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The Offer

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Nanda Parbat


"Bring him in" Ra's commanded. He was very pleased that he finally could be face to face with Al Sa-Her. He finally could bring justice upon him.

The doors were opened and he saw his once right hand man being dragged in. Chains around his wrist and ankles. He would pay for his crimes against the city and his daughter.

Merlyn was normally not scared of anything but there are some things that he is and this is one of them. He knew what Ra's was capable of and he did not want to find out exactly. He was being dragged in the room. Fear plagued his face.

"In 1854, I encountered an illusionist in Vienna, and he was dazzling, magnificent, powerful, and then nearly half a century later, I stumbled upon this man again." Ra's went on. Looking down at the man.

"He was withered, broken, dying. You see, a magician can cheat many things except one." He smirked as he finished his sentence.

"Please. I was your horseman. Let me hunt for you once more. Allow me to prove to you my reborn loyalty." Malcolm pleaded not caring anymore if he was cowardice. He was desperate. He was on his knees in shackles facing the one man he feared.

"Al Sa-Her, face your death with honor. Or at least dignity." Ra's viciously said.

"Please don't do this." Malcolm once again pleaded for his life.

"There is a price you must pay for your crimes that can only be measured in agony and blood, but know I will take no pleasure in this." Ra's was not lying he would find no pleasure in doing this, but actions have consequences and Malcolm needed to be reminded of that. "Take him away!"

"No. No! No! No!" Malcolm said shaking his head. He knew that Ra's wasn't going to kill him. He's gonna make it feel like a thousand deaths. He hoped Oliver would get to him before.






Oliver walked into the Arrowcave "guys we have a problem. Thea sold out Merlyn to the league."

Felicity was the first to speak up "why is that a problem?" Confused onto why any body would care.

"Ya I agree. Oliver why is that a problem? Merlyns gone isn't that good?" Diggle didn't see the problem. Of all the problems Merlyn has caused why would anybody care.

"Its a problem because when Thea figures out that she sentenced her father to weeks of non stop torture, she's never gonna get over it. It's gonna ruin her. And Malcolm did do horrible things but he doesn't deserve this." Oliver couldn't believe he was saying this but they have to get him.

"I get the point Oliver but do you really want to risk your life again by going against Ra's" Felicity didn't want to lose Oliver again.

Diggle turned to Lance and started to whisper.

Unnoticed Thea opened the door and stood there.

"We have to. I know Nanda Parbat better this time. And I can't willingly let Ra's torture Malcolm. I know what he does. Remember guys I was there, I saw what he does and I felt what he does. And I'm not going to stand here knowing that he's up there with a man who has the capability to do things to a man no one has thought of. It changes a person in ways you don't even know." He took a breath to collect himself.

Stunned Laurel added "Oliver if it means this much then we'll do it" . Hugging Olly.

"I agree" Felicity and Diggle both said. "I'm not saying I'll like it but I get your point." Felicity was nervous about this choice but she got what he means. She couldn't just let a man hurt another and not do anything to stop it.

"Thanks guys. Thea can't know about this she doesn't need to know what she actually sentenced Merlyn to. It will tear her apart."

Thea stunned stepped back and knocked over a can. Everyone turned her way.

"Thea!" Oliver said in shock "how much of that did you hear?"


“I… Nyssa told me that Ra's was just going to talk with Malcolm. She never said anything about hurting him." Thea came to the conclusion fast. She had done this she had sentenced her dad to death. What has she done.

"Thea come here." Oliver could see her eyes fill with tears. "You did the thing you thought was right. Of course you didn't realize that she was lying. It's one we will go find them." Oliver reassured Thea.

"What's going to happen to him? Will he be okay?"

"No one knows we're gonna try to get there as fast as we can."

"Ok Oliver I'm so sorry." Thea wiped away the tears.




Nanda Parbat


Merlyn was scared. He knew Oliver was going to come get him. He couldn't believe Thea would do that to him after everything he's done for her why. He was 0laced in a room after being dragged away. They said he could have time to "prepare his soul" whatever that means.

He knew what was to come for him and it is not going to be pleasant.

He heard the door click has he turned and saw Ra's in the doorway."Stand" he refused to he continued to sit.

Ra's gestured to Merlyn on the floor and his two bodyguards walked over and lifted Merlyn off the ground. And smiled. He could see the fear in his eyes.

"I want you to know once again I find no pleasure of doing this." Ra's spoke one last time.

Merlyn looked at Ra's and spat in his face. The moment he did that he felt a hand stroke his face. He was knocked over by the force. He looked up as pain was racing through his face.

"I suggest you take this as plan Al Sa-Her." He smirked and walked away. "Bring hi, to Room 5 and get him ready.

Merlyn froze with fear. Not this room. No "No no no please!" He screamed. As he was dragged away.






Oliver walked over to Diggle "You and I are gonna infiltrate and steal back Merlyn." Diggle nodded.

"I can watch you guys from here. I'll have the outline of the place to get you guys through easier. I also will be able to speak through the coms with you guys." Felicity started typing the location in her computer. "Got it"

"Great and Thea stay here with Laurel and Felicity. I promise we will get your dad back"

Thea nodded "Ollie please come back safe. I love you." Thea embraced her brother.

"I love you too Thea." He let go of his sister.

"Are you ready Diggle?" Oliver asked grabbing his bow and changing into his suit.

"As ready as I'll ever be."

"Alright let's do it." Oliver and Diggle left after goodbyes.

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Nanda parbat


Malcolm was being lead into Room 5. He was scared he has been in that room before but never to be on the tortured side he was always the torturer.

He stopped where he was. As soon as the guard turned around he knocked him in the jaw causing the guard to fall back he turned to see more coming, he had limited movement because of the handcuffs so he needed to be precise with his movements. As the first one attacked he dodged the sword and kicked him in the stomach and he fell back. Two more came he ducked as they both swung their swords. He kicked one of them back and they fell into the other. But they got back up and continued to swing and he continued to duck. He then felt a pounding pain in between his shoulder blades he fell to the ground. Pain was radiating threw his body. He felt more blows to his stomach and head he tried to block them as best as he could but there was restricted movement. His head started to swim he saw stars but behind that he could make out the only figure standing before him.

Ra’s al Ghul

“Its time Al Sa-Her.” is the only thing he heard as he fell into unconsciousness.




Oliver was anxious he couldn’t believe he was going back there but he had to he made a promise to himself and Thea. He couldn’t break it no matter the cost.

“Oliver.. Oliver.” Diggle said for the second time.

He looked up “sorry dig I was thinking about Thea.” They we’re now on there way to Nanda Parbat.

“It’s ok Oliver I get it. But everything will hopefully be ok.” Diggle had to be reassuring but to be honest he didn’t even know what they were walking in to.

“Yah I can’t believe I am saying this but I hope Malcolm is ok. I know all the horrible things he’s done but he’s still Thea’s father.” He knew Thea would be destroyed if her father was hurt especially if it’s her fault. He was getting tired he needed to rest.

“Dig I am gonna get some sleep let me know when we get there.” Oliver said has he passed out from exhaustion.

Diggle looked over at Oliver. He couldn’t even fathom what this might be like for him. I mean going back to the place where Ra’s lives. He couldn’t even understand it. But he understood the cause and it’s a good one. But first they need to get there first so he needs to keep driving and drive fast.




Nanda Parbat


Malcolm woke slowly. He felt his consciousness slowly come back to him. His eyes felt heavy, he slowly opened his eyes.

Panic came over him when he saw where he was Room 5. Oh gosh this can’t be happening. He looked down and he was hanging above a pit of coals that were on fire. He was hanging from a metal bar, arms spread out with his feet hanging. His wrists were starting to hurt. He suddenly realized he was wearing nothing but a shorts. He started to panic he shook his wrists hoping something would come loose but nothing did.

He calmed. This is what Ra’s trained him for. He knew he had a extremely high pain tolerance but he knew what was about to come. Was he strong enough for this. He wanted to get back to his family.

His thoughts were interrupted by the opening of the door. Malcolm looked up to see Ra’s coming in. Calm calm calm calm. He thought. Stay calm he told himself.

“Ready to start?” Ra’s took off his jacket.

Malcolm stared at him, dead in the eyes. “I’m ready for anything you throw at me.” He needed to change his mental state if there was any chance he was going to get through this.

Ra’s walked over to Merlyn and came right in his face. “Al Sa-Her you have been brought here to be punished for the unspeakable crime against Starling City. You took the lives of more than 500 citizens women and children. With those 500 deaths you will receive 500 slashes from my sword and then one other thing after.” Ra’s slowly backed away.

Merlyn took a deep breath. And got ready for what he knew was gonna be a fought couple of hours.

He saw Ra’s take out his sword and begun. The first strike was not bad he winced and look down Ra’s started at his legs and moved up.

200 later Merlyn was breathing heavily blood everywhere on his body. He screamed as each slash came upon him. The pain burning through his body. Ra’s was getting closer and closer to his face slash after slash left Malcolm gasping for air. “Ra’s please.” He barely got it out.

Ra’s ignored him and kept going finally he started to lose consciousness. He began to drift off when he felt himself being pricked in the arm. He suddenly felt adrenaline rush through his body. Which brought even more pain he could feel the blood just pouring through his body.

“Adrenaline shot” Ra’s spoke. “250 done now comes the painful part.”

Ra’s began slicing his face everyone but his eyes. He couldn’t breath he couldn’t smell he couldn’t move. He was frozen tears filling his eyes.

“Your weak Al Sa-Her show some dignity.” Ra’s commanded.

Malcolm tried to reply but couldn’t force anything out. He was going to die here.

He tried to focus on his training how to keep the pain away but nothing was working. He suddenly felt the sword go right through the spot Oliver had stabbed him with the Arrow all those years ago. He screamed in agony blood pouring out of the now reopened wound.

“You're done Al Sa-Her. Let me finish you.” Ra’s set his sword done.

Malcolm looked up at the heir. He felt nothing. He didn’t want to live. He wanted it to be over. He knew Ra’s wasn’t going to kill him, he was the bait. He was going to use him as bait to bring Oliver here.

He saw Ra’s wind up and then started delivering punch after punch. He withered in agony. He was soaked in blood and he couldn’t handle anymore he finally decided to let go and drift back into unconsciousness. The last thing he saw was a smile on Ra’s face as he admired his handiwork.




Outside Nanda Parbat


Oliver woke from his sleep when Diggle tapped him on the shoulder “we are hear”

“Great let’s begin Oliver replied back sleepily. He got out of the plane. He hoped he was too late.

They grabbed their equipment and walked inside only to be met by 2 guards they shot them with arrows and they were down in a second.

They had to be careful not to make any noise. They didn’t want Ra’s hearing them.

“How are you expecting to find him Oliver?” Diggle just realized this place was a castle there were many rooms he could be in.

“The tracker I put in him 4 months ago is still working I’m tracking that.” Oliver pulled out his phone and found his location. Right down the hall.

They were walking down when Diggle saw a guard. “Oliver duck” as Oliver ducked he shut the man in the head. 3 more guards came toward them Oliver shot one and then one punched Diggle. He saw Diggle fall to the ground. He shot them both and ran over and helped his friend up.

“You ok”

“Yes yes I am” Diggle felt relieved.

“Thanks Dig” he followed the arrow on the gps and when he got to the door he was a bit suspicious. There wasn’t anyone guarding it. They still walked up to the door and opened it.

What they saw before them stunned them both. They have never never seen Malcolm this vulnerable this beaten up. He was only wearing shorts. He had sword marks all over his body and face his face was swollen. What caught his eye was the arrow right through Malcolm’s chest. It was placed right where he had stabbed him years ago. He ran up to Malcolm. He was careful not to touch him. There was blood all over. Thea is going to be a wreck he thought.

Diggle was waiting still processing what he is seeing. “Oliver we got to go now.” They needed to get out now.

“Ok Diggle help me get him down”

“That’s not going to happen.”

They both turned and saw Ra’s al Ghul standing before them. They stepped back.

“Welcome To Nanda Parbat.” Ra’s smiled has two guards came behind him and ran towards Oliver and Diggle.

Oliver and Diggle tried to fight them off but it was no use. They let the guards handcuff and lead them over to Ra’s.

“What do you want from us?” Oliver stated. He tried to hide the fear. He looked over and could tell Diggle wasn’t doing a very good job at that.

“I have an Offer.” Ra’s said before he knocked them both out. They slumped to the floor. “Bring them to dungeon B” he said walking out of the room. This was going to be interesting.

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Oliver was getting bored, he knew that Ra’s was going to come get him anyways so why not now.

“Diggle I am sorry for bringing you into this” Oliver was sincerely sorry.

“It's ok Oliver I willingly knew what I was getting into so it's not your fault and we will get out of this alive” Diggle had to stay positive at a time like this. Ra’s had said there was an offer up for deal so lets hope its something good.

‘Diggle there is still an offer so If he says that I can bring you guys home I will and also I will take any deal that guarantees the safety of you and Malcolm.” He knew that Ra’s knows that he won't take any deal that doesn’t guarantee the safety of his friends.

“Oliver you need to be careful though don’t take any deals that are obviously stupid please just don’t do that.”

“I won't Diggle I promise.” Oliver knew that all Diggle wants his to know they're both safe.

Oliver just sat in silence for about ten minutes until he heard the door open. Two men stormed in and grabbed Oliver under the arms. “Ra’s wishes to speak with you” the one man said as they both took him away.

As Oliver was being lead in the room he was getting nervous he knew that Ra’s was a serious man who meant business so he needed to stay calm and breathe. As the door opened everything Kind of faded.

Oliver walked in the room and he saw Ra’s standing over by the Lazarus Pit. He turned around and saw the doors closing along with the guards walking out.

“Oliver I’m glad you could join me again” Ra’s stated turning around and looking at Oliver.

“Yah I know you want to make an offer but I’m telling you right now that if my friends don’t get home safe no offer will be made.” Oliver said with a commanding voice. He stood proud as he could at a time like this.

Ra’s walked closer to Oliver starring him down. Thinking.” You will not bargain with what Ihave to offer. You either take what I have or get nothing and you three will all die a painful death.”

Oliver gulped. “What is your offer then?”

“I’m so glad you asked.”

Right as Ra’s said that the door opened and Oliver could see Diggle and Malcolm being dragged in. Diggle looked like he was fine a few bruises that is it but Malcolm was unconscious and not looking alive at all.

“I want you at my command at all time.” Ra’s stated clearly looking at Oliver.

“You want me to stay here with you, no way!” Oliver yelled. He would never accept this.

“No you would return home but anytime Ineed you or need you to do something for me you will do it and you will do it without hesitation.” Ra’s smirked. He knew Oliver was powerful and had many resources and a lot of skill.

Oliver was stunned that’s it he thought to himself. “You're saying that if I do your dirty work for you you will let my friends go home.”

“Yes that is what I’m saying but, if you refuse to do what i say there will be consequences.” Ra’s saw the fear on Oliver’s face as he spoke the sentence.

“My team will just stop you we can defeat you.” Oliver spoke up he knew if his team worked together then they could stop him.

“Yes but if you refuse to do what I have asked I will blow up Al Sa-Hers head.”

Oliver was confused. “What do you mean blow up merlyn's head.”

“While he was unconscious we implanted a bomb in his head. If you refuse to do what I ask then I will blow up your sisters father.” Ra’s smiled the plan was perfect. Oliver would never let himself be the cause of his sisters father's death.

Oliver was speechless he couldn’t say no the Offer was basically already there.
“Fine I will do as you say as long as nothing harms my family or anyone I care about.”

Ra’s nodded. “I guess we have a deal. You’ll know when I need anything. And i'll give you guys 3 weeks to get back to normal. Of I find out you’re planning anything BOOM” Ra’s made a explosion gesture. Then laughed.

“Ok deal now let us go” Oliver replied sternly.

Ra’s gestured to a guard and they grabbed Oliver and led him out.

“By Oliver I plan on seeing you very soon” Ra’s smiled. His plan worked out perfectly. Oliver was now at his mercy.






Felicity was hard at work when Thea and Roy came in.

“Hi guys what’s up?” Felicity smiled.

“Ollie is back he said he landed in the dock of the river. He needs help. My dad he..”
Thea began to cry. Roy gave her a quick hug.

“Thea Merlyn is going to be okay.” Roy said still holding Thea.

Felicity was ecstatic. “Ill get Laurel and i'll head over.” She was so happy Oliver is finally back.” They all three left the cave and Felicity headed towards the dock.





Oliver stepped of the plan and with the help of Diggle carried Malcolm until they saw Felicity and Laurel running towards them.

“Oliver your back are you ok?” She looked over him.

“Yes i am perfectly fine but he’s not” Oliver pointed at Malcolm.

Felicity was in shock. She’s never seen Merlyn like this. Vulnerable.

“We have to get him in the car and back to the lab.” Diggle stated.

They all left quickly.






Oliver walked in to see everyone in the main area. He brought in Malcolm. Once Thea saw him she ran over to him.

“Oh my gosh I did this.” She said in tears.

Felicity ran over and pushed her out of the way. “Come on let's get him on the table.” She yelled.

Oliver put Malcolm on a bed and then told everyone to get out but him and Laurel.


Outside the room everyone crowded around not believing what they were doing they were helping Malcolm Merlyn.

Thea spoke up “guys did I kill my dad?”

Everyone stared at her but Felicity broke the silence. “Merlyn will be ok. Oliver got it.”

Thea nodded.

“Diggle how did you guys make it out?” Roy and Mr. lance asked.

“Oliver made a deal with Ra’s.” Diggle replied. He just needed to rest he was tired and exhausted.

“What was the deal John?” Felicity was nervous.

“He agreed to do whatever Ra’s asked”

Everyone was stunned.

“Ollie would never do that.” Thea knew her brother more then anything and Ollie would never do anything like that.

“He did because Merlyn has a bomb in his head that can be set off anytime” Diggle replied.

Thea gasped. She started crying.

“We can fix this we always do this is no different. We just have to be more careful.” Felicity reassured Thea.

“Yes but this is my father no matter what he has done he his still my family and I regret what I did to him and I can't let him die not like that.”

“We know Thea we will all help. We know this is hard for you but we are all here for you.” Roy tried to calm Thea down.

“Yeah Thea we all will try are best we promise. No matter how much that man deserves to be in a jail cell I will try to help” Mr. Lance spoke.




Medical Bay


Laurel and Oliver finished there examination and gave Malcolm a heavy sedative so he could sleep a little.






Oliver walked out of the room with Laurel and everyone walked over.

“What’s wrong with him Oliver.” Thea asked worryingly.

Oliver scanned through the room at everyone looking at him. “Malcolm has four broken ribs, broken leg, concussion, broken hand, and many many sword cuts throughout his whole body.”

Everyone stared at Oliver in shock.

“Oh my god” Felicity accidentally said out loud.

Oliver looked over at Thea who was crying. He walked over to her and gave her a hug.

“Malcolm will make a full recovery. But there are things all of you should know. I’m guessing Diggle told you about the deal” Everyone nodded. “Well I took it because Malcolm has a bomb in his head that Ra’s said he could set off anytime. So we are going to try to find a way to take that out and then we can finally defeat Ra’s al Ghul.” Oliver finished what he had to say.

“So do we keep on going until you hear something from Ra’s?” Roy asked.

“Yes right now we are going to be acting like everything's normal. We are going to also find a way to get the damn bomb out of his head. And guys I know what Malcolm has done to everyone but we all need to forget about that for at least right now.” Oliver was tired and needed to go to bed.

“Ok we will Oliver.” Felicity spoke and everyone else nodded with her.

“Thanks guys so much everyone go home Thea and I will watch over Malcolm” Oliver replied happy that everyone was on the same page.

When everyone left the room Diggle walked over “Thanks Oliver for showing me what matters.”

Oliver was confused “What do you mean?”

“I never would have cared about helping that man but you changed my point of view on it. Thank you” Diggle patted Oliver on the shoulder then walked away.

As Diggle left the room Thea came over to him. “I’m scared Ollie.”

“Why would you be scared?” Oliver asked confused.

“What if Malcolm hates me for what I did to him?” Thea started shaking. Oliver gave her a hug and they sat down.

“Malcolm will not hate you he knows you did it for the right reason. He loves you more then anything.”

Thea smiled. “Yeah I just hope he’s ok when all this is over.”

“He will he’s strong Thea.”

“How are you Oliver?” Thea asked.

“I’m just happy we got out of that place.” Oliver laughed. He couldn’t believe that he only did that in two days.

“Yah I’m tired Ollie. But I don’t want to leave Malcolm”

“Ill pull out the bed and you can sleep there.” Oliver said standing up and walking in the door.”

Thea followed and as she walked in she saw Malcolm laying on the bed with IVs in him. But he looked peaceful.

Oliver pulled out the bed. “You sure you're fine here over night?”

“Yeah I don’t want to leave him, and you need your rest.”

“Alright Thea I love you and sleep good.” Oliver kissed Thea on the head then left.

An hour later Thea was laying down when she heard movement. She looked up to see Malcolm moving. She stood up and walked over.

“He..ey Th...e..a” Malcolm tried to speak but he hurt all over.

Thea started to cry. “Dad you're ok. I’m sorry for what I did.” She grabbed Malcolm's hand.

“It's ok Thea you only did what you thought was best.” He was so happy to be home. But he honestly had no clue how he was home. He was to tired he needed to sleep.

“I love you” Thea said crying.

“I love you too.” Malcolm said has he started to cry. This was the only time he openly cried in front of anyone. But he didn’t care, he was alive and that’s all that matters.

Thea smiled and fell asleep on by her dad.

Malcolm stared at the ceiling as he looked down and saw Thea was sleeping. He assessed his injuries quickly. Broken ribs, hand, leg and a concussion. Plus all the swords cuts everywhere. He knew he would make a full recovery but it was how long that worried him. But right now he needed to sleep so he began to drift off until he was full asleep.

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1 week later…

Thea was busy cleaning her room when she heard groaning. She walked downstairs and she saw Malcolm trying to get up. She ran downstairs.

“Malcolm slow down, let me help.” Thea was trying to be as helpful as she could these past few days.

“I’m fine Thea I can handle myself.” For the past few days Malcolm has been very distant from her and she was worried.

Thea walked over to him and put a hand around him and helped him walk over there. He had a walking boot on for the broken leg but he didn’t need crutches because it was a clean break. But he did have a cast on his arm.

“Here I'll grab you a drink for you and then I think we need to talk.”

Malcolm looked defeated so he just shrugged it off and went to sit back down on the couch. He had not wanted to stay in the Arrowcave so he had Thea move him to the penthouse where he could be alone.

After Thea grabbed the water she came back over and sat down. She stared at her father for a second.

“How are you doing Thea?” Malcolm broke the silence.

“I think the better question is how are you?” Thea smiled. It has been a difficult few days for Malcolm so far and there are going to be a lot more.

“Thea I know you feel bad for what you did but to be honest I deserved it.” Malcolm stated looking at Thea. He had come to terms with himself that Thea did what she did because she thought it was right. Yes he would’ve not liked to have it turn out that way but he can't change anything anymore.

Thea's eyes started to water. “You did not deserve what that man did to you.” She feels so bad about what happened.

Malcolm looked at Thea and came and sat by her wrapping his good arm around her. “Thea I am alive in front of you. Oliver saved me.” He started to cry,

“Ra’s he did horrible things to you how could you forgive me. I’m the reason your foot is broken, why your ribs were broken and why you cant move you arm for weeks. Finally I am the reason you had to suffer being cut by his sword fricking 500 times,” Thea couldn’t go on anymore she was balling.

Malcolm sat there in silence, all of the memories of what Ra’s had done to him cam flooding back at once, he could remember the pain that the man had caused him. “Thea I will recover from that and I am recovering right now, with the help of you.”

Thea looked back up at her father. She could see all the bruises he had it really hit her hard. “I love you.”

“I love you to Thea and no matter what happens I will always.” Malcolm replied happy that they finally got that conversation over with.

“Thea can I ask you one more thing?”


“What deal did Oliver make to get me out of their.” Malcolm had just thought of that. The demon would only make certain offers and only if he knew he would get the benefit from it.

Shocked Thea replied “Oliver has to do whatever Ra’s wants him to do from now on.”

Malcolm thought for a second that didn’t seem right. If Ra’s let Oliver, Diggle and him go what would the reassurance be. “But can’t Oliver just not follow his orders Thea, what is the consequence if he doesn’t?” Malcolm was concerned. Why hadn’t anyone told of this yet?

Thea paused and realized her mistake. She had to tell him now. She couldn’t lie to him anymore. “When you were unconscious Ra’s planted a bomb inside your head.” She waited for him to respond.

Malcolm's face turned red. “You're telling me he can blow off my head anytime?? Why wouldn’t anyone tell me about this I deserve to know?” He couldn’t believe they would keep this from him. Especially his daughter.

Thea needed to keep calm. “Yes but he won't or else the offer will be broken.”

Malcolm calmed himself and sat there and thought. “So is there a plan to get this out of my head.”

“Felicity and Caitlin have been talking about it but as of right now there isn’t a way to get the bomb out of your head.”

Malcolm stood up only to feel pain in his foot and back. “Awhhhh” he said as he collapsed to the floor in anger and hurt.

Thea got up and went to comfort him. “We won't let anything happen to you anymore. Everyone’s willing to help if you start to change your ways.”

Malcolm turned to Thea. “Ok ok I will.” He said. But that wasn’t really the truth. He would get through this the right way but he couldn’t guarantee anything of he needs to do something he will do it even if it means hurting someone.

“Ok you should get some sleep and rest for awhile.” Thea stated and helped Malcolm off the floor. She lead him to the coach.






Oliver and Diggle were training, punches were thrown. “You know Oliver maybe this deal wasn’t so bad, I mean think about it Caitlin and Felicity will probably be able to get the bomb out of Merlyn's head and then you don’t have to follow any of Ra’s demands anymore.”

Oliver stood back and took of his gloves. “Yah I guess but we have to be careful that no one else gets hurt.” The last thing Oliver wanted to happen was for anyone else to get hurt.

They walked over to the computers. “Yeah we’ve dealt with worse things before and you have a lot of people to back you up I’m sure we can defeat him if we work together.” Diggle said as he wiped sweat from his face.

“Ya you are right. I just hope that once this is all over Malcolm wont turn on us again.”

“If that son of a bitch does then there is no coming back for him.”

They walked back over to where they were previously training and as they started to clean everything up Thea walked in.

Oliver turned “what’s going on Thea is everything going ok?” Oliver knew it had been tough for her for the past few days.

“Kind of but Malcolm knows everything now I had to tell him, I couldn’t lie to him after everything that has happened.” Thea said.

Oliver looked at Diggle then back at Thea “how did he handle it?” Knowing Malcolm he probably didn’t handle it well.

“He flipped, I told him that we all made a deal that if he was to help us defeat Ra’s that maybe everyone could start to forgive him,.” Thea knew that it was going to be hard for a lot of people to forgive him but they were all going to at least try.

“Yah I expect anything less.” Oliver laughed.

“How is everything doing done here?” Thea hasn’t been done here since Malcolm went home. She couldn’t it reminded her of everything that has happened.

“Good we haven’t received anything from Ra’s yet so that’s good. Felicity is with Ray right now and Laurel is with her father working.” The whole team is trying to go on like normal right now, everyone’s waiting for the first piece of news but none has come yet.

“That’s good.” Thea replied.

“I’m going to go home Thea to go check up with Merlyn.” Oliver said walking through the door leaving Thea and Diggle alone.




Nanda Parbat

“Sir he’s here”

Ra’s got up and walked over to the guard and the guy kneeling in front of him. He drew his sword. “What do you need that is so important to disturb me?”

The guy looked up at the man standing in front of him. “I have the news you sent me to get.”

Ra’s realized that this was the guy he had sent to watch over the arrow gang. He pulled his sword back and put it away. “Stand” he ordered.

The guy stood. “Sir everything is good right now it doesn’t look like they're trying to get the bomb out of Merlyn's head yet. Everything is looking normal so far.” The guy finished saying.

“Good then we can begin.” Ra’s smiled.

“Begin already sir?” The guy was confused.

“Yes we will start now. The destruction of Starling City is to be completed by the end of the month.” Ra’s walked back over to the Lazarus Pit.

“Shall I go get Nyssa sir?”

“Yes let her know of my plans and that we will be leaving at first sunlight tomorrow.”

The guy started walking out but then stopped. “Should I get rid of Al Sa-Her?”

Ra’s laughed. “No I still have plans for him, he will not die until he truly learns the consequences of his actions, that was only th beginning. He is at my mercy he better hope Oliver doesn’t listens to me or else he will die a lot slower and more painful death.”

“Yes sir. The destruction of Starling City starts tomorrow”

Ra’s was smarter then he looked he wasn’t just going to destroy everything Oliver loves and holds dearest, Oliver was going to be right by his side when he does it.

Chapter Text

Oliver had just checked up on Malcolm so he went to bed for the night. He got his pajamas on and laid on bed staring at the ceiling. He wondered what will happen next. Ra’s obviously made the deal because he needed something from him and he just wanted to know what.

He slowly drifted off and fell into a deep sleep.




The next morning Oliver got up and got coffee he saw Thea standing by the counter.

“Thea good morning.” Oliver gestured.

“Good morning Ollie.” Thea said back in a groggy tone. She didn’t get much sleep right now because she was to worried about Malcolm and Oliver.

“Is Malcolm coming in today?” Oliver asked because they were going to try to talk to him about trying to take the bomb out of his head.

“I think he is that’s at least what he told me this morning.” Thea replied. She stood up and went into the bedroom where Malcolm was lying. She came back out with. Malcolm.

Oliver looked at Merlyn limping out, with bruises all over his face and cast on. He surely looked different. He looked so vulnerable. Something he never thought of Merlyn.

“I will be coming in today.” Malcolm broke the silence. He walked over to the couch to sit down.

“How are you doing Malcolm?” Oliver was actually curious unto how Malcolm was feeling.

Malcolm glared at Oliver. “Just perfect.”

“If you don’t knock off the attitude we're not going to bother to help you then. I get what you’ve been through but we’re all trying to help” Oliver shot back. He couldn’t handle any of Malcolm's remarks.

“Yah yah, I have to be good, the person that almost got tortured to death.” Malcolm paused and looked at Thea. “Sorry I'll stop.”

“Thank you boys, now if we could let's go meet everyone now.” Thea picked up her stuff and walked out the door as everyone followed.




Once everyone was at the Arrowcave Oliver started talking. “Ok guys as you can see Malcolm is back and he is fully aware of what is happening.”

Whispers filled the air as everyone stared at Merlyn who was sitting on a chair. Malcolm fidgeted and then spoke “guys I get that I got injured and you might think less of me now but I am still the same man as I was before. But I am not saying that I won't help because I sure will. I want to bring Ra’s down.”

“Yes and first we need to get that bomb out of your head.” Oliver turned to Felicity.

“Have you made any progress with Caitlin yet?” He asked

“Yes we have we think we found out a way to get it out but it's risky.” Felicity responded. She looked over at Merlyn.

“Yes and what is it. As long as you can get it out it will be fine.” Merlyn added.

Thea stepped in. “But we don’t want it to hurt you or kill you.”

“Yes but if it is left in then Ra’s can use that against you guys and I’m sure Oliver wouldn’t want to get me killed especially after everything he went through to get me out.” Malcolm smiled.

“So when Snarts sister had a bomb in they used a suction to get it out but it's risky because we don’t know what type of bomb it is.”

“What happens if it isn’t the right one?” Diggle asked confused.

“If it isn’t the right one then we risk it causing brain damage to him” Felicity looked at Merlyn as she finished her sentence.

Thea looked at Malcolm worryingly.

“I'll do it.”

“Ok then we will do it as soon as we can.” Oliver replied. He stood up and walked up to the computers.

“So let's just wait for Ra’s to make his move then we will follow.” Oliver suggested to everyone.

“Yeah I agree right now” Laurel walked over to her costume. “Felicity got any problems that Starling needs us to fix.

Felicity looked through the system. “Robbery on 24th street. 2 armed men.”

Oliver also went to get his suit on. “Thanks Felicity, Laurel and I will take care of this one you guys try to see if you can get the device from Star Labs asap.”




Oliver and Laurel got to the bank as soon as they could. They saw the two men trying to run away. Oliver saw a car up ahead.

“They are heading for the car.” He pointed to Laurel.

“Ok thanks I’ll stay in this guy you follow the other.”

Oliver turn and Laurel go straight, they won't expect it.

“Ok Felicity.” Oliver turned and ran up the block. The streets were crowded so he jumped onto the roof.

He saw a guy from afar so he pulled one of his explosion arrows and shot it. It landed right in front of the guy and the guys fell forward. He jumped off the roof and ran to the guy. The robber pulled his gun and Oliver ducked just in time as the bulge raced past his head. He then jumped and tackled the guy to the ground. “You're under arrest.” He said as he tied the guys hands behind his back as the cops were coming. Oliver jumped up and ran off.

Good job Oliver

“Thanks now let's hope Laurel gets the other one.” He said has he ran away.

On the other side of the block Laurel was chasing the guy. She saw him pull his gun so she punched him in the back and he fell forward. Then the guy turned around knocked her in the jaw. Laurel fell back but caught herself. She kicked then punched him and he flew back and stumbled as he tried to get up laurel walked over and punched him once more and he feel back and went limp.




Back at the Arrowcave Thea and Malcolm went upstairs to talk.

“I’m sorry dad, I know this isn’t what you would of wanted.” Thea looked at her father.

Malcolm put an arm around Thea. “As I have said it's ok everything will hopefully work out.” To be honest Malcolm wasn’t sure of anything right now. All he knew was that Ra’s was going to die a very painful death.

“Yeah Caitlin is dropping of the device and then we can try to get the bomb out of your head.”

Malcolm tried to fake excitement but he really wasn’t. He didn’t know if it would work and he didn’t want to have brain damage but he also didn’t want Ra’s to blow his head off so he had to make a choice.

“When we get it out of my head, I am going to kill that man.” Malcolm said in rage. He didn’t want his life to be decided by Ra’s al Ghul.

“We will all deal with him together, you can't do this by yourself you already trued and it didn’t work.” Thea spoke the truth and both of them knew that.

“Yup so I guess we all have to put are difference aside then.”

“Yes we do and Malcolm just don’t turn on us again, on me.”

Malcolm was stunned by Thea’s words. “You think I would turn on you Thea, I would never do that again, I love you too much to do that.”

Thea smiled and gave her dad a hug.



On the outside of Verdant Ra’ses guard was listening. He needed to inform Ra’s that they were planning on taking the bomb out of Malcolms head today.

He dialed the number and waited for the rings. “Hello”

“Sir I have news.”

“What is it?” On the other side of the phone Ra’s was on a plane with his daughter heading towards Starling City.

“Sir there planning on taking the bomb out of Merlyns head today.” The guy new this wasn’t going to be good for any of them. He knew his boss and he liked to prove he was serious.

Ra’s was furious “thank you for the information, I will now act upon it. I will see you in 12 hours and then our plans begin.” Ra’s laughed. He took ou what looked like a small remote. There was two buttons, one red and the other blue. One was titled kill and the other convulse. Ra’s clicked convulse.



Felicity and Diggle were downstairs working when they all of a sudden heard screaming.

“What the?” Diggle said confused.

They both ran upstairs. What they saw before them shocked them. Thea was leaning over Malcolm who was convulsing and shaking. The both ran towards them.

“Help guys what’s going on?” Thea said as she cried.

Diggle knelt down next to the seizing Merlyn. “Felicity get him a sedative NOW!!!”

He and Thea tried to hold Merlyn. Felicity ran up and stuck the needle in Merlyn and waited for the drug to take effect.

“I think it was Ra’s he was trying to make a point, somehow he knew that we have a way to get it out.”

“But how would he know unless someone head our conversations” Thea shakingly asked.

“I don’t know for now. Merlyns alive so that’s good. Let's get him downstairs and then we will tell Oliver. We need to be more careful about where we talk about things form now on.” Diggle said as he and Felicity picked up the unconscious Merlyn.

“Thanks guys.” Thea said. She was glad that they came up so fast. He might of not made it if it wasn’t for them.