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Flipped Sides

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“You’re too late to stop this, Mixels!”

The skies in Mixopolis churned with a dark electric haze, as the clouds spiraled in the center of the sky and the winds whipped debris around the cityscape. King Nixel, flocked by Major Nixel and a hoard of minion Nixels, faced up against the large group of Mixels, led by Flain. On the side of the Nixels was a large device that was collecting the electricity from a spire, with Dr. Nixelputz at the controls, adjusting the dials and controls.

“The machine is almost charged, Your Tallness!” The bad doctor yelled out from the noise.

“Excellent!” King Nixel cackled. “Why should I spend time Nixing these Mixels, when I could just ship them off to another dimension entirely?”

“We’re not going to let you get away with this!” Flain yelled out.

“We gotta get that machine out of commission!” Teslo called out towards Flain, the wind pushing him back.

“Me got it!” Krader triumphantly said, as he charged towards it, pushing other Mixels out of the way.

“Stop him, you idiots!” King Nixel screeched, as the hoard of Nixels ran towards him, chanting.

Undeterred, Krader still attempted to plow his way through the hoard of tiny monsters that were starting to swarm him.

“Krader!” Seismo and Shuff called out in fear for their leader and brother.

“Just…one…punch!” Krader angrily pushed out, lifting his fist to as much as he could with as much strength as he could muster.

This ended up connecting with the machine. Even though it didn’t shatter, it did leave a massive crack in the machine, sending out enough force to send the Nixels and Krader flying, while also causing Dr. Nixelputz to be launched off of the control panel, changing the controls and sending a large spire of electricity into the sky.

“No!” Dr. Nixelputz called out in shock, as the spiraling clouds funneled down into a small tornado-like tube. Both Nixel and Mixel grabbed onto anything they could to try and avoid getting sucked into the cloud, but in the end, it ended up growing two strong for one of each.

Flain was pulled from the ground, his fire extinguishing from the harsh winds. Meanwhile, King Nixel’s mech body practically tore itself apart, leaving only the small pincer-sided Nixel, minus his imposing robe, height, mustache, and crystal crown. Before anyone could act, the two of them were entirely sucked into the cloud. With a large crackle of electricity, the cloud exploded into nothing, as the winds automatically stopped, dropping anyone or any debris in its field, as the sky grew clear…with both Flain and King Nixel entirely gone.

“Flain!” Nearly every Mixel called out in shock.

“Sire!” Major Nixel called out.

Both sides could only hope that somehow, somewhere, the two of them were safe.


In what felt like an eternity away, in another place, the familiar spiraled cloud formed again, this time, spitting out two figures a distance away from each other before dissipating again.

“Ugh…what happened?” Flain moaned, sitting up and viewing his surroundings. It was a barren location, very bleak and grey. “I…guess there’s really nothing else I can do but walk?”

With that, Flain stood up and started walking in the direction he was facing. Surely he would find civilization somewhere?


Meanwhile, a mile away in the opposite direction, King Nixel also was starting to get his composition back.

“Stupid rock-faced Mixel.” He angrily said, standing up. “Not a bad color scheme we got here, though. Anyone that can make this has to be as clever as me!”

He too started to walk in the direction he was facing. While it took him a while to get some bearings, he was able to easily find civilization…and what a civilization he found.

This place looked like Mixopolis when he attempted to Nix it (took him a while to recover from the wounds of being hit by a bug zapper during that incident). However, unlike Mixopolis, it somehow managed to be duller. Nearly every single building was a cold grey skyscraper or bunker-like house. The only vehicles in the streets were dark trucks that sputtered out cloudy smoke from their pipes. Much to the displeasure of King Nixel…it was filled with Mixels!

At least, they looked like Mixels? They were the same faded greys as his previous hoard of Mixel zombies, but they still had their pupils intact. Each Mixel was also wearing a dark grey jumpsuit with a nametag and a number written on them. They all walked in sync to their locations. None of them showed emotion. No one payed attention to each other. By all standards, they WERE zombies!

“I could get used to a place like this!” King Nixel grinned, as he walked off, unaware of the stares he was getting for walking in the different step key as everyone else…


Meanwhile, Flain was still struggling in the barren wasteland that was he was lost in. It felt like he had been walking for hours and miles, and everything that could be considered a landmark looked like the previous one. Finally, Flain couldn’t take it, as his knees wobbled and he collapsed onto them, his vision going somewhat hazy, as he could see two figures, one blue, one orange, walking towards him, his eyes fully shutting as he heard two faded voices.

“Are they one of them?”

“I don’t think so, there’s no way one of them would manage to look like that.”

“So…what do we do?”

“I…guess we bring them to the base? I think there’s something important with them…”

After this, Flain felt himself fully slip out of consciousness…


Flain slowly found himself waking within the half hour. The grey landscape that he originally found himself in was now a warm hospital-like environment. The walls were painted a bright white, with posters scattered on them that said things like “Yes!” and “Smile!”. However, the biggest one was a bright rainbow-colored one with a thumbs-up symbol that looked very familiar, but Flain couldn’t put his finger on how just yet.

“Oh, good, you’re awake.” A voice that sounded eerily familiar said. “Chill and Bounder told me you were a special case, and I certainly see that you are!”

Walking into the rooms was a small mint green-colored creature. He wore a thick pair of glasses that showed off warm eyes, and a crazy-patterned bowtie. But, that size…that voice…

No doubt about it, that was Dr. Nixelputz. But why did he seem like everything a Mixel should be and everything a Nixel wasn’t?