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Finally Close

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He took her long tendrils and wove them through his roughened hands.  Just more than a cycle – it had been just a little more than a cycle since he’d touched her this way – held her with such ferocious intensity.  The last time was right after she herself had come back from the dead – her return assured because of his love for her.  It was their love had lead to the sacrifice of Zhaan . . .

He remembered the anguish coursing through his veins after Aeryn’s death, wanting to die himself.  The tremendous burden of guilt – the guilt he bore knowing that he had taken the life of the woman he loved.  He came back to the present, but found that he had to kiss Aeryn even deeper at the memory to assure himself that this was really happening.   She kissed back with a similar urgency, grasping his neck and pulling him into her.  He found himself remembering what it was like to have her utterly and completely gone – all three times.  The wounds were deep.  He needed to touch her – to reassure himself that this time she was really here – that this time she would stay. 

He recalled how she had fleetingly confessed her love to him after she had been miraculously revived from death on the ice planet.  Yet immediately after her declaration she froze him out.  He knew she did this because she felt responsible for the death of Zhaan, even though she had no say in the matter. Zhaan’s choice had been her own.  And back then he had been patient; he had bided his time.  He had absolute confidence that she would come around; that she would return to him given enough time to heal.  But it did not work out that way.  They had wasted so much time - too much time.

He slid his hands ever deeper into her raven tresses, savoring the feel of her satiny smooth hair. He eventually broke free from the kiss in order to breathe in the scent of her – hardly believing that she was finally with him after all of this time.  With his lips at the base of her neck he began a slow trail of soft kisses leading to her delicate earlobe.  His nose reached there first and she emitted a delicate sigh as he ducked it behind her ear, his lips finding the lobe. 

. . . . . . .

As she began to melt even more against him; her hands began to search for the belt loops around his waist so that she could pull him into her. She needed a way to let him know what she wanted.  What she was ready to share with him; hoping that he was finally ready as well.  She had shared this with the other one before, but never with him. . .

She had been waiting. . .

Close. They had come close, very close that evening on the false Earth.  The wonderful atmospheric phenomenon he had called rain was producing soft pounding noises outside of their window.  He had rested his head on her shoulder.  She had been uncomfortable and untrained in the ways of comfort back then and had just sat still, wondering what he was going to do next.  Wondering what he needed.

She could not believe the feelings this human could stir within her with just a simple touch.  He had begun tracing his nose up the side of her neck, similar to what he was doing now, electrifying her to the core.  And then when he leaned into her, silently begging for a kiss, she found that she could not deny him.  The sweet soft contact of his lips had provided her with some comfort in this strange place and she wondered if this was providing him with solace as well.

This had been very different than the other time she had kissed him - that time on the transport pod when they thought they were going to die.  She had been so afraid to die alone.  They were both desperate souls that time, clutching at each other frantically, displaying their all-consuming hunger for each other, trying to get in one last act of procreation before it all ended.  She had always considered that that had just been instinct getting the better of them.  Two animals cornered.  But this - this soft kiss had been like nothing she had experienced since Velorek.

The kiss had deepened as he parted her lips gently with his warm tongue and slowly pressed her back onto the bed, covering her with his warm body.  She had arched her chest against him, and slid out one of her legs, adjusting their position to allow him to settle comfortably in between her thighs.  Even through the thick rough material of the pants he was wearing, she could feel him begin to stir and harden.  She had wanted to continue like this – he was so delicious and gentle, stroking her cheekbone, trailing his fingers through her hair. She had finally let his hand find its way slowly down to her breast. 

Once he did, the heat ignited for her and she moaned under the spell of his hands manipulating her nipple through the fabric.  He had buried his head in her expanse of black hair, found the tendon running along the side of her neck, and began nipping her lightly there with his teeth, causing her to involuntarily undulate her hips.  By then he was rock hard and was matching her rhythm.  She had begun to lose control of the situation. 

And when she couldn’t bear it anymore, she grabbed his head roughly by both ears, pulling him away from her neck.  She then quickly rolled him over onto his back, straddling his pelvis, taking him completely by surprise.  She had found the quick look of shock in his bright blue eyes to be quite pleasing. . .