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Only in My Memories.

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It's impossible that no one sees him. He's clearly alive and well in front of us. So why is it that I'm the only one that sees him?




I'm always hearing Deku's voice behind me in class. It sucks to hear it everyday but somehow, nobody's listening to him. It's weird, usually his two best friends would be standing around him and listening to him ramble garbage but it's different today. So different and unusual I had to turn around and talk to him.

"Oi, what's up with your two friends? Why aren't they talking to you today? You're annoying me."

"Kacchan, you can hear and see me?"

He looked genuinely surprised that I can hear and see him. I wonder why.

"Obviously I can. I'm not blind nor deaf. What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing, I'm just glad I'm not alone now. Everyone's been ignoring me the whole day today, I was much more lonelier than usual."

I gave him a weird look and shook it off.

"Whatever, walk back home with me from today onwards then."

I turned around before he could answer me so I could hide my blushing cheeks.


The day went by surprisingly fast and just like promised, Deku walked home with me. The whole walk home wasn't quiet at all. I talked with Deku about some heroic stuff. However, a lot of people were giving me weird looks while I talk to Deku. What's their problem?

"Ne, Kacchan. Don't you feel paranoid? People are giving you such weird looks here when you're talking to me."

"I don't care about them. It's probably cause you're so loud and annoying that they give us such weird looks. Better keep it down now, Deku."

That shut him up. The remaining walk home was silent. No usual mutterings from him. No sounds of him breathing so harshly trying to catch up with my pace. It's as if he's non-existent. That gave me a chill up my spine. I swiftly looked behind to see if he was still behind me.

No signs of him, whatsoever. I shook it off as he already parted ways. I mean, I'm already at my place, he can't be following me home, right? Yeah, he just parted ways.

-the next morning-

I went to class surprisingly early today. I couldn't sleep well last night either. I couldn't shake off the thought that he could be dead. He could've said that he was going his way already last night and not make me so shocked.

When I arrived to class, Deku was already there and just like yesterday, no one is paying him any attention. What's wrong with all of them?

"Yo, Deku. They're still not talking to you?"


Strange, he seems more dead today than usual. This isn't the Deku I knew. I heard the class getting quieter and I looked around. Everyone was staring at me with emotionless eyes. All of them were standing so still, it was as if their feets were glued to the ground. The atmosphere in the class is so heavy I could barely breathe.

"Bakugou, who are you talking to?" Kirishima spoke slowly. The silence from everyone else is slowly eating me up.

"I'm talking to Deku, obviously?"

Everyone looked away and started whispering to each other. For the rest of the day, they ignored me and Deku completely.


At that night, the class talked about me in the class groupchat as if I was not in it. I grinded my teeth and was about to throw my phone across my room when I received another message. Deku had privately sent me a message telling me to stay strong, to cheer up and to not mind them. It's not like I'll ever admit this but, that made me feel a little better.


Four months had passed since that incident and I truly wonder if I'm going bonkers. For straight up four months, I watched Deku blindly following Iida and Uraraka. Both of them look seriously depressed while Deku was smiling happily to them, talking to them. I watched him talk about something excitedly only to look dejected when he was talked over. I watched as everyone ignored his ideas online and finalise the project with the ideas they've collected, none of them being his.

For the first time in my 15 years of existence, I felt the urge to protect Midoriya Izuku. Nobody paid any attention to him anymore. I'm the only one that pays him so much attention lately. Nobody else sees him, it's making me worried. It's unlikely of me to worry for someone, but I can't help it. The only thought that came up to my brain is that Deku is dead and I'm just talking to a wandering soul.

I shook the thought away. It can't be true that he's gone.

My thoughts were interrupted when Aizawa-sensei talked about some Science shit. I have got no idea but we had to go out of the school to go to wherever it was and conduct the experiment.

When we arrived, the professor in charge explained the experiment we were about to do. Deku stood silently beside me.

"Once you sit or touch it, it will leave an imprint of your butt or hands. Because I'm still unsure if this is working, may I get a volunteer?"

Deku raised his hands up high and went forward when the professor called for him. Weirdly enough, the professor sees him. I raised my eyebrows towards the professor when I noticed that he didn't talk to Deku who was standing excitedly beside him. Ashido and Uraraka then walked past me and the professor acknowledged them. Deku looked extremely dejected when that happened but quickly cheered up as he listened to what the professor told them.

Ashido and Uraraka sat down on the bench while Deku lied down on the table. They stayed there for at least 5 minutes before they felt a stinging pain up their asses. Deku didn't complained anything but stood up anyway. I observed Deku stretching, his back making cracking sounds. I watch him turn slowly to see the results of the table. His face was in genuine shock and I was confused. I followed his eyes and took a glance of the table. I was in shock myself. There were no imprints of his body at all. I wanted to shout at him but seeing the results of it made me stop myself as that was enough proof that he is just a wandering soul.


Arriving back to school, I went to Iida and Uraraka, Deku in between them.

"You two, where is.. Deku?"

Iida and Uraraka looked truthfully shocked at my question. Deku was taken aback and looked down at his feet. The whole class went silent as everyone sets their eyes towards me.

"Bakugou-san.. Deku died 5 months ago.." Iida said every word slowly. I glared at them as I digest reality.

It can't be true. He's there between them. It's impossible that no one sees him. He's clearly alive and well in front of us. So why is it that I'm the only one that sees him?

"That's impossible. He's there between you two. He's been walking home with me for the last 5 months. He's not dead at all! He's even sent me messages, I'm not kidding, I have proof!" I whipped out my phone and searched for his name. I clicked his name and showed them. But they all look at me as though I'm deranged.

"Bakugou, there's nothing here other than you apologising to him."

No, it can't be. I don't recall telling him that I was sorry. What was I even apologising for? I looked at Deku who was now staring at me with deadpan eyes. I fell to my knees as all emotions engulfed me. Were all those just imaginations? What happened that caused me to be so insane, that caused Deku to die? I stared at Deku. Uraraka was sobbing silently beside him. Iida was holding back tears. Everyone just seemed very miserable.

"Bakugou, you were there with him. You witnessed everything that happened to him. He got hit by a truck. The truck had villains in them. It was after school and he had wanted to go buy some taiyaki for you and himself. When he crossed the road, you told him to get something else but before you could even hear his response, a truck had hit him." Kaminari explained, his voice sounding very soft.

"When you realised what had happened, you went berserk and started aiming fire towards the villains. You were crying while you were fighting them, Bakugou. The villains were caught and Midoriya was brought to the hospital." Ashido spoke up, sniffling.

"By the time he reached the hospital, he had already stopped breathing, Bakugou. He was covered in so much blood. You were screaming and throwing a fit in the hospital that you were kicked out. You didn't believe that he was gone." Yaoyorozu muttered as she wiped her tears away.

"For 5 months, you were talking to someone. We all pitied you, Bakugou. Although you hated Midoriya so much, you were still the closest to him. Of course you look crazy doing all that stuff, even during lunch breaks. We protected you from every other students who talked bad about you." Todoroki spoke up. Although he spoke monotonously, there was a tint of sadness.

"Your mother told us that you've been crying in your room silently as you sent messages to Midoriya." Kirishima uttered.

I was sobbing, clenching my chest as everyone told me. I've been so messed up the last 5 months that I didn't even know it. I could feel everyone's stares burning into the back of my neck. I feel hopeless, pathetic and miserable.

"Kacchan, I'm sorry." I heard Deku faintly saying.

"You're horrible, Izuku.. Please forgive me for all the wrongs that I've done to you."

I sobbed harder, everyone engulfing me into a group hug and telling me to stay strong as I felt a faint kiss on my cheek. It was surely a goodbye kiss. To tell me that he now lives only in my memories.