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Blue Moon

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A soft, rather tired sigh left Jimin's lips. As he looked out the window, watching the scenery change sleepily yet; trying to stay awake. But given the lack of sleep, that he had be getting. It was easier said, than to do that or so he thought. Before leaning back in his seat. Rubbing his eyes in hopes to stay awake, instead of giving into the idea napping. Not really keen on missing his station by accident. After all, it wasn't everyday. He actually was able to visit Taehyung, given how far he lived away. One and half hour from Busan and one more, from the main city towards the countryside; close to a small town. Thankfully, Tae was picking him up.


Because Jimin wasn't sure, if any otherwise; he would be able to find the town. Much less a bus that went that way. He did hope though; that he would be arriving soon on the main train station, given that it felt like an eternity. Though, that might just be; due his mind  having problems in correctly converting how much time was left of the ride; with how tired he had been these past, days? Weeks? He was unsure how much time had actually passed since then, but it should been around the same time. That Taehyung sent him the invitation.


Which, in the black haired male’s eyes. Was a blessing after everything that happened. So it wasn't really a wonder that he would be, sitting on the train, eager to meet again after such a long time. Until sleepiness became stronger to ignore, the more he sat patiently and quietly in his seat. Sighing once more, he took out his phone to check how much time was left; before he would arrive at the station.


Cursing softly under his breath, once there was still a good 20 minutes to go. With nothing to truly distract him from his thoughts. Speaking of thoughts, he did actually wonder. If everything would go well during his stay and that he be able to relax there.


Given that it was one of the main reasons he accepted the offer to go there...Before his thoughts could go down a more negative path; Jimin focused back on his phone, going through his twitter account instead to keep him busy. Even when there wasn't anything interesting. Well, that's what he had thought, up until he saw an article that had caught his attention. Curiosity getting the better of him. He clicked on it. It was a news article that talked about the sightings of wolves that had been growing over the past months.


Not really unusual, as it appeared that the population of wolves had all but skyrocketed over the years. So seeing them more around, wasn't really that much of surprise. However, with how close they have been getting to the towns and villages lately. Jimin supposed that people were getting a bit nervous with wild animals nearby. Not that he could blame them on that. But as far he knew on the topic, which isn't really that much; if he were honest. But from what he remembered. Wolves don't attack anyone, unless provoked in some way. Jimin scrolled down, reading the comments that were ranging in various forms of emotions and thoughts. Before deciding he had enough. He closed the app, followed by turning of his phone. Looking back out of the window again, blinking when he saw the tell tale scenery, of arriving in Daegu. Had he really spend that much time on his phone? Either way, he was finally glad to be here.


A small smile tugging on his lips, at the thought of seeing his best friend real soon. While having kept in touch with each other on a daily basis, neither had the time to visit the other much. Unless break time and that was before college came, taking over their lives basically. So yes the prospect of meeting Taehyung so soon, was indeed something that made him happy, very much so.


Seeing the train coming to an stop slowly, Jimin stood up from his seat. Stretching his back arms from having been sitting so long, before doing the same to his legs. Once he was done with that, he put on his jacket and scarf. Grabbing his bags as next, though he made sure to be careful with the one that had his camera inside. Having brought it with him in hopes, that he might manage to get a few good shots while he was staying on the farm, if he remembered correctly with Taehyung and his housemates.


Now that he thought about it, he did fleetingly wonder what kind of people his Taehyung's housemates were like. Aside of Tae telling him that some are older, before going off on the youngest; Jungkook. Who happened to be Tae's boyfriend as well. Jimin still remembered how one day, Taehyung basically drowned him with the news of them getting together. Which just really; was an excuse for Taehyung to gush even more about Jungkook than he did previously over phone. Not that Jimin minded, but a break would be nice. Sighing softly to himself, he shook his head. Knowing fully well that there was nothing that could shut his friend up when it came his boyfriend. Oh well, it was alright. If anything he would be if Tae suddenly stopped talking about him; honestly. Plus, he was curious about being able to meet him. So there is that.


"Now then..Where the Hell could he be ?" Said Jimin as he searched for Tae, among the crowd of the people after getting out of the train. He hadn't expected it to be this swarmed so early in the morning.


"Not here...."


"Neither here...."


"Jesus, be more careful..."


"Oh yeah fu-"




A loud shout made Jimin stop mid cursing.  "Tae?" A bright smile started to form on his lips, he was just about to turn around to search for the source. When he was embraced by a pair of long arms; stumbling a bit back at the sudden newly added weight, a bit. Soon returning the hug as he laughed joyfully. Glad to be here.


"I missed you, Jiminie~"


"I missed you too, TaeTae!"


"How was the ride? Bored most likely, I assume. Train rides do have that sadly."


"While, yes it was boring. It was still nice to watch the scenery. Plus.."




"I get to be here now and spend the holidays with you."


"Chim!~ It's gonna be awesome though! I got lots of things planned and I am excited for you to meet Kookie and then others finally!” Jimin hummed in  agreement, as he listened to Taehyung while they made their way out of the station and to Tae's car, that was parked nearby. "And I am sure you will enjoy it at Namjoon-Hyung's farm! It's near this big lake, that we use to swim in the summer~"


"I think it is a tad to cold to do that now thought." Chuckled Jimin, putting his stuff in the back seat of the car.


"True, but!"




"It's still a nice sight during autumn, especial with the ducks and swans!Once you see it, you will understand~"


"Mmh, I trust you"


Starting the engine, Taehyung left the spot and drove on to the main road, starting their next long car ride to the farm.




Jimin was very much tempted to just take a nap and let the younger wake him up when they arrived. But then decided against it.






"Are you okay?"


Jimin blinked, moving to look from the window to Tae. Having not expected the question at all...


No, that's a lie..


In all honesty, it would have been strange if his friend wouldn't have brought up this topic sooner or later after his concerns during their last phone call. Sitting up straighter, he took a deep breath; "Honestly? No, I am not.." he glanced at Tae before looking at the road again; "And I doubt I be for a while. Especially with her not being here anymore. You know, she would have hit me over the head now for being like this the past days. She never liked seeing me or anyone for the matter; like this.." Jimin shook his head, trying to get rid of the memories of her. Before sighing, knowing that it was fruitless and stupid to even try doing so in the first place. "Either way, I am here now.."


He gave a chuckle though it was rather humourless; as Taehyung glanced at his friend. "And that's what matters doesn't it?"


Taehyung leaned into his seat, giving Jimin a reassuring smile. "It is and I am glad for it. And you know.."




"I think you meeting the other will do you good."


Jimin gave a small smile at that while nodding his head; "Who knows, maybe you are right?"


"Oh trust me, I am certain on that." Grinned Taehyung, a playful tone his voice as he said that. Causing Jimin to raise a brow at him in curiosity. "Hmm, if you say so TaeTae." hummed Jimin, slowly focusing on the scenery again. Watching the mixes of colourful leaves, the deeper they got into the forest. A while ago, having past the small town Tae had talked about. Only to jump in his seat when the car stopped to suddenly, resulting in him hitting his head against the window. "Tae what the hel-" His curse died on his lips; eyes widening.


There, right there in front of them was a wolf. A big wolf.


What even ; Thought Jimin as he slowly turned to look at Taehyung. Yet said male, unlike him. Appeared to be calm, amused if anything at all.








"Is that a wolf?"




"And...This doesn't bother you, why exactly?"


"Why would I be?"


"I don't know, Maybe because wolves are dangerous; Tae!"




"What, Ehm? There is no ehm. Tae."


"But that's Kookie."


"Pardon, come again?"


"That's Kookie."


"Tae, please; by the gods tell me. That he isn't your dog. Because Wolves can't be pets; we talked about th-"


"He isn't."


"Oh Thank gods"


"He is my boyfriend."


Silence. Jimin swore. He did not just hear what he did think’s he did from Taehyung’s mouth.


"...He is your what?"


"Jimin, meet Jungkook; my boyfriend."


Jimin started at his friend. He glanced at the Wolf; then back at his friend. The more he glanced between the two, the more Jimin was certain. That he was way, way too sober to deal with this at the moment. He looked between the two one last time before deciding; he needed a drink, preferably something strong and that fast.

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Jimin stared at the two in front him on the other couch, sitting; if not draped over each other in  a cozy way. Three cups of the were found on the table and the black haired male still wished they would have gave him the whiskey instead of the tea; that he knew they, but would take what he got. Still, it would be much more helping in calming him down. Or maybe he could just blame this crazy story on the alcohol the next morning? Either way, seeing as it wasn’t helping, he would have to face reality. No matter how much he didn’t wanted to. The two still had to explain themselves completely, aside from the whole situation not even half an hour ago. He sighed.


“So..Is someone gonna tell me what’s going on or are we just gonna keep staring at each other in utter silence?”


The question seemed to get the attention of the two, good. Maybe now he could hear what all this was about. Taehyung was the first to clear his throat and open his mouth, ready to explain everything. Jimin took a deep breath and steadied himself for what he would hear.


“Sooo...Jungkookie is my boyfriend.”


“Uhu, you already said that.”


“And he is a wolf.”


“A werewolf?”


“Please don’t call us werewolf.” Chimed in the youngest of the three, looking truefully embarrassed. Jimin raised a brow and looked back at Taehyung questioningly; whom in return shrugged his shoulder. “They don’t like that word, say it’s cringy; can’t blame him.” Jimin nodded in understanding, glancing at Jungkook; “Sorry.” Jungkook waved a hand, “It’s okay, you didn’t know.” said the youngest, proceeding to glance at his best friend and entering a staring contest or at least that’s how it looked to Jimin. Until Jungkook nodded and looked back at him. The black haired male wasn’t sure what they had the silent conversation about, but it ended with Jungkook taking over the explanation. He tapped his fingers on the armrest as he waited.


“So, as Hyung already mentioned; I am a wolf and so are kinda are all of us who live here. Sans Hyung, of course.” Started Jungkook, his words carefully thought about despite seeming rather nervous;  Jimin’s eyes softened. Being reminded of his younger brother. He nodded his head, making a gesture for the younger to continue.


“To put it roughly, wolfs have been around for a long, long time and really. The best one to ask about this would be Joon-Hyung, since he is the one who knows the whole creation story full. Either way..” He took a deep breath, glancing at Taehyung gratefully when he placed a comforting hand on his own before interlacing their fingers. “That’s all I can really say without becoming any more awkward. But I can try to answer any other questions,  Jimin-ssi.” Jimin hummed softly, listening to Jungkook the whole time quietly while pointedly ignoring the worried looks Taehyung has been shooting him. Jimin moved to take his cup, raising it slowly before drinking from it. Letting the scent and taste of the tea sooth his nerves. A content sigh leaving his lips, fleetingly he wondered if this was a house made tea. It certainly didn’t taste like the ones from the store he would buy from time time;; while placing his cup down again. Raising a brow at the now tense couple in front of him. He tilted his head to side, looking at them curiously and with a hint of mischief playing in his brown eyes.


“What? Don’t worry, I won’t declare you two as crazy. I have seen it with my own eyes after all.”


Sadly, went unsaid. As did his concern about his own sanity. While he was well aware that Jungkook and Taehyung were telling him the truth, He, himself was still having a hard time with actually comprehending the whole situation correctly. But that just might be due the fact, that this sounded like some teenage novel or movie; and less like reality or it might have been just his brain not having gotten enough rest yet to think about this in peace. Jimin made a mental note to himself, that he would do so later on when he was alone.


“So you are okay with it?”


“Why wouldn’t I be?”


“I don’t know, pretty sure you were the one telling wolves were dangerous.”


“In the norm, they tend to be Tae. You wanted one as a pet, just as a reminder.”


“Oh yeah about that.”


“Let me guess, that was about Jungkook.”




Jimin was convinced it was and he was sure he heard the younger almost choke while drinking his tea. He snickered and idea slowly forming in his mind.


“So I assume, the big dog that turned out be wolf. The one you had gushed to me for hours of hours, had been Jungkook as well?~”




“What, don’t be shy~” He turned to look at the younger boy, a teasing grin dancing on his lips.  “You should have heard him on the phone, there were so much more things he told me. Especially, how he meet a certainly mechaniker and how good he loo-”




“But you are fun to tease~”

“You are an awful friend; you kn0w.”


“I’m hurt, babe. Is this what I am getting after seeing you in what had been months?”


“Hurt my ass, you look like a damn sadist who enjoys torturing his innocent friend.”


“Innocent? You? Since when? Pretty sure back in first year it was your idea to try out the hand-”








“Is this where Hyung’s handcuffs kink started?”

“Traitor!” Gasped Taehyung, as he looked at Jungkook who had been watching the whole exchange with great amusement.


“Pretty sure you were saying something different last night-”


“Oh shuddup”


“I like him, keep him.”


“You two are evil, fucking evil. I regret letting you two meet.”


“Love you too, Angel.”


Jimin chuckled,  as he continued to watch the couple bickering while resuming to drinking his tea. Almost choking a few times at the things he heard, but he had to give the the credit for the comebacks to Jungkook. The boy had a talent when it came to it. He meant his earlier words, he liked the younger boy. Quickly growing on him, which in a way reminded him of Taehyung and when they first met as children. He smiled into his cup at the fond memory, While the two were similar, Jimin could easily pick up the contrasts as well. Though this was more of a habit he picked up when it came to reading a models or other people’s body language during photographing them. Nonetheless, it was fun watching them while he finished his drink. Putting the cup down once he was done and then proceeding to lightly stretch his back, Sitting too long was slowly getting to him,


“That reminds me; Chim?”


“Yes, Tae darling.”


“First off, I shall ignore that tone of yours. Second, we still need you to show the rooms and where everything is!”


Jimin blinked.


Taehyung gave him a blank look, one brow slightly raised.


“You didn’t we would just let you wander around with your sense of direction,”


“Listen, my sense of direction is just fine.”


“Second year of middle school, the trip to Jeju Island*.”


“You know what, show me the house and I shut up.”


“Thought so.”


With those words being said, Jimin soon found himself touring the homey and cozy but much bigger than thought home. Listening to the cheerful chatter of Taehyung, as he showed him where everything was, Jungkook tagging behind them and occasionally correcting his friend.


The whole building had two stories; there were all in all 5 bedrooms, three on the second floor and two on the first. Each of the bedroom there, had it’s own bathroom. On the first floor, there were two more bathroom. One for the guest room and that was connected to Jungkook’s; And Taehyung’s; as Jimin learned, room. Along with that, there was a study on the first floor that belonged to Namjoon; one of the other people that lived in the house and the owner actually. While on the ground floor, there was a large living room; a kitchen that was connected with the dining room. A winter garden/balcony filled with herbs and plants, and a hallway connected to the garage could be found. And of course, the barn just beside a bit away from the main house.


It was after the tour was over and they went to fetch Jimin’s stuff from the entrance hallway, that he asked the two how exactly they had meet each other and dating. Having so far only heard vague things from Taehyung. Needless to say, the story was both amusing and convinced to keep an extra eye on his friend while driving after what he heard of the first actual brief meeting between the two. Before growing even more amused at the one, when they meet at Jungkook’s workplace where he interns as a mechanic. Followed by a brief explanation, on what courting was. Taehyung confusion about it after Jungkook started it, after finding out what he is and some embarrassed murmurings about the more intimate parts of the courting that Jungkook explained so quickly, Jimin had trouble catching all of that and made a mental note to ask about it again later before he got dropped of at his room to rest and unpack his things until the others would arrive.

A good few hours later, Jimin let himself drop onto his bed. Bouncing lightly on the mattress; having finished putting away all the clothes he had brought with him. Set up his laptop and the things for his camera.  Brown eyes staring at the ceiling with nothing particular in his mind, until he turned to lay on his side. Now that he was done with settling in, the did not know what to do. Well, he could always rest and take maybe take a nap like Taehyung had suggested? Or he could check his Twitter? Go over his pictures and see if he could take some shots today? Jimin groaned tiredly, the sound muffling due the soft bed sheets. Not to long ago, back in Busan. He had a routine what to do; was always moving. Either to survive or due her making sure he didn’t do anything stupid, keep him busy and distracted from anything negative. Moon Mina, had been a steady and calming presents in his life from the moment they had meet.

A small smile tugged on his lips, eyes closing as he took a deep breath; ignoring that it was shaky. As the memories began to flood his mind.


He had just gotten into his new relationship when he met her and he swears, it was the only true good thing that had happened to him  during that part of his life.


Moon Mina, she was  just a month older than him and yet she has been more mature and wiser than most adults; he had met during his life. She was bright, rarely seen without a smile playing on her lips; small or big. She was comfort, carring; a home. It showed in her gentle words, in her gestures. She was fierce, never letting others run her over with their words; fighting for things she believed even and helping no matter what. And she had her flaws, everyone had them. She cared so little about herself; always putting others well being before her own. Always getting into fights easily and getting into trouble. Having no sense how to do chores; living mostly on unhealthy food due her lack of cooking skills.


She wanted to get better; she wanted to become someone people could rely on and someone who could help them. She confessed one night, words slurred as she drank her fifth bottle of beer. Her tolerance was lower than his but still decent. She had smiled back then too when she said those words. Face flushed, hair a mess and a lopsided cheeky smile on her lips.


He could feel the burn in his eyes, yet he kept them shut; knowing his sight would only be blurry should he open them. Ha laughed. The sound unstable and cracking.


Jimin knew, that he shouldn't be like this. Knew he could do much better than this. Especially with the support from Taehyung and trying to help him. He knew, if Mina would see him like this. She would scold him, drag him out the bed to do something; anything instead of dwelling in depressive thoughts and letting himself wither away like some dead piece of plant.


But she couldn't.


Not anymore.


A choked sob left him and he quickly moved a hand to cover his mouth. Head shaking to get rid of it; get away from the things he desperately didn't want to remember. Still didn't want to accept. But no matter how much he wished it wasn't true. No matter how much fished it was just a long, long nightmare and he would soon wake up in her apartment. It won't happen. It will never happen again.


Because even when he didn't accept the fact, even if if Jimin kept denying it.


Mina won't come back, won't just burst into his room to do something in the town with laughter following her every step. Won't hear her ever teasing tone or feel the hugs that made everything just a little better; a little safer and more bearable.


Because, after all.

No one could bring back the death.

It was around sunset, when Jimin had woken up. The noise downstairs waking. He wasn't even sure when he had exactly fallen asleep, but given that it was pretty bright when he finished unpacking it had to be some time after all but crying his eyes out. He sighed. Getting slowly up from bed and walking over to the bathroom. Wincing, both because of the bright light and the mirror image of himself. His eyes were red and puffy; there were tear streaks on his face and his hair was a mess to the point even a scarecrow would look amazing beside him.


Turning on the faucet, the sound of water filling the room. He quietly washed his face, the cold water helping to sooth his throbbing eyes. Jimin noted to take out his contact lenses as soon as possible and instead put on his glasses while drying of his face and after fixing his hair.


Once done with all that, Jimin left the guest room he was staying in walking down the hallway. The sound of chattering mixed with laughter grew louder and louder the closer he got to the stairs. And Jimin found himself growing curious as what was happening while walking downstairs quietly. Before following the sounds that came from the kitchen, opposed to the living room like he first thought.


“Ah, Hi ChimChim!” Taehyung was the first to greet him upon stepping into the kitchen; followed by a wave from Jungkook was drinking a cup of milk? He decided not to question it and instead let his eyes travel to the third male in the room.


Jimin blinked.


Bright, warm and welcoming.


Those were the first things he noticed upon the other man’s smile that was directed at him. The other was slightly taller than him, not much. Maybe an inch or two? Still, his body was lean and fit; from what Jimin saw. His hair was dyed orange, messy but styled and the color went well with his rather tan complexion. His eyes were a warm hazel color, he noticed absent mindedly and he was dressed causally.


And amused chuckle brought him out of his gazing and he belatedly realized, that he had openly checked out the other male. He could feel the heat raise in his cheeks. Thankfully, before Taehyung could open his mouth and tease him. The stranger had beat him to it.


“Hi! I am Jung Hoseok but you can call me Hyung~ Formalities are were never my thing.”


Jimin wanted to cry, feeling thankful that the other would not bring up his staring. Smiling slowly back, Jimin nodded his head.


“Park Jimin, nice to meet you too; Hyung!”


“The same goes to you and no need to feel shy, checking someone out ain't a big deal.”


Or maybe it wasn't good. Nope, not good at all. He takes back all his previous words.


His face flushed,someone snickered and Jimin could bet it was Taehyung and he made a silent promise to get back on the younger.


“Of course, it’s not as mad as our dear Tae does when it come to Jungkookie.”


Taehyung cursed, “Hyung!”


Nevermind, Hoseok was good. If he could tease his friend like this in a matter of seconds, then he was okay in Jimin’s book. He chuckled.


Maybe, just maybe; coming here will indeed do him good.

Chapter Text

Time had been passing by quicker than any of the four could have noticed, the second Hoseok and Jimin had started to slip into an easy flow in their conversation. Having started with easy things, as such what his major was and how he was liking it so far here; including a short re-telling on how Jimin ended up meeting Jungkook on the way here with Taehyung. The youngest male getting a rather disapproving look from the orange haired male. That had mostly to do with concern on not wanting him to get hurt with such actions. Jungkook, of course; gave a sheepish apology and might have agreed to not do it again; but he won’t make any promises.

Once that had been settled, they had continued on. Somehow ending up on the topic of dancing, in which sparked a whole  new level of excitement. Taehyung soon only paying half the attention and instead focused on the other three’s eager talking. A small grin on his lips, as he gave himself a mental pat on the back for knowing that Jimin would fit just right; he was pretty convinced that the same would apply to the other three that Jimin had yet to meet. Speaking of them, Taehyung turned to look at the clock that hang above the doorway that lead into the kitchen from the hallway. Noting that it wouldn’t take long before the other two would arrive from. Returning from their day out in  the town.

The other three in the meanwhile, that immersed themselves into a world of their own. Jumping from one thing to another faster than one could blink. A bright smile on Jimin’s lips, as he nodded in agreement with Jungkook’s point about one particular dance step. While enjoying photography greatly, the black haired male had always a special spot in his heart when it came to dancing. It was one of the favorite things he loved to do in his free time; having been more active in that depart during his younger years when he went to contemporary classes, So being able to talk with other people about it, who were interested in it just as deeply as he was; was an amazing feeling for Jimin.


Of course, Taehyung had to open his mouth; a sly grin already on his lips.


“Hobi-Hyung~ You really should see Jiminie dancing! He is really talented at it~” Chimed in the second youngest male while wholeheartedly ignoring his best friend's sudden impressive impression of a gaping fish without water, Hoseok hummed softly, glancing from Taehyung to Jimin. Eyes twinkling with hidden excitement; “If that’s the case, would you like to come to the studio with me sometime?”

Faster than one could blink, Jimin’s expression of bewilderment changed into one of joy and child like excitement at the thought of visiting a dance studio since long. With the elder no less! Maybe he could ask the older male to teach him hip-hop? From what he got in their conversation, it was Hoseok’s main passion and genre that he taught.

The two youngest stifled a snicker at the the black haired males rapid changing moods that were very obvious to them. Jimin had always been bad at truly hiding how he felt.

“Are you sure?” Asked Jimin, voice slightly nervous. The dancer chuckled; “Positive.” Assured Hoseok, grin bright on his lips which was soon returned by Jimin’s. Filled with great happiness and eyes crinkling into crescent moons. “Thank you Hyung!~” said Jimin cheerfully, already looking forward to the day they would go to the studio.

“Jimin-Hyung, you be amazed at Hoseok-Hyung’s dancing. He has a really strong presence the second he gets into it!” It was Jungkook who had to open his mouth this time; Jimin was sure there was some kind of conspiracy plan going on between the couple.


“Kookie is right, it’s really cool seeing him dance. Hyung’s passion for it is pretty obvious, more so with each movement he makes precisely.”


Subconsciously, Jimin’s hands itched for his camera.


“Remember Hyung's last performance?”


“Uhu~ It was great! But that reminds me, Hyung; there is this one move where I can’t seem to get right.”


“Oh, can you show me which one? If you want we can work on it this weekend if it gets difficult.”


“I’m sure,you can do it with time. Just have patience; Okay?”


The voices as the other three were slowly tuning out, when the sound of the door opening reached his ears. Followed by the sound of someone stumbling and something falling to the ground; apologies and sigh were the last to come.


“You need to be careful Joonie, we don’t want to repeat last Thursday, Do we?”


“No, but I swear. No matter what I do, I keep tripping at that spot; Love. Trust me, it hates me.”


“Doors can’t hate people, Joonie.”


“But what other explanations could there be? It’s really only that specific spot.”


“You sure about that, I’m sure the kitchen would say something different.”


“Okay; but-”


“Or the living room table.”


“That was an accident; I didn’t mean to fall on i-”


“Or that time with our be-”




“What, you were the one that wanted to prove me what you are capable of. And where did it lead us to; aside of some good se-”


“Oh by the gods; I GET IT”


“Glad to see you finally agree with me.” said one of the two unfamiliar voices, Jimin was sure; that by the tone the owner of the voice used, was feeling quiet smug. With being able to finally reason with the other one.  Defeated murmurings and laughter soon came after, as the voice came closer until Jimin came face to face with two tall men.


He stared.


They stared back.


He cursed at life under his breath, what’s with everyone his friend knew being so damn tall.


“Oh” said one of them; the brown haired one before smiling. “You are Jimin-ah; right?” said person in question blinked, nodding his head slowly as an answer.


“Great! Taehyung had been telling a lot about you! I was wondering when you would be arriving, since we were the first ones to leave the house this morning. Bakeries can be quite busy, you know? I swear some peop-”


“Hyung, did you know that Jungkook almost would have gotten run over by Tae when he was on the way home?~”


“He got almost what now?”


And just like that, the warm tone from before got a sudden edge to it. As the man focused his attention from Jimin to the other two. Whom at the mention of the incident tried to slowly back away and sneak out of the kitchen. Not that it would have worked anyway. The oldest of their pack was never one to let them get away so easily.  Jimin gave Hoseok a grateful smile for the helps of distraction; who in returned it with a  grin of his own; only to focus on the scolding the other was giving to the two youngest ones.


“Just how could you two be so damn irresponsible!”


“Okay, but it was the best way to get the whole revelation thing faster”


“Taehyung! Jungkook could have gotten hurt!”


“To my deference, it was his idea.”






Jimin almost laughed out loud at that, not wanting the attention be drawn to him. Instead he focused on the tallest male when he greeted him with a smile. Albeit it was a rather nervous, it was still a welcoming one.


He smiled back, which seemed to help the other relax.


“Sorry about that by the way; Jin-Hyung tends to get quiet talkative sometimes, often..Always….Anyway! I’m Kim Namjoon and that one over there-” Namjoon made a hand gesture over to the male still scolding Taehyung and Jungkook. “Is Kim Seokjin.” Said the other; hand lightly playing with the hem of his sweater.


If Jimin had to describe Namjoon in one word, it would be soft.


Everything about the elder screamed soft to him.


Namjoon was dressed in slightly baggy clothes, from black pants to baby blue sweater with sweater paws that covered most of his hands along with a white jacket to the warm peach colored hair stuffed under the black beanie he was wearing.

Jimin had the odd instinct to wrap him in a blanket, even more so with how much he had been shaking. Whether it was out of being nervous or the cold weather he had been outside with Seokjin, was not decided yet. Nevertheless, he smiled warmly at him.


“It’s nice to meet you, Namjoon-Hyung.”


That seemed to do the trick to get the elder to fully  relax almost instantly; smiling back at Jimin shyly while nodding his head. However, before Namjoon could have said anything else. Their attention was soon diverted to the whine that came from Taehyung and Seokjin huffing, with arms crossed in front of him.  Jimin raised a brow out of curiosity. Wondering fleetingly, what could have caused his friend to whine. Remembered that Seokjin had been scolding Taehyung and Jungkook for that stunt earlier today.

Taehyung on the other hand was looking clearly like he was sulking at what had Seokjin told him, though Jimin had not really caught what that could have been giving he was focused on talking with Namjoon at that moment. His taller childhood friend sighed in defeat in the end though; “ Fine, I be doing the chores for a month.”


“And the farm, Tae.”


“Yes yes and the farm.”


“Good, now help me sort out the groceries and start on dinner; you too Kookie.”


“Gotcha Hyung.” 


And just like, the three of them feel in a seemingly familiar routine. Even if Taehyung was still sulking even by the time he began to work on the carrots after sorting everything.  Somewhere along the time; Jimin had moved to sit at the table; while cutting up the potatoes. Having offered up help out with dinner. Namjoon on the other hand informed them, that he would go work on his manuscript while Hoseok went to get a shower and rest a bit until dinner would be ready. Either way, it seemed that with him helping out. He earned himself some points on Seokjin’s good side; if his earlier reaction had been anything to go by.

It was nice though, working in comfortable atmosphere and listening to the Eldest soft humming, Which mixed with the sounds of vegetables being cut into small pieces on the wooden board and the soft sizzling of the meat sound of the meat being roasted.

All of this reminded Jimin of back home, when he still lived with his parents and little brother. How he would help out his mother with the dinner, his brother in the living room working on his homework and his father still having to come home from work. Thinking about it, his mother would humm as well while cooking. Sometimes it was a melody she made up and other times it would be from something that she heard either in the tv or from the radio. There were moments where he would join her while their prepared dinner.


A soft smile formed on his lips.


Lately, he hadn’t been visiting his family as much as he used to before getting into a relationship and prior to meeting Mina.


“Jimin, you are bleeding, Jesus!” The said male in question blinked at Taehyung, his mind taking a while to register his words or his concerned filled eyes. Looking down on his hand seemed to do the trick, as he snapped out of whatever daze he was in, The knife falling onto the table while he cursed under his breath. Taking the offered paper towel quickly and cleaning the blood away from his finger. Scolding himself for spacing out while holding a knife.


“You sure you are okay there?” asked Taehyung, as he watched his friend worriedly.


“Yeah, yeah; it’s just a small cut, TaeTae.”


“Taehyung, is right though. Are you okay, Jimin?”


“Mmhm, it’s nothing.”


“I wouldn’t call a cut nothing Hyung.”


“Now, how about you get the first aid kit; Jungkook and Tae can you get rid of those?” The brunet made a gesture to the potatoes that ended up with blood on them. Jimin grimaced before giving the older male an apologetic look; feeling bad at having messed up, which earned him a wave of the hand from the other.


“It’s fine, don’t sweat it. It’s just potatoes and we got plenty of them.”


“Hyung is right about that, so no worries,” Chimed in his friend while gathering the potatoes.


“Moreover, let me see that cut.”


Sighing Jimin moved the paper towel away from his fingers, sure enough there was a diagonal cut wound on his index finger. Not that cause any real damage, but enough for it to take a while until it will heal fully. How peachy;  thought Jimin to himself as he glanced at the knife that caused the wound in the first place offended. Taehyung snickered;  “The knife ain’t at fault here, Chim.”

“Taehyung, keep the teasing for later.” scolded Seokjin lightly, before turning to Jungkook as he was handed the first aid kit while giving him a small thanks. Setting it on the table, Seokjin took at the disinfection spray before cleaning the wound and disinfecting it properly.  The youngest wolf on the meanwhile, sat down on the chair on the opposite of Jimin. Elbow propped on the table and chin resting on his palm.


“What did you think about in the first place, Hyung? It must have been important if you got that spaced out.”


“Ah.. Just thinking about my family, that’s all.”


“You miss them?”


Jimin hummed softly at the question in  answer, of course he missed them. But, after all the things that had happened lately in his life. He didn’t want to burden much with his problems or what had occurred since his last visit.


“Ah, speaking of Family. Isn’t Yoongi-Hyung coming home late today?”


The change of focus from him to Taehyung was welcoming and he sent a silent thanks to his friend for doing it. However, the unfamiliar name did spark his curiosity as he listened to the three of them.

Seokjin nodded his head, “He is, though he had called me yesterday that it might be late at night when he arrives. There had been a small emergency with a rival pack. Thankfully there wasn’t anybody seriously injured but he wanted to make sure they would be alright before coming back.” Explained the older as he closed the first aid kit and turned to look at Jimin. A warm smile on his lips.


“You haven’t meet him yet, but Yoongi i can assure you that he is a nice person. Even if he may not seem like it. He left earlier this week for a family gathering. “


A small, “Ah.” left Jimin’s in understanding, though he was still curious to see him soon. If anything he hoped they would be getting along.  Not being able to get along with one of the people Taehyung and the others cared about; wasn’t something he wanted to happen.

“Alright, enough with the chitchat, Jimin can you set the table? Jungkook can you take over the potatoes?” Said Seokjin, ending the topic about Yoongi and instead shifted back on their main task. He nodded his head while Jungkook gave a seemingly mock salute before getting up from his seat and starting while Jimin copied him; and went to get the plates and silverware.


“Ya! Taehyung don’t think you can sneak off that easily!”


“Owowowowow hyuuung! My ear! “


“That’s what you get for trying to ditch from work.”


Jungkook and Jimin glanced at each other for a good few seconds before matching grins formed and they broke out in laughing.







Later that night, when everyone have gone off to bed; Jimin found himself wide awake in his bed. Unable to sleep. Which itself wasn’t that much of a new thing. Jimin always had a hard time to fall asleep if he napped during the day. Though this time, the things that kept him awake was less that and more everything that had happened today setting into his mind. There were so many questions that he wanted to actually ask. But at the same time he didn’t want to be rude and seem tactless. So he kept the questions to himself; apparently that with his already normally annoying thoughts wasn’t a good combination. Keeping from this very sweet thing called sleep.


He sighed and shifted in his bed for the hundredth time or so it felt to him. This wasn’t going to work. No matter how much he tired, he just couldn’t fall asleep.


Maybe a walk could help?


Thought the black haired male to himself, before actually deciding that maybe that was it. Quietly, he sat up and got out of the bed. Putting on his warm jacket, followed by his shoes before he sneaked as silently as he could out of his room and down the hall, then stairs. Where he had to stop a few times, hard racing at each creak. Not daring to even breath until he was downstairs, From where, it was rather easy to slip out the door and into the night outside.


Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath, enjoying the fresh air and cool wind.


It was quiet, bar the few rustling leaves.


It was easy to breath.


It was calm and peaceful, soothing even.


Jimin opened his eyes, as he began walking. For it being in the middle in the night, it wasn’t as dark as he had assumed it to be in the first. Or maybe that was just his imagination? Who knew. Not Jimin at the moment, that’s for sure.

Looking up, curious to see if there were any stars out tonight on the sky. A grin forming on his lips, as he spotted them beside the Crescent formed moon.  To which he soon shifted his attention to; raising his brow at the seemingly blue glow that it emitted. Yet before he could question that or just how tired he actually was. The sound of leaves rustling greeted him.


He tensed for a second, scolding him for being such a scared cat until happened.


The sound getting closer and closer, Jimin held his breath while he turned around slowly. Waiting alerted to see what it was while silently hoping to that it wasn’t anything that would end up attacking him. However, when after a few minutes nothing happened. He let the breath he had been holding out as he sighed. Seems like it was really just his imagination.

Shaking his head, he decided that this was enough walking for one night. Jimin was convinced that he needed sleep more that anything at this point, if his mind was already playing such tricks on him. Turning onto the path he had come from, he was about to make his way back. Had something not been blocking it and make Jimin quickly take a few steps back with eyes wide.


Because that very something that was blocking his path, was a wolf; a one that was a bit bigger than Jungkook.


It was only when the those clear blue eyes looked at him, did Jimin realize. That this was positively an unknown wolf.


Well fuck...