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Kinktober: 2017

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They don’t have much time. Between Liv and Moses coming home from school, Charity and Chas constantly wandering back and forth, they’re trapped in a conveyor belt of people ready to interrupt them for the most inane things.

No, Mum, I don’t need you to wash my jumper.

What Aaron needs is time alone with his boyfriend. He’s in his kitchen making a cup of tea and trying to remember the last time he had five minutes of peace and quiet with him.

It’s sad, but he doesn’t actually know. He’s staring at his tea getting browner and browner and he sighs like it takes his whole body to do it.

“Hiya,” Robert pops his head round and frowns at Aaron just standing there with a spoon in his hand like a lost soul. “You alright?”

He’s wearing a suit: navy, slim fit trousers that skim his legs but clings just so to his arse under the jacket. And Aaron just wants. He turns around, tea ignored, and pulls Robert in by his shirt, letting him come into the v of his legs where he’s now leaning against the work surface.

Robert’s got this dopey grin on his face as he nudges Aaron’s nose with his own, “Hi.”

Long fingers settle on either side of his waist, but Aaron wants more. He slips his hands around the leather of Robert’s belt and lets his palms rest on the round muscle of his arse.

“Oh, that kind of hug is it?” Rob teases him but Aaron feels the small roll of hips against his own.

Not really standing on pretense anymore, Aaron bites his bottom lip and shrugs, “Guess it is.”

Robert never needs to be told twice as his gaze focuses down on Aaron’s lip that’s red from where he dragged it between his teeth. He doesn’t immediately go in for a kiss. Instead, he steps so that his right leg is outside of Aaron’s left. It makes Aaron’s stomach drop with want as he pulls Robert’s arse towards him and enjoys the exhalation of air that follows. The denim of his jeans is thick enough that it provides a good amount of friction as he rocks against Robert’s thigh, pushing their hips together as he drags Robert against him with heavy hands. His dick feels tight against the fabric and he can feel the weight of Robert’s thickening length pressing alongside his, spurring him on.

“Aaron…” Robert’s voice is hoarse before he finally catches Aaron’s mouth with his own. It’s little less than a wet press of mouths as little sighs escape plush lips. Aaron pulls a little harder, digs his fingers in a little deeper and it jolts Robert against him as he rides down onto Aaron’s thigh.

“Yeah, Rob, come on.” Aaron kisses Robert then, thrusting his tongue inside, tasting the coffee he must have had not long ago.

The hands against his waist turn into fingers that score down the outsides of his hips and rest under his arse, cupping it for leverage as they rock together. It’s the kind of pleasure that builds slowly, Aaron feeling it spark as their chests bump together and Robert bites at his neck. One hand slides further down and curls around Aaron’s thigh, pulling it up around Robert’s leg. It brings them as close as they can get without being inside each other and it’s perfect. Every roll of his own hips is a stroke against his aching cock and Robert drives his hips up like he’s inside and it makes Aaron’s chest cave. His breath is shallow as he wets the fabric of his boxers and pulls his lips between his teeth again to stop himself from making a sound.

Except Robert knows all of the things that Aaron tries to hide. He slips his fingers against cleft of Aaron’s arse and applies enough pressure that it tips Aaron over the edge, his body shaking and curving so that he pulls Robert against him as he stutters and moans softly. Fingers still pressing, Robert keeps thrusting against Aaron who feels sensitive and tingly where Robert is rubbing against him. Robert drops his forehead down onto Aaron’s shoulder with a drawn sigh, while Aaron brushes a soft hand up and down his back as he comes. 

Robert lifts his head up, letting his lips pause for a soft kiss on Aaron’s cheek: “That was nice, but you should probably make another cup of tea. That one’ll be rank now.”