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Chapter One ~ Dominoes


It was too damn hot to think straight let alone get any work done, so Merle Dixon headed indoors to slack off a little. Nothing pissed him off more than being bossed around by the very man who cuffed him to the rooftop in Atlanta, but it was the only way he could be with Daryl.

He was supposed to be reinforcing the fence again, but it was well over a hundred degrees, and he just didn't give a fuck anymore.

Inside the prison, he made his way to the shower area to get cleaned up. Rainwater was suspended in barrels overhead, and he planned to enjoy himself instead of slaving away outside.

Merle peeled off his clothes and kicked them into a pile in the corner as he got the water running steady.

"Fuck yes!" he growled and started to run his big hands all over his body to wipe off the dust and sweat.

He didn't hear anyone come in and was miles away, thoroughly engrossed in his own filthy mind by the time Karen walked in.

Merle had a vision in his mind of a stripper he'd seen once back in Atlanta playing in his mind. Her name was Roxanne or something like that. He couldn't quite remember her name, but her tits were fresh in his mind.

He was stroking his huge cock and leaning against the shower wall when he looked up and saw Karen's face. The grin that spread across his lips was impossible to avoid. She was stunned stiff and eyeing his dick like she'd never seen one before.

"Can I help ya, honey?"

"I'm sorry...I didn't know you were here."

"Well, ya do now."


"Like what you see?"

"Oh...right! Sorry to stare...I...uh...actually I have something going on with Tyreese so..."

"I don't need your life story, woman. Just wanted to know if there was a fuck for me in this peep show."

"Are you serious?" she asked, and he sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, I'm serious, you want to fuck or not?"

For a full 20 seconds she didn't move and then she peeled off her shirt slowly.

"Right on," Merle winked and motion for her to come closer.

She stripped off her clothes quickly, looking around her to ensure that nobody saw her actually getting nailed by Merle Dixon.

Merle pinned her to the shower wall and bit at her throat as he reached down to cup her ass cheek with his left and only hand. His raging hard cock pressed to her sweet thighs, and he couldn't wait to plaster her to the wall and fuck her into submission. Merle ran his hands all over her body as she started to jerk him off and then knelt down to get her off.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Gonna eat your pussy. What do ya think?"


"You the one pair of tits on this planet who doesn't like that?"

"No, I do. I just thought we were only going to have sex."

"We are, but I'm a gentleman. I get the woman off first."


"So hush your mouth and show me what you got. Open up."

She finally stopped asking questions, and he pulled her right leg up onto his shoulder. He lapped at her pussy lips, and she groaned out loud.

Merle ran his wet lips back and forth over hers, and she grabbed at his hair, pulling him in tight to her body. Merle licked at her entrance and grabbed her ass cheek with his hand to keep her steady. She didn't seem to care that his wrist was mangled, so he just kept at it until her legs started to get wobbly.

"Shit! Oh my god...."

Merle flicked her clit with his tongue, and she came for him nice and loud.

"Yes! Oh, yes! Oh, fuck yes!"

He painfully hard now and when he stood up, he wasted no time yanking one of her legs up around his hip and teasing her with the smooth head of his cock.

"You want it?"

"What about-"

"I'll pull out."


Merle drove into her, and she shuddered against the wet tiles and hopped up into his arms wrapping her legs around his waist.

Merle fucked her into the wall and groped her wet tits like it was his birthday and loved the warm tight pussy he'd managed to add to his list. Karen was a good fuck, she was pretty and had a very nice body. Merle was impressed with himself for talking her into it, and as he started to feel his balls pull in tight to let go, he had to ease her down to the ground.

"Kneel for me," he demanded, and she slowly did as he asked.

"Grab those tits for me and just close your eyes," he moaned.


"Gonna cum all over that pretty face unless you got a problem with that."

"No," she grinned.

He came all over her breasts and face, and to his amazement, she reached out her hand to take his dick and licked him clean.

"Fuck yeah, woman. That's just what I needed."

"Me too...I can't believe that just happened actually."

"Believe it," he chuckled.

He stepped back under the water and pulled her under as well so she could rinse his jizz off her skin but soon she was grabbing a towel and stepping back into her clothes like it never happened.

" and Tyreese are still-"

"I ain't lookin' to marry you, don't worry."

"You won't say anything then?"

"Course not, why would I?"



"That was amazing."

"Not bad at all, thanks, honey."

With that, she was gone, and Merle finished off in the shower to head back to his cell for an afternoon nap and maybe a little hit from his moonshine stash.

Getting women was always easier the fewer games he played and in the end who didn't want a good fuck when there was hardly any fun left in the world. Merle was a simple man and pussy was pussy. He didn't force himself on anyone, and as long as it was consensual he didn't see the harm in a casual fling; it was a victimless crime.



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*Chapter Two ~ Dominoes

- Lori

"I'm coming with you," she insisted.

"No, you ain't," Merle shot back. "I'll go find that idiot alone. I ain't taking a pregnant chick with me; you're a liability."

"Thanks a lot."

Merle had heard enough, he started toward the truck to go in search of Rick, and he heard a little whimper behind him. Merle turned slowly and squinted his eyes at her. Sure enough, Lori was starting in on the waterworks.

"Don't you dare."

"But...I just want to help...and I feel so useless...I just..."

Her lip trembled, and tears began to stream down her cheeks. If there was one thing, Merle couldn't take it was a crying woman.

"Get in, just quit your blubbering."

Rick had been gone only one day longer than expected but she was having a hissy fit over it. Merle said he'd go check it out just to keep her quiet, Rick would be fine and everyone knew it.

They set out on the road to the nearest town where Rick was supposed to be looking for baby items and found him as expected within the hour.

"What is she doing here?" Rick demanded.

"She was losing her giblets over you being gone so long!" Merle fired back.

"She shouldn't be out here in her condition."

"I know that! She started blubbering so what was I supposed to do?"

"Ignore her!" Rick huffed.

"I'm right here, you know?" she growled.

"Lori, you need to stop being erratic like this! You're gonna get yourself killed!"

"How dare you talk to me like that?" she screamed, her face turning red and her eyes brimming with anger.

"Listen to me, you're being irrational cause your hormones are going crazy, and you need to calm down. You know I'll be fine," Rick sighed.

"I don't even know why I cared so much about checking on you; I must have been out of my mind!"

"Lori, for crying out loud! I'll be back in the morning when I'm done loading up; there's a bunch of useful stuff here."

Merle rolled his eyes as she stomped back to the truck and got in the passenger seat.

"She's a lunatic these days," Rick grumbled to Merle.

Everyone had heard them bitching at each other for weeks, and it was clear the marriage was over for all intents and purposes. Merle shook his head at the aggravation and got back in the truck next to her. He pulled out his flask and took a long swig as he fired up the engine.

"Should you be drinking and driving?"

"You a cop or something? Don't start with me, woman."

"Not you too."


"Everyone's being so mean to me lately," she sighed and looked at him with a pitiful little pout on her lips.

He eyed her 7-month pregnant belly and her massive tits and licked his lips. There was something about the way pregnancy made her glow that he liked.

"You want someone to be nice to you, honey?"

"Yes. Rick is being so hateful I can't take it anymore."

"Can I ask you something?"

Merle pulled out onto the highway, and she said he could ask her anything.

"Is he still fucking you?"


"How long has it been?"

"Not since before I told him about the baby."

"That long?"

"He hates me cause he knows it's not his."

"You sure?"

"Pretty sure. I need sex but not with him anyway."


"I can see it in his eyes; he hates me now."

"I never fucked a pregnant chick before," he mused.

Lori laughed then and shook her head.



Ten minutes later the truck ran out of gas and Merle growled at the broken gas gage and how often it left them screwed on the side of the road. The truck was so reliable otherwise that they kept driving the damn thing anyway.

"What do we do?" she asked.

"It's late...we can just hang tight here till Rick comes by this way in the morning."

"We're just going to stay in the truck?" she asked.

"You got a better idea?"

"I guess not."


Night fell in no time, and Lori began to ramble about how pregnancy was making her life a misery.

"I get so angry and then weepy, and I'm so tense and horny lately, and I just can't keep it together," she whined.

"Pregnant women get horny?" he asked.

"Oh yes! I've been dying for months, but Rick couldn't care less about my needs...he's still bitter about Shane, but I honestly thought he was dead. What was I supposed to do?"

"Hey, I don't judge. It's your body, fuck who you like."

Lori chuckled and leaned back in the seat to look up at the stars.

"Are you good in bed?" she asked with a little grin.


"That's pretty cocky isn't it?"

"Nope, it's just true. It's one of the only things I'm really good at."

She stayed silent for a while, and he got sick of waiting.

"I know you're knocked up and everything but I can get you off if you want."

Lori looked at him and played with her long brown hair for a minute before nodding her head.

"Come here," he said, waving her over.

"But...I'm pregnant," she sighed.

"Well, fuck! I never even noticed," he laughed. "You're still a woman, and a fine-lookin' one at that so get over here if you want it."

Merle pulled her close and began on her neck. He licked slowly from her ear to her collarbones and whispered that she'd love what he had planned for her. He wanted desperately to get to her tits; he'd noticed them getting fuller every week and they looked tasty as fuck.

Merle unbuttoned the flannel shirt she was wearing and tossed it aside as he went right for her bra.

"You don't waste any time," she muttered, running her hand up the back of his head to hold his mouth to her neck.

"Thought you needed to cum?"

"I do."

"Then work with me here and get them jeans off."

Lori wiggled out of her maternity jeans pulling them down her legs as he yanked her bra off and then pulled her back in. He bit at her throat and buried his face in her breasts hungrily. She squirmed and started to whine softly under her breath. Merle ran his hand down her body to her panties, and she was wet as any other woman. Pregnant or not he wanted her body like a fever. He liked the way pregnancy added some curves to her typically slim figure. Merle was always one for a curvy woman, and her round belly was actually pretty sexy.

His hand slid into her panties, and she moaned as he began to finger her and suck her nipple into his mouth. He teased his tongue in circles around her dark areola, and she growled at him to take her.

"So can you fuck when you're this pregnant? Do I need to be gentle?"

"Merle Dixon, take off your pants and shut your fool mouth."

Who was he to argue with that logic?

Merle dropped his pants and boxers and watched as she tossed her panties on the floor of the truck and climbed onto his lap.

Merle couldn't believe he was about to be ridden by a pregnant woman, but there was a first time for everything. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her eyes burned into his as she ran her wet lips over his throbbing cock.

"Jesus fucking Christ."

"Like that?"

"Stop your teasin', girl and get ridin'."

She giggled and lowered her pussy down on his dick, trying to get closer to his body but finding it difficult with the belly between them.

Merle wrapped his bad arm around her back to keep her steady and used his left hand to grab her ass cheek. He rocked her, and she fucked him boneless in the dark of the truck like a wild woman. She brought her right leg up and rested her right foot on the seat next to him and rolled her hips like a total cock tease. Merle decided he had underestimated preggos completely.

Merle sucked her tits, moving from one to the other and warned her that he was about to 'knock her up some more.'

"Hang on," she panted, rocking his dick like she had been hungry for a good fuck for a hundred years.

She leaned back against the steering wheel, and he held her hip with his left hand as she finished up.

She looked beautiful in the interior lights, and he enjoyed the look of bliss on her face as she rode him within an inch of his life. Her long dark hair spread all over her breasts, and he loved the look of it, she was sexy as fuck.

"Oh...uh....Mmmm....oh yeah..."

Her pussy erupted in waves of orgasm that massaged the cum right out of him. Lori was the one woman he could nail without fear of pregnancy, so he just enjoyed it for what it was.



"You were just blowin' off steam, and you'd really appreciate it if I kept my fool mouth shut?"


"Your secret's safe with me."


"Don't mention it. It was a hell of a good fuck."

She lay her hand on her belly for a moment, and he noticed movement just beneath her skin.

"That's trippy as fuck," he winced. "Did we wake it up?"

"I think so...I can't believe I did this when I'm pregnant."

"Why? Pregnant women don't deserve sexual pleasure or something?"

"You have a point."

"Of course I do. Everyone needs sex; it's no big deal."

"Well...thank you I guess."

"Hey, it was good, and I know it ain't gonna happen again, but it was good, right?"

"Right," she smiled.

Lori rolled her eyes but blushed, and he decided that he liked her after all. He didn't want a relationship with her or anything stupid like that, but she wasn't the stuck up annoying bitch he'd thought she was. Lori could actually be pretty cool.



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*Chapter Three ~ Dominoes


Merle was still riding high from his tryst with Lori and loved that he'd gotten one up on Rick finally. Maybe they weren't really in love anymore, but it still tickled Merle to no end. He'd keep his mouth shut, but he grinned extra wide every time Rick gave him attitude.

"Merle, go guard the fenceline. Merle! You listening?"

"Sure thing, Officer," he'd wink.

It had been a month, and the weather was finally cooling just a little bit, so he volunteered to go on a run for supplies. He was glad to be going with Daryl until Daryl came down with a stomach bug and was stuck in the bushes tossing his cookies for days.

"You really can't come?" he asked.

"You kidding? I can't keep down solid food. Take someone else."

"Like who?"

He never expected to be taking Sasha, but she was the only one not currently working on something at the prison.

Merle knew that Sasha was hardly his number one fan, so he stayed quiet on the trip to avoid triggering her.

Eventually, she began to talk, and he wasn't surprised. Ultimately, all women started talking in his experience.

"Where are we heading first?"

"No idea, you got the map."

"I'm the navigator?" she asked.

"I can't drive and read the map."

She sighed and grabbed the map from the console between the seats and started looking for the next town.

"Keep going on this road and then make a left at the sign up ahead. There's a good-sized town called Kennesaw."

"You got it, dollface."

They pulled into Kennesaw within the hour, and it looked surprisingly untouched. There was only a Main street along with a small surrounding neighborhood. They went store to store taking out walkers with ease, and she could follow hand signals which he liked. Sasha was clever and brave and sexy as hell. With semi-regular sex, Merle was getting a little needier than usual. Going without it for a long time had reduced his urges, but now he wanted it more than ever.

They wound up in the largest store, and it was a treasure trove of hardware, tools, canned goods and some pharmacy items.

Merle loaded up the truck and packed it tight with everything he could grab, and they were both giddy to be able to bring all of it back.

Sasha went through the baby department to grab things that the baby would need and then stopped in the family planning aisle.

"Grab a bunch of rubbers!" he shouted.

"Do you have a girlfriend I don't know about?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" he cackled.

They were just wrapping up when a dust storm blew up and started to batter their skin with stinging sand, and then the rains came.

"I'm chillin' out for the night, I ain't driving in this shit," he decided.

"It's only rain, Merle."

"Nope, it's pouring, dollface. Besides, I found a treat, so I'm stayin' put."

Merle pulled out a bottle of gin and headed toward the hotel two buildings down. She had no choice but to follow him and they settled into a massive room that must have been the honeymoon suite before the end of the world. There was still clean towels, bottled water, and hotel mints on the pillows.

Merle started drinking and insisted that she have at least one drink with him.


"Just relax, I ain't gonna try nothing," he assured her as she sat stiffly on a chair by the window.

"OK," she nodded. "Isn't there anything to mix this with?"

"I got just the thing," he grinned. "Be right back."

Merle grabbed a can of pineapple juice from the back of the truck and carried it back up to the room.

"You ever had gin and pineapple?" he asked.

"No, is it good?"

"It's heaven and a total panty-peeler."



"You just say anything that comes into your head, don't you?"

"Why not? Who do I have to impress anymore?"

"I guess you have a point."

She sipped her drink and then eyed the bottle when it was empty.

"Want another?"

"Sure. May as well."

Merle poured her another drink, and as it got darker, he grabbed a survival candle from his backpack and lit it on the table between them.

"You remind me of a girl I went out with years ago," he mused after his fifth drink.

"You dated a black woman?" she asked in amusement.

"I guess we mostly just fucked but yeah. Why?"

"You're not exactly politically correct."

"You calling me a clansman?"

"No, just you say some dumbass shit sometimes."

"You got me there."

"You ever been out with a white guy?" he asked.


"Wanna make a hot fudge sundae tonight?" he laughed. "First time for everything."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"I'm cold and vanilla, and you're hot and chocolatey."



"That's fetishizing!"

"What the hell does that mean?"

"It means you're objectifying me and reducing me to my skin color."

"Huh? I just like chocolate. It was just a joke."

She rolled her eyes and sipped her drink.

"I fetishize all women, not just black women."

"Is that supposed to be better?"

"Fucked if I know. I just think you're pretty and I like chocolate. I ain't great with compliments."

"You can say that again. What's with white guys?"

"I don't know. I heard we got smaller dicks than black guys so maybe you're better off sticking with them."

"Jesus Christ, Merle!"

"What did I say now? If you don't like chocolate or big dicks, then I don't know which way is up anymore?"

"What am I going to do with you?" she groaned.

"Anything ya like," he winked.

When the bottle was almost empty, everything became a blur and they wound up giggling together on the bed about God knows what.

"You're funny, Merle," she slurred.

"I know, I shoulda been a comedian or something."

"Yeah, but looks aren't everything," she fired back.

"Ouch! Straight through the heart! You can be the ice cream, girl, that was cold as ice."

"Awww! Did I hurt your little feelings?" she teased.

"Yeah, you better kiss me all better."

"Yeah, right," she laughed.

Merle didn't blame her for laughing, he said stupid things sometimes without realizing it.

"I know," he began. "I know that I'm an idiot and I always say the wrong thing...but you're something else, girl. You're something really special and beautiful left in this God forsaken world."

There was a short pause and then she was grabbing him hard and pulling him over her.

"You're drunk," he protested with a slur of his words, he was shit-faced too.

"Shut up, Merle."


She tore at his clothing and kissed him with an aggression he hadn't expected. Sasha was fire and fury, and he loved it. She shoved her hand down his pants and groped him vigorously, and his eyes rolled back in his head.

She rolled him under her and held his arms up with her grip on his forearms.

"I'm not even sure I don't hate you...but I'm still going to fuck you," she rambled, and he liked where it was going.

He probably couldn't walk across the room without falling over drunk and just prayed his dick would behave for her, whiskey dick was the last thing he needed.

She ground herself against the aching in his jeans, and he writhed against her hands restraining him down.

"You want me?" she asked.

"Damn rights I do...and I'm still gonna call you hot fudge," he argued with a grin.

The next few minutes were a blur as she stripped him of his clothes and he watched her undress. Merle was ashamed to find that he was dizzy as fuck and wasn't able to do the things with her he wanted to.

"If you want your pussy eaten, you better bring it right over here cause the room's fuckin' spinning."

Sasha grinned and crept toward the head of the bed where she gripped the headboard and swung her leg over his face.

Merle held her with his left hand and his stump and licked her lips nice and slow to warm her up. She was already wet, and she tasted like a dream, so he set to work sucking and teasing and licking her out of her mind.

She began to ride his face slowly, and he moved his wet lips back and forth over her needy clit.

"You suck that pussy good, white boy," she groaned, and he almost laughed.

He'd never been called white boy in bed, but he liked the sound of it.

Merle did as he was told and continued to eat her out like his life depended on it.

By the time she came and smothered him in her sweetness, he was ready to get inside her.

"Grab a condom," she mumbled and lay back on the bed awaiting him.

"Did you bring 'em in?" he asked.

"There's a box in my bag."

He had a condom rolled down his hungry cock in a minute and crawled in the bed toward her.

"You passed out or you still up for this."

"I'm up for it. Let's see what you got, vanilla."

She was hilarious, so he grabbed her by the backs of her knees and lifted her feet onto his lower back to kiss her neck and tease her with his dick.

"Hurry," she panted, and he thrust into her steadily.

"Daaaayyyyyuuumm!" she moaned from deep down in the pit of her belly, and he grinned with satisfaction.

"Will I do?"

"Hell yeah, now move!"

He drilled her into the bed as she gasped and whined out her approval for a good twenty minutes before he had to tap out and grunted like a beast above her, filling the condom with his release.

"Damn, that was...incredible...thanks," she sighed and rolled over on the bed to crash.

"Anytime," he answered and threw a blanket over her.


In the morning they had the standard 'please don't tell anyone' conversation and he promised that he wouldn't and meant it.

He was a lot of things, but he kept promises. By now there were two other women at the prison he'd slept with, and it was surprisingly easy. Lori didn't speak to him any more or less than before, and neither did Karen. He figured he could probably go back to Karen for another round but Lori was done with him, and that was fine.

The fact that they all wanted to keep it a secret made it seamless for him to move from one woman to the next. It was opportunistic but it was the end of the world so why not?




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Chapter Four ~ Dominoes

– Maggie

"Go grab the tools from the basement, and clean up your 'man cave', and Oscar said he heard some noises down there so check that out. Walkers could be getting in through the east fence."

Rick loved barking orders to him, but he found it so much easier to take now that he'd slept with the man's wife. A sweet little revenge. He still had Sasha on the brain along with Karen and Lori. Life had pretty sweet for him recently.

"It's your world, boss," he grinned and headed down the steps.

He passed Maggie and Glenn's cell and heard them scrapping louder than usual. He couldn't tell what it was about and really didn't care, other people's drama was none of his concern, so he continued down to the basement to be alone for awhile. Maybe he'd get to some of the stuff Rick wanted him to do and maybe he wouldn't.

Merle pulled out his bottle of moonshine and lay back on the lazyboy chair he'd dragged down there months ago. Nobody bothered him in his man cave, and he loved that. He took a nice slow swig and growled at the burn down his throat as he closed his eyes.

The beast inside him was calm these days, he had sexual satisfaction and a Dixon needed that. All of the Dixon men had been good lovers, even his useless piece of shit father. Some men were just built to fuck and the Dixons would never be brain surgeons, they were hunters and lovers.

He was full on relaxed when he heard a blood-curdling scream somewhere down the corridor and jumped to his feet to see who it was. It was obviously a woman, or maybe Carl, and he ran straight to the sound and found Maggie. She was cornered by two walkers and trying to grab for the knife on her belt, but it was stuck in her belt loop.

Merle grabbed the one closest to her and drove a blade through its head and then kicked the other to the ground and stomped its brains in with one swift movement.

"You OK, darlin'?"

Maggie looked up to him as her blade finally released from her belt and was trembling as she fell into his arms.

"I couldn' was stuck....thank you!"

Her skin was damp with sweat, and her body was shaking against him. Maggie rarely ever looked at him, never mind spoke to him, and now her perfect young body was pressed against his, and her arms were flung around his neck.

Merle tried his damnedest not to get hard, but he was only human. He lay a hand on her waist in a failed attempt to back her up but she wasn't budging, she was actually sobbing softly.

"Shhhh....honey,'s OK, girl."

He couldn't leave her crying, but he had to get away from her sooner than later. His mind said "let her go and walk away" and his dick said, "take this woman right fuckin' now."

She brought one arm back from around his neck to wipe tears from her cheek and then she felt it, he just knew it.

"Sorry, don't mean nothing."

Her eyes moved up to his, and he didn't see the disgust he was expecting, but he didn't know what her eyes were telling him. He felt bad for getting turned on by her fear and the fact that she was so close, but Maggie Greene was every man's fantasy. She was the pure and beautiful farmer's daughter that he'd thought of screwing in a barn more than once.


"I'm sorry, honey..."

Maggie moved her hand down slowly and never took her eyes from his as she touched the hardness in his jeans.

Her eyes closed then and she cupped his manhood through the fabric leaving him weak in her hand.

"Does me, being scared turn you on?" she asked.

"Everything about you turns me on."

She pushed him back to the concrete wall behind him then and kissed him hard and dirty. He decided not to wonder about what was happening with Glenn, that was her own business. Merle let his hand reached down for her perfect ass and moaned as she grabbed his ass in return with both hands. She was fast and aggressive, and he didn't know which way was up as she went right for his belt. He began to walk her back to his private quarters where he hoped to continue with a locked door.

Back in his little basement room, he turned the deadbolt, and she pushed his jeans down as he yanked her shirt up over her head.

Merle had her bra on the floor in a heartbeat and eyed her innocent breasts hungrily.

"Fuck me, girl! You're just fine as fuck, aren't ya?"

"Don't speak," she uttered, and he had a feeling this was sex strictly to blow off steam after a horrible fight. That was fine with him; her reasons were her own to worry about.

Maggie pushed him back down on the lazy boy in only his boxers and turned her back to him slowly. Merle's heart raced as he gazed at her perfect ass in her little white cotton panties.

"Jesus Christ, woman!" he groaned as she began to move her hips slowly back and forth. She raised her arms up and lifted her hair off her neck, and he almost died. Her sexy little dance with no music made his dick ache in agony. She did the unthinkable then and slowly peeled her panties down her legs, bending over with her ass in his direction, and he moaned out loud at the sight of her bare flesh, and just a peek of her lips from behind.

"Please, baby," he begged, and when she turned to face him, he knew he was going to get it.

She came to straddle him on the recliner and pulled his mouth to her breasts as she ground herself on his lap, teasing him through his boxers. Soon his shorts were damp with her wetness, and he let his head fall back in surrender.

"Let me please you, Maggie....let me make you feel good."

She stood just long enough to demand that he strip off his boxers and then jumped back on his lap. She wasn't into foreplay, she just wanted to ride.

Maggie rolled her hips slowly, and his painfully hard dick slipped between the lips of her soaking wet pussy. She moved forward and back as he looked up at her beautiful face and gripped her ass cheek with his left hand.

"Baby're killing me..."

"What would you do if I walked away right now?" she asked with a devilish grin.

"Cry. I ain't even kiddin'; I'd cry."

She giggled and then the next thing he knew he was inside her and she was fucking his brains out.

Maggie lay her hands on his shoulders and fucked him harder, faster and sexier than he thought possible. Her perfect tits bounced just inches from his mouth and her eyes closed as her face twisted in sweet anguish.

"Touch me, know where.

He licked his fingers and brought them down to her clit and added just the right pressure for her as she fucked him senseless.

He pulled her breasts to his mouth and sucked her nipples one after the other as he maintained the slippery wet pressure for her to roll herself against.

"Oh fuck!" she cried out as it snuck up on her.

His prosthetic on her back kept her close and his left hand was working it's magic on her most sensitive bundle of nerves as she came apart.

"Fuck! Oh, fuck! Your dick is so fuckin' good, so fuckin' big!" she whined, and he felt like the king of the universe.

Maggie flopped down all over him, still with him inside her and panted for a full thirty seconds.

"Finish it," she said, climbing off of him and walking over to kneel on the edge of the loveseat.

"You sure?"

"Get over here and give it to me hard, but pull out," she demanded.

Merle got to his feet and lay his prosthetic on her back as he guided himself inside her with his left hand.

She dropped her chest to the couch and raised her tailbone to him in absolute surrender leaving him breathless.

Merle watched in stunned silence as his cock entered her over and over and he'd never felt so high on lust before. He did the unthinkable then and smacked her sweet ass making her pussy clench down on his dick from surprise. He could have blown it then, but it turned out she was more than into it.

"Again," she cried.

"You're a bad girl, Bo Peep."

"Again!" she demanded, and he lay another smack down on her ass but harder, and she sobbed with desire.

Merle grunted and growled as he came closer and closer but he didn't want it to end. She reached down between her wide open legs and lay a finger on either side of his cock as he impaled her and he hissed with ecstasy.

"Fuck me, woman....oh fuckin' hell!"

She switched between adding extra pressure to his dick and teasing her clit, and when she broke for the second time, he saw the very face of God.

"Ahhhh fuck!" he growled as her dick urged the cum from him with every sweet clench and quiver of her womanhood. He came in hot streams all over her ass just in time and tried to tell himself not to feel guilty for screwing a taken woman.

Merle collapsed on the couch with his dick exhausted and her sweet juices all over him. He watched her get dressed and then she came closer to kiss him softly on the lips.

"Thank you, Merle...for everything."

"You about killed me, Bo Peep."

"You mad?" she grinned.

"Not in a million years, little girl. That was one for the record books...and I won't say a word before you ask. I know you're with Glenn."

"You're one of the good ones, Merle."

"You must have a had a terrible fight to do this with me," he said.

Part of him was dying of curiosity about what had come over her.

"It was a doozy...but I can't talk about it."

"That's OK. Take care of yourself, honey."

"You too."

And then she was gone.


Merle arrived back in his cell to find a stack of clean clothes on his bed and realized that Beth must have come by with it. He sank down on his mattress and sighed heavily.

"Are you eating with us?"

Merle looked up to see Beth Greene in his doorway.

"Did you cook?" he asked.

"I made tuna casserole...I can bring some up for you."

Merle didn't like to eat with everyone else, and Beth seemed to know that.

"If it's OK."

"Sure, it's no problem."

Ten minutes later she put a plate of food on his bedside table as he looked up at the ceiling.

"Thanks, Beth."

"Yep...can I ask you something?"

"Go for it."

"Can I borrow this?"

He looked over to see her holding one of his few books, a murder mystery that he'd taken from Woodbury.

"Take it, I read it already."

"Thanks. I only have a few books here. I'll bring it right back."

"You got anything good?" he asked as he sat up to grab the plate of food.

"I have an old western, but that's not really my thing, I found a few romance novels and a couple of classics...I have Treasure Island and Huck Finn."

"Treasure Island is a good one...can I read it?"

"Sure," she smiled. "I thought you'd want the western."

"I'd read that too if it's OK."

"I'll bring them by later."


Merle felt strange to be talking to Beth immediately after sleeping with Maggie. Beth was young and sweet, and he knew she wouldn't be speaking to him if she knew what he was up to lately. Sleeping with Maggie was another thing he wasn't proud of, and if she ever offered herself to him again he knew he'd say no, but he didn't see that happening.


Chapter Text

Chapter Five ~ Dominoes

- Carol


Merle was reading Treasure Island on his bunk when Carol walked past his cell door in a hurry for something or another.

Merle didn't understand why Daryl wasn't sticking it to Carol yet. She was a smoke show on two legs, and he loved how she'd always give him shit for every little thing. He had a fantasy of her as a cranky schoolmarm who would whip his ass with a meter stick. He had goofy fantasies about most women.

He heard her stop at Daryl's cell to ask him if he'd come on a run with her and he sighed to himself awaiting his response. Her voice was obvious, and anyone could tell she was flirting, anyone but Daryl.

"I can't go, I'm hunting in the morning."


"Why not take Tyreese? You two are buddies, right?" Daryl suggested.

"Maybe I will...just thought you might want to come with me. We haven't been out together in a while."

"Maybe next time, hey?"


Merle asked him about it later, and he said they were friends and that he wasn't into a relationship with the world ending.

"I ain't saying you have to marry her, just enjoy being with her and maybe give her a nice fuck," Merle chuckled.

"It feels weird to think of her that way...she was abused by her ex."

"So? She likes you and you, could be gentle, right?"

"I don't's just a bad time for it right now with the governor on our radar."

"You're a bonehead, brother. That woman is into you."

"I know...just leave it alone."


Tyreese was needed on fence repair, and none of the women could drive stick so eventually, she came around to ask Merle to drive the one truck that was operating.

"I need to go on a run for the women here, they're all out of supplies," she explained. "I can't drive stick so I was wondering if you could take me out to Buford. Maggie says there's a big outlet store there with some things left."

"Sure," Merle answered without reservation. "When did you want to go?"

"It's already afternoon, but did you want to go now?"

"Yeah, just gimme ten minutes, OK?"

Merle felt awful for Carol; she deserved to have Daryl with her, so he tried one more time.

"Hey, Daryl! I can hunt for you in the morning if you want to take Carol to Buford."


"Don't be an idiot all your life."

"You take her."

"Maybe I will," Merle growled.

"We're friends, what's wrong with that?"

"Last chance, brother."

Daryl picked up his crossbow and nodded to Merle that the conversation was over as he left the cell.

Merle had been rejected countless times, not lately, but often throughout his life, so he knew how it felt. Merle planned to take her mind off of Daryl if he could, and that didn't even mean sex, he just wanted her to feel better.


Merle went back to his cell to gather a few things and found Beth returning his book with Judith on her hip as always.

"Did you like it?" he asked.

"It was great; I had no idea who did it right up until the end."

"Me neither."

"If you stop by the kitchen I have bottles of water for your trip and some food."

"Thanks, honey."


Beth nodded her head and left him alone in the cell, and he found himself smiling. Beth would make someone a very lucky man someday.


Merle founds Carol outside after stopping by the kitchen. She looked blue and just not like herself. He pushed a cassette from his bag into the tape deck and nudged her arm before pulling out.

"You OK?"

"I'm fine," she smiled, but it was a bullshit smile.

Merle started to sing along to CCR just softly until she noticed it and relaxed a little.

"Not bad," she noted.


"You sing pretty well."

"I know! I been trying to tell people that my whole damn life but they usually tell me to shut the fuck up!" he joked just to make her laugh, and it worked.


The two-hour drive to Buford was fairly quiet, but he kept singing just to keep her laughing. Buford was forgotten and sad looking, but they did have the huge outlet store Maggie mentioned, and it was somewhat intact.

Merle led Carol to the back door and pried it open with a crowbar. He was in his undershirt and leather vest cause the weather was unseasonably warm, and she had bare arms as well. He liked how she wasn't overtly feminine in her style, but her body was still a dead giveaway. She had a tight sexy body for a woman out of her 30s, and he even dug the grey hair, Carol was a looker. Her blue eyes could hold his attention any day. He wondered where Daryl had lost his Dixon touch?

Inside the store, Carol found all of the female supplies she needed for the women back at the prison and a bunch of baby supplies for the little one who was still on the way.

Merle found a blowtorch, some ammo, and a first aid kit, so the run was a success in his eyes.

"Why don't we stay the night?" he asked.

Merle wanted a chance to be alone with her; he wanted her to stop thinking of Daryl hurting her feelings. He wanted to tell her how beautiful she was and make her feel better.


"I just wanted to spend some time with you," he said honestly.

He really didn't have the energy for lying.

"With me? Why?" she asked, and he could see the hurt still in her eyes.

"Cause you're sad and I want to make you feel better if I can. Maybe you wanna talk about it or something, or maybe you want to forget all about it for a night."

"I'm not sad," she lied.

"Yes, you are, and I know why."


"He's my brother, and I love him, but he's a damn fool too."

"It's not his fault if he doesn't want me."

"Will you stay just one night?"

"Can you make me forget? How much booze do you have?"


"...I'll stay."

Merle and Carol cleared a little house at the end of the street, and she settled on a couch in the living room. Merle opened a can of chicken soup and cooked it over the fireplace for her.

"Here," he said, handing her a bar of chocolate he'd been saving for himself.

"I can't take that."

"Take it," he insisted.

She couldn't resist it and peeled back the foil to taste the only slightly stale chocolate.

"Share with me," she said, offering him some back.

Merle sat down next to her on the couch and sucked the chocolate slowly in his mouth, savoring the taste.

"Thank you, Merle."

"Don't mention it."

Merle fed her soup and poured her a glass of whiskey to ease her broken heart.

"So he said he doesn't want me?" she asked.

He considered lying to her, but it wasn't fair to waste her time.

"He says you're friends."

Carol drank her drink steadily and then wandered off to an upstairs bedroom to be alone. Merle knew she was hurting and so he left her be. She couldn't be cheered up by singing or chocolate or whiskey, but at least he had tried.

An hour passed and he decided to get some shut-eye as well. He put out the fire and walked up the steps to find a bed if he could, sleeping on couches was no fun, and if there was another bed, then he wanted it. There wasn't another bed.



"This bed is huge; you can sleep here."

He was surprised that she was still up and he decided he may as well join her. Merle stripped off his prosthetic, his vest, undershirt, and pants and climbed in behind her.

"Thanks, honey."

She was facing the other direction, and after adjusting the pillow under his head and getting comfortable, he couldn't stop staring at her bare shoulders and her slender neck. Carol was tough as nails, but in that moment she looks vulnerable and so beautiful. She was breathing slow and deep, and moonlight poured in through the window making her skin glow. It was like he could feel sadness and pain radiating off of her and it was killing him.

"You're so beautiful, Carol...any man would be lucky to be with you."


She didn't believe him, and he had to admit it did sound like a stereotypical thing to say. It sounded like when your mom tells you that you're the coolest kid in school; it sounded like bullshit.

Merle rolled toward her and stared at the back of her head, trying to think of something to say, something to do to show her that he meant it, to prove to her that she was stunning and that Daryl was a fool.

"Can I hold you?" he asked.


"I never get to hold onto a woman at night...just say no if you don't want me to, it's OK."

"No, it's alright."

Merle moved in closer and wrapped his good arm around her waist. It felt good already and not even in a sexual way...yet.

Carol sighed, and her hand came overtop of his for a moment. Merle squirmed his face in next to her neck and breathed in the baby powder sweetness of her scent. Carol was a classic lady, and her body was getting his mind running. The visible collarbones, the slim hips, the curve of her waist as she lay on her side, she had his full attention.

Five minutes into it he felt her move her hips back into the curve of his body and against his dick. He was semi-hard just holding her, but that one little move woke his body up completely.

She wasn't about to come out and ask for anything after what happened with Daryl, so he made the first move. If she said no then she'd be getting her own back at least and turning down a Dixon for a change.

" still awake?" he asked, but he knew damn well she was and just what she was thinking.


"I like this," he said in a lower sexy voice.

"Me too."

"Feels good to be this close to a woman as attractive as you."

"It's been ages since anyone held me."

"How long has it been since someone touched you?" he asked in a sultry voice, directly against her ear.

"Even longer."

He moved his hips into her ass a little, and she stiffened just a little from nervous tension.

"Merle? Are you trying to have sex with me?"


"Just this once?" she prefaced.

"Just this once...if that's what you want."

She did that thing he loved where she squirmed her ass back into him, and he moved his hand up to her neck.

Merle wanted to make her feel like the sexual priestess she was so he was going to pour it on good for her.

He tipped her head back onto his shoulder and licked her ear slowly making her shiver with lust.

He continued for a while and then he needed more. Down her body and under the covers, he slipped his hand up her shirt and let it travel to her bare breasts. The fact that she had no bra on made him wild, and he cupped her breast needily.

"I want you so bad, honey...I wanna kiss every single inch of you."

She didn't answer, but her body said she was receptive to it. Carol needed to be cared for; she didn't need conversation.

Merle ran his fingertips over her nipples and bit her throat with his breath coming in ragged bursts. He was so wound up for her that he couldn't contain it anymore. He wanted to chase the pain away from her, and this was the best way he knew how.

Carol moaned and arched her back against his chest, she was into it, and he felt excitement at the highest levels.

He moved down her body to her hip and then down to her panties where she was making him crazy with her warm ass pressed to his erection.

He slid his hand down her thigh and then pulled it up and open turning her toward him slightly so that the leg draped over his hip.

She kissed him then, and he didn't feel guilty at all for being with her, Daryl had his chance. Her tongue filled his mouth, and she still tasted a little like chocolate. When his fingers met with her panties, he wasn't too surprised to find her dripping wet. She sighed and squirmed in an effort to move him along faster, and he loved that.

Merle pulled her panties down her legs and then urged her back into the same position. He wanted her just to lay back and enjoy the ride. He wanted her to cum apart and not have to worry about a God damn thing.

He traced the perfect folds of her pussy and kissed her deep and strong. Carol needed a real man to show her that she was incredible and if it killed him, he'd be that man.

Carol panted and held his mouth to hers, taking his tongue into her mouth and moaning all the while. Merle moved his wet middle finger in dreamy circles around her clit and hiked her leg a little more open over his hip.

He fingered her next, but only one finger and only for a minute and then went right back to her clit...just slow circles.

"You're so sexy, honey...I wanna kiss you there...I want you to cum all over my mouth, baby."

He wanted to tell her every single thing he was thinking, even though dirty-talk was not his specialty. He wanted to her to remember his words when it was over so that every time she didn't feel good enough, the truth would still be in her mind.

She still didn't answer, but she wasn't saying no, so he crept down between her thighs to the sweet spot.

Merle was a man who could never get enough pussy, and so he dove in to partake of her heaven.

"Oh yeah...that's nice," he grinned, licking slowly from her opening to her clit like a raindrop down a windowsill.

"Jesus..." she moaned and then she grabbed his head and spread her legs further.

He kept it wet, sloppy and enthusiastic for her and even lifted her pussy to his mouth to show her how much he loved it. Merle was impressed to find that she kept everything trimmed even with no regular sexual partner. Karen had mad 70's bush, but he loved that too. Merle really wasn't picky when it came to pussy. He loved the variety of different hair, different lips, different levels of sensitivity. All pussy was good in Merle Dixon's eyes. Some women had simple labia, and some women were fancier with the folds and different coloration, and he loved it all. White women, black women, slim women, curvy chicks; he was into everything. Merle didn't see the point in missing anything on the buffet of women, they all had something new and exciting to offer. Merle Dixon was a pussy connoisseur.


Soon she came unraveled, so he thrust two of his fingers inside her to feel it. She was so tight and hot and perfect that he almost laughed at his stupid ass brother missing out on this.


She was a little comical the way she offered no intelligible words as she came it was all just sounds.

"How do you want it, honey?" he asked as she was still panting on the bed.

"From behind."

"Alrighty then, you little sex kitten, turn over for me."

She rolled over and got onto her knees and presented her gorgeous ass to him like an offering to a king.

"Fuck me running, that's nice," he groaned as he took her by the hip with his left hand and pulled her body up against his chest with his prosthetic.

He tucked his knees between her legs and pulled her down onto his dick in a slow and sleepy motion.

"Oooooooh!" she sobbed, and he could feel every single inch of his cock filling her.

"Good Christ, woman! You got an evil pussy...fuuuuck!"

He thrust up into her and kept her back pinned to his chest all the while, running his hands over her breasts and even reaching down to gently tease her clit.

Carol began to shiver with lust and sexual fire, and he loved that, he wanted her to remember this forever.

He fucked her slow and steady before leaning her over to get deeper, and she rested her chest and arms on the mattress as her legs spread open nice and wide.

Merle looked up to the heavens and mouthed a sincere thank you to the man upstairs. Merle fucked her silly; there were no two ways about it. She begged him to fuck her harder and harder, and so he did.

He slammed his dick into her till she was weak and losing her voice from crying out his name. Merle was stunned that this sexual encounter went from slow and almost romantic to a fuck fest, but he had the time of his life with her.

He pulled out when he had more than he could possibly take and sprayed cum all over her perfect ass.

"Jesus Christ, fuckin' drained me."


The morning was slow and dreamlike. Merle held her all night long, and she seemed like her old self again in the morning when she got up. She had a spring in her step like before, and he could tell she felt attractive again. It was criminal for a woman as beautiful as her to feel rejected so he wouldn't regret it no matter what happened.

"Thank you, Merle."

"You know where I am if you ever want more," he winked.

It went without saying that she didn't want anyone to know, and Merle would never breathe a word.

"You really made me feel like a woman again...I can't thank you enough for that."

"It was my honor, honey," he smiled. "Daryl will come around, I'm sure."

"It's OK, Merle...this was really special for me."

"Me too."

It was an experience he'd carry with him forever.



Chapter Text

Chapter Six ~ Dominoes

– Andrea

Merle was out checking traps a week after what could only be described as making love to Carol, and yet they weren't really in love. It didn't surprise him that Carol was the one who confused him, she was a complex and emotionally deep woman. He still hoped Daryl would come to his senses though, that's where Carol's heart belonged.

The prison had been a crazy place since the baby was born over a month early and it stressed him out to be there. Lori was still on strict bedrest from a rough labor and delivery, and Beth had taken over as 'mommy' to the child in her place. Merle wanted to bring back something substantial for the new mother to eat so that she could build up her strength. He still remembered how vibrant she had been in his arms and he wanted to see color in her cheeks again. Lori would always have a place in his heart, and he wanted her to make it, he needed her to survive.

He walked a trail slowly, deep in thought, but he sensed something off. There was someone near him, and he instantly drew his weapon. He was closer to Woodbury than he intended to go but hunting in the area was unsuccessful lately, so he was forced to travel further and further out.

"Come out! Now! Show your face!" he snarled and aimed the handgun in the bushes that he knew contained a person.

Nothing escaped him or Daryl when it came to the woods. Some people could relax in the woods but not the Dixons; every sound was a warning.

He saw the blonde hair first and took a step back in surprise.

"What you doin' out here?" he asked.

Andrea looked disheveled like she'd been walking miles in the heat and her hair was a mess.

"He's crazy," she panted and lay her hands on her knees to bend over and breathe.

"You OK?" he asked although what he wanted to say was 'I coulda told you that.'

There was a time that he'd fallen for the governor's bullshit but he told Andrea clearly before he left that the man was evil. She had seen the governor pit him and Daryl against each other, so it was no secret.

"I need to get away from him, he wants me dead, Merle."

"Lover's spat?"


"Come on; it's a long walk back to the prison."

"Is there anywhere to rest? I've been walking for miles."

"There's an outbuilding a mile or so up the road, come on," he muttered and walked along ahead of her.

"Are you mad at me? Is everyone else mad at me too?" she asked, and her voice sounded pitiful.

"I don't bother being mad at most people...but you did choose a madman over Michonne."

"I know...I was just so tired from being on the road. It was 8 long months, and she's so much stronger than I am."

"Sounds like you paid the price anyway, here," he said, offering her water from his canteen.

"Do you think they'd let me stay? Should I keep going alone?"

"You can come back, as long as you stay and don't go running back to him."

"I told you, he wants me dead."

Merle felt sympathy but not enough to make him overly friendly.

When they got to the outbuilding, he offered her some jerky and trail mix as she drank the rest of his water.

"I made so many mistakes," she uttered.

"Most of us have, just let it go, Andrea."

She looked up at him and sighed under her breath.

"What?" he asked.

"You called me Andrea."

"That's your name, ain't it?"

"I know, but you used to call me honey and darlin' and...sugartits," she smiled.

"That was before. You chose someone else, not that I blame you really. Looks are important, and I couldn't compete with a charming, pretty boy like him even if he is a sadist," he chuckled.

"He's a monster. You were always better than him."

"Uh need to rest some more?" he asked.

"I'm sorry for the decisions I made, Merle."

It was then that he realized he was being sanctimonious. He'd made ugly decisions himself so who was he to judge her harshly. The truth was that he was pissed to be overlooked by her romantically and he'd have to get over that and act like a grown up.

"I'm being a baby, just forget about it all, honey. I liked you a lot but the way I showed it pushed you away...I get that now."

"I presumed it was just sex you cared about."

"I can see how you got that idea. I didn't want you to know I really liked you."


"I was scared."

"You're much more complex than you let on," she said.

"Everyone is."

"Now I regret not kissing you," she smiled.

"It's OK. I wouldn't have kissed me either after some of the things I said to you."

Andrea stood up and wiped her hands on her jeans as she walked toward him.

"Do you mind?" she asked and he knew she was going to kiss him.


Merle had imagined kissing Andrea a bunch of times but never thought she'd instigate it. Somehow every woman was giving him a shot, and yet his heart wasn't really settling anywhere specific. They were all incredible women who were beautiful and sweet, but he didn't love any of them. Merle wondered if maybe he couldn't feel real love after the life he had lived.

Andrea bent down to kiss him, and he grinned against her lips as she settled in his lap.

She kissed him softly, and it was as nice as he always imagined. Andrea was a blonde beauty with so much strength inside. She had a good heart and wanted to make the world a better place; he had to admire that about her even if her judgment in men was horseshit.

He wrapped his arms around her when it was clear that she wasn't slowing down and lay her down on the straw of the outbuilding. It was dusty and dirty, but she was caught up in the moment, and he just rolled with her enthusiasm.

She tore at his shirt, and he paused to look down at her.

"I don't know if I can have a proper relationship with you," he said.

Merle didn't want to lead anyone on; he couldn't say that he was 'boyfriend' material.

"It's do like me, though, right? You at least like me?" she asked.

"I like you a lot, much that I don't want to hurt you by lying."

"That's enough...please, just touch me," she whispered, and he couldn't deny her that in a hundred years.

Merle pulled her clothing from her body slowly like in a dream sequence and kissed her shoulders, neck, and face. She needed comfort, and he was happy to give it to her. Sleeping with a man who wanted you dead had to be a downer, and he sympathized with making poor decisions that got you burned.

Nothing about sex with Andrea was crazy or unpredictable, but it was still heaven in so many ways. He held her head in the crook of his arm as he entered her and she clung to him tightly as she panted against his neck.

"I never knew that you were this person," she whimpered. "You're a good man, Merle."

"I'm trying," he groaned as he pulled her hips up to meet every thrust.

He took her breast in his hand and kissed her hard, and she called out his name over and over.

He was rolled onto his back toward the end, and she rode him slowly and sensually. Merle looked up at her perfect face in a beam of light coming through the broken window of the outbuilding and realized that there was still so much beauty in the ugly world. Her blonde hair, her face twisted in pleasure and the way she licked her lips in the dusty light made his fantasy of her a beautiful memory to hold onto for life.

Andrea held her hands on his chest and moved in her own sleepy rhythm, and soon she was leaning down with her chest against his to let go. She trembled in his arms and made a soft sobbing sound as it came upon her like a wave on the shore.

Merle kissed her shoulder as she let it flood her senses and then rolled her onto her back to finish up the interlude. He still didn't know if they could be more, but he was proud to have not lied to her. He never wanted to hurt her by pretending.


They made it back to the prison by dusk, and the group discussed all the bullshit as he went off to bed. Michonne was testy, Rick was interrogating Andrea, and the rest of the group wanted to add their two cents and all Merle wanted was rest.

Merle found a book on his night table that he didn't recognize and felt excited like it was Xmas. Books were a treat in a world with no TV and limited music.

He turned it over in his hand and knew it could only come from one person.

"The Call of the Wild," he whispered to himself as he opened the cover.

It was the story of a sled dog from the Yukon who is stolen from his master and becomes more feral with those who take him. The dog is forced to fight for his own survival against other dogs and loses touch with his former self. Merle didn't know the rest of the story, but he was excited to read it. Beth was the only person there who knew he liked to read, so it had to be her. She was the only person besides Daryl who knew that he loved old country music and baseball too, she had listened to him ramble more than once.

"I thought you'd like that one...I found it in my bag, forgot all about that one," she said from the doorway of his cell.

She was holding the tiny bundled baby and looking at him with a sweet smile on her face.

"This looks really good, Beth. Thank you. I finished Treasure Island in a day and a half."

"We'll need to find more books soon," she sighed. "That's the last I have that you didn't read yet."

"Next time I'm on a run I'll add books to the list," he insisted and sat down on his bunk to flip through the pages.

"Maybe I could come with you," she suggested softly, and he found it odd, Beth rarely left the prison.

"You never go on runs," he said.

"I'd like to...but I'm always caring for the baby with Lori still feeling weak. I used to go to the tree fort by the prison graveyard, but I have no time anymore."

"Bet that gets a little exhausting."

"It does. I love her, but it's a big responsibility."

"Come along then next time if you want. You can shoot, right?"

"I'm not the best shot, but I can do it. I promise I won't be a liability."

"I know you won't," he smiled.

"Thank you!" she grinned. "It's been so long since I left here for anything."

"That ain't right, you can come along next time, and we'll find some books."

"I can't wait."

She said thank you again and walked off holding Judith against her shoulder wrapped in a blanket. Beth was a sweet girl, and Merle couldn't help but like her. He was happy to take her along for the next run so she could escape for a few hours. He could take along Daryl and a few other people to help look out for her, and she'd get away from the baby for a bit, she deserved a break.

Merle lay back and opened the book over his head; he needed to know what happened with the dog in the Yukon. Books helped him get out of the prison and reminded him of the world that used to be. 


Chapter Text

Chapter Seven – ...?

Merle spent the next few days hunting and repairing the fence since the weather was finally giving them a reprive from the heat. It was cooler outside, so he worked non stop to avoid the stress of the new baby. By the time he collapsed at the end of the day he often hadn't eaten for hours.

"I brought you some food; you must be tired."

The voice came out of nowhere but it didn't really surprise him. Beth was always buzzing around the prison helping, cleaning, feeding, caring.


Merle got up and sat on the edge of his bed, then reached for his shirt off the nightstand. Beth was still standing in the doorway of his cell when he pulled the shirt over his head and he wondered why.



"You OK?"

"Yeah, I'm OK....thanks. I hope you enjoy it; it's been simmering all day long," she smiled.

Beth left the room, and he ate the plate of food ravenously. Beth was an emotional girl, and something seemed up with her, but he remembered being more emotional at her age. She was always singing or writing in her journal as if life was the way it was before and he loved the defiance of it all. She refused to stop dreaming of more and he wished he'd been able to do that when he was younger too.

The food was heaven, and he realized it was the rabbit stew that she made whenever anyone was sick. Beth took care of everyone when they were ill and took care of Judith day and night; she was responsible for so many things at a young age. He had only ever given a shit about himself and Daryl until recently.


Merle crashed after finishing 'The Call of the Wild' and drifted off dreaming about the Yukon, way up in northern Canada. He wondered if everything was a mess there too.

He was deeply sleeping when a touch woke him and scared him out of his mind until he realized it was a woman and not a threat to his life.

The cell was pitch black and he felt an arm come around his body. With his recent antics, he had no idea which woman it was calling on him. He lay his hand over the hand on his chest anyway; it didn't matter really who it was cause he liked all of them.

He felt hot breath on his back and closed his eyes to just take in the way it felt. It was nice to have someone call on him without a word; it was nice to be held without a big discussion about it.

"This is nice," he finally sighed when the one holding him hadn't said anything for a few minutes.

The arm tightened around him, and he moved his hand down the arm trying to figure out who it was. He wouldn't have guessed in a hundred years.


It was bothering him after a few more minutes of not knowing and then came a voice.

"I just wanted to hold you for a minute...please, don't be mad."

The arm was letting him go, and a cold chill fell over him as he recognized the voice.

"You gotta go, you have to get out of here right now."

He turned and looked at her eyes and knew that she was hurt, but she had to go, and there was no other way around it.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry, but you can't be here."


"Cause you're a kid."

"I'm 19."

"That's a kid to me, honey."


"I'm not trying to hurt you but this ain't right."

"It's OK; I'll go."

"Wait, what's this all about? Why did you come here?"

"I'm going, and I won't bother you again...I promise."


She stood up and walked out of the room, and he couldn't believe she'd even been there. It felt like a dream.

Merle wanted to know what the hell was happening, but it didn't feel right to go after her when everyone would see it. What would he tell people if he was looking for Beth Greene in the middle of the night?


"Are you sure she isn't just down in the basement?" Maggie was asking.

It was the first thing Merle heard when he awoke, and it wasn't even light out yet. He knew it was about Beth.

"What's going on?" he asked after throwing on some clothes and following the voices.

"Beth's gone," Hershel answered.

"I'll go look for her," Merle insisted, returning to his cell for his bayonet and his handgun.

"Where will you look?" they all asked, and he answered simply.

"Everywhere it takes."

"Someone should come with you," Daryl began.

"No. I'll go alone. I track better alone without everyone stomping all over the trail. I'll find her, so everyone chill the fuck out."

Hershel gave him a speech about finding his 'baby girl,' and he said she was as good as found.

"I'm the best tracker left on this big blue rock so don't worry yourself. If she's in Georgia, I'll find her."


He had an idea where she'd go, and the tracks led him in that direction as he expected. An hour of walking led him straight to the prison graveyard where he found her sitting in the tree fort.


" did you-"

"I do listen sometimes."

"I'll come back with you; I'm fine now."

"You know, if you want people to think you're a big girl then running away isn't the answer."

"I left a note, didn't anyone see it?"


"I just wanted to be alone for a while."

"Beth, I'm sorry if I came across as cold to you but-"

"You think I'm a kid...I know. It's OK; it just hasn't been easy for me."

"How do you mean?" he asked.

He didn't know as much about Beth as other members of the group. She was almost like a behind the scenes employee who never complained and just kept her nose to the grindstone.

"I mean romantically. The first boy I ever loved was killed, and it hurt like hell for a long time...then the second boy was killed too. Maybe my kiss is a curse."

"Zack, right?"

"Jimmy was first and then Zack."

"I didn't really think of that."

"I know I'm a lot younger than you, and I'm sorry I put you in an awkward spot."

"I'm not upset or anything, I just don't think this can happen, seems wrong,"

"It's wrong that the first boy I made love to was torn to pieces and then the second boy as well. Jimmy made love to me under the stars in the same farmyard we grew up in," she smiled as if she could still see his face, "it was beautiful. I didn't know Zack as well, but...he was kind and a good person. I could have loved him for years, but he's gone too. Everyone I love dies, and you seem to be able to survive in this world...I know it's stupid of me to think we could be together."

"Actually, your way of thinking is making more and more sense...but you're still so young."

"I know, but I thought a lot about it and I couldn't help how you make me feel."


"It's OK. I was just so desperate to feel good again...and I know you don't feel for me the way I feel for you. It still felt good to hold you, though."

"It felt good for me too."

"Until you knew it was me...that's what ruined it for you," she said, and he could see her eyes welling up. "Well...we better get back now."


"I won't be sorry that I tried, no matter what happens," she smiled. 

"In another time, if me and you were the same age, I would be honored-"

"You'd be honored to take me out, and everything could be good. Merle, I swear it's OK. I know deep down that I can never have you...I just wanted to hold you for a moment and to know that it felt good to you and I have that. I know now, what it felt like to be close to you and have you enjoy it too...I'm OK now."

"Your father would kill me," he uttered.

Her blue eyes, pretty face, and articulate words were drowning his logic, and he couldn't stop it.

"You owe me no explanation, Merle. It was me that dragged you into this and you've been more than kind about it....we better go."


Beth stopped on the trail to look back at him, and he approached her slowly.

"I just want to know for myself," he said, and he reached for her face expecting her to flinch away when her fantasy became a reality. She probably thought she wanted him until he actually touched her and then it would hit her that he was too old.

Still, he needed to know that there was nothing there. Nothing in the world made any sense anymore, and he needed to ensure that this didn't either.

Merle moved closer and felt some kind of electricity from her touch. He kissed her, and she melted into his arms completely, pulling him closer to her and softening in his arms. Merle was stunned that her kiss wasn't awkward or clumsy, she kissed like any other woman.

She lay her hand on his prosthetic and kissed him passionately like it was her dream come true.

By the time he pulled back he had different answers than he expected. He was expecting her to be just a silly girl who would realize he wasn't anything like what she really wanted but she wasn't. Beth wasn't afraid of his touch or scared of intimacy, she knew her own mind, and he knew it. Nothing about that revelation made his life easier.

"I understand that you can't do this...but I had to try," she smiled, and he knew she wasn't mad, even if she was heartbroken. She was grown up enough to want him but also grown enough to let him walk away if he needed to.

She continued along the path, and he watched her walking for a moment and realized that she was right. She was the one who came looking for him specifically, she didn't just end up near him by happenstance.


She turned back to find him much further behind.


"You really want me?"

"I do...I think there's something beautifully masculine and pure about you that I've never seen in anyone else. Nothing about us makes sense, I know that, but I'll tell you one thing; that one kiss will stay with me for the rest of my life."

"You ain't making this easy, girl."

"I can't afford to make it easy for you to let me go...this is the only chance I'll get and I know that."

"You aren't just looking to sleep with me, are you?" he stated.

"No...I want everything with you, not just that."

"You could have any man you wanted."

"If that's true, then be mine," she said simply.


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Chapter Eight ~ Dominoes

- Beth

"What do I say to you?" he asked and it was clearly rhetorical. "What am I supposed to do?"

He didn't know which way to turn cause everywhere he looked, there she was. Beth was not who he ever imagined himself with; he'd never even thought of her sexually before. Beth had never been on his radar due to her age, but now he was replaying the kiss in his mind and the sensation of her tongue against his. He didn't know how to admit that it was all he wanted, just to do it again.

"Just tell me the truth, and I'll understand. If this is too much for you, I won't throw a fit. I'll be sad, but I'm not trying to make this hard on you."

"You're being very grown up about this."

"I had to grow up fast in this world."

"I guess so...experience-wise you're probably older than 19."

"I'd say so, but if you're uncomfortable with it, then that's your right. I know I'm different than the women you've been with...I admit I look younger than I am."

"That's the thing too, Beth...I've been with a lot of women, even some women that you know."

"I hear things; everyone thinks I don't hear what they whisper to each other around the prison, but I hear so much more than they think."

Merle let out a long sigh and tried not to think about just grabbing her in his arms for another kiss.

"Can we still be friends?" she asked.

"I didn't say no."


"Can I think just a little more about it and meet you tonight?"

"Of course."

"I'm not trying to be an asshole about this; I just wanna be sure cause I don't want to hurt you. Do you know where I go down in the basement?" he asked.


"Meet me there tonight when you hand off Judith to Carol."

"OK," she smiled.

They walked back to the prison together, and she asked him how he liked the books he borrowed. She was trying to act naturally, and he admired her maturity about everything. She liked him a lot, and yet she wasn't being childish in any way about being made to wait for an answer, he had to respect that.


That night he stayed down in his room and found himself pacing the floor and thinking about her kiss again. He tried to imagine telling Hershel and could see the man beating him senseless with his cane.

Merle didn't want to fuck Beth; he wanted to kiss her and talk to her and hold her hand...he wanted things with her that he didn't want with anyone else. He wanted to listen to her sing and run his unworthy fingers through her golden hair. He wanted to see her eyes light up when Judith did something new or when something good happened around the prison. Merle Dixon wanted to be her boyfriend and pick her flowers, and it scared the shit out of him.


He turned to see her standing in the doorway of his room, and she looked beautiful. Her hair was half up, and she still had a receiving blanket of Judith's over her shoulder. She was in a denim skirt and a floral tank top, and he couldn't help thinking of what she'd look like with her clothes on the floor instead.

"Beth...come sit."

She sat down on his chair, and he began to pace the room as he spoke.

"I never thought of you as a woman before today...but you are a woman. You're a surrogate mother to that baby, and you take care of everyone here, you ain't no little girl."

She looked up at him, and he could tell she had no idea where he was going with his words.

"It's hard for me to think of you being with me cause I'm not a good person...I mean I'm trying to be now, but I've done a lot of bad things and lived an ugly life. I'm afraid of dragging down a beautiful young woman like you..."

"Can I say something?"


"Maybe it won't work with us, maybe it will be too strange for you, and if it is, then I can accept that. There is a huge age difference, I can't deny that...but maybe we could just spend some time together and see how it goes."

"That sounds like a good idea."

"Then come a little closer," she smiled, reaching out her hand to him.

They settled on the cot next to the chair, and he tried to make sense of her pulling his arm around her.

"I still can't really imagine you having sex," he confessed. "You look too damn sweet."

"I hate to burst your bubble, but I've done most things that other adults do in bed...except I did most of those things in the loft of my dad's barn or the watchtower."

"You and Zack got it on in the tower?" he grinned.


"Damn! And how was that?" he urged.

For some reason he liked knowing that she'd been naughty around the prison, it made him feel better about the things he was thinking.

"It was pretty good, to be honest, he nailed me while I was sitting on the desk," she giggled.

Merle imagined her moaning and wrapping her legs around that lucky kid and then tried to picture her with him.

"So you like older men?" he asked.

"I like men; you just happen to be older. Anything else you want to know?" she asked.

"No...I just keep thinking of that kiss," he confessed.

"Me too, so come here."

Beth got up and lay down on the cot, motioning for him to join her and so he did, he couldn't stop himself from being drawn to her. Merle checked that nobody was coming and rolled over her a little to kiss her lips nice and soft. She made a little sound and touched his face for a moment and then crept her hand behind his head to bring him in closer. She was a great kisser, there was no hesitation, and she led the whole thing to his surprise.

His hand did what it did and moved down her body to her hip, and she raised her leg up and open just slightly. Beth knew just what she was doing, and it scared the shit out of him.

He was hard, and there was no taming the desire he was feeling. After all the sex he'd had lately, he shouldn't need anything, but he needed her.

"That's fuckin' good," he growled as he moved his mouth to her neck for a break.

"It's so good," she agreed, threading her fingers through his hair and then pulling her right leg around his hip.

"Watch it, little girl," he grinned. "You might find I'm a little ready for ya down there."

"Is that right?" she purred, reaching down to run her hand up his thigh.

She was evil, and he liked that, Beth wasn't intimidated by him at all. Her hand moved over the front of his jeans, and he hissed as she touched him. He decided not to think about the way everyone would be disgusted by her touching him and just enjoyed it; he wasn't forcing himself on her.

Merle kissed her bare shoulder as he pulled her tank top strap down her arm and her skin smelled so sweet.

"You're so beautiful, sweet."

She pulled him over top of her then and down between her legs like a fever dream come true, and he kissed her harder and harder. He couldn't help how hot she was making him, and he lost his breath as he closed his eyes and melted into her.

"Sorry...I'm overexcited," he explained a minute later when he stopped to let her breathe.

"I love it," she grinned. "I'm excited too."

"I wanna make out with you all night," he smiled.

"That's perfect, I want that too," she agreed, and her hand slid down to his belt buckle. "This feels even better than I imagined."

"Still can't believe you see me this way," he said, holding her by the cheek and looking into the bluest eyes in Georgia.

"Believe it, Merle...I see the man I want in you."

She pulled his mouth back to hers and continued on his belt, tearing it open and slipping her hand down to touch him.

"Ohhhh fuuuuck," he moaned.

Something about her touch specifically felt so wrong and so right that he moved against her hand unconsciously.

Her little hand wrapped around his big dick and he could tell that she was noticing a difference between him and younger men.

"Jesus,'re so big," she exclaimed in a sultry needy tone.

"Can I even touch you or will I go straight to hell?" he chuckled.

"Maybe...sit down on the chair for a minute."

"You OK?" he asked, wondering why she wanted him to move away.

"I want to show you something...I want to do something for you."

"Oh yeah? OK."

Merle got up and held his jeans up as he walked the two steps back to the chair.

When he looked back at the bed, her hands were moving down her body to her hips, and he knew just what was happening.

"Damn," he whispered as her hands moved back up her body and over her breasts through her flowery top.

"I want to show you that I like to be touched...this is how I imagined you touching me...all those nights alone in my cell."

He pictured her touching herself and thinking of him, and he was painfully hard in a heartbeat.

Her hands crept down to her thighs, and she pulled the skirt up to reveal her white panties that were covered in tiny daisies. She was so pure and so sensual.

He found that he could hardly breathe as she raised her hands over her head and gripped the metal bars of the bed and spread her legs in his direction.

"Tell me what you're thinking, Merle."

She demanded to know his thoughts, and he felt no shame in telling her now.

"I wanna see every inch of your body, honey...I want to taste you."

"I want that too...I know you'll be amazing...I know you'll make me cry out your name."

He lay his hand on his forehead as he stared at the visibly damp crotch of her daisy covered panties.

"Your voice makes me so wet," she whispered and then her right hand gripped the top of her right thigh.

"Tell me what you want me to do," she whined.

"Take off your shirt," he instructed.

Beth sat up and pulled her top off and tossed it onto his lap. Merle held the shirt to his face and inhaled the sweet scent of her like a wolf on the hunt; she was marked.

"This too?" she winked, looking down at her white lace bra.

"Yeah, get it off," he grinned.

She reached behind her back and unfastened the bra and looked him right in the eye as she allowed it to fall down her arms.

Beth's small breasts were perfect in his eyes, they fit with the rest of her petite frame, and she looked like a woman to him.

She lay back down on the bed and unzipped her skirt, and he felt like a boy who was just about to cum in his jeans.

She raised her ass and slid the skirt down her legs, and he eyed her in only the daisy covered panties as he squirmed in agony.

"I wanna do more than make out with you now," he growled.

"I want more than that too...much more...I want all of you...inside me."

"Damn, got a filthy mouth there," he grinned, but she wasn't looking at him, she was staring up at the ceiling.

She spread her legs again, and this time she touched herself through the panties and began to pant softly.

"I imagined you kissing me here, licking me here, Merle. I wanted it so many nights...just you."

One of her hands ran over her breasts, leaving her nipples hard and the other hand teased herself into a stupor.

"Show me," he insisted.

Merle had to see her, all of her then.

She giggled and raised her ass up again, but this time the little panties were removed from the equation. Beth rested on her elbows and kicked them onto his lap, and he eyed her like a rabbit to a wolf. He was hungry, and only she'd do.

She winked at him like the sweetest daydream and lay back down, spreading her legs wide and going right for it.

She ran her fingertips over her lips up and down her wet slit, and she arched her back deeply at the sensation.

"Oh for fuck sakes, woman!" he groaned.

"You like?" she whined.

"Fuck yes, I like! You're fuckin' evil hot, girl!"

She giggled, and he watched as her middle finger slid inside her sweetness and then back out to tease her swollen clit.

"I gotta have you," he pleaded.

"Then come and take me, my man. I need your rough hand on my skin; I need your mouth and your voice...all of you."

He crawled to her from the foot of the bed and grabbed her right ankle and kissed her foot softly before licking up her leg to her knee.

"You're so fucking sexy, 'bout drove me outta my mind!"

"Touch me, Merle...I've waited for so long."

Merle ripped off his shirt and began to kick his pants down his legs to get himself between her sweet thighs. He kissed her frantically and held her beautiful face in his left hand, holding himself up with his right forearm.

"You're the most precious gift, honey...I don't deserve you."

"Hush...don't say that...just take me as your own, please."

Merle pulled her legs up and onto his lower back and teased her with his throbbing dick, leaving her crying out his name.

"Oh, Merle...please, baby...give it all to me."

"Not yet, I wanna make you cum, honey."

He kissed down her body to her little breasts, and she panted hard and fast at the sweet heaven of his hot mouth taking in her entire nipple.

"Mmmm...Oh my God!"

He continued to her belly and then down to her pussy where he buried his face in her hot cunt like drinking from a mirage in the desert. He licked her lips, sucked her lips, pressed his hot tongue to her entrance and flicked her clit gently before repeating the whole process.

"Jesus...oh, Jesus...oh thank you!"

She pulled her feet up onto his back and let her knees fall wide open, and he drank every drop of her pleasure gratefully.

Merle knew then that they were compatible on levels that didn't make any sense and also that he'd die for her at the drop of a hat.

She floated back down in a minute and rolled him under her with more strength than he expected, but then again she hadn't been anything he expected.

"Tell me I'm a good man, Beth...tell me that doing this with you isn't evil."

"You are a good man; you're my man."

She touched his face and threw her leg over his hip like she knew just what he was thinking. Merle was at her mercy, and as she sank herself down on his manhood, he winced at how good it felt, like two pieces of a puzzle.

Her face grimaced in euphoria, and she shuddered against his chest as her hips began to move.

"You OK?" he asked.

"Yes," she smiled with her eyes closed. "It's perfect."

She lay her hands on either side of his head and rocked him steadily, taking him in and letting him out.

Merle held her hips, and his head moved back on the pillow as it began to rise up inside him. She was so beautiful and the way she moved just pulled it so easily out of him. It was just the right speed, just the right pressure...just the right woman.

"I want you, Beth...I want you forever."

He was certain of it and didn't care if it was madness. Beth was the one for him; she was the one who actually loved him just as he was.

She kept moving until he was almost there and then he rolled her beneath him to take it home.

"Harder," she whined, and she reached down to take his ass with both hands.

Merle went harder, and she gasped and moaned out his name again as he came undone inside her.

"Fuck!" he growled. "Jesus! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!"

"'s OK. Come here," she insisted.


She settled into his arms and pulled a thin prison sheet over them. Merle couldn't feel guilty about it; he felt too happy for that.

"So why ain't you mad that I didn't pull out?"

"I'm on the pill."

"Huh? Don't you need a doctor for that?"

"You can find them in doctor's offices easy still, although, I'm sure that won't always be the case. Eventually, they'll run out. Doctors always kept samples in their offices, so the women here have quite a few packs scavenged."

"Sneaky little things, aren't you?"

"I always wanted to be a mother."

"You'd be a great already are."

"Lori will be better soon, so I'll be losing Judith," she noted. "She belongs with her rightful mother, though."

"I wouldn't want to risk losing a woman to childbirth now," he sighed.

Merle was experiencing after sex brain and yawned loudly as he pulled her in tighter.

"Won't your dad be wondering where you are?"

"Maybe...I'll have to tell him."

"I'll come with you. What if he wants to kill me?"

"Then we'll leave here together."

"You can't do that; he's your father."

"Then he'll have to understand if he wants me to stay. Life is too short to pretend I don't love you."

Merle heard the word love, and it struck him that this was more than he even considered. Merle wouldn't leave Daryl, and he didn't want Beth to lose her father and sister so he decided that one way or another they would all work it out.


Chapter Text


Chapter Nine ~ Dominoes

- In the End


"I'll be honest, I didn't get it for a long time," Carol sighed.

"Me neither. I fought it the best I could, but that girl reeled me in with good sound logic."

"What did she say?"

"She said she wanted me, and if it was too much for me, she'd walk away and accept it...but when I kissed her, I knew I could never do that."

"I guess everything works out the way it's supposed to," she smiled as she straightened his tie.

"I still think this kinda thing is silly in this world, but she wanted to make things official," he shrugged.

Merle was not the type to wear a suit, but his girl had a dream in her mind, and while Hershel was still standing, she wanted him to give her away. Hershel had been a tough nut to crack, but Merle was patient and bided his time as the man got used to the idea that his beautiful young daughter had fallen for a man more than twice her age. What clinched Hershel's trust, in the end, was Merle saving her life single-handedly from a group of sadistic rapists. The group had taken her back to their camp when they found her fishing not far from the prison. It was Merle's tracking that located the group, and he didn't blink an eye at beating every last one of the younger men to death. The fact that Merle had found her before she was actually raped was something Hershel couldn't thank him enough for. Beth had been threatened and scared to death, but Merle was the one she ran to for comfort so Hershel knew she'd be safe with him and that she was making up her own mind.

"She's ready for you," Daryl called to them through the door. "Get your ass out here!"

"Your man sounds impatient," Merle winked.

"He normally is," she laughed.

Daryl came to see that Carol was the one in time and that life didn't give you second chances anymore, it rarely gave you a first chance anymore. Carol was his one shot at happiness, and if it ended tomorrow in their deaths, it would still be worth every moment. Merle hadn't given up talking to him until he saw the light and Carol was grateful to him for that. They agreed to never speak of what happened between them but also said they'd never regret it.

The women at the prison couldn't deny that they had all experienced something special with Merle Dixon. He hadn't lied to them; he only offered them what they needed at the time so they couldn't be mad at him when he fell in love. It took everyone time to get used to the strange sight of Merle and Beth curled up reading together or kissing, but it did eventually become normal.

Now Merle was about to make her wish come true and marry her in the prison yard. Ridiculous as he felt it was to bother, he couldn't resist the excitement in her eyes when she proposed.

The wedding ceremony was simple, they exchanged pilfered rings and celebrated long into the night with booze he had been scavenging for weeks.


"Any regrets?" she asked as music played from inside one of the trucks out into the courtyard of the prison.

"Hell no, I'm happier than I've ever been. You?"

"Me too."

"I say we sneak off to be alone about now," he grinned.

"Won't they notice we're gone?"

"Fuck no, everyone's half cut," he grinned.


Up in the tower, there was fury and fire as he tore the white sundress from her body.

Merle was well past feeling like he was violating her with six months behind them and now he reveled in her touch.

Beth pushed him back into the chair in the corner and slithered down his body till she was kneeling between his open thighs.

"Do you have any idea how hot you look in this suit?" she purred.

"Hope you like it cause you probably won't see it again," he teased.


Beth ran her cheek against his inner thigh, looking him dead in the eye and then continued up his leg to the heat under the dress pants.

"You gonna drive me crazy, girl?"

"That's Mrs. Dixon to you," she winked as her hands went straight for his belt.

She was ferocious in her approach and was soon yanking his pants down his legs and coming in close to take him under her control.

Merle watched as her sweet lips ran up and down his length and then took him so deep he hissed in agony.


He squirmed, and her hand drifted up his body to his mouth where he kissed each of her fingertips as she sucked him right out of his mind.

"You're the devil...I fuckin' love you, Beth."

She brought him to the brink and stood in only her crisp white bra and panties before him.

"Do you have a wedding gift for me too?"

"You're god damn right I do."

He lay her out on the floor and kissed down her body from her neck to her belly from over her shoulder. He stripped her bra and panties and took in the beauty of his bride. Merle liked to come at her pussy from the opposite direction sometimes, pulling her open legs up around his head and lapping at her sweetness till she shuddered. His tongue pressed against her sweet entrance until she could feel it inside her just that little bit and she cried out loud.

"Don't stop, my man...please don't ever stop!"

Beth came apart like she'd never be the same again and he held her pussy up to his hungry mouth until she sobbed with release.

He was instructed to sit back on the chair, and she dove for him like he was her prey, and he knew then that there was always hope in life.

She was his reason to live, to keep going, and to try his best to be a better man. Beth was his everything.

She held his head to her chest, and he listened to the sweet sound of her heart beating against his ear as she rode him slowly but steady.

"I love you, Mrs. Dixon."

"I love you, Merle."


Merle wrapped her in a blanket, and she was soon curled up in a ball asleep on the old couch. The moon shined brighter just for them that night, and he sat on the chair watching her dream.

A knock at the door scared the life out of him, and he wondered who would be coming to check on them so late, Merle figured that everyone would be crashed by then.

He was shocked to see a large group of women, all of the women he'd slept with.

"Ladies?" he nodded.

"We have a wedding gift for you and the misses, but you disappeared before we could give it to you," Karen grinned.

"You didn't have to do nothing like that," he insisted, but he could clearly see Maggie holding a fair sized box already.

"It's already done, so take it," Carol asserted.

Maggie handed the box to Merle, and he knew that Beth was going to lose her mind.

There had to be 30 books in the box, a bottle of wine, and a few cassettes.

"It was all we could scavenge together, but we know you're always looking for books and these turned up on a run a few weeks ago," Andrea smiled.

"You guys are really something else," he sighed.

"So are you," Sasha replied. "We hope you two are very happy for years to come."

"She actually loves me," he mused. "Still can't believe it."

"It's not that hard to believe, Merle," Lori insisted.

"We'll let you get back to her now, brother-in-law," Maggie smiled. "That does sound weird as hell, not gonna lie."

Laughter filled the night, and Merle was left watching them all walk together back to the prison. Each one of them had a special place in his heart, but he belonged to someone now, he was someone's one and only.

The events in his life had been like dominoes all set up and destined to fall in a certain order to make it to the very last one. Every woman he'd ever loved had finally led him to the one that loved him back, and he was grateful. Life had given him more than he ever felt he deserved and he'd spend the rest of his days trying to be worthy of her love.