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What Could Go Wrong?

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Harry Potter had never once considered himself to be as blissfully oblivious as Ron, nor as sharp-minded as Hermione. He was just both smart and oblivious, he knew when something was wrong or different, it merely took him a bit of time to realize these abnormalities. For example, the situation he and his friends had somehow gotten themselves into. It took Ron about three days to convince Hermione to 'fuck around' with the time turner Professor McGonagall had given her in their third year. Hermione had eventually relented and sighed in resignation whilst Ron screamed 'Hallelujah!' to the sky.

With Harry, it took a mere twenty minutes for Ron to convince him, saying that the risks were minimal and they would only go back five minutes (he didn't believe his freckled friend but went along with it anyway'. Though Harry wished he could just continue with his Malfoy-watching, because no matter what Hermione and Ron said, he was most certainly not stalking him!

Now, the three sixteen-year-old students were sat in a circle on the floor of the Gryffindor common room, silently staring at the golden object in Hermione's shaking, tanned skin. Hermione had decided that if she was going to go along with this, she would be conducting the 'experiment' herself, to avoid any mistakes she was convinced the two boys would almost certainly make.

Harry bit his lip and eyed the time turner nervously, not particularly trusting the time turner which hadn't been used in years.

Hermione exhaled deeply, "Right. I will set it to five minutes in the past and that's it, I'm going to hand it over to Professor McGonagall," She exclaimed, motioning them to get closer to her, glancing over her shoulders at the stairs to the dorms, "Come here, now."

Both boys obeyed and shuffled closer to the curly-haired witch, she looped the long gold chain around their necks, forcing their heads almost awkwardly close together. She pauses and takes a deep breath, before turning the time turner over in her hands and started turning it back to five minutes. It was only then that Harry noticed the slight green tinge to the object and the slight shimmer of green around it.

That was not normal. When he and Hermione used it, it was nothing like that. Harry furrowed his eyebrows, "Uh, 'Mione, I don't think it's working-"

Then a sharp, nauseating feeling yanked at his stomach and he felt like he was going through a more brutal version of apparating. Images and colours flashed past them. Loud, screeching noises filled his ears and his friends looked blurred and uneven, he couldn't make out their facial expressions but he felt sure they weren't pleasant.

Harry then suddenly got the extremely unpleasant feeling of falling through water, he didn't know if he was screaming or making any noise at all, the loud screeching was the only thing he could hear. And then, he his back hit something cold and hard, knocking the wind out of him and sending agonizing tendrils of pain through his spine.

He gasped and groaned deep in his throat, blinking away the tears welling up in his eyes. He groaned again and slowly rolled himself onto his side, blinking rapidly and panting. Harry forced himself onto his elbow, and quickly looked around for Ron and Hermione. He sighed in relief when he saw them a couple meters away, both lying on their backs but visibly breathing. Neither seemed to be bleeding or seriously injured, from what he could see.

Harry still wanted to make sure they were all right. He ignored the pain that flashed through him and forced himself to his knees, crawling over to Ron who was the closest. Harry felt his heart drop when he saw Ron sitting up slightly, rapid, shallow breaths ripped from his throat and his skin looked clammy, he was swaying slightly and staring at nothing. He then noticed the rapid flow of blood under his jumper.

"Shit!" Harry cursed, pushing himself up completely, Ron was in shock and bleeding heavily.

"Ron, can you hear me? I need you to lie back for me." Harry ripped his jumper and shirt off, Ron only nodded weakly.

Harry gently lowered Ron down onto his back, gently pressing his hand against the redhead's cold, clammy forehead, "keep your head down," He lifted one knee and lifted Ron's feet onto his thigh, before gently and gingerly pulling up his shirt to reveal the wound. He winced and tore the bottom half of his discarded shirt and pressed it against the bloody wound.

Blood soaked through the thin material and Harry briefly pulled the tore fabric back when Ron screamed, he then noticed the large piece of glass sticking out of Ron's side. Harry fought back a gag and grabbed the rest of the shirt and pressed it against the wound again. Harry felt panic rising when he realized he had no idea where they were. Hermione was just climbing to her knees, he heard her gasp of horror and suddenly the wild-haired girl was right next to him, pressing her palm to Ron's forehead.

Harry had no fucking idea on what he was supposed to do now.

"Mione, please tell me you have that Dittany thing with you," But Hermione had already started going through the small bag, breathing laboured.

But before the two young wizards could do anything further, there were two sudden pricks of pain on the side of their necks. Harry gasped and fell forward slightly, but a strong hand caught the back of his shirt, pulling him back so he didn't fall on top of his injured friend. Harry felt himself be lowered onto his back, everything was becoming blurry and he felt dizzy.

Harry groaned softly and slowly blinked, he turned his gaze to the sudden shape of a person above him, he kept his eyes locked on the figure until, eventually, everything went black.