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The Same Coin. A Different Perspective.

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Travelling was always something quite rare to the Williams family. With her mother always working toward keeping the city safe, while her abusive dickhead of a father made sure he always established dominance, there was really not much time for family funtime activities. Not like Lina even wanted them. When your father is abusive and hiding that from your mother while she is falling all over him, it's really hard to watch her look him with her loving eyes and not see the abusive scumbag he truly was.

What Lina was not aware of that this trip was actually the matter of life and death. Her father was a criminal, tied with the Columbian Drug Cartel. When you deal with the power players such as them, you do not make a mistake of crossing them. Connor however, made exactly that mistake, so now to save his own head, he is fleeing from Stanmore with his whole family to his old hometown, Stilwater. When Ultor Corporation started tearing down the Saint's Row disctrict, as the owner of one of the houses that got demolished, Connor was given a quite cozy little apartment within the Shivington neighborhood.

Lina didn't like this whole suprise vacation thing one bit, she knew something wasn't right here. Why would their father insist on going back to his old roots, first time in forever? Especially taking into consideration that his old neighborhood is currently under construction. Something was definitely off here, her dad was hiding something from them.

Whatever the asshole had planned for them, it wasn't like she even had a choice. She was forever forced to do what he told her to do. There we no use arguing, she would only get things worse for her.

The place they got was really disappoint, but hey, from what people are saying, this is how Stilwater is. Wall were covered in mold, bed were uncomfortable and the water system wasn't even available. Simply put, the entire place was one big shithole. Supposedly, it was the best apartment in the entire building. Classic Stilwater, I guess. It didn't take long for Lina to settle down in her room, like always, she shares it with her brother. Not long after that, her father walks into the room and speaks to her "Lina, come with for a ride. I have to show you something really important." At this moment Lina froze. In her entire 19 years of life, he never spoke to her in this manner. It was quite scary, but it must have been really important.

Immediately after that, she got ready, took the stuff she would usually take when going outside and went to meet her dad in front of the building's enterace. The asshole was waiting for her inside a car. Despite taking only three minutes to get down, he was still angry at her for taking so long, but at this point she was used to being just a disappointment for him. As she got into the passanger's seat of the vehicle, Connor stepped on the gas, going a bit faster than the speed limit was for this area.

"Dad..." Lina spoke to him, things were really getting scary here. He never behaved like this. "What's going on?" "There is something we need to talk about, darling." Connor replied. This was rather strange, not once in her life has he ever called her a darling. The girl felt fear inside of her she never felt before. "You're a smart and a strong girl." He continued "I'll fucked with some wrong people, I need you to take after me. There is-"

A red vehicle had hit their car from the behind. Connor should've known better than to come to Stilwater, considering how strong of a connection to cartel had with Los Carnales. Their car kept losing control while the other vehicle was mashing them "Dad..." A sign of fear could have been heard from Lina's voice "What's going on, dad?" "Hang tight, kiddo." He replied. Thing are getting really strange for her, never in her life has she been this scared. It's really scary getting attack in traffic by other vehicles, but what's even more scarier to her is the way her dad is behaving. Connor never acted this way in front of her, he was always strict and mean.

Connor steered his car toward the bridge to the Downtown of Stilwater, that's not the Carnales' territory, they won't follow them there. However, luck was not on their side. Due to the cargo ship that was about to pass through there, the bridge was raised. "Hold tight..." Connor said. As soon as he uttered and started going faster, Lina knew exactly what he planned on doing. The leaned back deeper into the seat and held the seat with a tight grip.

Sadly, the Carnales members were smarter than that. Driver of the attacking vehicle drove along the window of their car, and kept it steady. Long enough for his friend that was riding in the passenger’s seat throw a grenade inside the widow of Connor's car.

"Get down, Lina!" Connor yelled out, right before the grenade went off. The explosion caused an incredible pain on her. As every nerve of her body was set on fire, she felt the burning sensation of it until the nerves could no longer take the pain. Her father died instantly, but she was alive, experience the painful feeling until the pain caused her to pass out.

"Nice job, hombre." Said the driver of the enemy car to his friend.
"Gracias, amigo." replied the bomber.
"Listen, dude, we gotta get rid of the evidence before the cops starts swarming this place."
"Just push the car off the bridge. It'll take coast guard quite a time to pull them out."