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Teach Me

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“I’ll only speak to him,” she repeated the same phrase for the millionth time. To every storm trooper, lieutenant and captain that walked through. Rey had made her purpose and demands very clear but evidently the bureaucracy of the First Order could not handle it.
I will not use my lightsaber, but I will not give it up.
I will not speak to anyone but Kylo Ren.
So she waited. Laying on the hard metal bench of a holding cell in one of the many ships under his command. She wondered if they were traveling towards him or if he was coming to her. It took long enough for even one First Order ship to find her. She had to walk into known anti-rebel city with her lightsaber drawn before she even popped up on their radar.
She was getting impatient. She had wasted a week traveling to be caught and now a day and half in a holding cell. Her fingers itched to train and her chest ached with some unfamiliar feeling she could not place.
Rey closed her eyes, feeling the force around her. It felt powerful and clean. She felt something disturb the clean surface of it, like ripples in a pond. She reached towards it and felt the immense power of the man she sought.
She could have returned to her holding cell right then, comforted that her wait would soon end but curiosity got the best of her. Rey reached out further towards the blazing red throbbing power speeding towards her.
She slowly let out a lungful of air and suddenly she could see him. He was standing in boarding quarters of a large vessel, staring out of a window his helmet discarded on his bed. His sheets were a tangled mess and his hair was unkept. He was only partly dressed in his boots and pants. His shirt and robes were on the floor in a heap. Rey could see all the muscles in his back, and all the old scars from training and battle.
It was like she was standing right behind him sharing his breath. She took a step forward and saw his shoulders tense.
He felt her.
His push on the force, which had been a heartbeat at rest turned into a raging wave that washed over her. Her vision of the room and of him flickered and began to dissolve as her grip began to loosen.
Rey’s eyes snapped open and she was once again in her small cell, drenched in sweat.
It would not be long now.

She felt him before she saw him. Rey knew the second he had boarded the vessel and she was on her feet waiting at the window set in her door for his arrival. Her lightsaber felt heavy on her belt but she ignored the feeling.
When he arrived he had his helmet on, masking his face and any subtle emotion she had hoped to read there. He had stormtroopers behind him as an escort.
“Let her out,” his voice was muffled and altered by the mask, which felt weird having heard its true tone.
The door slid open and Rey moved to step out. As she did the stormtroopers raised their weapons, their barrels trained on her skull.
A gloved hand raised to the side was all it took for the blasters to be lowered.
“What brings you here, Rey,” the way his voice wrapped around her name made her heartbeat accelerate. Was it from fear? She couldn’t tell.
“I would like to speak to you alone,” she said, raising her chin to seem more commanding.
“Very well.”
Escorted on either side by stormtroopers, Rey followed Kylo down various polished black hallways before turning into alcove. The door slid open and he nodded for the men to leave. Rey stepped in and took in the room. It seemed to be a simple meeting room. A large round table was in the middle, surrounded by chairs. Various hologram and communication devices were set in the middle of the table but everything was the same gleaming First Order pitch.
Rey turned away from the table to find Kylo had removed his helmet.
He looked mostly the same from when they last confronted one another. This time, however, he had a thick black synthetic bandage running from his cheek to his jaw. He seemed to have brushed his hair to visit her only for his helmet to dishevel it.
She looked into his dark eyes and nearly fell into them. Instead of meeting his intense gaze she closed her eyes finding the words that she thought she had perfect in her holding cell but now seemed to evade her.
With her eyes closed she felt the force within her again, and the force pulsating from Kylo.
“I- I feel this,” she said, her eyes still closed but her hands raising as if she was holding the power of the force in her palms and letting it run out onto the floor. “It is too strong to ignore.”
She opened her eyes, her hand falling to the hilt of the lightsaber on her hip.
“I have sought out a teacher but they have refused me,” she tried not to let the bitterness of the rejection sneak into her voice but she was sure he heard it. “They’re scared of what I can do.”
Rey pulled the lightsaber from her belt and stepped forward. Kylo stood his ground and as she came close, his push on the force hit her like a wall of heat. Still she pressed through it to kneel at his feet.
She raised the lightsaber up, looking up at him.
“Teach me.”