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this is how it happens

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“So you’ve done this before?”

“Do you think I’d be tying you to the headboard if I hadn’t?”


Scully laughed at his expression. “Mulder, you should really ask me these things before we get this far.”

He grinned back, trying to hide the surge of arousal he felt coursing through him. He got the feeling he wasn’t doing a great job, but they’d only just started, and there was no way he was letting her see how much she’d affected him already.

“I trust you.”


She leaned back, checking the knots around his wrists. He wriggled them a little; not too tight, he could still feel his fingers, but keeping his hands firmly in place above his head. She was right, she had done this before.

“Is that okay?”

“Yeah, ‘s good.”

“Want me to do your ankles, too?”

“I mean, ideally, I’d love you to secure all of me to the bed.”

“Maybe next time,” she said with a smirk. Leaning down, she let her lips hover just above his before whispering wickedly. “I don’t think you’d last that long right now.”

Obviously his best efforts at concealing his burdening desire for her had come to nothing. Still, he couldn’t complain- Scully’s mouth was on his, her tongue wet and hot against his, her teeth nipping at his lower lip, and he’d never felt so content.

And then… oh, Scully, you minx… she reached down, between where her legs are straddling his bare chest, and palmed him firmly over his boxers. The restraints around his wrists made it impossible to grab her or push her head away- he realised he was completely at her mercy, and the realisation did nothing to help with the rush of blood to his cock.

She squeezed him once, experimentally, and he groaned, hips arching off the bed. With her free hand, Scully pushed them back down, and she broke free of the kiss to give him a dark look.

“Mulder, if I have to tie you down, I will,” she climbed off him, removing her hand from his aching dick, and reached for the rope again. “And I don’t care if you come too soon.”

Oh, Jesus, fuck, she was hot.

She worked quickly, securing his legs to the bed frame, spread slightly apart. Mulder leaned his head back and tried to focus on anything other than her wandering hands, or the feel of her skin on his, or the fact that this was Scully and they were doing the sort of things he’d only fantasied about, never really thought would happen, and…

“Is that okay?”

It took a long, heady moment to realise she was talking about the rope on his ankles. He tested it- again, he could feel the pressure from it, but it wasn’t cutting into his skin. In delight he realised with these new bonds he couldn’t lift his hips from the mattress more than a few inches, and that even that required an intense amount of effort. He was being kept in place, safe and securely tied to the bed, and he couldn’t move without her help, and he had never been so turned on in his whole damn life.

“It’s good.” He breathed in response to her question.

“Mulder…” there was the same hint of uncertainty as there’d been earlier. “Before we… you’re sure.”

God, she was absolutely adorable. He realised he’d never actually associated that particular word with her, and wondered why- she was adorable, so much so it hurt sometimes to be with her, and now she was standing at the foot of his bed, above him, still fully clothed while he lay here almost naked… and she was more adorable than ever.

“I’m sure.” He seemed constrained to two word utterances, but kept his eyes on hers. In truth, he’d never been more sure about anything in his whole life. Take me, Scully, he wanted to say, I’m all yours.

She seemed satisfied with the truth she saw in his eyes, and just as quickly as it had appeared the concern and doubt vanished, leaving nothing but lust in its wake. Mulder suddenly came to the realisation that she was enjoying this, too. She liked the power, and damn, it was hot as fuck. She tilted her head and he could practically see her mind whirring through possibilities. He met her eyes again- she raised an eyebrow, answering his unasked question, and knelt on the bed between his legs.

“This is really hot, Mulder.” He’d never heard her speak like that: low, sultry, like she was trying to seduce him- which she was, of course she was- and it did things to his body that he wasn’t prepared for. She didn’t stop.

“Seeing you tied up like this… it’s making me realise I can do what I want, and you can’t stop me- I can fuck you as long as I want, as hard as I want, and you can’t do anything about it…” As she spoke a hand dropped to his thigh, running up and down, getting dangerously close to his cock before retreating back down his leg.

If he had a say in it, he’d be telling her to hurry up, to get him inside right now, or he was going to lose it. But he didn’t. That was the point. But Scully was so good at this, too good, and he was already aching for her, worried about how much longer they could keep this up. This could be considered torture if it didn’t feel quite so pleasurable.

“You’re killing me, Scully,” he grunted.

There it was again- that smirk. God, she was good. She knew exactly what she was doing to him.

Her hand snaked up to the front of his boxers again, and she reached for the waistband.

“I think these should come off.”

“Yours too?” Was that him? Since when did he sound so desperate?

Scully dug her nails into his thighs, raking them down to his knees where she gripped him tight.

“You going to be a good boy for me, Mulder?”

Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck. He nodded, so vigorously it was comical, and finally allowed himself to breathe as she undid the fastenings of her jeans and slid them down her legs, revealing a black lace thong. It was new, or at least he’d never seen it before, and the thought passed his mind that maybe she bought it for this specific night. He wondered if asking her to wear it again this quickly would appear a bit too desperate.

But damn, she looked good in lingerie. Why didn’t she wear it more often?

“Eyes up top, Mulder.”

This was always his favourite part. Scully pulled her vest off over her head, pressing her breasts together for far too short a time, and threw it across the room. Black bra. Matching black bra. It contrasted her porcelain skin perfectly, and the cups were designed so he could glimpse the dusky pink of her areola. He met her eyes and realised his jaw was slack, and his mouth was dry.

“You’re stunning.”

“Why, thank you.”

She grinned and pulled his boxers down in one swift move, letting his cock spring free to bob against his stomach, hard and hot and aching with need. Cupping him with one hand, Scully stroked once, twice; his head fell back against the pillow, eyes drifting shut, and a low moan escaped him.

“You’re not going to last long, are you?”

Mulder laughed as much as he could through clenched teeth, and gave a short, sharp shake of his head. She didn’t say anything more, but kept her hand wrapped around his length, the pressure alone enough to make him squirm. When he finally managed to open his eyes, he only had a few seconds to register what she was doing- her free hand between her legs, two fingers inside, quickly bringing herself up to speed- before they shut on their own accord again, overwhelmed.

Not a second later, she was above him, and he could picture her moving the flimsy, sodden material aside to take him in. He felt the beautifully tight, warm slide down, heard her sigh in pleasure, but still couldn’t manage to open his eyes. If he did, he knew he’d lose all control in a matter of seconds. And then, then, she thrusted on him a little harder, taking him deeper, and then he didn’t just feel the movement he heard it too, heard her wet heat clench around him, heard the sound her flesh made when it hit his. He swore he even heard the tightening in his balls and the way Scully’s chest flushed that pink colour he loved.

He couldn’t control the angle or position, couldn’t get her to go faster, and Scully was taking full advantage of the fact, moving in a slow, calculated rhythm that wasn’t quite fast or hard enough.

“Ugh… Scully…”

“Be a good boy, Mulder.”

Her thumb rested on his chin, and she carefully coaxed his mouth open- he kept his eyes closed, not sure where she was going with this but knowing that whatever it was would very likely be the death of him.

He was right.

She slipped two fingers into his mouth, and immediately he smelt the heady, familiar perfume that could- and had- reduced him to tears. Oh, god, Scully, that’s dirty… but he found himself powerless to resist, or speak, or do anything but suck her sweet wet fingers into his mouth, caressing with his tongue and savouring the taste of her arousal like a starving man.

With her fingers still between his lips, Scully resumed her pace, rocking against him and giving an occasional pinch to his nipples with her free hand. Mulder started to feel the heat building up inside of him, ready to be unleashed- he was going to come, hard, tied to the bed with Scully’s fingers in his mouth and his cock in her pussy, his underwear around his ankles, and he needed to see her, needed to know she was up there with him, that she was as into this as him because it was Scully and she was so, so beautiful and he loved her more than words could describe…

He opened his eyes.

An image, a freezeframe, burnt onto his retinas before he squeezed his eyes shut again and exploded, hips arching and shaking: Scully, upright above him, her eyes locked on his, lip between her teeth, free hand under her bra and playing with her breast.

He heard her gasp his name and then a moment later she was lying on his chest, cheek against his neck as they both trembled from the release. As soon as he recovered, Mulder reached to stroke her hair, to pull her closer, but the restraints around his wrists still held firm. He groaned in frustration.

“Scully, untie me.”

“Please,” she chastised him, pulling back.

She reached up and he thought she was going to undo the knots, even if he had forgotten his manners, but she just ran a finger gently over the rope, a mischievous smile forming on her lips.

“And anyway… who says I want to untie you?”


She leaned forward- he tried not to look at her breasts, hanging so provocatively just out of reach of his mouth- and whispered in his ear.

“I’m in charge, Mulder.”

He felt a rush of blood southwards, which given the intensity of his recent orgasm was nothing sort of a miracle. But then it was hard to think of anything, because Scully unhooked her bra and moved forward just enough.

He caught her eye and valiantly lifted his head. It was going to be a long night.