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It was over.
Thanos was dead.
Thor could hardly believe it. The prospect of defeating Thanos alone had seemed impossible, but with the infinity gauntlet, it was inconceivable. And yet, still, it had happened. That isn’t to say it was a victory without cost. So much had been lost. Everyone involved was carrying injuries, and the memories of this fight would probably haunt them all for the rest of their lives. But it was done. The fight was over.
Thor gingerly placed a hand onto his head, a wave of dizziness coming over him. He didn’t think he’d ever fought that hard in his life. It made the Destroyer from all those years ago seem like a fly in comparison. He glanced up, where the sounds of a muted victory were coming from his teammates. Some were smiling, but most just looked exhausted. He breathed a sigh of relief, and began walking towards his companions. Those that could voice their welcomes did, and those that could not gave him a weary nod.

“So, we actually went and did it, huh?” Starks robotic voice rang out from inside his suit, which was probably the only thing keeping him upright, judging by the way that Rogers was supporting him.

“Yeah…I guess we did.” Came the captains reply, a wry grin crossing his face. The display of friendship brought a weak smile to Thor’s face; He had been worried that the rifts of the past were too big to amend, but the threat of Thanos seemed to have brought the team back together.

Natasha looked up from her position on a rock, a look of concern spreading across her face as her eyes landed on the demi-god. “You okay big guy?”

Thor turned around, glancing behind him for who the widow was mentioning, his first thoughts going to Doctor Banner. But there was no one there, and Doctor Banner was standing behind the widow, very much in human form. Realisation dawned upon him, and he immediately opened his mouth to assure his team-mate of his wellbeing. But the words didn’t come out. It was probably just the shock, the aftermath of the battle catching up with him. He was about to try again, when a low crackling sound began to fill his ears, distorting the words of his companions around him. Another wave of dizziness hit him, causing him to stagger back.

At this point his companions seemed concerned, and Doctor Banner nervously stepped forward to try and aid Thor, putting one hand on his arm.
“Thor? What’s wrong?”

At least that’s what he thought his friend said. It was getting rather hard to tell. It was also getting hard to see, his vision beginning to grow cloudy. He could vaguely make out the forms of his friends, and their concerned tones. Things started to get worse once he felt his knees buckle from under him, and the cold, hard ground collided with his face. And now Banner was shaking his shoulder, trying to get any response out of him. But he couldn’t reply, things were growing dark, and the voices of his companions were growing dim. He suddenly became of how tired he was. And by the gods, was he tired. Everything hurt, and his muscles were exhausted from fighting. He could afford to take a moments rest, he told himself. Just a moment…

“What the hell is wrong with him?” A panicked Stark asked, moving from Caps support to join Banner, who was kneeling beside the unconscious demigod.

“I don’t know…He’s alive, at least.” Banner spoke in a worried tone, his fingers resting on Thor’s wrist, taking his pulse.

Clint moved down from his perch on a formation of rubble, taking a seat next to Natasha. “Perhaps he’s just out of it? I mean, I could definitely go for a power-nap.”

“No power-napping until we’re back on the ship, Clint.” Retorted Natasha, looking to the archer with an amused smirk.

“All we can do for now is wait until we’re back on earth. We’ll deal with everything then, including the power naps.”

The avengers turned their gaze towards the stars, each one longing for the familiar landscape of home. They’d be alright. Earth medicine was some of the finest stuff out there. And after they were all patched up, they could concentrate on the important things, like relaxing and recovering. Something they hadn’t been able to do in a long time.