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Through the Silence

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Huge thank you to my artist Deancebra and her amazing art <3 You can see her masterpost here. <3

Since there are a fair number of sensitive issues in this story, I wanted to be sure and let people know and warn for them before each chapter. If I've missed any, though, I apologize and I will fix it as soon as I can. Just let me know. <3

By the way, I did not realize just how many times I used people eating as a way to pass the time in scenes until I was too far into the story, and I'm sorry for that. *blushes deep red*

CW: abuse
Cas's abuser is mentioned, and there is a very brief flashback near the end of the story where Cas remembers him, but he does not appear onscreen otherwise (besides being discussed a few times). Also, I used the Non-con tag for the past abuse, but there is no current rape/noncon that occurs within the confines of the present setting of the story.

This story takes place between the time of spring 2007 to spring 2008, so not nearly as many people have Netflix, and everyone still has flip phones and whatever. To get the ages thing out of the way now: Cas is 21; Dean is 26 (I had to adjust his birthyear to 81) when the story starts out.

Finally, although it's rated E, most of the story is M except for one scene. I wanted to be thorough, though.