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Conner glared at Robin. If looks could kill - or if Conner wasn’t reigning in his heat vision - there would be a Robin shaped hole in the universe this very moment.

“I cant break the chains.” He deadpanned.

“Yup.” Said robin popping the P. His face was blank but somehow Conner felt he was being laughed at.

“Even with super strength. You’re telling me these chains cannot be broken. By me.”

“‘s right.” He nodded.

Conner clenched his hands around the papers he was holding. He felt himself grow hot with anger. Just one blast of heat vision is what it would take. He pushed that thought aside for the time being. “Is this some sort of joke.”

It felt like a joke. Impulse was still laughing his ass off from where he fell off his chair.

Robin just stared back clearly not amused.

“Let me try again.”


“Why the hell not!”

“Conner you rolled a one. Take it like a man.”

Conner slumped back on his seat. Flinging his character sheet on the table with a huff. “This game is stupid anyways.” They had been playing for about two hours after Impulse found out DND was Robins favorite tabletop game.

Neither Conner or Bart knew anything about DND but they noticed Robins masked excitement when they had proposed to play a game. It was impossible for them to take it back after seeing their usually mature teammate get flush with childish glee.

But now it had been two hours - pushing to three - and everyone was about done with the game forever. Or each other. In Conners case at least.

“I want to try break the chains!” Bart chimed in, still full of energy. He pouted when his dice rolled to a stop on a 5. “Drats!”

Robin smiled and looked at his own notes. “You are both still dangling upside down from your own chains.” He narrated amused. “Next to you, an elven Druid is swinging from another set of chains. You figure its probably the person you were here to save.

“Looking down you can see the culprit that springed the trap on you. You realize its a human man dressed in golden robes with a bald head that shone just the same. You recognize him as the mayor of -“

“Ahhh! I knew it!”


“The mayor of Megalopolis, Bex Business.”

“I knew he was evil! Didnt i tell you? I told you!” Said Impulse elbowing Conner in the ribs.

“You tried to get him to hire you.”

“Beggars cant be choosers Conner.”

“Im worried about the way you’re applying that.”

“‘If youre done’ says Mayor Bex.” Said Tim in the voice hed been using for the character. It sounded familiar to Conner but he couldnt pinpoint it.

“Let us down you fiend!” Shouted Impulse with a fist in the air.

“‘Gladly!’ He says, pulling down a lever. Suddenly you feel the chains start to move, lowering you. Directly under you a hole on the floor appears and you can see a pit of molten gold. “‘I have a ball to attend to, im sure my guests will be impressed with my new trophies.’ He cackled evilly”

“But that would kill us!”

“‘I expect you to die.’” Said Robin in Bex’s voice.

“I want to roll to smack Bart.”


“I rolled a 20.”

“You didnt roll anything!”

“Wow i cant believe Bart is dead now.” Robin said with a smirk.

Bart grumbled, smiling despite himself.

“Sometimes I can still hear him.” Conner lamented, wiping an imaginary tear from his eye.

Robin tried to cover his breathy laugh behind the various notes he had around him. Conner thought, maybe playing DND wasn’t such a bad idea after all. “Don’t worry Bart, he’s not strong enough to kill you, he can’t even break some flimsy chains.” Robin said with a challenging grin.

“Why you-!” Conner reached over the table trying to get his hands on Robin when Batman’s face appeared on one of the screens of the old League base.

“Robin. You’re required in Gotham. Ride will be there in 10, be ready.”

“10-4, boss.”

Conner turned back around to look at Robin as the transmission stopped. His playful mood was immediately replaced with a focused frown. It was like Robin didn’t need the ride, his head was already in Gotham.

Bart groaned as he slumped against the surface of the table. “This sucks, it’s still Saturday! You haven’t even been here for a full 5 hours!”

“It’s ok Bart. A week will go by faster than you think.” He said while picking up the papers and shoving them messily on his backpack. Upon noticing the speedsters deepening frown he laughed “Sorry, I forgot.”

“Ugh yeah. Time goes by so sloooooooooow for me! You’re being insensitive! What about my feelings Rob! I have a beating heart!” The speedster complained.

“Sorry, sorry!” Robin laughed again, rubbing the back of his neck. Conner understood Bart was probably trying to cheer Robin up rather than nag at him. Somehow it had worked, judging by the smile in the teens face. Superboy figured maybe he should also say something, however his train of thought was interrupted as a familiar hum was heard outside their Young Justice base.

“Gotta skedaddle! Don’t burn anything!” Robin said, already running towards the exit.

“Wait, Rob!” Conner called out before he could stop himself. Robin slowed down and turned to look at Conner with a tilt of his head. “Uh. I’ll beat your guy next time.”

It took a moment for Robin to understand what he was talking about, but when he did he just stared for a moment. His lips parted to form an unspoken “Oh.” After a beat he turned to the exit and continued heading out slowly before breaking to a run. “We’ll see about that!” He shouted. Conner thought he could hear a smile in his tone. Yeah, he thought, this was worth it.

They didn’t get to play again for a long time after that. There was always something else to deal with, the weird stuff always happened to them, and eventually, it slipped off their minds.