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“He's my brother!”




The denial was barely past Loki's lips when the Grandmaster's demeanour changed and Loki suppressed a wince. As someone who prided himself on being unpredictable, he was finding it extremely tiresome to be at the beck and call of this man, as it was.


“Brothersss,” Grandmaster said, prolonging the s into a drawn out hiss. Before him, Thor was still scowling.


So it has only been moments for Thor since everything happened. Loki would enjoy it, the knowledge that he already had a place here, had set foundations for new endeavours while his brother was clearly inconvenienced and lost, if it weren't for the fact that he was humiliatingly happy to see Thor's face.


And that he was not looking forward to the inevitable fall out. Unlike Loki, Thor didn't have weeks to come to terms with Odin's death.


Or with Loki's actions.


Next to Grandmaster, Topaz smiled, which was always a problem.


“Now, now, um, Loki,” Grandmaster said, fingers twitching in Loki's general direction as they, unfortunately, have been doing quite a lot in the past days. “This brother of yours. Does he perform well?”


Loki shot Thor a grin. A new contender for the famed champion, perhaps? “Quite well. He's a little... barbaric, with not much finesse to him, but his power is great.”


“Ah!” Loki almost jumped at the delighted cry the Grandmaster let out. “Excellent, excellent... and this suits you quite well, I assume? You, with your... how shall I put it.”


“My...” Loki prompted, smiling indulgently.


“Tastes,” the Grandmaster decided finally, nodding to Topaz. “Your tastes. Your barbaric, strong brother. Is he to your tastes?”


Stomach flipping, Loki's eyes flicked to Thor, finding him staring at Loki with calm fury. In an expression he didn't have cause to use often, the tilt of his eyebrows said you fucking idiot.


Looking back at the manically grinning Grandmaster, Loki couldn't fault him for that.



He didn't go down without a fight.


That was what he had to say for himself when all was said and done and he and Thor were gliding towards unknown parts of the tower in matching chairs, with matching obedience discs stuck to their necks.


“Gained his favour, huh?” Thor said flatly next to him.


“Shut up.”


Restrained and guarded, they were whisked up to the upper levels of the floor where Loki had yet to gain access. The luxury, as tacky as it was, was even more pronounced here. The lights were dim yet playing in all colours and there were fewer windows.


“He's going to make us fuck,” Thor said flatly as they arrived at their destination – a large, lavish suite with an obvious over-abundance of sofas and recliners.


“Yes, he was quite clear about that.”


And he had been, actually calmly asking Loki if they had done it before, and if he would be willing to do it for an audience as well.


It had only been after Loki had emphatically refused that his status had changed.


“This is,” Thor went on, his voice jumping to heights with something like hysteria. Loki did not enjoy hearing that. “This is a lovely day for family. You're alive. Father is dead. I have a sister. I'm about to fuck my brother.”


Fuck. With all this mess, Loki almost forgot his initial apprehension about the difference in time passing for the two of them.


Judging that his chances were overall better if Thor was somewhat in possession of his faculties, Loki attempted to soothe him.


“Don't think about it like that. It's merely... bodies. Bodily functions. We'll be fine. Think of someone else, so will I and then...”


It sounded weak even to his own ears and Thor turned away, leaving Loki with the words hanging in the air, forcing him to acknowledge them as well. Perhaps Thor wouldn't be the only one needing calming down.


What would the Grandmaster demand of them? Loki knew him well enough to know that he liked to be in control of all his little games. Spontaneity was something he only liked rare spoonfuls of.


Thor and he were parked in the middle of a large lounge, yet empty, but that soon changed. The doors opened and through them onlookers started to stream in. Loki recognized most of them and absurdly, that was the fact that brought heat to his cheeks. This was a mismatched band of aliens, rejects, no matter how bizarrely and expensively they dressed, none of them were someone whose opinion should matter to him, but at the same time he had spent the past several weeks cultivating alliances with them.


And now they were about to see him fall.


“Everyone, everyone, gather!” Grandmaster's affected voice flew in from somewhere behind them and Loki had to remind himself not to squirm and try to turn around. “This is quite unplanned, but all the more exciting for it! Some of you may know, this, um, Loki, our new friend. Well, today, Loki's brother arrived here!”


A smattering of applause. Loki watched as the members of the audience took their seats all around them, accepting the drinks handed out to them by ever present waiters.


“And as you may know, they come from a place called Assberg, where it is a great honour for siblings to please each other.”


Loki could almost physically feel the wave of violence coming off Thor. And, senselessly, he had to agree. It was one thing for the Grandmaster to be sick and twisted, it was another to pretend like this was their fault. Like it was something they wanted and was normal to them.


“And they agreed to show it to us. It's lovely, so lovely. A cultural treasure, right here!”


Shuffling his way forward, the Grandmaster finally came into Loki's line of vision. Placing a light hand on Loki's forearm, he leaned in.


“My dear, you have by now tasted the itty little bite of the disc. Force me to use it, ruin the spectacle, do as you wish. Tomorrow, there will be something else to be entertained by. But not for you. You will meet the melt stick, as will your brother. Make it good, my friend.”


He's not insane at all, Loki realized.


And felt real fear for the first time since he was strapped into the chair.



They – they being the Grandmaster and the audience eagerly nodding in response – decided to start with something light first. There would be more time for complicated games after Thor and Loki were properly dressed and prepared (there was more than one complaint as to the state of Thor's appearance). So, for now, Loki found himself out of his chair, kneeling at his brother's feet, about to suck his dick.


Thor, not having received the same briefing that Loki had, was staring down at him. Loki returned his gaze, gingerly placing his hands on top of Thor's leather clad thighs. He tried to give a little nod, convey something so that Thor would just shut up and let Loki do his thing.


His thing. Yes. Loki's gaze dropped to Thor's crotch.


Loki cleared his throat, then looked to the side, smiling. “Thank you, Grandmaster, for letting us show you how we honour each other on our homeland.”


The muscles in Thor's thighs bunched violently underneath Loki's palms and he had to bite down on a wince. He squeezed Thor in reply. I don't like it either, idiot.


But his words have brought yet more excitement to the room and he supposed that was the best he could hope for as he reached to undo Thor's belt. The scent of leather was strong this up close. He focused on that. Belt undone and the front of his trousers open, Thor was on display to everyone to the room, Loki first and foremost. Large, and not aroused.


Think of something else. Of someone else.


His thought was directed more at Thor than at himself.


He was fine. He licked his own thumb, expressively so, eyes flicking to the audience once more, before reaching out to take Thor in his hand, pressing the wet pad of his thumb to the soft head, circling. A soft thud that could only be Thor dropping his head back against his chair urged Loki on and he tightened his grip slightly, working the foreskin down. Within the span of several tentative strokes, Thor was already hardening and Loki's grip on him became much easier to maintain.


It also all became that much more real. The psychedelic shaped, cool tiles under his knees. The pulsing itch of the obedience disc on his throat; knowing that should he fight, it would incapacitate him long enough for Topaz's weapon to melt the skin off his body and his flesh off his bones.


Knowing that the same would await Thor.


Thor hadn't killed him on the spot when he had found him out. Thor had told him he had mourned him. Thor had called them us when he had spoken to Odin.


Loki supposed he owed it to him to make this happen. To get them both out of here alive, no matter the cost. And later absolve them both of guilt with a quip, claiming that he had cast an illusion of a handsome stranger over Thor to make it bearable.


“This is for not smashing my face in with Mjolnir, brother,” Loki murmured just before his lips closed around the tip of Thor's cock.


It was... just like sucking a cock, albeit a very large one. It was what was around it that bothered Loki; the clear view he had of Thor's clothes, the familiar sound of Thor's harsh breathing, even though he usually only heard that in battle; whether they were on the same or opposite sides of it hardly mattered.


His mouth was filled with taste, salty and earthy, and Loki tried to tell himself that all the dicks he'd tasted were just about like this, but there was an edge to it. A difference he quite feared he would be conscious of for the rest of his life.


Shaking the thoughts off, he adjusted the grip he had on Thor's length and doubled, tripled the efforts of his mouth. Tongue flicking, his lips tightened around the shaft. He did everything he could think of to reach the desirable ending as rapidly as possible while still putting up a good show.


Apparently, he was the only one.


Thor jerked, accidentally pushing deeper into Loki's mouth than he would have liked, causing a brief gag. Loki looked up through watering eyes to see what had brought it on. It was the Grandmaster, his hand deceptively lightly placed on top of Thor's arm.


“Open your eyes, would you. Such a pretty sight your brother makes. You wouldn't want to miss a second.”


Curse that crazy bastard. But Loki squeezed Thor's thigh in encouragement anyway. Looking up, he could see why they've been interrupted. Thor's eyes were shut, a grimace was firmly stuck on his face.


It pissed Loki off. Here he was, trying to put on the best damned show, trying to save their asses and Thor couldn't even bother to play along.


Well. He had an unprecedented option to demonstrate his displeasure to Thor.


He bit.




He still needed Thor's cock to work to get them out of this.


But it seemed to convey the message well, Thor's hiss loud in the hushed, excited room and, best of all, his attention was finally all on Loki. And it held there.


Gratified, Loki returned to his task.


Soon enough, it became a routine motion, the cooperation of his hand and mouth flawless, working towards an ending. Thor never softened and, if the one or two daring glances that Loki shot up were accurate, after the Grandmaster's warning he never looked away either.


He could feel it, the moment when Thor was lost, his cock straining harder than before in Loki's mouth, a fresh spill of pre-come tasting salty on his tongue. This was going to be over soon and then they would have time to regroup and plan. An embarrassing slurp jolted Loki out of his thoughts and he noticed how messy he was being, gagging all over his brother's cock, his hand working wetly all over the length that he couldn't fit into his mouth.


It still beat death by the melt stick. Loki knew that. Thor knew that, surely. He swept his tongue up and tightened his hand and Thor bucked underneath him, cock stiffening and pulsing, spilling into Loki's mouth.


Not knowing what else to do, Loki swallowed in panic at first, then pulled away as it suddenly struck it that it might be better to show proof. Giving Thor a couple more careful strokes, he watched with blank fascination as more white spend pulsed from Thor's slit.


The audience applauded.



This was why people sought sex to escape their troubles, Thor thought numbly when it was over. In that second or two, when bliss overcame every other sense, it all melted away.


Of course, the harsher was the return to reality.


He felt that now, the harsh reality, with his wet cock uncomfortably cooling against his thigh, stupidly exposed through the utilitarian undoing of his trousers.


In front of him, Loki was back on his feet, being congratulated by the mad man who made them do this. The only thing really comforting Thor in this situation was the glint in his brother's eyes as he regarded the Grandmaster. The indulgent smile on his lips – his red, wet lips – was nothing, a mere ruse. His eyes promised vengeance.


Watching mutely the deadly promise his brother was vowing, Thor had to wonder what would happen if Loki knew about Thor's true feelings. About what they did. About what Thor desired.


The obedience disc pinching him like a quiet reminder of his helplessness, he also had to wonder if he was soon to find out.




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Thor had exhausted himself trying to find a way out of their new quarters.


He was now lying on the ground in the middle of the room, panting, a scowl of pain stuck on his face. Loki regarded him, sipping some liquor he found on a shelf with perhaps too much vigour.


“He built his livelihood on keeping powerful creatures contained,” Loki said to Thor mildly. “And he's been doing it for thousands of years, if not more.”


Thor merely grunted in acknowledgement.


And what Loki said was true. There were power fields in all the doors and windows. The obedience discs couldn't be attempted to remove without a strong, debilitating response, as Thor had demonstrated.


This wouldn't be solved with force, Loki was sure, but he also felt it was necessary for Thor to try it his way, even if it left him cranky and hurting. He personally preferred a drink.


On the ground, Thor put his face into his hands and just laid there, elbows sticking out. He looked all of five years old and Loki smiled.


“Are you alright?” The unexpected question came from somewhere behind those hands.




Dropping his arms, sprawling like a starfish now, Thor looked at him. “Are you okay? You know, with the...”


“The cock-sucking,” Loki suggested.


Thor groaned. “Yes, that.”


“Don’t beat yourself up about it,” Loki told him, tossing the rest of his drink back. Where was the bottle? “I’m sure you will return the favour soon enough.”


A muttered curse from somewhere on the floor. Loki located his bottle.


“I’ve been with men,” Thor said morosely after a while. “But I’ve never… do you think he will make you do that to me?”


“You’re exceptionally lucky that I have a lifetime of experience sorting through the nonsense that comes out of your mouth,” Loki muttered when the meaning of Thor's words penetrated the growing fog in his brain. He liked the fog. It was good fog.




“Well, I suppose it might come to that, even though I plan on getting us out of here before it can. And your virtue will be intact.”


“What about you?”


“Oh, my virtue is far from intact.”


“You know what I mean.”


“Yes, brother, I do. Don’t worry. There aren’t many firsts that you could take from me.”


“Well, I’ll be the first brother you...”


“Yes. True.”


It wasn't so bad, really. At least there was no yelling between them. And the refreshments were good. Still. Brothers... Loki thought about it.


“Although technically, I do have some other brothers. Or had. On Jotunheim. Lucky I never stumbled upon them. Can you imagine? I’ve been waltzing through life, careless. Everyone could be a bed partner. I had no idea I might be related to some strangers.”


“Are you drunk?”


Now that was just silly.


“What? Of course I’m not drunk. Why would I be drunk?”


“You’re holding a nearly empty bottle.”


“It was like this when I found it.”




Loki could feel the corners of his mouth twitching. He was about to burst out laughing, he couldn't help it. And he did, he was sure he did, except then Thor was right in front of him, towering and large. And blurry? And when he took Loki's face into his hands, it was wet.



Getting blind drunk and going into only vaguely remembered hysterics was bad in almost any situation. It was worse when you were captured on a planet where nothing made sense, at the mercy of a blue-lipsticked nutter, sharing the room – your cell – with your brother who probably still held a massive grudge towards you.


Loki blearily woke up on top of the covers of the large bed they were apparently supposed to share, head spinning.


He immediately located Thor who was still stubbornly on the floor despite how many hours must have passed. This time though, he was seated crossed legged, one hand pressed to the side of his neck, a look of concentration on his his face.


He looked like shit.


“You look like shit.”


Thor's eyes snapped open and Loki drew back, startled. Thor's eyes were bright and glowing for a second before dimming back to their usual appearance.


“So do you,” Thor grumbled.


“What are you doing?”


“I'm trying to get the damn thing off, what do you think?”


With effort, Loki got to his feet and managed not to puke. He was probably swaying a little, but that couldn't be helped.


When he had said that Thor looked like shit, he meant it. There were dark circles underneath his eyes, and his eyes were bloodshot. Tendrils of dark blue were spreading from where the obedience disc sat fused into his skin. Loki pushed Thor's hand away with impatient fingers and checked it. The area was bruised and bloody.


Loki stared at it, willing his exhausted brain to start working again.




Thor slapped his hand away and Loki brought his stinging fingers to his chest. Curses were on his tongue, a good dressing down for how Thor was acting but his haggard appearance stopped him. It was not pity, not really, Loki knew Thor could handle much worse than this. It was the self-inflicted aspect of it that made him pause.


Trying again, he pushed Thor's face to the side and looked closely at the angry wound around the disc.


“Thor, the thing is caught near your jugular. If you're not careful, you will rupture it and I'm not sure if even your stubborn ass could live through that.”


Thor kept his hand turned to the side. “He sent a messenger while you were passed out. We're performing again today.”


Loki snorted. “And your solution is to kill yourself before that can happen? Why Thor, you wound me.”


It was meant to be a joke. Loki could hardly think of any other reaction to their situation. But Thor's head snapped back around and he stared at Loki with wide eyes. “I just don't want to...”


“I know, I know, virtue and all. I have a plan.”


Thor blinked up at him before shaking his head, reminding Loki briefly of a big, fluffy animal. “Sorry. I didn't sleep.”


That didn't stop Thor from jumping to his feet, dizzyingly quickly, and clasping Loki briefly on the shoulder. “What's the plan?”



The plan didn't work.


Neither Thor's powers nor Loki's magic were any good in getting the discs off, but they weren't hindered by them either. Loki spent the morning practising creating Thor's illusion double along with his own. Once someone came for them, he would in an opportune moment cast the illusions, and the real Thor and he would slip away.


This plan didn't contend with the bath. Several bulky guards, each of them armed with remote controls for their discs, entered their room and led them out. A group of attendants followed, easily discernible from the guards by their looks and general attitude. As in the guards were covered in armour and glowered, while the attendants were nearly naked. And laughing.


Before Loki could find the right moment, they were ushered into a cavernous room where the air was hot and heavy with steam and from there on, the attendants barely took their hands off them.


Angry and off balance after his failure, Loki was not in the mood to be stripped naked and soaped up and oiled even in intimate places, but after the third prolonged zap of the disc and after seeing Thor's disturbed expression the third time, he was worn down.

They were both scrubbed within an inch of their lives by the attendants, forced to endure their giggling – even from among the men (or there-ish, as Loki constantly had to remind himself with all these aliens) – and their thorough handsiness. Across from him in the large hot tub, Thor was stone faced and still.


And naked. As was Loki. This was starting to get more bothersome than it had been the day before when Loki had taken him into his mouth, adrenaline from his fight against capture still pulsing through his veins. This was deliberate, planned and felt like they didn't do enough to stop it.

Bathing finished, the attendants produced two sets of see-through robes, red for Thor and deep blue for Loki.


And that was apparently it. Loki tugged at the edge of his. This was a nightmare, an actual nightmare.


“At least they got your colours right,” he told Thor who was looking surprisingly dignified despite the flimsy excuse of a robe. It probably had something to do with the anger he was radiating.


“But not the size.”


Loki snorted, earning himself a sharp jab to his back from one of the guards as they were led down the hall.

Rounding into a large room, they ended up on a platform of sorts, equipped with a lush bed and easily a hundred of see through drapes surrounding it. The effect was one of luxury and sensuality, even privacy, were it not for the rest of the room where chairs and sofas were placed all facing the platform for the best view.


Every single one of them was already occupied.


They were left standing awkwardly by the foot of the bed.


“Welcome, welcome!”


An unexpected shudder of disgust ran down Loki's spine when he heard the Grandmaster's voice coming from somewhere above them.


“Some of you were fortunate enough to see a little preview of all that this generous royal couple from a faraway planet is yet to show us,” he continued and Loki struggled to see where he was, if he was in the room at all. It was not like him to give up the spotlight. “Now we are about to witness so much more, so strap in, get a drink and remember to be courteous to your fellow audience members! No unwanted bodily fluids!”


Loki saw Thor visibly gag.


His brother looked refreshed after the bath and the blood around the disc was gone, but nothing could be done for the slightly hollow, spooked expression in his eyes and the paleness of his face.


Neither of them moved.


Then a zap wrecked through Loki, less painful than before, almost like a little nudge.


The Grandmaster continued, his voice now further distorted by the speaker, artificially lowered and sultry.


“Behold here the first night the brothers lie together. Having tamed his brutish brother, the raven haired prince pushes him into the bedding, intending to have his way.”


They probably couldn't get out of this. They hadn't gotten out of the blowjob either.


Loki rolled his eyes and pushed Thor onto the bed, following to straddle him before he lost his courage. Thor's robe fell open and he laid sprawled on his back, damn near naked, Loki above him in very much the same state. An instinct, or a need to hold on, Loki supposed, made Thor grab Loki by the hips.


“I can't believe this,” Loki murmured.


“Maybe we're still falling off the Bifrost and this is just a dream,” Thor whispered back.


“I don't know if I could ever come up with something as ridiculous as fucking you for audience in this assbackwards end of the universe.”


“Don't be so humble.”


Another jolt, this time with considerably more bite to it. Gritting his teeth, Loki bent down and pressed his mouth against Thor's.


It was a kiss only in the most generous sense of the word, two sets of lips against each other, not parting, not moving. From this angle, Loki was sure the audience basically couldn't see anything and he intended to keep it that way. Thor still held on to him and Loki started rocking against him, not touching, just putting on a show.


It was enough for the time being. Then the Grandmaster slyly suggested that Thor tear the robe off Loki, which Thor proceeded to do with much apparent enjoyment. Loki watched the set of Thor's jaw as he ripped it all the way down Loki's back and then tossed the pieces aside.


Naked, the way he was holding himself above Thor became obvious. Chancing a glance over his shoulder, Loki saw the audience didn't look particularly excited. It was hardly surprising. They were both stiff – but not that kind of stiff – and awkward and had done little more than lie on the bed and fake kiss.


It didn't escape the Grandmaster's attention either. Beneath him, Thor started shaking, head thrown back, the disc pulsing out the deep blue agony. And it went on and on.


Loki had caused Thor a lot of pain throughout their lives but kneeling above him, both of them naked and vulnerable, seeing up-close his tortured expression, the way he fought not to cry out was disturbing on a level he didn't anticipate.


He didn't want Thor to suffer like this. And especially since so far it didn't seem like they could escape this charade just yet. The conclusion was inevitable and there was no need to needlessly prolong it.


Once Loki moved, Thor's body relaxed, the zapping ending. Nudging him along, Loki made Thor shift sideways towards the audience so they could see better and bent down to kiss him again, this time making it real.


To his relief, Thor went along with it, his mouth opening tentatively as Loki licked in.


It was more intimate that sucking his cock had been.


But just like they hadn't before, the skies didn't open up, raining shame on them or whatever it was that was supposed to happen when people did sick things.


Nobody knew them here. Nobody even knew Asgard. And as far as they knew, Asgard was now ruled – or destroyed – by their sister.


They really didn't have much to hold them accountable anymore.


It was a freeing thought and Loki slowly lowered himself, coming to straddle Thor fully, hips flush.


Thor was half hard, which Loki considered a pleasant surprise; less work to do.


The Grandmaster remained silent, no more suggestions coming from the speaker, which was another victory. Loki tried to come up with a plan. He didn't think just rubbing against each other would do the trick. Half the audience already saw him sucking Thor's dick. And Thor had said he'd never been fucked and Loki really didn't think he needed to impose that sort of a first time on him.


In the baths, the attendants had oiled them quite thoroughly and Loki took a deep breath, reaching behind himself and sweeping his fingers over his hole. He was very slick. It was probably enough.


Someone in the audience cheered and Loki left his hand where it was, balancing carefully over Thor. Thor held him by the hips again but was still otherwise, breathing shallowly.


“Must I do all the work?” Loki hissed at him quietly. “This is happening whether we want it or not.”


Thor let out a choked off laugh. “I know.”


He cupped the back of Loki's neck and pulled him down into another kiss while reaching down between their bodies and taking Loki's cock into his hand. Loki gasped into Thor's mouth. He had not been expecting that, the force of the kiss nor the tightness of Thor's grip around him which was just as bold as Loki liked it.


Pushing his fingers into himself was easier now that he was hard and closing his eyes, he could almost pretend the situation wasn't as maddening as it really was.


“Will you ride me?” Thor asked against his lips and Loki's brain shuttered to a stop. He didn't know why Thor asked, why he asked it like that, low and almost... excited about the prospect. Yes, yes Loki was going to do it, he preferred it that way, now more than ever, he didn't want to be trapped underneath Thor's bulk with his ankles in the air.


The image presented itself clearly in his had.


It was not as bad as he might have thought a week ago.


He just nodded and pulled his fingers out, dearly hoping that the oil would be enough.


“I used to be jealous of the size of this,” he told Thor when he took his cock into his hand and knelt up, shuffling to aim it at him hole. “Now I'm just angry.”


Thor grinned. Of course he would be smug about his dick size, even in a moment like this. “Just go slow.”


Loki didn't go slow.


It didn't feel right, somehow, to tease and prolong. The anticipation would be worse than the action itself, he was sure, and so he did it, bore down hard until the head of Thor's cock was fully in, stretching him open.


It hurt, but it was the sort of pain that made his stomach tingle with excitement, the sort that had him reaching down to stroke himself. Thor took over as soon as he noticed, nudging Loki's hand aside and going right back to it, finding a good rhythm.


“Passions joining, the brothers rut without a care, their gasps filling the room!”


Loki's erection almost flagged. He was sick of that moron and he sure as shit wasn't going to be fake moaning. Thor must have noticed and changed his grip, coaxing him back. Loki let it go and simply took his cock deeper before rising to his knees again.


It wasn't... too bad. He'd always liked them big and jealousy and annoyance aside, Thor was just that.


Grinding down, he got used to the stretch and started to really appreciate the feeling of fullness.


And Thor's expert stroking.


“You're not terrible at this.”


“What?” Thor stared up at him.


“Never mind. Shall I speed up? Can you come?”


“Inside?” Thor sounded a little alarmed. Loki shrugged.


“We might get some instructions in that matter.”


Thor scowled and raised his hips, driving deeper into Loki.


“Hey!” The indignation was coming from a place of shock. That felt better than it had any right to.


“Sorry, sorry,” Thor whispered. Loki just shook his head and slid up and down, his rhythm speeding up into a bounce. They were both starting to sweat, their skin freshly slicked as the oil they were covered in warmed up.


He supposed, from a purely objective perspective, they looked excellent together, the contrast in the colour of their hair, their, well, godly bodies... he wasn't going to ruin whatever arousal he'd managed to scrap up by looking at the audience, but he felt sure there could be no complaints now. Or boredom.


And he was probably right. The Grandmaster didn't speak again and Loki rose and slammed back down again, fucking himself on Thor's cock until he could feel him strain inside and see the tell tale expression of bliss. For his part, Loki wasn't quite there yet as Thor's hand on him lost its rhythm, his grip slackening. Then Thor let him go altogether, pulling him roughly down by the shoulders and kissing him.


Surprised, he let it happen, lips parting to let Thor's tongue in right at the very second that the first pulse of come filled him. Breathless and gasping against his mouth, Thor fucked up into Loki again and again and he could feel the come slipping out, trickling hot between them.


And then he found himself on his back.




Thor had flipped them like Loki weighted nothing, cock slipping out. Scrambling against the sheets, Loki had to bite down a surprised shout when Thor effortlessly slid down his body and took Loki's still hard cock into his mouth.


What the fuck.


He wasn't unskilled and Loki was already too aroused to really willingly push away the chance to finally come, but the sight was jarring. His brother, on his knees, blond hair messy and stuck to his face with sweat, taking Loki's cock between his lips and sucking, bending as far down as he could to let Loki into his throat.


Whether it was some kind of misguided attempt to even the score or whether Thor just couldn't help being good in bed, Loki didn't know and soon didn't care about either.


“Going to come-” he warned at the last second and Thor pulled off, finishing him with his hand. Which didn't disappoint Loki. At all.


Splattered with his own come, Thor's still leaking from his ass, Loki thought he could do with the bath again. Thor collapsed next to him, face mostly hidden in the bedding.


Loki gave him a little pat on the back.


“Not too bad.”




So that was it, then. Their performance. They really fucked. Nothing could be done for it now.


At least it was over.


“Cheers everybody! Join me in raising a glass for the first act of this gorgeous performance!”



Thor had to carry him back into their cell.


Thor was also crying; fat tears dripping down his cheeks even as he otherwise kept his expression shuttered.


Loki watched him, focused on his face as he tried to stop his head from lolling back. He would not pass out.


He did actually pass out briefly when Thor put him down on his back onto the bed, the agony of being placed on his backside shooting up his spine harsher than any lightning Thor could summon.


When the darkness faded, Thor was still next to him, awkwardly slumped on the bed, half sitting, half falling over Loki. He was shaking all over, having had taken the brunt of the disc's tortures once they had both realized their ordeal was not about to end and made their unhappiness known.


Loki still didn't know what exactly was the mechanism the discs operated on. He didn't know if it could cause permanent harm. Half of Thor's neck was already covered with the disturbing deep blue webbing, like it was poisoning every single vein and artery.


His own injuries were of the simpler sort. The oil from the bath didn't last past the first hour or two and they weren't given more. His hips were bruised and the muscles of his legs hurt with the slightest movement.


Thor had stamina. It had always been said of him, to Loki's occasional annoyance, but he never could have dreamt of experiencing it this way. He felt snapped in half.




Thor just shook his head, not looking at him. The room was dim and they were both half out of their minds. Forming words was hard.


“It wasn't you. He would have killed us.”


Thor let out either a sob or a laugh, Loki couldn't tell. “Of all the things you choose not to blame me for...”


Thinking about past was easier than thinking about the present. Or future. Loki latched on to it. “Well, you could have just gone back to Midgard once you defeated Surtur. I would still be eating grapes. So technically I do blame you.”


Unfortunately, Thor didn't have the same sense of self-preservation as Loki had. His trembling hand found Loki's and squeezed. “I will get us out. We'll go home. Defeat our sister... then you can go back to your arts and your statues.”


Was he dying? His body felt aflame, especially his nether regions, but as injured as he was – and even taking in account the nature of his injuries and what caused them – he didn't think it quite merited these foolish acquiesces from his brother.


“You might come to regret those words,” he sighed, thinking about how he might lie as to be able to sleep. Which reminded him... “You haven't slept since you got here. And Norns know how long before that. You need to rest now.”


Thor nodded. “Take the bed. I'll be on the floor.”


“Thor, I swear, if you go anywhere, I will hurt you. Lie down on the fucking bed and sleep. You look ready to drop dead.”



“Heh,” the Grandmaster said, rapping his fingers rhythmically on the table. “That's lovely, isn't it? Don't you think it's lovely?”


Topaz shrugged.


“Hm.” A pause. The screen still showed the room in crystal detail, but both the prisoners were asleep now. Show was over. “I don't think this is going to work in the long term. They're not very scared of pain, are they?”


“Everybody is scared of something.”


Grandmaster nodded to Topaz sagely. “Yes. Look at them. They are basically plastered to each other, even after this lord of thunder fucked our dear friend Loki bloody. Yes, that was arousing, don't you think?”


“If you like that sort of thing.”


“He didn't like it. He didn't like it at all. He might not do it again unless... well. Hm. Unless we show him that there is a whole line of others willing to do just that. What do you say?”


With a commending nod towards her boss, Topaz smiled.