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Turning the Page

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Emma was trying so hard to keep it together. Henry was so grown up. Walking away from him was so hard. In the last four years since he had left, he had changed so much. An afternoon wasn’t enough time but she had to let him find his own story. Only he could do that.

Emma felt a small measure of relief that Regina would be with him and the other version of Killian would be as well. It was strange to see the wish realm’s version of Hook again, especially looking more like her own Hook. Hearing the other Killian talk about his daughter set Emma’s mind running wild imagining a daughter with Killian’s eyes and what combination of her features and his their child would end up with. If Emma wasn’t already pregnant it’d be enough to make her want to drag her own Killian home and never leave their bed until she was pregnant.

Although in their case it had taken so many years she had almost, almost!, given up hope of giving Killian a child. Dwindling hope of their own second chance, an opportunity to break the cycle of parents being separated from their kids and ensure their own kids didn’t feel like she and Killian had as children: lost and alone. Killian was so great with Henry and even her brother and it left her feeling like there had to be something wrong with her that she couldn’t bring a baby to full term because Killian Jones was absolutely meant to be a father. Her doctor (and Killian, and her mom and even Granny) had reinforced more times than she could remember that miscarriages happened to more women than most people realized and just because one happened didn’t mean she couldn’t have another. It was so early in her pregnancy, barely a baby bump, and Killian was already mollycoddling her. She understood why but with four months to go it was going to be a long road.

Emma pressed her hand to her stomach and held Killian’s there as she looked at their son. Emma could see a little of Neal in Henry. But she could see so much of Killian in Henry as well. She could see Killian in Henry’s mannerisms and attitude. Killian squeezed her hand and she looked at her husband, then her son, his other mother and other Hook and knew it was time to go before this portal closed on her. Her path and Henry’s would diverge here but Emma had no doubt in her mind that they would meet again. After all her family had a saying.

I will always find you.