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Friday Night Prompts: Femslash February

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"You worry too much about Tony," Darcy pours yet another glass of wine, and eventually, they are going to open a third bottle for the night. For now she takes the glass over to Pepper and loftily raises it while she straddles her hips, "Far too much, it isn’t healthy."

"There’s not a lot that’s healthy about my relationship to Tony," Pepper acknowledges, as if Darcy wasn’t directly on top of her, holding her glass up as if her mouth isn’t hovering over Pepper’s neck, her breath both warm, chilling, and expectant.

"Trust me, I’ve noticed," Darcy says and presses sweet kisses up Pepper’s neck, a full on march to her lips. Darcy tastes like the wine, sweet on the tongue and leaves behind apricot and honey, "I think we might have something a lot better going on here."

Pepper pulls Darcy away, but only as far as her side, and Darcy settles against her, drinking her wine in undignified gulps. “It is better,” Pepper says quietly, “So let’s not make this about Tony.” And Pepper takes the glass from Darcy’s hands, and tangles their fingers together.