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The 3 knights and the 3 princes

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Hikaru, Umi and Fuu are at Tokyo tower. The three of them were enjoying the last day of summer break before they have to go back to their jobs. Hikaru is an elementary school teacher on top of running her family dojo. Both were hard, but fulfilling jobs to her. Fuu worked as an accountant for a small but busy company, she was thankful whenever summer break came around. Umi worked as a model, but she also liked to help out a studio that hosted jousting classes. All 3 were not the same girls that were once upon a time the magic knights of Cephiro, they were now capable strong young women.

Hikaru looks out at the sky and asks, "Do you think they would recognize us any?" 

Umi says, "It's been years Hikaru, but maybe Makano would if anybody else." 

Fuu pushes up her glasses and comments, "I miss Cephiro a bit, but we are no longer the magic knights." 

The girls fall silent for a bit, the 3 of them were not really needed in Cephiro anymore. Hikaru is about to comment something else when someone bumps into her almost knocking her over. She looks over her shoulder to see a flustered long hair blonde with sunglasses on.

The blonde says, "I am so sorry. I didn't see you their I swear." 

Hikaru says with her signature smile, "It is no problem after all I am really hard to spot." 

The blonde looks a bit calmer knowing no harm was done. He opens his mouth to say something when a voice calls out, "There you are Yuki!" Two people come into view one has on a hat and the other is wearing sunglasses like the blonde. The blonde smiles a bit and says, "Ayame and Takahiro I see you two made it on time for once." 

The one with the hat smiles and says, "Shut up old man you know we were busy with band related things." 

The other sunglasses guys smirks and says, "That is Takahiro code for I was lazing around." 

Takahiro turns to the guy with a pout. He says, "Like you are one to talk Ayame you were busy writing some lyrics." 

The 3 women watch on with mild amusement seems that the two new comers hadn't noticed them yet. Takahiro spots them and blushes a bit realizing the 3 of them were not the only ones here. 

Takahiro says, "Sorry I didn't see you 3 ladies there. My name is Takahiro Sakaguchi and this other clown is Ayame." 

Ayame whaps Takahiro on the side of the head for the clown comment. Takahiro just laughs used to his violent form of friendship while Yuki looks on amused. 

Hikaru giggles a bit then says, "My name is Hikaru Shidou. These are my two best friends Fuu Hououji and Umi Ryuuzaki." Fuu bows as the 3 men face her with a small smile stretched on her face. Umi is looking at them curious about something. Ayame flinches recognizing Umi as the upcoming model he worked on a photoshoot with a couple of months ago. 

Yuki smiles and says, "It is nice to meet you 3 ladies." He holds his hand out for a handshake which Hikaru takes the invitation. When she does though suddenly a very bright light surrounds the area the 6 are standing in. When the light dies down all 6 of them were gone.


"What is Cephiro?" 

"3 princes!!??" 

"Wait a minute I knew I recognized you." 

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