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Leave me alone, i am Taken

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I was sitting astride him my ass could feel his thick thighs underneath me . god I was becoming breathless as he kissed my neck . my beard rubbing against his cheek , his hands wandering down my back towards my ass , feeling me and pulling me closer to him. Me jeans and underwear getting tighter as my cock rubber against his stomach . God I loved feeling my body this close to his. I could feeling massaging my ass cheeks through the material of my jeans pulling my cheeks apart and trying to stretch me . I wanted to feel his touch on my hole I was craving it.HIs hands wandered back up my body to grab my hair as he pulled me head back from his searching mouth I looked in to his filled with lust. "What do you want Aaron tell me what you want?"

I was breathless trying to figure out in my mind what I did want, I wanted all of him every inch every touch every kiss " I want you" I replied it came straight from the back of my throat I let it out in a low growl and he looked at me a smile crossing his face his eyes skimming my body as he held the back of my hair not letting me look away . He drew my closer and breathed on to my throat causing me to throw my head back in anticipation waiting for his lips to touch me . they didn't and I couldn't wait for the contact as I ground down further on to his thighs I needed him and he new it , he was teasing me and getting off on it , I LOVED !! every minute of it.

"Stand up!" he told me , I looked at him confused "No!" I replied forcing the wards out of my mouth pouting trying to hold him closer , His hands released my head and made there way to my hips , He pushed them back to I was moving back off his lap " I need you I'm not getting off" I tried to force myself to stay where I was but he was to forceful , "Stand Up" he told me once again as his hands where pushing against my wanting body . I looked down at him and gave in , I knew I couldn't resist , I knew there would be some plan or scheme in his head so I did as I was told.

I stood in front of him looking down at him as he lay back with his arms now stretched over the back of the sofa , His legs apart and his breathing heavy as I watched his chest rise and fall , He once again surveyed my body with his eyes before speaking " STRIP NOW" I Looked at him in astonishment " STRIP NOW AARON YOU HAVE GOT SOMETHING OF MINE AND I WANT IT BACK" I looked at him astonished , How did he know , he couldn't have figures it out .i looked him in the eyes " I don't know what your talking about!!" a nervous giggle in my voice "Oh i think you do Aaron now are you going to Strip or do i have to come and get it myself , and you know that i will get it back by any means i have to , Its not yours"

I look at him and huff out a breath " Right ok , I didn't mean to take it i just needed something to remind me of you" he didn't respond he just continued staring at me , no emotion on his face . I looked down at my feet and back to his face ."ok" and i took the hem of my jumper and t shirt and pulled it over my head letting it drop behind me . I looked at him, he didn't move , waiting for me to make my next move , I looked down to my feet and slid of my boots one at a time kicking them to the other end of the sofa. my hands trailed to the waistband of my jeans and i popped the button and pulled down the zipper and stopped" Do you have to have them it back now or cant it wait " He looked at me and shook his head " Now Aaron. no more excuses"

I put my thumbs in my hips just inside the waist of my jeans and slid them down kicking them off as i did so towards where my jumper and t shirt had landed . i stood in front of him and he stared at me a smile appearing on his face " Why didn't you think i would notice they had gone " he let out a small laugh at the end of the question which just made me smile as i looked back at him" I don't know i just wanted to feel close to you , Something of yours i guess ,"i was trying to stop myself giggling as i replied to him hanging my head in slight embarrassment. " all you had to do was ask Aaron. and besides they look better on you "

As i stood there in front my head looking down to the floor i was becoming warm with embarrassment as my cheeks started to flush red . " So you want them back?" i looked at him as he started to giggle and a wide smile on his face" I don't think they where every mine really , when you bought me the five pairs i never thought i would wear them but they are really comfy and if i do say so myself look good on you" I looked at his face and his eyes with filled with lust , i could see it " I have to admit when i did buy them i did buy them a bit small for you because i liked the way they looked on you , tight and figure hugging . but i do admit i like wearing hem as well , Please say you ll let me wear them , especially when you have been wearing them , it makes me feel a lot closer to you as if i can feel you " He stood up and came forward standing directly in front of me i could feel his breath on my neck " Do you take them out of the wash basket when i put them in there " he looked at me and i nod my head " Usually when you go for a shower , i ll go to the wash basket take them out , Strip my boxers off and put these on , Usually making sure than i put my PJ bottoms on straight after so you wont notice " I hand my head looking like that i have been caught with my hands in the cookie jar " I have no problem with it Aaron honestly and you look fucking hot as hell in them to"

His hand slowly picks my chin up and i look in to his eyes , " Fuck me please" He takes a step back from me looking at me , he moves his hands to the front of his shirt and undoes the buttons slowly sliding it off his shoulders , I move towards him as i want to touch him " aha ah ah Aaron no touch till i tell you" hes smirking , God i love it when he smirks it does things to me " And no touching yourself Aaron" I look at him and nod knowing this is going to drive me wild and heighten the sensation.

He stands further back and unbuttons his jeans slowly pulling the zip down he lets the material fall away and i gasp " Fuck" I can see hes not wearing any underwear i can see the top of his snacking cock and a trimmed and shaved bush its making me wet my lips , he looks back at me and smirks pushing the jeans down with his thumbs until he steps out of them , I look at him my eyes wide , licking my lips thinking to my self how much i want him , Hes the biggest i have ever taken and that's saying a lot considering the amount of one night stands i had before i met him , even Jackson and Ed don't compare to his size , Its not just the length its the girth , hes huge and he fills me up completely , and if i am honest it hurts sometimes due to his size .

I look at him he knows what i need as he starts walking towards me i cant take my eyes off his swinging cock , " How do you want it Aaron" I look at him and a quivering breath leaves my body " I want our favourite position " He looks at me and nods his head before returning to the sofa and sitting down his arms stretched out again across the back his legs wide , He looks at me and nods " No Foreplay , Your Ride and you Ride hard is that understood ?" I look at him and nod my head eagerly , Fuck i want to ride him hard today , I need this I'm desperate for it . I walk over to him and stand between his legs gripping the waistband of his underwear that i have been wearing " Leave the briefs on Aaron , They turn me on your cock looks so good in that pouch and i wanna fuck you while your wearing them " I look at him and nod as a broad smile covers my face.

I sit on his lap again my cock straining against the black material as i rub it against his chest, I reach behind myself and pull his cock so its sitting on the material in between my ass cheeks , He's breathing heavy his precum smearing into the material i can feel the wetness against me . " I look at him and he breathlessly asks "Lube" I nod and pull it from the sidetable where we store it " you do it " he moans as his head is thrown back over the back of the sofa . I smile and nod, I always like getting myself ready for him . Without turning around i squeeze a large amount on to my fingers and slowly push my hand down the back of the waistband of the briefs finding my hole as i breath in quickly at home cold the lube is touching my hole , I push to figers in and clench straight away around them , God I'm tight but i love it and i know how I'm gonad love feeling him against my tight hole . I workmyslef so i am becoming a little bit looser and wet , I love him being inside me when I'm wet . I pull my hand free and squeeze more lube on to my fingers finding his cock and sliding my hand over him to make him slick . God her feels bigger than i ever thought he could , I look at his face without taking stopping working my hand over his cock behind me , his breathing quickens up and he faces me ."you ready " I look at him and nod " I don't think i have been this ready in ages and i am so fucking turned on right now"

He pulls me close and i wrap both of my arms around this neck ready to hold on . I feel him pull the material of the briefs to one side exposing my ass , He pulls my cheeks apart and i can feel his figure probing me i gasp and pull his head tighter to my chest my arms still tightly wrapped around his neck, " Now please i gasp" as i feel his warm breath on my nipple . i can feel him remove his finger and i know what's coming next . as soom as it touched my rim i know its his cock , i'd know the feel of the big purple head anywhere , i can feel him pull my cheeks apart exposing my hole further to his cock and slowly i lower myself on to him i throw my head back and gasp " Fuuuuuckkkk ! " i stop and pant while still holding around his neck , i can feel him speaking in to my chest " Are you ok , You want to stop?" i bite my lip ," No fucking way , i just need to adjust you , told you sometimes i cant believe i can take all of you just give me a minute " We stop for what feels like hours before i slowly slide myself further down on to him " Fuck Pull my cheeks apart Stretch me , that's the only way i can take you" I can feel him pulling my cheeks further apart opening me up to take him further , it feels like i am going to split on to i know i need to take him all , As i throw my head back once again I'm moaning , i know that i know have him inside me . i ve taken him all and it feels fucking amazing . He hasn't moved as he's waiting for a signal form me . I push my head on to his shoulder an bite in to him , he knows this means I'm ready and he starts rolling his hips slowly thrusting on to me , he knows that's all i can take at this point as with each toll of his hips i thrust myself down on him. I'm biting in to his shoulder and i know that i will leave a mark .,but i don't care , he finds my nipple and slowly start to suck on it , his tongue flicking against the hard nub .

I'm grinding down on him almost breathless ,mmmm He feels so good , i know i wont last long but i don't care i need this and i need him . he starts to thrust deeper inside of me instead of rolling his hips causing me to throw my head back exposing my throat , as soon as he seems this he latches on to my throat . i can feel his teeth sinking in to my skin his cock filling me as his hands are pulling me ass cheeks apart as far as they will go . i start groaning in to the air, the pleasure filling me . my whole body feels like its part of his , i can feel it in my stomach the tension building the feeling of something good , I know i cant last much longer . i haven't even touched myself yet and i can feel my orgasm building , Hes so deep inside me hes constantly hitting my prostate , my sweet spot is numb with the sensation and then it hits , without warning , I pull myself in to his body biting down hard on to his shoulder hands trying to grip on to his sweaty back as i release my load in to the underwear I'm still wearing ,.I'm breathless , i don't know what so do , i cant catch my breath the intensity of the orgasm is so heavy.

My eyes shoot open . I'm sweating and slightly disorientated .i look over at the alarm clock its 2.30am i sigh and look back at the ceiling , i breath in heavily and look to my left the space is empty . me eyes feel heavy as i sigh , my husband should be here but he isn't . i made him leave and my life feels as empty as my bed. I feel wet i push up the duvet to see that my underwear , his underwear is wet and covered in come . "FUCK" i mutter to myself , i have had the same dream again , its doing my head in . I cant get him off my mind . I was doing so well until Liv came back , Until i had that stupid date with Alex and he tried it on . Feelings i had buried in my mind have now come flooding back for him.

I sigh and get up taking the red briefs off , i clean myself up with a towel , I head over to my underwear drawer and pull out a pair of my black boxers and slide them on , I look at the red briefs that are on the floor and pick them, up and fold them up i open up another drawer and place them next to the other 4 pairs of briefs that i forgot to tell Robert that i still had when he left , I smile to myself and laugh closing the drawer .

Back in bed alone i turn my back against the alarm clock and slowly head over to Roberts side of the bed , I place my head on the pillow and can still smell him , my arm outstretched to where his body should be my hand and palm facing down in to the covers where it would be resting on his stomach just above his waist , i sigh and close my eyes trying to get used to the empty bed , its not something i am dealing with very well .