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Warning Signs

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“Scott! Scott” Stiles yelled from down the hallway. He ran into Scott’s room, slamming the door and locking it behind him and leaning his back against the door. Scott jumped back on his bed in shock as his best friend barged in.

“Stiles what the hell are you doing!” Scott yelled at his friend, although his voice was still barley a whisper as he didn’t want to wake his mother who was sleeping in the room next door.

“I think I pissed Derek off?” Stiles said, as if it was a question. Scott rolled his eyes and got up off his bed, pushing his friend out of the way of the door and unlocking it.

Scott never spoke to his brother or his brothers annoying friends unless his friends annoyed his annoying friends. Then he had to talk his brother and his brothers annoying friends out of chasing his best friend down until they got and went to play another stupid game of FIFA on the Xbox his mom brought his brother so many years ago.

Scott was sure his brother spent more time on that damn console than he did studying and considering he was a senior that wasn’t a good thing. Scott hasn’t spoken to his brother since he found out Derek had been lying to him his whole life. When Scott was 7 years old his dad left without any warning and Derek knows why and when Derek let it slip that he knew why his little brothers father had walked out on him and their mother, Scott promised himself he wouldn’t speak to Derek until he told him what happened.

Derek never did tell him what happened, so Scott ignored him and eventually it got to this.

Stiles found it fun to annoy Derek and Derek’s annoying best friend so he’d run into Scott’s room when they chased him down the hallways and then Scott would have to talk to his older brother even though the Freshman hated him.

These conversations usually consisted of insults and threats that meant nothing to either of the boys.

These conversations usually ended with Isaac, Derek’s best friend, calling them both pathetic or making fun of them both before dragging Derek back down the corridor and into his room.

In Scott’s mind, Derek’s friend was an asshole as well but, Scott didn’t know that much about the guy.

So, when Scott opened the door and saw his asshole of a brother stood against the wall with this pissed off look on his face and his best friend stood further down the hall with the smug smile Scott couldn’t help but be even more pissed at the older guys.

“Your friend’s annoying” Derek said as Scott finally stepped out of his bedroom. Scott let out a scoff before raising his eyebrows at the older boy in front of him.

“Well your friend’s a douchebag. What’s new?” Scott snapped back at the boy. Derek rolled his eyes visibly causing Scott to feel the need to clench his fists together to contain his anger.

“You know, if you too just fought” Isaac started, walking down the hallway slowly with his arms folded like the asshole he was. “then maybe you wouldn’t have to the daily ‘your friends annoying and your friends a douchebag routine’. It’s getting really unentertaining”

“This has nothing to do with you” Scott said, turning his face towards the boy who always wore scarves and didn’t care about the weather.

“Scott don’t be petty okay? Oh, wait you aren’t capable of that” Derek said, and as he turned to walk towards his room with Isaac Scott heard him mutter “Since you’re still holding a grudge about something that happened nearly3 years ago”

“I heard that” Scott yelled back, walking back into his room.

“Don’t care!” He heard yelled back from across the hall. Scott slammed his door behind him and slid down it just as he normally did after these kinds of arguments with his brother and his annoying friend.

The truth is, Scott hates not being able to talk to his brother anymore. But he hated his brother. He was conflicted. He hated the asshole who didn’t care about anything but himself and his video games. He hated the asshole who lied to him for years and years on end. He hated the asshole who didn’t give one shit about Scott anymore.

But Scott missed the guy who once did care about Scott. He missed the guy who would bandage Scott’s feet after Scott’s dad came home drunk and threw a glass across the room which Scott would step in just so he could get his dad another. He missed the guy who came into Scott’s room and held him and told him everything was going to be okay when Scott would wake up screaming from nightmares. Scott missed the guy who treated Scott’s best friend like he was family.

He missed that guy and only that guy.

“Sorry?” Scott heard Stiles offer. Scott had forgotten about his best friend who was sitting on the bed looking at Scott with eyes filled with guilt and his fingers laced in red string which he brought everywhere with him.

“It’s fine” Scott said back, standing from his position on the floor and walking over to his desk, taking another pin from the pin holder in his desk and chucked it in the bin beside it.

“You are still really doing that?” Stiles asked as he walked over to Scott who was now sitting in his desk chair.

When Scott was 9, Derek brought Scott a pin holder and told him that whenever he feels sad or lost to just stab the thing. It was a plushie with a picture of a ? and on the back it said for Scott. When he and Derek had the argument that started everything Scott put all in the pins in the plushie. He promised himself every time he got mad or upset instead of stabbing the thing he’d take one out and if Derek still hadn’t told him what the hell happened with his dad before they were all gone then he’d walk out.

He didn’t want to be under the same roof with a brother who hated him and mother who was asleep when Scott was awake and awake when Scott was asleep. Scott hasn’t seen his mother since Monday. He loves his mom though and he’d only go to Stiles’ house where the Sherriff said there would always be a place for him.

“Yes, I’m still really doing this” Scott stated, looking down at the pin rag for a second. “I was young when I made the promise to myself and I know it’s really stupid but I can’t deal with him anymore and there’s no way he’s telling me in the next 129 days. But hey maybe I won’t want to leave by the time it’s over. That’s also a possibility”

“It’s also a possibility that Derek kept it from you for a reason and that you’ve been overreacting about this since the day he told you that he knew” Stiles said, using sarcasm as a way to deal with situations was something Scott learned that Stiles did a lot. Sarcasm was Stiles’ defensive mechanism. Scott still hadn’t found himself a defence mechanism. “It’s also a possibility that he’s not the only one who knows about it. Did you think of that?”

“I know my mom knows but I couldn’t think of anyone else who would” Scott said, turning on the swizily chair to look at Stiles who had at some point migrated to the arm chair.

“It’s also a possibility he wanted to protect you from that damn asshole who is your dad.” Stiles pointed out. “It’s also a possibility he thinks you’re going to go and find him. It’s also a possibility that you being pissed right now is a bad idea. It’s also a possibi- “

“Stiles, slow down!” Scott said, laughing at his friend’s eagerness to solve this.

“Come on though, it’s so interesting! You have to try and solve it” Stiles says, raising his hands in the air and dropping them on the bed.

“There’s also a possibility that I’ve already tried that” Scott said. “Let’s stop talking about my dad” Scott finished, noticing the way realisation washed across on Stiles’ face. Scott had to hide a laugh.

“Omg dude I’m so sorry I wasn’t even thinking honestly and- “

“Stiles, breathe. How much Adderall did you take to today?”

“Too much” Stiles said, blinking and shaking his head like he always does when we talk about his Adderall. Stiles looked down at his watch and then fumbled in his seat, falling back into it in a really dodgy position, causing Scott to once again stifle a laugh.

“You need to go?” He asked and Stiles nodded and jumped from the position.

“Sorry man I gotta get my dad food and said I’d eat with him at the station. You wanna come?” Stiles asked as he stood in the door waiting for an answer. “Anytime now would be great”

“Yeah uh sorry uh no thanks I think I’ll pass. Go spend some time with your dad” Scott said rushing Stiles out the door.

“Okay dude cool I’ll pick you up for school tomorrow” Stiles said, increasingly getting louder as he got further away from Scott. Scott waved slightly before closing the front door and turning around to go upstairs. He walked slowly. He’d been walking much slower than usual lately. With everything that’s been happening in this town and how much it relates to him and his life, Scott hasn’t had the energy to move any quicker.

He dragged his feet upstairs, not looking where he was going. Suddenly something rock hard knocked into his face and Scott tripped over himself and fell back. An arm caught him. The arm was strong and had a firm grip on Scott’s back. It was unfamiliar to Scott. Not like Stiles’ weak noodle arms or Derek’s bumpy ones that were strong enough to hide and protect Scott from everything. Scott’s eyes were closed.

What he saw when he opened them was what surprised him.

Isaac was stood there, smirking down at the boy. Scott quickly jumped to his feet and leant against the wall. He stared at the floor, trying to avoid any eye contact with the boy with the brown eyes and narrowed eyebrows.

“What where you’re going, McCall” Isaac said. Scott knew just from the tone of his voice that the boy was raising his eyebrows.

“Fuck off” Scott said, walking under Isaac’s arm and towards his room. He made sure to look where he was going but he was stopped in his tracks but Isaac being stood in front him again.

“If I recall correctly” He said, taking a small step forward. “you walked into me” Scott shook his head at the guy stood in front of him before trying to step around him again but failing. He sighed and stepped back away from Isaac. Isaac stepped forward again. “and I caught you from falling”

“Yeah and I told you to fuck off” Scott said, raising his eyebrows at the guy in front of him.

“I’m glad we recalled tonight’s events” Isaac said, taking another step forward and Scott too a step forward this time.

“You should be sleeping” Scott pointed out “Derek said you get cranky when you’re tired and I have to endure you for a full 15 hours in the car tomorrow and I don’t want you to be irritable”

“Maybe you should be sleeping” Isaac said, glaring at Scott like he wasn’t even there. “The bags under your eyes are bigger than the bag I’m taking to the lake house with us”

“Maybe I’d be sleeping if you let me leave” Scot said, trying to duck around Isaac one more time but once again failing. Scott rolled his eyes.

“As a matter of a fact you wouldn’t be sleeping, you’d be trying to sleep but your mind would be running mindlessly about how you’re going to get us all killed” Isaac said, stepping back with a smirk on his face. Scott visibly deflated.

Recently, everyone Scot has ever really hated or been pissed at in the past year has been dying. Not just dying but being murdered. They realised that this was what was probably happening after the 3rd death. Like the Sheriff says, once is an accident, Twice a coincidence, Three times a pattern. So, Stiles was taking Isaac and Derek down to Lydia’s Lake house until further notice and Scott was going in case this might have been a warning or if he was in any trouble. It was more Stiles’ idea. As soon as they came to the conclusion it had to do with Scott, he started working so hard to find out what happened that his dad decided it would be safer for the four of them to leave.

“That’s too far” Scott muttered under his breath before finally making his way under Isaacs arm and towards his door.

“Get some sleep, Scott” Isaac said, before he could walk into his room. “You’re just a kid you need it”


“Hey Scott” Scott awoke to hear. He groaned, rolling onto his side ignoring the voice of his best friend. “Scotty” He said again, causing Scott to throw his pillow over his head. He heard his friend sigh, deeply. “Come on Scott it’s the last day you have to go to school”

“Technically it’s not supposed to be the last day” Scott said, muffled from under his pillow. He rolled over so his pillow was under his head again and he could see his friend sat down with his back against the wall sat on the cushion beside Scott. “We’re just leaving early so torture machines 1 and 2 don’t die. I’m starting to think that’s not a bad idea”

Scott was officially done with Isaac Lahey as of last night. Scott got next to no sleep last night because his mind was racing. He was overthinking everything Isaac said, he knew he was, but he couldn’t help but overthink it. In Scott’s mind, everything Isaac said was true.

“What’d he do this time? Steal your sandwich?” Stiles said with a laugh and Scott rolled his eyes at his friends sarcasm. “Knock the lock of your door? Maybe pinch your cheeks? Seriously Scott you’ve got t-“

“Isaac said it was my fault” Scott said really quickly, looking at his friend who’s amused expression was gone within a second. It immediately became a concerned one.

“I don’t have to tell you it’s not your fault, do I?” Stiles said, concern laced in his voice.

Scott really wasn’t sure. Scott knew it wasn’t his fault, he had nothing to do with it but he couldn’t help but think that if he didn’t hate everyone then nobody would be dead. He couldn’t help but think over why someone would do this. Do they want everyone to hate him more than they already do? Scott was 100% sure that everyone but Stiles hated him and even sometimes he wasn’t sure if Stiles really didn’t hate him.

“Oh God I do don’t I” Stiles said, staring at Scott, who had then realised he hadn’t answered his friends question. Scott blinked a little and sighed.

“I don’t know” Scott said, looking down at his hands with were shaking visibly and had been for a while. For days actually. Weeks even. “Stiles, I don’t know anything. It’s all so confusing and I can’t stop my hands from shaking a-and- “

“You really wish we were just going on vacation like normal teenagers?” Stiles finished and Scott nodded. “You’re not the only one. I don’t get why those two aren’t scared shitless, honestly”

“Derek pretends he isn’t scared of everything and always has” Scott said and Stiles scoffed.

“He’s probably shitting himself whenever he’s alone” Stiles said getting a laugh out his friend.

“Do we have to go to School?” Scott asked, his voice drenched in hope but Stiles nodded and jumped off the bed, dragging him out of bed.

“Yes, we do. We have to say bye to Lydia, Allison, Jackson and Lydia” Stiles said, making hands gestures as he kept talking. Scott couldn’t help but smile at his friend’s idiocy.

“You said Lydia twice” Scott pointed out and Stiles’ facial expression doesn’t change. He just raised his eyebrows, getting another laugh out of his friends. “Plus, why do we have to say bye to Jackson, the only thing that dicks ever done is blame us for everything”

“Because he’s important to Lydia” Stiles pointed out, getting another eyeroll from his friends “and the importance of pleasing Lydia is very high on my list and always is”

“Shouldn’t your priorities be slightly different at this moment in time?” Scott pointed out as he pulled on a shirt.

“They should, doesn’t mean they are” Stiles finished. Once Scott finished getting ready they jumped out the window to avoid the awkward conversation with Isaac about what happened the night before and because Stiles had threatened to ‘kill him’ after Scott told him the whole conversation from the night before.

“No Scott I’m serious. I’m gonna kill him. That fucking asshole with his fucking scarves. What is it with that dude and Scarves anyway?” Stiles ranted to Scott. Scott just stared at his friend in bemusement. “It’s like 80 degrees out and the dudes wearing a scarf. Who does that!”

“Isaac” Scott points out. “and Only Isaac”

“Do we seriously have to bring him to lake house?” Stiles said, looking at his friend for a second with a leading look. “Can’t we just consider letting him get killed for a second”

“Nobody else dies” Scott said. “Not even they are narcissistic assholes called Isaac Lahey” He muttered under his breath. Stiles threw his hands up from the wheel for a second but the car started swerving. “Hands on the wheel dude!” Scott yelled and Stiles’ hands landed on the wheel within seconds.

“Isaac’s a dick”

“We went through this, Stiles” Scott said, as they finally pulled into the School.

“I know but I felt I needed to re clarify!” Stiles said, as he pulled into his normal parking spot and they walked out towards the school. When they went to their lockers they saw Lydia and Allison and Jackson all stood by their lockers. Scott raised his eyebrows at Stiles who just rushed towards them. Scott stood for another second looking at the group.

Lydia; the beautiful strawberry blonde haired girl that was wavy and hit her shoulders. Outgoing and popular and is Scott’s best friends crush since the 3rd grade.

Allison; Scott’s ex-girlfriend who was staring at him from across the room. They still cared for each other but just not in the way they used to. Scott does still have trouble facing her though. Feelings for her that still lingered that he no longer wanted there.

Jackson; the asshole that looked like he didn’t want to be there. Has hated Scot and Stiles since the day he laid eyes on them and keeps that up today. He’s the biggest dick but Stiles tolerates him for Lydia. Scott doesn’t really hate him as such as he just thought he was a dick.

Scott walked towards them slowly, shuffling on his feet. He felt as though everyone’s eyes were on him. He leant against his locker next to Stiles who was talking to Lydia excitedly about how thankful he was about letting them have the Lakehouse while Lydia just twirled her hair with her hand joined with Jacksons. Allison was smiling at Stiles brightly.

“Hey Scott” She said as she noticed him leaning against the lockers.

“Hi!” Lydia exclaimed with a smile.

“McCall” Jackson said nodding, a look of distaste in his face.

Scott nodded at them all in return and Stiles went to proceed to tell them about the conversation with Isaac and Scott just ignored most the reactions. He knew Allison wouldn’t say anything and he knew that Lydia would just react over-dramatically and Jackson would agree. He was more than right.

“I mean, you can’t say he’s wrong Stilinski” Jackson pointed out, leaning over and placing a hand on Scott’s shoulder. “This guy here’s a murderer and he’s just really good at covering his tracks. I’m surprised I’m not dead yet” He said causing Scott to flinch away but Jackson moved over and whispered into Scott’s ear “especially since I know his little secret”

“Jackson!” Lydia exclaimed, causing him to move backwards with a smirk on his face. He slid his hand around her waist causing Stiles to scoff and turn his attention to Scott.

“Remember, if people stare I’ll kick their asses in until they can’t walk anymore” He pointed out getting another laugh out of Scott. They grabbed their books from their lockers before the 5 of them walked to their first class. “I can’t believe our first class on our last day- “

“Your last day” Lydia corrected, gaining an annoyed groan from Jackson and raised eyebrows from Stiles.

“Fine, Mine and Scott’s last day, is econ! Like who wants Econ first period anyways!” Stiles emphasised, annoyance clear in his voice.

“Dude, I think having Econ first period is the least of our problems right now” Scott pointed out and Stiles rolled his eyes. They walked into the class, taking their seats where they usually would. Stiles at the back of the class, Scott sat in front of him, Allison to his left and Lydia and Jackson in front of Allison.

Scott looked around at the class and realised just how normal things would be if whatever the hell was going on wasn’t going on. Scott tried to act like nothing was happening and that everything was fine but it never has been fine. Things just go downhill in Scott’s experience and that’s why he must leave Beacon Hills for a while and that’s something he hated.

Scott was staring at his desk, trying to make it look as if he was reading the words on the page in front of him. Trying to look like he felt normal.

“McCall!” He heard yelled from across the classroom and Scott’s head shot up. “Lahey’s at the door. Says it’s an emergency”

“What does he want?” Scott asked, sceptically.

“How the hell am I supposed to know?” Coach said, walking towards Scott “Now get your ass out of my classroom”

Scott’s head darted around to Stiles who shrugged his shoulders. Scott stood grabbing his bag and went to walk out the classroom. Scott smirked as he heard another desk move.

“Sit down Stilinski.” Coach yelled from across the classroom.

“Now you see coach, I have to leave the classroom because I’m having a bladder emergency and if I don’t leave now I might piss myself” Stiles said, seriousness laced in the sarcasm in his voice. Scott had to stifle a laugh as he turned to see his friend facing coach.

“Not my problem, Stilinski” Coach said, rolling his eyes.

“No Coach I seriously need to- “Coach blew his whistle in Stiles’ face causing another laugh to erupt from Scott.

“Not” Coach said, blowing his whistle again “My” and again “Problem”.

“But- “

“Enough Stilinski, sit down and read” Coach said, opening Stiles’ book to a random page and tapping it. Stiles sighed and sat down in his seat. “Get out of here, McCall”

Scott walked outside of the classroom to see Isaac leaning against the lockers beside the classroom. Scott leant against the lockers next to him and raised his eyebrows.

“So…?” Scott asked, annoyance evident in his voice. Isaac rolled his eyes and Scott couldn’t help but scoff.

“That friend of yours really is something, isn’t he?” Isaac asked, peering into the classroom from where he was stood to see Stiles once again arguing with coach about god knows what. Scott smiled a little.

“He’s a dork but he’s still great” Scott said, shrugging his shoulders. “Now would you tell me what you wanted?”

“I wanted to make sure you were okay” Isaac said. Scott couldn’t tell whether he was being serious or not. Scott’s jaw kind of dropped and a million thoughts were running through his head and he didn’t really know what to say.

He finally settled on “Why do you care?”.

“I don’t” Isaac said, emphasising the word I. “As much as Derek appears to hate you he really doesn’t and he doesn’t have the guts to ask you himself so that’s where his best friend comes in. Just like yours probably would”

“Yeah well, I’m fine, we gathered that last night” Scott said, sighing as Isaac chuckled.

“No, we gathered that you were a sleep deprived idiot and I was an asshole” Isaac said, shoving his hands in his pockets and his eyes were still looking at his feet. Scott narrowed his eyebrows. He never saw the dude look so closed off, even though his voice still seemed confident.

“Look at me” Scott said warily, this time it being him who took a step closer. That never happened. Isaac took a step back.

“I have to get back to my class” Isaac said, rushing off in the other direction.

“Wait Isaac!” Scott shouted, causing the guy to turn around slightly. “Sorry”

“what for?” Isaac said before walking back off to his class. Scott dazed wandered back into the classroom and took his seat. His mouth was still slightly agape as he tried to turn his attention to Coach. It didn’t work to well as Stiles was throwing questions in his direction and at this point Scott didn’t think he knew how to answer any of them.

He didn’t know what Isaac wanted.

It wasn’t really that important so why did he have to get Scott out of class.

It had nothing to do with anything.

Scott had never been more confused than he was in that moment.