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CoD: To Miss Someone Like You

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A dreadful day is not a productive day. Especially not for those in college. A young, book loving scholar who found himself in a constant state of questionability and tried his very best to present proper information for both sides of an argument. Whether wrong or right, evidence was the key to where he sided his beliefs. His name he found less than prideful, (Y/N) focused himself in his studies at a high rate university in Moscow, studying social sciences and psychology with every spare moment.

On rare occasions, a childhood friend would come by to catch up and talk of older times. Under a very strange circumstance, (Y/N) had decided against entering the military alongside this friend a few years back, while his friend had chose to join, throwing out his chance to higher education. As a result, they drifted apart but maintained contact as much as possible.

In a weird turn of events, (Y/N) heard his name on a speaker in the library, abruptly being called out to the main office downstairs one winter evening. They told him he was dismissed by an unknown man. Being in university for three years and no breaks in between, this was strange.

It wasn't until he reached the office area that (Y/N)’s (E/C) eyes lit up and a tall man stood with a great sense of pride, as he should for someone so revered as high ranking in the Red Army, and was hailed as a hero. His name was Dimitri Petrenko, a private in the military. Now there was little to no question about how (Y/N) was dismissed. With a quick glance at his friend face, (Y/N) saw the bare smile disappear from Dimitri’s face. In return, (Y/N) felt his gut twist and turn out of anxiety.

“I would like to borrow you for the remainder of the evening. I hope you don't mind that I dismissed you so early from class.” Dimitri did not wait to take hold of (Y/N)’s wrist and started to walk them off of the campus while also subtly dragging the young man right behind him.

“Wait, where are we going?” He asked so unusually timid, but Dimitri did not look back at him nor did he say a word throughout the time it took for him to bring (Y/N) to somewhere much more private. A few street lights and alley ways later, Dimitri did not loosen his grip on (Y/N), protectively looking in every direction for the reason which (Y/N) believed was because it was possible the two of them were being followed. He decided to finally ask instead of believing whatever crap he came up with in his head.

“We have been walking for quite some time, might I ask where it is we are going?” With no sign of stopping or slowing, his answer was simple as can be.
“Somewhere safe.” Not so soon after, they arrive at a remotely located apartment building, almost a half hour away from (Y/N)’s university. Dimitri took out a set of keys and unlocked the front door, allowing (Y/N) into the small apartment before himself.

(Y/N) did not realize his wrist was still being gripped until the wooden door closed behind them. The glare from the streetlight no long glaring off of his glasses. Then, Dimitri had slid his hand up from his wrist up to (Y/N)’s forearm. The room stood just as still as the two of them had, silent as the snow outside barely began to pile up. The small rays of pale light coming from the half waning moon outside.

“I missed you.” Dimitri managed to say right before (Y/N) could attempt to question the man beside him. Even in the darkness of the night, (Y/N) could tell a smile appeared on both their faces. Dimitri easily knew from this that (Y/N) missed him just as much.

“I apologize for bringing you here, but I cannot risk anyone overhearing what I have to say to you,” Dimitri’s words cause (Y/N)’s heart to skip a beat. He didn't expect to hear such a string of words when they walked all the way to his home.
“(Y/N),” he led him into the next room and sat the scholar down on a couch and plopped down next to him. He let go of his arm and exhaled a sigh of relief. Out of everything that had occurred today, Dimitri was hoping for some sort of peace away from the news he was told earlier within the day. As well as an outlet.

But the feeling in his gut told him something more was up for the taking.