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Guns and Ammo

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/You stood there in shock, staring at the gunman. He had a blank look in his eyes. Like it was all routine. Like he was numb. You chuckled and choked on the blood building up in your lungs. It spit out of your mouth as you coughed and smiled at him, shakily bringing your hands up and clapping. Your chest throbbed. Your lungs burned as it drowned in blood from the open bullet wound.
He stared at you blankly. His gun still pointed at you.
You collapsed as everything went black.
As everything disappeared./


You gasped awake, clutching at your chest as you sat up. Pulling in gulps of breath that didn't satisfy your need for air. Your chest burned where the bullet had been. But there was no scar.
It hadn't happened this run. Why did the nightmares start up again?
You glanced around you at your dark and messy room. Counting objects and colors visible in the darkness, trying to ground yourself back to reality and get the gunman's face out of your head. It wasn't real this time. This time you weren't in a war, and you weren't fighting for your life against your fellow humans for a cause that you didn't even know. You weren't firing, reloading, and aiming a gun every minute.
You repeated those lines over and over in your head like a mantra as you searched your pillows for your phone. It was under the pillow against the wall, connected to its charger. It vibrated in you hands as the little green light that said it was fully charged, switched to blue. You had a new message.
Flopping onto your back, you woke up your phone and checked your message. It was from your buddy Barren. Or at least, that was what you called him. You don't remember his actual name, so you called him the thing that you came up with that seemed closest to whatever jumble of letters and noise that made up his name.

Sept 11, 20XX 2:10am
[Hey loser. You up?]

You debated on just not texting him back and trying to go back to sleep. But sadly, you had an iPhone, and were one of those people that had it so it sent read receipts when you saw the text. Sighing, you typed out a text.

[Am now. Y? U forget Calc hw again r somethin.]

[no. Jus wondrin if u were actually serious about joining us on sunday to go see that war movie. Thought u didn't like that stuff?]

You blinked. Did you say that? You probably weren't paying attention when your mutual friend Bunby (again, a nickname given to her by you because you're shit with names) asked you.

[probably not dude. Didnt even know that was what she was askin for. Thought it was to watch Netflix r something at her house]

[lol yea. Well anyways, now that my curiosity has been sated, imma pass the info on to bunby and go back to bed see you at the usual spot]

You sighed as you tossed your phone to the floor. You weren't even going to try to go to sleep since you knew you were going to fail anyways. So instead, you sat up, slipped out of bed, and went and made yourself pancakes.
Maybe, even with your severe lack of sleep, you could somehow make today good, and you'll start your efforts with pancakes.