she knows Fringe and her love for the game he plays. You smile, she seemed so happy talking to him. The way her eyes lit up and her bright smile. You're glad she's happy. You're drawn from your thoughts at Glasses trying to get your attention. You glance over at him and hm lightly.

"are you too actually lesbian?" He whispers across the table to you.

You chuckle and shake your head. "We just pretend. Throws guys off."

He nods and smiles. "Well Shortie, it is nice to know that."

Soon enough the night started to draw to a close. Everyone slowly talked less and less, meals were finished more and more. You could hear Sneaky ask to trade numbers with your friend. Must've been a fun conversation. You smile glancing at Glasses. He's been done for a bit and he's been writing on something. He glanced up and smiled at you. You returned his bright smile with a smaller one of your own. He was cute, you'd give the guy that.

You all chipped in to pay for dinner and tip the waitress. It seemed everyone had fun. Your friend traded numbers with a few others besides Sneaky. It was a good night. You two had prepared to leave when Glasses handed you your purse. Seems you almost forgot it. You thank him for saying farewell to everyone and heading off. When you arrived at your apartment you headed to your room completely exhausted. You had placed your purse on ur nightstand before reading for bed. When you go to lay down you notice a strange paper in your purse. Taking it out. You don't recognize the handwriting or anything.

[ Hey,,, I didn't want to ask in person. It would've been weird if you had turned me down. So here's my number. You can feel free to text me if you want at some point. Or not. If you don't I get it. Night Shortie. - Glasses ]

You chuckle ignoring the paper. You'll do it in the morning. You're too exhausted right now to give a damn.