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Time Is Just the Memories We Make

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Changing the future is dangerous. Anyone who has seen a time-traveling/sci-fi movie can tell you that. As someone who can actually see the future I can confirm this. Since I was ten years old I have been able to see the future. Well, not the entire picture with every intricate, tiny detail just a basic picture, but you get the point. I knew that President Obama would win the election. I knew the ending of the Hunger Games books before they were in stores. Just like I knew when my whole family had died days before the dreaded phone call.

I didn’t know at that time that I wasn’t really just seeing my family die, but really just the plane crash. As it would later turn out, I cannot ‘see’ my own future or the future of those closest to me. As they would, in some way or another, effect my life. It was just a sheer dumb luck that I was able to see that particular plane crash at that particular time. ‘Go me.’ I would later think.

When it happened, I was staying at my Aunt Nancy’s house. The vision took over my entire body, making me feel nothing as I watched the horrible scene, almost like watching a movie clip. Disconnected and empty. My Aunt would later tell me that I had frozen in the middle of a conversation with her and that my eyes had glazed over to a sheer white color. I was not aware of any of this as I watched the plane go down in a ball of fire. No one survived. And I could do nothing.

I ran away from what little family I had left after the funeral. A funeral for eight people can really have that effect on a person. It broke me and I couldn’t face any of them. So, I went to Professor Xavier’s school for gifted children so that I could learn to control my curse, my gift. I was twenty-nine when I saw the birth of Iron Man. I saw all of the suffering he would go through. All that betrayal. And all that pain. It was in that moment that I made the decision to change it. Even if it was just an inkling of that future I would try. If I couldn’t stop the death of my parents and my six brothers and sisters or the deaths of millions of other peoples’ loved ones then I could at least change a small part of one man’s future.

And, oddly enough, it would start with stopping a reporter named Christine Everheart from sleeping with Tony Stark.