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Have a Nice Summer

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“Have a nice summer.” “Have a nice summer.”

“HAVE A NICE SUMMER”? Marcie Ross couldn’t believe it. Geez, couldn’t her classmates have thought up anything nice to write to or about her when it came to signing her yearbook? Apparently not.

Normally, Marcie wouldn’t feel anything (except for the usual teenage angst) after reading that phrase, which a person would only write when they had nothing else to say. Written over and over in her yearbook by most of her classmates, it was also said to be the kiss of death. The only change she could see in the inscription was when that one girl, Willow Rosenberg (whose picture came before hers in the yearbook), had written “Have a great summer!” Of course when she thought about it later, Willow’s replacing “nice” with “great” in the inscription was quite the exception there.

But now, all Marcie could see was red. The angry kind of red. They never saw her when she was visible, and now she would make them pay…

Cordelia Chase. Harmony Kendall. The Cordettes.

They were first on her list.

Soon, they would learn a lesson about what it felt like to be in her shoes when she was ignored by everybody in the school…

Of that she was sure.