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Fix You, Fix Us

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"I've been shot!" Bailey's patient shouts. " Where is the damn shooter!" she yells.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion.

Patients screaming, doctors and nurses running around and yelling. The sheer, utter chaos.

It all happened in a blur.

One second I'm assessing a patient with Robbins and Pierce... The next I'm on the ground, gasping for air, staring at the blood on my hands... My blood.

"April, you've been shot!" Maggie cries, rushing over to my side.

I've never been shot before.

My friends have been shot.

I was the one that got away.

Memories start to flood my mind.

Gary Clark.

Reed. Percy. Alex. Derek. Owen.

I close my eyes, trying to get rid of that awful day from my mind.

There is no Gary Clark here. This isn't the same thing.

I open my eyes once more.

It was that eighteen year old girl with abdominal pain who had a damn gun shoved up her vagina.

... The same gun that managed to leave a hole right in my abdomen.

What are the chances of that? I've been to Jordan in the middle of a combat zone and have come home unscathed and yet, here I am at home with a bullet hole in my body from an accidental shooting.

I'd laugh at how lame the situation is but I'm in too much pain.

Suddenly, my vision starts to fail me. Little black dots start to appear and the world begins to spin.  Bailey, Arizona and Pierce start screaming my name. That's not good.

I feel s-so... Cold.

But I also feel a warm liquid gushing from my mouth down my cheek.

"Help... me..." I wheeze before slipping into unconsciousness.