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The call

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Betty looked at her phone as it buzzed. The number was from an unknown person, so she ignored it and went about finishing up her reading for English class.

Buzz! Buzz! Betty rolled her eyes and threw the phone on the bed. Surely, once the person heard her voicemail greeting, he or she should have quit calling.

Betty rolled off her bed and got ready to take a quick shower. Her parents were away at a conference, so she was home alone which was how she liked it. She dug into her underwear drawer for clean panties and then picked her nightshirt off the footboard of her bed.

The hot shower helped soothe her muscles after a robust cheerleading practice but did nothing to comfort her heart. Jughead had broken up with her a little over three months ago telling her that they were too different from each other. She was Northside while he was Southside. Her parents were the ideal citizens of Riverdale while his father was in jail and his mother had left her husband and son. He was darkness, and she was light.

Betty sighed as she remembered how she had pleaded with him not to leave her. She had dropped to her knees outside Pop's and hugged his legs, not caring about the spectacle she would have made of herself if anyone had been there at 2:14 am. Unfortunately, it was just the two of them. So when Jughead pushed her away and got on his bike, she sat on the cool gravel crying until Reggie found her during his morning run at 5:15 a.m. Her tears had all dried up, and she had just sat there rocking herself, unperturbed by the darkness or the cold temperature.

Reggie didn't take Betty into Pop's but had led her to the closest house that he could think of- the Keller residence. The only thing she said to him was, "I'm alone, all alone." He wanted to strike Jughead for inflicting pain on the beautiful blonde.

Betty didn't remember if Reggie had called the Kellers beforehand, or if they arrived unannounced. Sherrif Keller had opened the door, a worried look on his face. When he saw Betty, his worry turned to concern. Betty vaguely remembered whispered words, lights flicked on and the sound of a kettle whistling. Kevin helped her put on a clean robe, Reggie placed a hot mug of tea, and Sheriff Keller called her mother.

Alice Cooper arrived 10 minutes later; she didn't know that Betty was not in the house and from her expression everyone there knew that she was about to yell at her youngest child. But seeing Betty's face, she, instead, dropped into the chair next to her and held her. Rubbed her back as she said encouraging words.

The three males had left the women in the kitchen and moved to sit on the porch. No words were said as Betty, and her mother made their way home. They didn't need to be.

Betty laid on her bed for the rest of the weekend. She was numb. Hal Cooper had yelled, not at Betty, but at the "brainless asshole who had broken his child."

Archie and Veronica had come to see her. Betty had noted that Archie had a swollen lip and Betty was sure that Jughead was sporting a shiny, black eye. Veronica, as practical as ever, drew Betty a bath, cleaned her up and forced a little broth down Betty's throat.

"B, you can throw yourself a pity party till Monday 6:00 am, but after that, you need to pull yourself together. He's not worth it. I know he'll regret it," Veronica had said.

Betty finished her shower and stepped out. She wiped the mirror of the condensation and looked at her reflection. She had lost lots of weight despite quitting her morning runs. Her mother had insisted that she go on antidepressants and her father had forced her to go to a therapist. She had welcomed both suggestions readily to the utter surprise of her parents.

Betty combed her hair, lathered her body with lots of moisturizer and proceed to brush her teeth. She could hear her phone buzzing again! She stormed into her bedroom and grabbed the phone.

15 missed calls. No voice message and no texts! Who the hell was calling her?

The next time the phone buzzed, Betty answered, "Who is this?" Betty asked angrily.

"Betty?" A concerned baritone voice asked.

"Yes?" Betty's voice said hesitantly.

"It's F.P.," Jughead's dad said, "Jughead's in trouble."