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Kinktober 2017. :RaM: .

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Morty loved to test Rick's patients. He was constantly trying to see how far he could go, whatever it is. He would try to pry at Rick, the rules were simple; not to go in the garage while he wasn't there, not to touch the portal gun, and don't touch Rick's alcohol. Morty knew what he could do and what he couldn't, but he wanted to bend some boundaries.

Morty would try to look for loopholes in his grandfather's warnings, he wouldn't tread around these things lightly either he would look for a reason, any reason to betray his trust. Whether it was for attention or just to be a pain in the ass, Morty didn't know nor did he really care. But Rick had a limit, sure he was nicer than most Ricks, but he still had buttons and Morty, well Morty was pressing them.

It was a rainy night, when Rick was checking the liquid fuel gauges on the ship, his ship was his pride and joy, he even put a sticker with his dimension number on it '2649-A', During his and Morty's adventure that day the light saying the tank was low came on nearly detracting him. Just as Rick finished and rested in his swivel chair, he heard a soft clink from the living room. It was three in the morning, Rick knew that he still had an hour and a half before Beth would get up for work. Thinking it might be Jerry, he took a swig from his flask, but Jerry was on a 'business trip'. Okay he was told to sleep outside for upsetting Beth earlier that day, but still.

He lastly debated his odds with Summer who might have finally come home late from a party. But he knew how Summer acted after a long night of alcohol. He sighed slightly knowing who it was, pulling himself off his chair and forcing himself over to the door, he glanced out into the darkness of the house, seeing a slight glow from the television.

“M-Morty, w-URP-hat are y-you doing?” He growled out into the darkness. He heard a soft squeak from the living room, followed by the television light flash off. Rick waited, listening to the rain pick up outside. Standing in the doorway of the garage, letting his eyes adjust to the black void, slowly he began to get annoyed. “I asked y-you a q-q- I asked you what you w-were doing, Morty.” He hissed out. “L-last chance, Morty.” The only thing that lit up the still darkness was a blinding flash from the lightening outside, then the dark settled back over the house returning dormant he took long swig from his flask, silently making his way through the kitchen to the living room.

Walking around the couch, as he expected, he saw the small teen curled up on the sofa, eyes clenched shut, he looked as if he was trying to dissolve into the cushions, Rick rolled his eyes about to turn back to the garage, until he noticed the small brown glass bottle clenched between the teen's arms. His anger began to rise again. “D-damn it you little shit, h-URP- how many times do I have to t-tell you not- not to touch my fucking s-stuff!” The scientist whisper-yelled at the teen. Grabbing the bottle and setting it on the coffee table, Morty opened his eyes to meet his grandfather's gaze. Morty being Morty decided it would be a good idea to look innocent, trying to win the last bit of sympathy Rick might have had.

“Aww J-Jeez, Rick I-I jus-just wanted to t-try it like y-you, mommy, a-and Summer.” He said with a naïve smile. Rick placed a hand to his head, it was late, he had a long day and just wanted some peace before the family got up.
“G-go to bed, Morty, ma-maybe when yo-you're ol-URP-der."
“How ab-about now, I m-mean the f-family is still s-sleeping a-a-and I don't normally get t-”
“Bed!” Rick stated trying to end the conversation, and retain his dominance, he looked at the now blushing teen.

'What the hell?' He thought as Morty bit his lip. Letting the connection sink in a bit. He started to wonder if Morty was just trying to get on his nerves, or if it was something more.

"Morty” Rick growled out softer, watching the teen shiver a little.
"N-no, I do-don't have to listen to- to you, I- I-”
“Summer, c-could get home any minute, a-a-and your m-m-other-, your mommy, could come d-down the stairs any s-EUP-econd, do you really want to try me?” Rick asked draining his flask, “Do you?” another blinding flash of lightening lit up the house.

“W-whatever, Rick, it's no-not like you a-actually care.” Morty huffed pulling himself to his feet. He turned to the stairs, walking a bit before pausing. He turned back to Rick, seeming if he was debating something to say. His cheeks turned a slight red and his hands began to shake.
“Go, Morty, I-I'm tired of loo-looking at you.”

Whatever Morty wanted to say must have been lost in the void of all his unspoken thoughts. The blush on his cheeks quickly disappeared replacing the rosey colour with his creamy one.
“F-fuck you, Rick! M-maybe I j-just want t-to be l-like you a-and...” Rick quickly closed the space between himself and Morty.
“W-why would you want to-to be like m-URP-e? I'm no-not a g-good role mo-model”
“Of co-course because w-when you a-act like this y-you're just a-a-a- you're just an asshole!”

Rick asked grabbing Morty's pajama shirt pulling him back to the couch. His anger seemed to spike.
“You-you're drunk. I'm g-going to bed.” Morty stated trying to pull away but Rick already sat down, he pulled the teen over his lap.

“W-what are yo- you doing, R-Rick I sa-said I'm g-going to be-bed!” Morty rushed out in a panic, he felt his boxers be pulled down to rest on his thighs. Morty felt his anxiety spike. He trashed away only to feel one of Rick's callused hands pushing on his back to keep him in place.
“O-obviously, Morty, Mo-Mommy never taught you, h-how to respect y-your elders.”
"W-what the he-hell does t-th-”


Morty let out a yelp as an unsuspected hand hit hard against his bottom. He felt a jolt of pain rush through his buttocks, and right to his cock sending it a wave of slight pleasure. While at the same time his cock rubbed against Ricks clothed thigh, sending another way in his cock.


Morty let out a whine this time,
"P-please, STOP!" Morty tried to spit out, but it came out as a soft and needy moan.
"But, B-Baby if I s-stop how will y-you ever learn?" Morty tried to crawl out of Rick's grasp, another smack landed on his cheeks. Another jolt went to his cock. It felt as if all the blood in his body rushed straight to his cock, he felt slightly dizzy, more smacks landed on his buttocks turning the normally creamy and soft flesh, into red and blistered heating up after each hit.

Rick smiled to himself watching the small teen completely break under him, he wasn't prepared for Morty to be so willing and accept his punishment. He thought he was going to have to hold teen down, and maybe even get his belt involved. He was kinda disappointed that Morty was taking it so well.

"Y-you like this, ba-baby?" Rick chuckled out as he rested a hand on Morty's right cheek.
"S-such a go-URP-od little baby boy for G-Grandpa. Taking it soo g-g- taking it like a champ." Rick whispered into the teen's ear softly, the scent of alcohol drifting to Morty's nose. Morty's soft whimpers into Rick's pants leg, made Rick's cock twitch. He placed another smack on Morty. Letting Morty's cock run against his thigh.

Morty rolled his hips forward to get more friction from Rick's thighs.
"N-no, this is your punishment, bad b-URP-oys don't get to feel go-good." Rick stated running a hand through Morty's damp curls. He whimpered for more, almost begging for it.

As Rick was about to smack Morty's buttocks again he heard the front door open, Summer drunkenly made her way through the door almost tripping over herself knocking over a few pictures off the walls, both males could hear the glass shatter, a soft groin came from the stairs. It seemed the storm outside had finally passed, Rick pushed Morty off of him.
"F-fix yourself, Your mo-mom will be d-down soon, I want- I hope you le-learn your lesson." Rick grabbed the bottle of beer off the coffee table before turning to the garage. Leaving the horny teen on the floor confused and wanting.