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Where did Evil Queen go wrong in raising you!

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Esmeralda's Pov

“Esme, Evie can you come down here!” Mother yelled to Evie and me.
“Coming mom!” I yelled down to her.
Evie and I walked down the stairs to the dining room where our mother was sitting.
“Yes, mom?” Evie asked as we stood in front of her waiting for her to tell us what to do.
“Sit down you two, we need to talk about what will happen when you pass through the barrier.”
We sat down waiting for mom to continue.
“When you pass through you might feel a shooting pain somewhere in your body.” She said in a voice that was close to her mirror voice.
“Might? Wait are you talking about the soul mate mark?”I asked
She just hopes one of us will get a prince as a soul mate.
“yes but since there is no magic here you did not receive it when you were born.” She explained.
“So how bad will the pain be?” Evie asked slightly terrified.
“I don’t know I never got a mark.” Mom said honestly which is weird for a villain ya know.
“So there is a chance we won't get one then?” I asked hopefully.
“Es why don't you want one?” Evie gasped at me.
“Because Ev I don’t want someone thinking they own me or that I need them plus I don’t believe in love, it's useless.” I glared at her.
“Where did I go wrong with you Esmeralda?!” Mom exclaimed loudly.
I hung my head down trying to hide, mom is disappointed.
“Anyways,” mom started again not looking at me. “There are some who have two soul mates.”
“ugh...great.” I said with fake enthusiasm.
“You may go now.” She ordered us from her presence.
We left and headed to meet up with Mal, Jay, and Carlos when Evie stopped me in front of our castle.
“Why are you not excited about getting a soul mark?” She asked again.
“Because sis villains don’t get happy endings and you just hope that your soulmate will be Mal.” I said kinda rudely.
After I said Mal’s name she slapped me and strutted away. Fuck that hurt. I look up feeling eyes on me and see mom shaking her head in disappointment. Whatever. I met up with the others.
“Hey, Esme why is your face red.” Jay asked laughing so hard his body shook.
I went to stand between Carlos and Mal leaning closer to Mal while eyeing Evie who was near Jay.
“Ask Evie.” I said glaring at her “Mal when are we leaving?” I asked her.
“I-in about an hour.” Mal stated.
“Great once we are there I’m leaving.” I said turning around and walking away.
As I was walking I heard Carlos’ footsteps behind me.
“Esme stop!” Carlos yelled.
I stopped and looked at him.
“What’s up ‘Los?”
“What happened between you and Evie this time?”
“Have you heard of the soul mate mark before?”
“Yes Evie told me about it”
I sat down on a near box.
“Well, mom was telling that when we pass through the barrier we will get ours. I didn't like that and Evie asked why I explained that villains don't get a happy ending.” I explained “Thenimighthavesaidthatsheonlyhopedmalishersoulmate and then she slapped me.” I finished mumbling some.
He glared at me when he figured out what I said, he slapped me. You know for someone small he hits hard.
“God you're an idiot Es…” he huffed at me.” you don’t joke about soul-marks and you don’t use Evie's feelings for Mal against her” he growled.
“‘Los you know Mal flirts with me more than Evie… that Mal likes me but might still like Evie.”
“Yes, and you flirt back.The flirting hurts Evie you like Mal?”
“I know…” I sighed deeply “ and no I don't, in truth, I’m only flirting with Mal to get Evie to admit her feelings...I fucked up huh?”
“Yeah you did and why did you do it in the first place why flirt with mal?”
“Well for one I knew Evie would never admit her feelings because of our mother and two because I never thought we would get soulmarks”
“Now what are you going to do Es?”
“Something no villain should, do you mind getting Evie for me ‘Los?”
“sure “ He sounded worried.
He left to get Evie and a few moments she showed up.
“What do you want Esme?” she huffed crossing her arms.
“well...I uh say I'm sorry.” I said nervously.
“You’re sorry for what?”
“Well for flirting with Mal and being a horrible sister overall. I want you to know I don’t like Mal. I only flirted with her to get you to admit your feeling to her.”
“Because I never thought that we would leave the isle and possibly get soulmarks.”