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Paul sighed to himself as he got home after a long day. The house looked like shit as it hadn’t been maintained in months and he felt embarrassed every single time he walked up the path leading to it again.

One of the windows in the front door was broken but had been fixed with duct tape. Duct tape for Christ’s sake. Grass was growing taller than ever and it was over growing that path from the sidewalk to the house.

Paul groaned as he kicked his way through the grass and bushes like he did every single day, finally making it to the front door that was open already.

“Fuck sake,” he mumbled. He’d told Mark over and over to close the fucking door behind his lazy ass.

The young boy walked inside and slammed the door behind him, putting his backpack on the small table in the hallway before walking into the livingroom. Apparently him slamming the door had woken up the older man.

“The fuck are you doing here?” Mark huffed as he sat up in his chair, instantly reaching for the bottle of beer on the small coffee table in front of him.

“I finished high school today, remember?” Paul raised an eyebrow. He’d told the man over and over this week that he’d be done with high school today.

“Don’t need your sorry ass around here,” the older man growled.

“Trust me, I don’t want to be here either,” Paul glared at his stepfather.

Yep, that’s right. Mark was his asshole stepfather that he was stuck with after his mother, Lauren, died eight months ago. Everything went downhill after that; Mark started drinking and doing drugs. Mark pretty much blamed Paul for his mother’s death. Why? Paul had no idea, probably just to be able to blame someone and take his anger out on that person. Mark gave up on everything; he didn’t cook, didn’t clean, didn’t do nothing. So Paul was left with all the work.

It was still a mystery to Paul why his mother had fallen in love with that asshole in the first place. Mark had never really cared for Paul, but because he was Lauren’s kid the man had tried at first. Until Lauren passed away that was. Mark unloaded all of his anger onto Paul, the young boy had taken quite a few beatings in the last couple of months when the man was either drunk or high.

He wanted to leave, he really did. But Paul was only seventeen and had nowhere else to go. Tomorrow he would be eighteen, tomorrow he could leave. But where would he go? His dad passed away when he was only two years old and he didn’t know any other family. He had no friends either, he just simply had no place to go.

“It’s my birthday tomorrow, remember?” Paul tried.

“Like I give a fuck,” Mark snorted.

“No, but I’ll be eighteen.”


“I’m going to leave.”

“Good riddance boy, fucking finally,” Mark looked at the young boy before turning back to the TV.

“There will be no one to clean up the mess you make, no one to wash your clothes, no one to do the dishes, no one to vacuum,” Paul looked around the mess that was already scattered across the room again.

“You think I need you boy?” Mark snarled and he got up from his chair, wobbling on his feet.

“Who’s gonna buy groceries? Make food? Huh? Mom used to do that, then she died. Now I’m doing all of that for your lazy ass!” Paul yelled angrily.

“You don’t speak to me like that!” Mark yelled as he walked over to Paul, grabbing the boy by the throat and slamming him into the wall.

“Ow!” Paul yelped as his head hit the brick wall, tears started to form in his eyes.

“You don’t speak to me like that,” Mark snarled again, spluttering in the boy’s face. “I raised you!”

“The fuck you did! You didn’t raise me! My mother did!” Paul shouted, feeling the man’s grip on his throat tighten

Deep down he was frightened, terrified, scared to death, but there was just something about Mark that made him absolutely snap. Even though Paul was born Submissive and Mark was a Dominant, he couldn’t help snapping at the man.

You were either born Submissive or Dominant in this world and there was nothing you could do to change your ‘rank’. Dominants couldn’t go with other Dominants, just like Submissives couldn’t go with Submissives. There was a perfect Dom for each Sub, if only they could find one another.

“You know what?” Mark said as he let go of the boy. “You wanna leave? Leave now, I’ll be glad when you’re out of here.”

“Fine, asshole,” Paul spit. He didn’t expect the punch to the face he got then. His vision went blurry but he managed to keep himself upright by holding the wall.

“You have five minutes to get your shit, then I want you gone and never see you again!” Mark yelled, his hand hurting from the punch.

Paul brought his hand to his face, realizing he was bleeding just beside the eye, must have been where Mark’s ring hit him. He blinked a couple of times and left the living room, grabbing his bag off the table and rushing up the stairs. He was still dizzy from the blow and had no idea what to take as he let the tears roll down his face.

He decided to grab his favorite hoodie and the fleece blanket from his bed. He didn’t have much else anyway. He walked down the stairs, almost falling the last bit and went out the front door, slamming it behind him so hard that another window shattered.


After about thirty minutes of walking Paul finally made it to the woods at the foot of the mountain and he instantly headed towards the hollow tree he knew was there; it had been his safe place since the first time he got here.

He found the massive tree and crawled inside, setting his bag on his legs and opening it, reaching for a small box inside and taking it out. He set his bag down beside himself and pulled up his shorts, revealing his upper leg. He opened the box and pulled out a blade, clenching his jaw before bringing the metal to the skin of his leg, placing it beside an older scar.

Tears rolled down his face as he pressed down onto the blade, watching it dig into his skin before he pushed down onto it and pulled it toward him fast, keeping his jaw clenched so he wouldn’t make a noise. He knew this was the worst thing to do, yet it was the best feeling in the whole wide world at the moment. He did the same thing a couple of times, watching as the blade dug deeper and deeper into his skin, revealing the fat tissue.

He did it one more time, but then his eyes widened when blood started pulsing out fast. He’d cut himself like this before, through the yellowish fat tissue, but he’d never actually did it this deep before and hit a vein. The boy knew he didn’t hit an artery, or the blood would have been spurting out. He’d hit a vein and the blood was pulsing out at the same time as his heart beat.

“Shit,” he hissed as he quickly pulled his shorts back down as if it would help, only to watch a big stain appear on it. “Fuck!” Paul whined as he didn’t know what to do. He pulled his shorts back up to reveal his leg and watched as blood pulsed out of him, dripping down his leg and onto the forest ground, turning green leaves red. “No, no, no,” he whimpered as he pressed his dirty hand down onto the cut, it was the only way to stop the bleeding.

He felt nauseous and the tears rolled down his face again. His face, eye and head hurt from the punch that Mark gave him and he was pretty sure his face was already starting to bruise. His leg hurt like hell from where he was pressing down onto it and he didn’t know what to do. Sure he’d cut himself before, but the bleeding would usually not be this severe and it would stop after a little while. He’d put a bandaid over and he would be fine. The young boy could feel himself starting to panic, what the hell was he going to do? He couldn’t go anywhere like this, nor was there anything in his backpack that could help him right now.


Negan focused on his breathing as he jogged through the woods, his favorite place to go to. He could have gone to the gym, but why do that when you can drive down the mountain and jog through the beautiful woods at the foot of it. Whenever he felt like going for a small jog he’d go around the lake behind his house on the mountain, now that he wanted to go for a bit of a longer jog he’d driven down the mountain and was now here.

When he got a little deeper into the woods he could sense that something was wrong and he immediately stopped. He took a few deep breaths to focus and then smelled what was wrong. He knew a Submissive’s scent anywhere, but he smelled blood and fear, something he didn’t like.

Following his instincts he moved away from the path, calling out in an attempt to get some sort of an answer. “Hello?” Negan called out, following the scent the best he could. He could smell the blood really well now and it only became stronger and stronger, he felt more and more worried. “I know you’re around here somewhere!” Negan tried again. “I know you need help. Please let me help you.”

How could anyone possibly know that Paul was there? How the hell could anyone know that- unless the man was a Dominant. Paul managed to calm down his breathing and he could sense the presence of someone. His nose was full of snot and he could barely smell anything, yet he smelled something, someone.


“I hear you!” Negan felt relieved once the boy finally answered to him and it didn’t take him long at all to follow the sound and find the boy.

“Oh my goodness,” his jaw dropped as he watched the small boy hide inside of a tree, blood covering his leg and an ugly cut on his bruised face. “Hey, what’s your name?”

“My- my name is Paul,” the young boy blushed as he looked up at the man. “Are- you’re a Dominant?”

“Yes, I am,” Negan smiled sadly. “My name is Negan, I was just jogging when I sensed something was wrong, smelled your blood.”

Paul nodded but remained quiet, it almost felt as if he’d lost his words. When the man smiled a little he noticed his canines, they seemed bigger and sharper than any teeth he’d ever seen before. He knew that Dominants had fang-like teeth, Mark had them too, but he’d never seen them this size.

“It’s okay little one, I won’t hurt you. I just want to help you,” Negan spoke calmly and then looked at the boy’s leg. “Did you- did you do that to yourself?”

Paul nodded once more, taking a few deep breaths. The man’s voice calmed him down unlike anything had ever done before. It was weird how a total stranger could make him feel like that.

“I’m a doctor, I can fix that for you, if you let me help you?” Negan asked. The boy was so damn pretty and it was such a shame that he did this to himself. Underneath the scent of fear and pain was the Sub’s own scent; a delicious vanilla-ish kind of scent.
“Please,” Paul whimpered, he felt like he couldn’t speak anymore, too mesmerized by the older man’s eyes. They were a gorgeous brown, but he swore he could see some flakes of gold in them.

“Alright,” the Dom nodded and in one movement he ripped a sleeve off the shirt he was wearing. He moved to get in front of the young boy and tied the sleeve around his leg tightly in an attempt to stop the bleeding, for now at least. “I’m going to pick you up, alright?”

Once again Paul nodded, and when he felt the man’s hands on him it was as if something in his mind exploded. The places Negan touched him felt like they were on fire, that’s how hot they were and when the man finally scooped him up into his strong, big arms Paul took a deep breath, taking in the man’s scent; coffee mixed with something sweet that he couldn’t quite put his finger on yet.

“I’ve got your bag too,” Negan said as he got the boy’s backpack on his back and was holding the young Sub in his arms. “My house is up the mountain by a lake, I shall take you there and take care of your injuries properly. We do have to drive for a little bit, my truck is just outside of the woods.”

“Okay,” Paul mumbled and he could feel his body relax. For some reason he knew that with Negan he was safe. Even though he had only just met the man, he was a Dom, not just any Dom either. He was a Dom that made young Paul feel things.

“You will probably need stitches from what I’ve seen, but first I will make sure the wound is clean,” the Dom said as he started walking back towards his truck. The boy was small, probably two heads shorter than himself and fit in his arms beautifully. “Maybe you can tell me what happened that made you want to do this to yourself.”

“Mhm,” Paul nodded and he couldn’t help but rest his head against the man’s shoulder and close his eyes for a moment. “My- my mom died a while ago and my stepfather is- he’s an asshole,” the young Sub mumbled. “I told- I told him I wanted to leave tomorrow ‘cause I turn eighteen but he got really mad, punched me in the face and told me to leave now.”

“And so you did,” the older man nodded. He had no idea that the boy was only seventeen, but at this moment in time he didn’t really care either. He just wanted to help him, make sure he was going to be okay.

Paul nodded as he continued taking deep breaths, there was something so soothing about the man’s scent that made him feel like everything was fine, everything was okay. Even though he was in the arms of a stranger being taken to the man’s house.

“Here we are,” Negan said as he got to his truck. He held onto the boy with one arm as he unlocked his truck, walked to the passenger’s side and carefully put Paul inside. He then moved to the other side himself and got in, starting the truck and driving off.

“So you- you live up on the mountain?” Paul asked curiously, he’d heard of a couple of rich people having houses on the mountain, but he’d never actually been up on it himself.

“I do, why?” Negan asked as he focused on the road.

“I just- I’ve never been up the mountain before,” the young Sub admitted.

“It’s gorgeous there, I’m sure you will love it,” the older man smiled softly and glanced over at the boy every now and then, making sure his sleeve was still secured tightly around the boy’s leg and that he was okay.

“Mhm,” Paul hummed and then closed his eyes, he couldn’t help but feel safe with Negan as he drifted off to sleep.


“We’re here, wake up,” Negan spoke quietly, as he gently touched the boy’s shoulder.

“Hm?” Paul mumbled sleepily as he opened his eyes, feeling the pain in his leg really well now and groaning a little.

“We’re here,” the Dom repeated himself as he got out of the truck and walked over to the boy’s side, opening his door and carefully carrying him out, holding him in his arms.

“Welcome to my home,” he said as he walked towards his front door, he’d put his truck in the garage later.

“Oh, my gosh,” the Sub’s jaw dropped. He’d never seen anything like this before. Everywhere he looked there were trees beyond trees, mountains as far as the eye could reach. In front of him was the prettiest house he’d ever seen; it had a timber framed structure, solid wood inside and out, with modern contemporary windows. The quintessential lake house with all the modern amenities one could imagine.

“Do you like it?” Negan chuckled a little, he’d never seen anyone be this amazed by a house before, especially not his house. But then again he’d never really taken anyone up to see his house anyway.

“It’s- it’s gorgeous,” Paul nodded and then looked over the Dom’s shoulder, seeing a beautiful lake as well as more trees and mountains. Beside them seemed to be a little gap in the trees, probably the road they had taken to get up here. “How- how long did I sleep for?”

“A little over an hour,” the older man said.

“You- you drive that every single day?”

“And more,” Negan nodded. “But it’s so worth it to be up here, no other people around you. It’s gorgeous up here, you never get bored, you can do whatever you want.”

“It is gorgeous,” the young boy nodded. Even the air up here smelled better, breathed more comfortable.

“Let’s go inside,” the Dom smiled a little as he walked towards his front door, easily unlocking it with one hand before walking in.

Paul was speechless at the inside of the house, it was bathed in a golden glow of natural light mixing with the warm tones of the wood floor and walls. Thick pine logs stacked high made up the walls. Even though he had never been here before, it didn’t feel foreign to him. It felt cozy, warm, welcoming and most of all it felt safe. Probably also because the Dom’s scent was all over the place, mixed with the scent of pine and… Christmas.

“I will show you around later, need to take care of your leg first,” he said as he went into his office.

Paul tried to look around, tried to take in the home, the way it looked, the way it smelled. But he soon found himself being put down on a chair and he watched as the Dom wiped a lot of stuff off of his desk in one smooth move, before the older man picked Paul up again and place him on the desk. The office was pretty too, the walls all made out of wood and a few tiny windows were behind him through which he could see the woods. There was a massive bookcase too with what seemed like hundreds and hundreds of books.

“There we go,” Negan smiled sadly. “I’m just going to clean my hands, then I will clean your wound and we’ll be able to tell how bad it is.”

Paul nodded, his eyes following the man’s every move; he washed his hands and lower arms, walked over to a cabinet and pulled a few items out before he came back to the desk and sat down on the chair. He grabbed his glasses of the desk and put them on; they looked pretty on him.

“You don’t have to be so tense,” Negan frowned as he realized how stiff the young Sub was. “I want to help you, not hurt you.”

“I know,” Paul nodded shakily. “I’ve just- I’ve never had to get stitches before and- well- definitely not in a stranger’s house. Not that- not that I don’t trust you it’s- I’m just- it’s a bit much.”

“It’s okay,” Negan spoke quietly, resting a hand on the boy’s knee as he squeezed gently. “I’ll explain every single thing I do before I do it. I don’t want to frighten you.”

“Yeah,” Paul smiled weakly, the man’s hand on his knee felt hot, burning hot. He’d never felt that before when a person would touch him.

“So tell me, what happened after you left home?” Negan asked as he carefully started unwrapping the makeshift bandage from the young boy’s leg.

“Went into the woods as always,” Paul mumbled. “I went- I went to the tree that you found me by and I- well- I did- I did this,” he nodded towards his leg. “I didn’t mean to hit anything though, it doesn’t bleed like this usually.”

“I’m sorry that you feel the need to do that to yourself,” the Dom sighed sadly. Sitting in front of him was the most beautiful Sub he’d ever seen, the boy’s eyes were such pretty blue mixed with silver flakes. “I’m going to have to clean the cut to get a better look at it and to make sure it won’t get infected,” Negan then explained. “What did you use to cut yourself?”

“Just- just a blade from a erm- from a pencil sharpener,” the young boy looked away as he chewed on his lip.

“I see,” the older man nodded as he reached behind himself to grab a gauze sponge that he sprayed something on. “This will probably sting a little,” he said as he brought the sponge to the boy’s leg, carefully wiping off the dirt and making sure the cut was clean.

Paul whimpered a little as he wasn’t sure what to focus on. The fact that the Dom was once again holding his leg with one hand, or the fact that whatever was on the sponge felt like it would burn through his entire leg.

“This definitely needs stitches,” the doctor nodded once he was finished and then grabbed another gauze sponge, pressing that down onto the wound. “Can you keep this in place for me?”

Paul nodded and put his hand on the sponge, keeping it pressed down onto the wound like Negan had done just moments before.

“I- I’ve never had stitches before,” he admitted again shyly. He usually let all of his wounds heal on their own.

“That’s okay,” Negan smiled a little as he looked for some supplies. “I will numb the area so you won’t feel a thing.”

“O- okay,” the young Sub nodded, feeling a little shaky.

“Just relax,” Negan said, putting a gentle hand on the boy’s arm once he turned to him again. “You won’t feel any of it, I promise.”

Paul gave the older man a small nod as he looked at the way the man’s hand fit so perfectly around his smaller arm, it made him feel warm inside.

“You know I- I have never- never met a Dom like you,” the young boy blushed.

“Is that so?” Negan smiled a little wider now.

“Mhm,” the young boy hummed.

“What’s different then?” Negan asked, getting the syringe ready to numb the boy’s leg.

“Most- most of them made me feel a little anxious? I mean I feel anxious now but I think it’s- it’s because of the cut and not you cause you make- I feel really okay talking to you,” Paul admitted.

“That’s great, I’m glad to hear that Paul,” the older man smiled happily. “When I sensed you were there I knew I had to help you, something drew me towards you. Have- have you ever been with a Dom before?” Negan had to ask.

“No, I haven’t,” the boy blushed. “None of them felt like you- none of them felt right.”

“I see, that’s perfectly fine,” the Dom said. “Sometimes it can take quite a while to find someone. Anyway, I will numb this area now, okay? The sting of the needle will be a nasty sting, but after that it should soon go numb. Just take a deep breath for me, inhale and… exhale.”

“Nasty sting?” Paul’s eyes widened.

“You can squeeze my arm if you want?” Negan said knowing he could easily inject the anesthetic with one hand. When Paul nodded the Dom moved his arm closer and he smiled a little when the young Sub put his small hand on his own arm.

“Okay,” the young boy nodded as he bit his lip, already squeezing Negan’s arm.

“Okay one, two, three,” the Dom said and then stuck the needle into the boy’s leg, feeling the hand on his arm squeeze tight. He emptied the syringe and took the needle out again, tossing it in a special bin. “Not too bad right?”

“Not too bad, no,” the young Sub smiled a little but then blushed once he realized he was still squeezing Negan’s arm and let go. “Was expecting it to be worse.”

“That’s good then,” Negan smiled warmly and then turned around to get the needle and thread ready.

Paul nodded as he looked at the Dom’s smile, it was soothing to him even though he’d only just met the man. Negan’s eyes were so gentle even through his glasses.

“Can you feel it when I do this?” Negan asked as he pressed onto some areas around the wound.

“No,” the young Sub frowned a little. It was weird to watch the man press onto his skin yet feel nothing.

“Alright then, we’re good to get it stitched up,” the older man said as he cleaned his hands once more.

“And I won’t- won’t feel that at all?” Paul frowned a little.

“Nope,” the Dom shook his head. “You will probably feel that I’m working on your leg, but no pain, I promise you that.”

“Okay,” the young Sub nodded, he trusted Negan.

“Let’s see,” Negan said as he turned on the light on the desk and positioned it just right over the boy’s leg. “This is the needle that I’ll be using. You do need a couple of stitches. After that I’ll put a gauze and bandage over it to keep it clean.”

The young boy nodded, kind of curious now to see what it looked like to get a wound stitched close.

“If you do think you feel anything you have to let me know,” the Dom said as he brought the needle to the boy’s skin.

“Will do,” Paul said and after that the needle went through his skin. It was strange to see it go through his skin but not feel it. He could indeed feel that the man was working on his leg, but no pain.

“We good?” Negan asked.

“All good,” the young boy smiled and watched the man work.

The Dom stayed quiet as he focused on stitching the wound neatly, wanting to make sure the boy was left with the smallest scar possible. Once he was finished and was sure it was secured he cut the thread. “There we go, all stitched up,” he smiled as he got rid of the dirty items he used and then once more cleaned his hands.

“Thank you, Negan,” Paul smiled a little and then yawned, exhausted from his day.

“No need to thank me! This is my job,” the Dom smiled as he got a waterproof bandaid that he covered the stitches with.

“I know but, like, I’m pretty sure not all doctors would have been this gentle,” Paul blushed.

“Well boy, I must admit, I’m feeling quite protective over you and I just want to make sure you’re okay,” the Dom said.

“Really?” Paul smiled a little, the only one to have ever been protective over him was his mum, but never before a Dom.

“Yep,” the older man nodded as he carefully wrapped a bandage around the boy’s leg. Negan knew damn well a bond was already forming between the two of them, he knew damn well what was eventually going to happen. But Paul was young and Paul was inexperienced. The Dom would never push him into doing things and therefore he was just going to let things happen naturally, at a pace the Sub would be comfortable with.

“That- that makes me feel really good you know,” the young boy blushed as he chewed on his lip again. There was just something about Negan that made the boy feel… special.

“I’m glad to hear that Paul, I really am. I’m glad I found you and am able to help you,” the Dom smiled warmly.

“Will- will it hurt?” Paul frowned.

“Once the anesthetic stops working it will be a little painful for a few days yes, but as long as you’re careful it shouldn’t be too bad,” Negan explained.

“Okay,” the boy nodded and smiled a little.

“Now let me clean this, too,” the Dom said as he got another gauze sponge and gently cleaned the cut on the boy’s face.

“Ah!” Paul hissed a little at the stinging. “Does this need stitches too?”

“No no!” Negan shook his head, seeing how worried the boy was already getting. “I’ll put a bandaid on it and it will be all good.”

“Oh, thank god,” Paul sighed in relief, worried that he was going to need to get another injection but this time in his face.

“We’ll just put one of these on,” Negan explained as he showed the Sub a butterfly bandage before carefully putting it on the cut on his face. “There we go, it should heal nicely now.”

“Thanks,” the young boy smiled a little.

“Do you have anywhere to stay tonight?” Negan had to ask.

“No,” the young man shook his head. “I don’t have anyone,” he admitted.

“Then where are you going to stay?” Negan asked.

“I don’t- don’t know,” Paul clenched his jaw.

“Friends? Family?” Negan tried.

“Don’t have any,” Paul said again.

“Where are you going to go, Paul?”

“Probably into the woods somewhere,” the young man shrugged.

“No,” Negan shook his head. “I can’t let you do that. You’re staying here,” he spoke firmly. As much as he’d been wanting for the boy to stay at his, he’d expected Paul to have somewhere else to go.

“I can stay?” Paul’s eyes widened a little, he was thankful for the Dom’s help, but he didn’t know he could stay at the man’s house.

“Of course you can,” the older man smiled warmly.

“Thank you, Negan!” Paul yelped in relief. He’d been spending nights in the woods before, but that wasn’t his favorite thing. The mornings would be painful and he would be covered in bug bites most of the time.

“No need to thank me,” Negan chuckled as he got up from his chair.

“I do! You can’t just let anyone stay at your house you know, what if I was a killer and-”

“You’re not a killer,” the Dom laughed. “You’re a sweet Submissive, I sense nothing but kindness in you.”

“But what if you’re wrong,” Paul tried.

“I’m not,” the older man shook his head. “I’m a Dom, I can sense those things, especially when it comes to you.”

“What else do you sense then?” Paul asked, curious.

“A lot of pain inside of you, anger also but not necessarily towards a person, more towards events that have happened. I sense that you’re a little anxious and nervous to be around me, but also excited and curious about things,” Negan grinned, he knew damn well he was right and it wasn’t just his Dom senses talking. Before he became a doctor he had been a psychiatrist and he knew people, knew what it meant when they acted a certain way.

“Just- just a little nervous though,” the young Sub blushed, shocked at how accurate the man’s description was.

“And that’s alright,” the Dom smiled. “When’s the last time you’ve eaten properly?”

“A few- few days ago,” the young boy frowned.

“What’s your favorite food?” Negan then asked.

“Pizza pepperoni,” Paul bit his lip.

“Pepperoni is my fave too!” Negan smiled happily. “I think we should make some pizza then, don’t you think?”

“Make them ourselves?” Paul asked, his eyes widening a little bit.

“Mhm, much better than ordering one and getting it when it’s cold,” the Dom chuckled a little.

“I’ve- I’ve never made pizza before though,” the Sub blushed a little.

“That’s fine, I’ll teach you,” Negan said and he picked the Sub up once more. “It’s important to keep your leg resting until tomorrow at least.”

“So you’re going to carry me around?” Paul chuckled a little.

“Yes, I will,” the Dom smiled, a Dom’s strength was useful when it came to this, carrying around small Sub’s.

“You don’t have to do that either!” Paul protested but he held onto the man’s neck with one hand for stability.

“No big deal,” the older man smiled a little as he walked back through the living room and then into the kitchen, putting the Sub down on a chair before scooting it closer to the massive island. “I’ll grab what we need, then I’ll show you how to make pizza,” Negan said as he started gathering the ingredients and putting them down in front of Paul. “We’ll use the island so you can help too,” he smiled warmly.