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Unfinished Works

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In the year 1969, the United States of America landed Apollo 11 on the moon. The astronauts, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took the first steps of any human on a celestial body other than Earth. During their time on the lunar surface an unknown radiation wave was detected but not reported to the whole of humanity. It could not be explained and therefore was not widely disseminated. The American government theorized it was the USSR. The Soviets had indeed beat the Americans to the moon. After careful inspection of the data, scientists on Earth headed by the prominent billionaire, Howard Stark, showed that the radiation source originated from the dark side of the moon. The astronauts were instructed to retrieve the radiation source.

They did.

They brought back what they called the box to Earth.

Soon after the astronauts returned to Earth, Howard Stark’s team examined the box. It was not Soviet made, nor was it Chinese or Japanese made. It was alien, and it was a virus. The first person to be infected was Howard Stark. Officials still do not know how it spread during those first few months. It was soon discovered that the virus changed a person, transformed them into a nearly immortal being – an immortal being that fed on other humans, drinking their blood. They were called vampires for want of another term. The human population changed during those months from human to vampire, workers, and stock. Workers were humans who never changed when infected by the virus but were considered to be part of the vampire clan. Stock were those who were never infected, could not be infected for some reason and became the stock for the vampires to feed off. Some infected by the virus did not survive the transformation and died.

The vampires were inhumanly strong, immortal, and persuasive. They could go out in the sunlight, they didn’t sleep in coffins. They could die but not of natural causes. Normally mortal wounds did not affect them because they had an unnatural ability to heal. It became increasingly obvious that they were a different species. In short order, those infected by the virus swayed millions to follow them. The population left on the Earth after those first few months segmented into the three different groups. Howard Stark along with Alexander Pierce were the leaders of the new world order.

Howard Stark never stopped studying the virus. It swept the Earth in a year and changed everything, but it soon died out and was no longer contagious, but Howard did find it infected the germline. While the virus dissipated in the environment, it became part of his DNA and part of his germline DNA. He passed it on to his progeny.

His son, Tony Stark was the first vampire born on Earth.

His son, Tony Stark was brilliant, cunning, and bloodthirsty. He grew to the age of twenty five and stopped aging. At the age of seventeen he ordered the assassination of his father. Howard Stark died in a fire along with Maria Stark – a mistake that haunts Tony Stark to this day. Tony killed the assassin and drank him dry.

Upon his father’s death, Tony Stark became the leader of the Western Clan. His first order of business? To find the ultimate stock, to feed on the frozen body of Captain America, Steve Rogers, for the rest of his unnaturally long life.