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Every Shiozumi Fanfic in One Chapter

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So like, Shion and Nezumi were j chillin at home (wherever that is for them in your mind) and eating some cherry pie, because who doesn’t love Shion’s Mom’s pie? Everyone is happy. Nothing bad ever happened in the last two episodes of this show. So anyway, They were eating this pie and Nezumi looked over at his gorgeous bf’s face.

“Shion, babe,” he said.

“Yeah babe?” Shion replied. This is totally how they converse on a daily basis. It’s canon.

“You deserve better than me,” Rat-boy said. Because there needs to be a little angst I guess.

“Pfft, yeah I do, babe. I’m the original Kaneki Ken, but more innocent and stuff. I mean, not really. I killed a man. But too bad, I’m kinda in love with you so,” and then Shion made a fart noise with his mouth.

“I’ve killed more people than you.”

“Yeah, but I did it cuter.”

“Marry me”


“Marry me, Shion.” Nezumi then pulled out a ring that he made himself and gave it to Shion.

“Oh, we really doing this shit. Okay yeah. I’ll marry you, bro.”

“You had my c*ck in your mouth an hour ago, don’t call me bro.”


Then they got married. Dogloan girl was there and so was old guy plus Shion’s mom, who catered the wedding and Safu’s spirit thingy. They lived happily ever after. The End.