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Never Fear, Never Fall

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Josh’s PoV

It was an extremely nice morning. Dark clouds were rolling over the hills, covering the sun, forcing birds to their nests, cats and dogs to their homes, and people indoors. Normally in days like this I would go to Brendon's and get high, joke around, stay high all day. But no, this perfect day had to be completely ruined all because we got caught smoking against the school outdoors wall during lunch time. And here I am walking to this hell hole at 8 in the morning to fucking detention. And it's not like I could miss detention again, or else Ms. Gilbert said she'd call my parents and I'd rather waste a perfectly good morning than risk my parents finding out I smoke - they'd find out about the alcohol and drugs too. I shudder at the thought of my parents finding out about all of this, it's enough just because of my existence in general, I couldn't imagine what they would do. I force myself to calm down, not wanting to have a panic attack so early in the morning. So I'm willingly walking through the school doors over to Ms. Gilbert’s classroom all the way in the third floor. I sigh when I hear loud noises from the Biology teacher's classroom. Calm down, it's just probably 20 kids that were placed here because they bully others obviously they won't bully you. Why would I be worried about being bullied? I've never been bullied. I shake my head stopping myself from thinking too much. Let's just get over this, I think as I enter the classroom and I'm immediately surprised at the people in here.

It's the most random and weird combination of people you could imagine. There's nerds like Patrick and Ryan, and jerks like Calum and Frank, and people whose names I didn’t even know the names of. In all there were over 20 kids here. How did 20 kids manage to get in detention all at once? I shrug it off and head to where Brendon is sitting shamelessly flirting with Ryan Ross, who is talking with a guy whose name is Alec or Alex, I don’t know or care. My attention is drawn to Gerard, a guy who spends his time alone, who is now talking to a much smaller kid with bags under his eyes. I quickly look away though, even if I’m surprised Gerard is talking to someone else. Ms. Gilbert quickly enters the classroom, and tells us she will be in the room next door because she is going to grade some papers and we are way too loud for her to concentrate but that if someone tries to do something she won’t hesitate to make us stay extra time. We all send our ways of saying yes, some nodding, some muttering “yes”s. We all stay calm some conversing, some drawing, some sleeping, some writing, some simply listening to music. Until fucking Brendon speaks up.

“How the fuck did so many of us manage to end up in detention? Like I’m here very often and there’s always 10 at most, and today there’s over 20 of us? The fuck did you all do?” The room is quiet for a moment, and a short dude speaks up.

“Well I had a fight with Peter here-” he motions to another short dude who in turn flips him off, “-and we both ended up here.”

“Same, with me and Calum.” says a Mexican looking dude - no racism included - motioning to a tall tan dude.

I am aware I know none of these people and they are just dudes to me. A couple dudes and I just noticed there's a girl in here start saying why they’re here, from stupid things like ‘I was listening to music’ to things like ‘I was smoking in the bathroom’, although stupid things are said more. Some just stay quiet.

“This is so weird, like I don't understand why we are all here today! We have been put here for a reason! Let’s all be friends!” Brendon says grinning like a fool and this is the moment I notice his blown out pupils due to coke. Goddammit, this dude is setting us all up and he’s high as fuck.

"I think that Brendon is probably saying we should get to know each other, since you know, there's a lot of us and we'll be here for two hours." I say quickly, not wanting any attention."Besides he's high as fuck right now." Again, people stay quiet. Then a blue haired - more like teal - guy with different colored eyes speaks up.

"Well, I'm Awsten Knight and I'm not good at speaking about myself I have no idea where the courage to speak up first comes from. Like, I know how to play the guitar, and I've written a couple songs, but they're not that great." he says nervously. Several 'I bet they're great songs' and 'Oh, I play the guitar too' are said and Awsten seems to visibly relax.

A tall ass dude with dirty blond hair and hazel eyes follows him.

"I'm Ashton Irwin, I moved here from Australia this year and uh, I play the drums, I also kinda write songs but I'm not sure about them and my friends used to say if kangaroos could talk, they'd talk like me" he shrugs, with a lazy smile and a sad glint in his eyes.

Slowly more people carry on talking and suddenly I know all of them. I already knew Patrick, Ryan, Calum, Gerard, Bren and Pete, but now I know Frank, Dallon, Luke, Kellin, Michael, Geoff, Ashley, Jack, Vic, Alex and Tyler. For some reason, my eyes go to the small guy Gerard was talking to earlier, Tyler, who seems both overwhelmed by the amount of people he realized he's been socializing with and relieved at the same time for the same reason. He seems happy, like he has been waiting for this moment. I notice the way his eyes seem tired and the way he pulls at his sleeves farther down his hands. Throughout detention I can’t take my eyes off him even as other conversations are being held, and when detention is long over, and I'm drinking at Brendon's house, I can't’ take him out of my mind. I just met 20 people and we all decided to be friends, yet my mind is only on one of them.