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Blue Shades of Love

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In the town of Phoenix, Arizona, five Galaxy Garrison cadets determined to take advantage of the last few days of their summer break.  At one of their houses, they were discussing what to do over break when one of them, a man named Tsuyoshi “Hunk” Garrett, a man with medium brown skin, black hair, and brown eyes with thick, square-shaped eyebrows, decided to offer a suggestion.

            “Why don’t we go on a camping trip?” he offered.  The other people in the room, Matthew Holt, a man of average height with light brown hair, light brown eyes hidden behind grey circular-framed glasses, and fair skin, Pidge Gunderson, a fairly small and slim girl with messy light brown hair that reached down to her neck and curved in all direction, brown eyes hidden behind thin, grey circular-framed glasses, and fair skin and Matt’s sister, Keith Kogane, a young man with pale skin, black hair cut in a mullet, and indigo eyes, and Ulaz Sidran, a tall man with fair skin, long blond hair tied up in a ponytail, and yellow eyes, looked at Hunk and each raised an eyebrow.

            “Camping?  Seriously Hunk?” Keith asked.  Hunk looked at him and nodded.

            “Uh-huh.  Sounds fun, right?” he replied, giving Keith his famous puppy eyes.  Keith sighed.

            “Yeah, fine, whatever.  Sure, let’s go camping.  What do you guys say?” he asked, turning to the other teens.

            “I’m in” Ulaz replied, shrugging his shoulders.

            “Sure” Pidge answered, not looking up from her book.  Suddenly all their attention shifted to the last member in their squad, Matt.

            “What do you say Matt?” Keith asked.  Matt glanced over at them before sighing.

            “Meh, I guess so” he grumbled.  The other four cadets cheered and began to plan what to pack while Matt began muttering under his breath.  He hated camping, he really did, but he wasn’t going to disappoint his friends, so he put on a brave smile and joined in the cheering and packing.




Once they had decided that they were going camping, Hunk drove them to the cabin that he had rented in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest.  In the backseat, Matt was resting when he felt someone shake him awake.

            “Mrrr....what?” he grumbled.  He heard laughter so he was guessing it was either Pidge, Keith, or Ulaz.  When he opened his eyes, he found it to be all three. 

            “Damn you guys.  Can’t a guy catch a couple of zzz’s around?” he muttered, rubbing his eyes, pushing his glasses up his nose.  Hunk’s head popped out of nowhere, and he smiled.

            “Sorry Matt.  Can’t let you miss out on all the fun.  We’re going exploring” he explained. 

            “I’m going to murder them all when we get home” Matt muttered to himself as he unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the, grabbing his bags from the trunk.  When he reached the cabin, all his friends were waiting for him. 

            “Okay, I’m here now.  What do we do now?” he asked as he set down his bags while stifling a yawn. 

            “Like I said earlier Matt, we’re going to go explore!” Hunk exclaimed as Matt looked at his surroundings.  The sun was setting, which meant it was going to be nightfall soon.  He watched as the last rays of the sun set and the moon rose.  It was a full moon, big and beautiful.

            “Can’t we go in the morning? It’s freaking late, and some of us are kind of tired” he whined, pointing to himself.  Pidge laughed.

            “Don’t be such a baby, Matt.  We can sleep when we get back.  Besides exploring is way more fun at night” she explained.  Matt gritted his teeth and began to clench and unclench his hands.  He honestly didn’t know why he was friends with these people.




After Hunk had handed them all flashlights, they headed off towards the forest that was just a few paces north of the lake and cabin.  Pidge, Hunk, and Ulaz were chattering endlessly, while Keith and Matt remained silent.  Matt had to grudgingly admit, the forest was beautiful at night.  The moon light slipped through the trees, lighting the path in a soft glow.  As they were walking, Keith stepped on a branch and suddenly a growl echoed through the forest.  They all froze, wondering where in the ever-loving fuck that growl came from.  When they didn’t hear anything for a few good minutes, they decided to keep walking until they heard another growl.  They all froze again, everyone waving their flashlights around, trying to figure out where the growls were coming from.  Suddenly everyone turned when they heard a scream and they all looked to see Pidge pointing towards the bushes.  The teenagers all trained their flashlights on the bushes, and in the beam of the flashlight, red eyes flashed back at them.  The teenagers all knew what those eyes were.  Those were wolf’s eyes.  And the eyes looked like they were not happy.

            “Run!” Keith shouted before he bolted deeper into the forest.  The rest didn’t hesitate, quickly following Keith’s lead, jumping over fallen logs and ducking under low hanging branches.  Every so often they would glance behind to see if anything had followed them.  They were right.  Five wolves with different colored eyes were hot on their trail, mouth foaming slightly with fangs barred.  This only caused the five teenagers to distance themselves even farther away from the trailing pack, everyone single one of them pushing themselves to increase their speed and endurance until Pidge stumbled and fell into a large ditch, forcing everyone to stop. 

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Matt, Hunk, Keith, and Ulaz rushed over to Pidge and reached down to help pull her out of the ditch she had fallen into.  When she was safely out, before anyone could even ask if she was okay, four wolves ran out of the trees and surrounded them.  The five cadets clung to each other as the wolves padded closer to them, growling and snarling as their red eyes glowed in the darkness.  Before they could even get any closer, Keith reached into his back pocket and pulled out a small dagger which quickly transformed into a large khopesh-like blade.  He then pointed it at the wolves, snarling.

            “Get back!” he shouted.  The wolves stopped where they were before they slowly began to transform.  Everyone eyes widened as they watched as the first wolf transformed into a tall man with broad shoulders, pale skin, black hair with white forelocks, grey-blue eyes, metal right arm and a scar across his nose dressed in black trousers, black t-shirt, and black knee-high boots, the second wolf transformed into a tall man with light brown skin, short brown hair with bangs, thin eyebrows, and blue eyes dressed in blue jeans, long sleeve gray t-shirt, military green hoodie, and grey Sk8-Hi Slim Vans, the third wolf transformed into a slender, young woman with dark skin and long, curly white hair dressed in blue jeans, pink sweater, and white converse, and the fourth wolf transformed into a tall man with tan skin, an athletic build, messy black hair, brown eyes, and a short beard dressed in black jeans, black long sleeve sweater, and black knee-high boots.

            “Trespassers!” the man with the blue eyes hissed.  Keith snarled and pointed his sword at the werewolf.

            “We’re not trespassing, asshole!  We’re allowed to camp here!” he exclaimed.

            “Lies!” the man shouted.  Keith growled and was about to run his sword through the man’s stomach when Ulaz appeared at his side and placed a hand on his shoulder.

            “Keith, enough.  Stop it” he ordered.  Keith growled before he lowered his sword but continue to glare at the tan werewolf, who glared back at him.  While they were glaring at one another, the man with the white forelocks stepped forward.

            “Who are you?” he demanded.  The five cadets looked at each other before Matt stepped forward.

            “My name is Matthew Holt, and these are my friends Keith Kogane, Hunk Garret, Ulaz, and my sister Katie Holt, but we call her Pidge.  Please, we don’t mean any harm.  We just wanted to explore the forests” he explained.  The man narrowed his eyes.

            “Well Matthew—” he started.

            “Matt, actually” Matt interrupted.  The man with the red eyes raised an eyebrow at him before growling.  He wasn’t used to be interrupted. 

            “Matt.  I don’t care what you call it, you were still trespassing on our territory” he growled.  Matt rolled his eyes.

            “Look, bud, this park doesn’t belong to you.  It belongs to the state of Arizona.  You’re just living in it, so technically, you’re the ones trespassing” he stated.  The man with the red eyes growled before he lashed out and grabbed Matt around the neck, lifting him into the air.

            “Matt, no!” Pidge screamed, taking a step towards her brother, only to have her legs buckle under her.

            “Gah!” she cried as she fell to the ground, clutching her ankle. 

            “Pidge!” Hunk exclaimed as he knelt beside her, checking her over as she cried from the pain.  While he was focused on Pidge, Ulaz stormed up to the man with the red eyes and kicked him in the stomach, sending him flying as he grabbed Matt when he fell out of the man’s grasp.

            “Shiro!” the tan wolf exclaimed before he glared at Ulaz.

            “You!” he growled, about to take a step forward when Keith pointed his blade’s tip into his chest.

            “One more step and this goes right through you” he threatened.  The tan wolf growled and was about to attack Keith when the man with the red eyes, Shiro, stood up and dusted himself off.

            “Lance, that’s enough.  Stand down” he ordered.  He then looked at Matt, who was clutching at his neck and breathing deeply.

            “I apologize for hurting you.  I over-reacted” he apologized.  Matt scoffed.

            “That’s a fucking understatement” he murmured.  Shiro let out a huff before he looked over at the white-haired woman.

            “Allura, take that young woman to Coran to get her ankle looked at” he ordered.  The woman with the white hair, Allura, stepped forward and knelt before Hunk and Pidge.

            “Hey.  I promise I’m not as scary as the other three.  Come on, let’s get you to Coran” she murmured.  Hunk looked at her before he looked back at Pidge, who was still clutching her ankle and crying, and looped one arm under her knees and one under her back and stood up, holding her bridal style.

            “I’m coming with you.  I don’t trust you, not yet” Hunk declared.  Allura nodded as she stood to her feet as well before she motioned for Hunk to follow her as she turned and walked away from the pack and into the forest.  Once they had left, Shiro looked back at Keith and Lance, who were still glaring and snarling at one another.

            “Lance, knock it off.  Go back to your place and cool off.  And take this man with you” he ordered, motioning to Keith.  Keith and Lance looked at one another before their eyes widened.

            “WHAT?!” they exclaimed at the same time before Lance took a step forward.

            “But Shiro…” he started when Shiro held up a hand.

            “Don’t argue Lance, just do it” he growled.  Lance sighed heavily in defeat before he looked at Keith.

            “Come on, this way” he grumbled, turning away from the others.  Keith looked back at Ulaz and Matt before he scowled and followed behind Lance, his sword transforming back into the small dagger.  After they had left, only Ulaz and Matt remained. 

            “Well Shiro?” the tall man with the brown eyes asked.  Shiro looked over at him before he looked at Ulaz.

            “I’ll look after Matt.  Take the other one home and let him rest” he ordered.  The tall man nodded and stepped towards Ulaz, who stood tall and did not flinch away as the man loomed slightly over him.

            “Follow me” the tall man ordered, turning on his heels and walking away.  Ulaz looked at Matt, who smiled reassuringly.

            “He seems fine.  Go on, I’ll be fine” he assured.  Ulaz frowned as if he didn’t believe him but he quickly turned and ran after the tall man, leaving only Shiro and Matt in the middle of the forest.

            “So, here we are” Matt teased.  Shiro’s lips quirked in a smile before he reached out with a hand towards Matt’s neck.  Matt’s eyes widened and he took a step back in fear of being choked again.  Shiro huffed and drew back his hand, crossing his arms.

            “I’m not going to hurt you” he grumbled.  Matt’s brown eyes widened in shock behind his glasses and motioned to the red ring around his neck.

            “Really?! You’re going to say that to the guy who you almost tried to strangle to death?!” he shouted.  Shiro just rolled his eyes and reached out, placing his hand gently against Matt’s neck, making the young man flinch and squeeze his eyes shut.  When he felt the pain dissipate from his neck, he opened his eyes to see that on Shiro’s non-metal arm, his veins were visible and they were black.

            “What the hell are you doing?!” he exclaimed.

            “Draining your pain” Shiro replied calmly before he pulled away his hand.  When he pulled away his hand, Matt noticed that his throat didn’t hurt as much and he could breathe easier now.  When he looked up at Shiro, he noticed that the werewolf’s eyes were no longer red, but a soft dove-grey, which shocked him.  He didn’t know that werewolves had any other eye color other than red, but then again, he had never met a werewolf before so he didn’t know much about them anyways. 

            “Thank you” he thanked softly as Shiro let out a yawn, revealing human teeth instead of sharp canines. 

            “You’re welcome” Shiro replied tiredly.  Matt looked at him and frowned.

            “Are you alright?” he asked hesitantly.  Shiro blinked slowly before he nodded.

            “I’m fine, just tired.  Now come on, it’s late and I know we both need sleep.  Follow me” he ordered as he turned on his heels and began to walk deeper into the forest.  Matt was about to follow him when a thought hit him and he stopped.

            “Wait!” he exclaimed.  Shiro halted in his step as well and looked over his shoulder.

            “What?” he asked. 

            “My sister and friends.  They’re going to be okay, right?” he asked, concern shining in his eyes.  Shiro smiled slightly.

            “They’ll be fine.  I promise.  Now come on” he urged, motioning for Matt to follow him.  Matt nodded and quickly ran over to him before arriving at the werewolf’s side.  Shiro looked at him before he motioned with his head to follow as he continued to walk deeper into the forest.  Matt gulped before he followed Shiro.

            ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ he thought as he and Shiro slipped into the woods.

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As Shiro and Matt were walking in the forest, Keith and the tan werewolf, Lance, were also walking in the forest, heading towards wherever Lance lived.  They walked in silence before Lance sighed deeply.

            “Can’t believe Shiro is making you room with us” he grumbled.  Keith scoffed and rolled his eyes.

            “It’s not like we really had a choice, asshole” he grumbled.  Lance looked over at him and glared.

            “Yeah, actually, you did.  You could have gotten off our territory and gone the fuck home!” he exclaimed.  Keith growled and pointed his dagger at Lance.

            “Watch it bub.  I will not hesitate to skin your sorry hide” he threatened.  Lance scoffed and rolled his eyes.

            “Yeah right, you couldn’t touch me even if you tried” he sneered.  Keith smirked.

            “Wanna bet?” he replied.  Lance chuckled.

            “You wanna fight?” he growled.  Keith barred his teeth.

            “Bring it, bitch” he snarled.  Lance smirked as Keith put away his dagger and raised his fists to his face.

            “Fight me, little boy” Lance growled.  Keith smirked before he lashed out, aiming for Lance’s face, since they were around the same height.  Lance dodge the first punch but cried out when Keith’s other fist struck him in the nose.  He staggered back and clutched as his nose as Keith smirked.

            “Oh, I’m sorry, did that hurt?” he sneered.  Lance snarled and moved his hand away from his face before he launched himself at Keith, whose eyes widened in fear when he saw Lance flying at him.  However, he quickly dodged the attack before he roundhouse kicked Lance in the side, only to completely miss.  Lance then centered himself before he launched himself again at Keith, completely catching him off guard.  The werewolf then tackled him to the ground, pinning him by his wrists.  Keith struggled beneath him, trying to get away, when Lance growled in his face.

            “Stop struggling” the werewolf growled.  Keith glared up at him.

            “Never” he spat back.  Lance huffed and rolled his eyes before he pushed himself off Keith and stood up, holding out his hand.  Keith squinted his eyes suspiciously at the hand before he tentatively placed his hand in it as Lance pulled him to his feet. 

            “You fight good” Lance declared as he rubbed his nose.  Keith raised an eyebrow.

            “Really?” he asked.  Lance nodded before he held out his hand.

            “Lance McClain” he greeted.  Keith took his hand and shook it.

            “Keith Kogane” he replied.  Lance then rubbed the back of his neck.

            “I’m…sorry for being such a dick back there” he apologized.  Keith shrugged.

            “Yeah…I’m sorry too” he replied.  Lance shook his head.

            “You weren’t being a dick, I was.  You were just protecting your friends, we were trying to get you off our property” he murmured before he shook his head and motioned towards the forest.

            “Come, I’ll let you crash at my place” he offered as he began walking towards the forest again.  Keith raised an eyebrow as he followed him.

            “Where do you live, exactly?” he asked.

            “A house in a small cul-de-sac.  That’s where our pack lives” Lance explained as he and Keith walked deeper into the forest, the darkness swallowing them whole.

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As Lance and Keith were walking towards Lance’s house, Allura was leading Hunk and Pidge through the forest until they came upon a small cottage in the middle of a clearing.  Allura walked up to the door as Hunk stood behind her, holding an unconscious Pidge in his arms.  Allura knocked once on the door before a man with pale skin, short orange hair, and a distinct bushy orange mustache opened the door.

            “Allura!  So nice to see you!  Come in, come in!” the man ushered, holding open the door for the werewolf.  Allura nodded in thanks before she looked over her shoulder at Hunk and nodded, silently saying that it was safe.  Hunk nodded and followed her inside, making the man raise an eyebrow.

            “Who’s this?” he asked, motioning to Pidge in Hunk’s arms. 

            “Pidge Gunderson” Hunk replied as Coran motioned for him to put her down on the examination table.

            “We think she might have fractured her ankle while running through the woods” Allura explained as Hunk gently put Pidge down on the metal table and Coran propped up her leg with a pillow.  He then walked over to his supply closet and rummaged through the different supplies until he found his medical kit.  He then walked back to Allura and Hunk, who was cradling Pidge’s head in his hand while Allura picked leaves and twigs out of her hair.  Coran then gently took off Pidge’s shoe and when he saw the ankle, he winced.  The muscle was swollen and the skin around it was bruised, making it look rather grotesque.  He then looked up at Allura, once she had taken out the twigs from Pidge’s hair.

            “Take off her other shoe, won’t you Allura?” he asked.  Allura nodded and took off Pidge’s shoe, allowing Coran to assess the circulation of the broken foot by feeling the temperature of it before comparing it to the other foot.  He touched one toe on Pidge’s foot and was about to ask her which one he touched when he remembered that she had passed out.  Once he had assessed the circulation, he grabbed the pillow that Pidge’s foot was resting on and wrapped it above and below the injury with duct tape, making sure to not wrap it too tight.  After he immobilized the foot, he re-assessed it, comparing temperatures once more.  Once he deemed the splint safe enough, he looked up at Allura.

            “She should be fine.  Just take her home and make sure to prop her leg up so that the blood doesn’t pool there and increase the swelling.  Drain her pain every now and then and if it gets worse, bring her back to me.  Understood?” he demanded.  Allura nodded as Hunk reached under Pidge and picked her up bridal style.

            “Thank you, Coran” Allura thanked before she and Hunk exited the cottage.  The werewolf and human then walked through the forest until they came upon the cul-de-sac that Lance had told Keith about earlier.  Allura then walked over to a navy-blue house and opened the door, stepping inside before she held the door open so that Hunk could walk inside without jostling Pidge. 

            “The bedroom is upstairs” she murmured before she walked into the kitchen to make a pot of tea.  Hunk nodded and carefully walked up the stairs to Allura’s bedroom, placing the young woman on the King size bed.  He then tucked her in, making sure that she was comfortable.  Once he had done so, he walked back down the stairs to the kitchen, where Allura was sipping a cup of Earl grey tea. 

            “Would you like a cup?” she asked.  Hunk nodded and Allura smiled as she poured him a cup.  When she handed it to him, Hunk took it gratefully as he took a tentative sip.

            “Good?” Allura asked.  Hunk looked at her and nodded, smiling slightly.

            “Yes, thank you” he replied.  Allura smiled in return and took a sip of her tea, leaning against the counter.

            “Thank you” Hunk suddenly thanked, after a few moments of silent tea sipping.  Allura raised an eyebrow.

            “For what?  The tea?” she asked.  Hunk shook his head.

            “No.  For being so nice to Pidge and I” he explained.  Allura chuckled before she took another sip of her tea.

            “Of course.  You’re very welcome” she replied before she placed her cup down on the countertop and held out her hand.

            “Allura Altea.  I never properly introduced myself” she greeted.  Hunk smiled and placed his cup down as well before he shook Allura’s hand.

            “Tsuyoshi Garrett.  My friends call me Hunk” he replied.  Allura smiled and dipped her head in greeting.

            “Pleasure to meet you Hunk” she stated.  Hunk nodded in agreement.

            “Pleasure to meet you too” he replied.  Allura smiled again before she picked up her mug and took a sip of her tea.  Hunk did the same as he and Allura stood there, in comfortable silence, while Pidge rested and healed upstairs.

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Thace and Ulaz walked through the forest, a comfortable yet awkward silence between them.  As they were walking, Thace suddenly stopped and faced Ulaz, holding out his hand.

            “Thace Kurjak” he introduced.  Ulaz blinked in surprise before he reached out and shook his hand.

            “Ulaz Sidran” he replied.  Thace nodded before turning on his heels and continuing into the forest.  Ulaz blinked in surprise before he followed Thace, the two walking in silence once more until they reached the cul-de-sac where Allura and Hunk had gone earlier.  Thace motioned to the dark green, almost black, house and Ulaz nodded, silently following behind.  Thace unlocked the door and held it open to Ulaz, who quietly thanked him as he walked inside.  He stood in the foyer, looking at his new surroundings when Thace came up behind him and gently pushed him into the house and over to the couch.  He motioned for him to sit down, which Ulaz did, gratefully.

            “Do you want something to drink?” Thace asked.  Ulaz looked up at him and shook his head.

            “No, thank you” he replied.  Thace frowned and crossed his arms.

            “Anything to eat?” he asked.  Ulaz’s stomach growled softly, but he just put his hand over it and shook his head.

            “I’m fine, thank you” he replied.  Thace hummed but said nothing as he went to the kitchen and pulled out a can of soda and a small container of pasta.  He then walked over to the microwave, put it in for forty-five seconds, then took it out and walked over to the couch, holding out the container to Ulaz, who looked at it with surprise.

            “Take it. I could hear your stomach all the way from the kitchen.  It’s not good to not eat” he explained.  Ulaz blushed and gratefully took the pasta and started to eat it while Thace watched.  Once he ate about half the container, he saw the werewolf visibly relax before he sat down next to him on the couch and turned on the TV.  The human and the werewolf watched whatever program Thace had changed the channel to in silence as Thace sipped on his soda while Ulaz finished up the pasta that the werewolf had graciously made for him.  When he was finished, he stood up from the couch and walked into the kitchen, placing his dish in the sink. He then dabbed a little soap on the kitchen sponge, quickly cleaned the container, put it in the dish rack to dry, then walked back out to sit next to Thace.  they still said nothing as they watched the program, but as they watched, Ulaz felt his eyes grow hazy and he began to sway on the couch, leaning slightly towards Thace.  Ulaz felt a wall go up around Thace immediately and he swayed away.

            “Sorry…I’ll…keep my distance” he whispered. Thace hummed and settled a little bit more into the couch and let out a soft snarl, just to make sure that Ulaz kept his distance.  Ulaz shuddered slightly and looked back at the television, but could still feel his vision swimming as he was growing more and more tired.  Matt was right, exploring the forest at night after driving all day was not a good idea.  He was seriously exhausted and all he really wanted to do was sleep.  He sighed and leaned his head back, shutting his eyes. A five-minute nap couldn’t hurt…




Thace watched Ulaz out of the corner of his eye, a frown barely visible on his lips. The human looked exhausted, his eyes fluttering close every now and then. Thace considered moving off the couch to let him rest, but suddenly there was a warm presence on his lap and he looked down in surprise to see Ulaz’s head on his lap, passed out from exhaustion.  Thace froze, a growl caught in his throat.  He wanted to shove Ulaz off him but the more he continued to stare at him, the more pity he felt towards him.  He slowly reached down and ran a hand through Ulaz’s soft blond hair, softly smiling at the silkiness that ran through his fingers.  As he continued to run his fingers through the man’s hair, he saw a small smile grace Ulaz’s lips, and he growled almost possessively as he continued to card his fingers through the young man’s hair.  As he was stroking, he soon felt himself slowly succumb to sleep and a few moments later, the wolf fell asleep, fingers still gently tangled in Ulaz’s hair.

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As Shiro and Matt were walking through the forest, Matt began to pick up on the different sounds of the forest.  He heard a hoot of an owl, the rustle of leaves blowing in the wind, and the crunching of dead leaves and underbrush under their feet.  He found the sounds comforting, and almost peaceful, which was a nice change from the hustle and bustle of the city.  As they were walking, a loud “SNAP” could be heard not too far off from where they were.  Matt felt Shiro stiffen and halt next to him, so he stopped as well.

            “Takahashi…what’s going on?” he asked, eyes widening in fear.  Shiro glanced at the human besides him before he dashed off, leaving Matt all alone in the middle of a dark forest at like one o’clock in the morning.  Matt blinked rapidly, head swiveling left and right, almost so fast that he could have snapped it if he tried.

            “Takahashi?!” Matt shouted.  The werewolf didn’t answer.  Matt couldn’t hear anything except the sound of his rapidly increasing heartbeat. 

            ‘No…no…not now’ he pleaded, clutching at his chest.  He could feel his chest collapse on itself and his breathing became shallower and shallower.  He tried to take in deep breaths and count to ten like his doctor always told him whenever he got a panic attack, but the counting and breathing didn’t seem to be helping.  His breathing was getting shallower and Matt could feel himself become lightheaded, almost making him pass out.  He swayed a little on his feet before he collapsed to his knees, pressing one hand to his chest, trying to feel his heartbeat to get it back to normal.  As he was desperately trying to stop his panic attack, he heard crashing through the brush and suddenly Shiro appeared in complete wolf form, red glowing red and his muzzle was dripping with freshly spilled blood.  When he saw Matt panting on the forest floor, he immediately shifted back, wiped the blood from his mouth, and rushed over to Matt’s side.

            “Matt…are you alright?” he exclaimed as he did a once over on the man.  Matt took in a deep gasp, but that still didn’t help his situation.  He shook his head.

            “N-no” he panted, squeezing his eyes shut, desperately willing himself to calm down, to breathe, to just calm the fuck down.  Suddenly a firm hand was on the back of Matt’s neck and Matt looked up in surprise as Shiro stared down at him, eyes still red.

            “T-Takahashi” Matt breathed, his voice coming out like a ghost.  The werewolf continued to stare at Matt, red eyes every now and then flashing.

            “Just look at me” Shiro ordered, voice gentle.  Matt did what he was told and looked into Shiro’s red eyes and he found himself growing calmer.  He could take breaths easier and he felt his chest widen as each inhale coursed through his lungs.  The two continued to stare at each other until Shiro no longer heard a hitch every time Matt breathed.  He nodded in satisfaction then stood before holding out a hand to Matt, who gratefully took it and Shiro yanked him to his feet.

            “What happened?” Shiro growled.  Matt sucked in a deep breath then let it out, feeling his chest catch a little as the breath left his lips.

            “I h-had a panic attack” he explained, running a hand through his hair.  Shiro narrowed his red eyes at Matt.

            “Panic attack? Why?” he demanded.  Matt sucked in another deep breath then let that one out as well.

            “When I was little, my parents and I went out on a camping trip, before my sister was born.  Being the stupid little kid that I am, I decided to wander off on my own.  I had gotten lost and I screamed and screamed for my mom and dad to find me, but they never came.  I think they had gotten lost as well.  Being little and in a big, dark scary forest does not do so well on the mental system.  I felt my chest tightening and my breath getting shallow and the next thing I knew I was in a hospital room, overhearing the doctors and nurses explain to my parents that I had suffered from a severe panic attack.  So, from that point on, I wasn’t allowed to wander off by myself at night, or in anywhere that was bigger than a school, home, or apartment building.  I was fine until my mom started to get sick.  When I found her collapsed in my parent’s room in the middle of the night, I suffered from another attack.  It wasn’t as bad as the first one, but it was still bad, you know?" he explained, eyes searching Shiro’s, silently begging him to understand.  And Shiro did understand.  He knew the feeling of loss and of fear when one loses a parent.  He had lost both his parents years ago.  So, he did understand.  He tilted his head at Matt and silently motion with his eyes to continue.  Matt took a shuddering breath and Shiro a conscious step forward, almost pressing himself up against Matt. 

            “The last time…” Matt started quietly, voice trembling.  He shut his eyes and remained silent for what Shiro counted to be ten seconds before he opened his eyes again.  When Shiro looked at them, he saw that they were glazing over with tears.

            “The last time was when…my mom died” he spat out.  Shiro’s eyes widened.  Matt pressed on.

            “She was sick, like really sick.  She had cancer and she knew she wasn’t going to make it, but she kept on fighting.  She went through all the chemotherapy, and little by little, she started to get better.  Then, almost miraculously, she got well enough that they stopped the treatments and she could go home.  And we were happy for a while” he sighed, a reminiscing smile on his face.  Shiro continued to look at Matt, patiently waiting for him to go on.

            “But then…God…the cancer came back, and hit her harder than ever.  She was sent back immediately, and they got her back on her treatments.  This time though….” Matt paused, taking a shuddering breath.

            “This…time the treatments weren’t working.  She wasn’t getting stronger, she was getting weaker and weaker every time my father and I came to visit.  Then one night…when we came to visit, she was barely breathing, and her heart monitor was beeping slower than normal.  I told my dad to go and get the doctors, to try and get them to do something” he explained as he   felt his chest tightening again, so he braced himself.

            “As s-soon as he left, I walked over to my mother’s side, reached out and grabbed her frail hand.  I squeezed gently, but she didn’t squeeze back like how she used to whenever I did this.  I just stood by her side and it started to get darker and darker and my father still wasn’t back yet.  I wasn’t panicking just yet, but I wanted to.  I wanted to panic so bad…but I knew I had to stay strong for my mother.  I had to.  But then…her heart monitor slowly stopped making that irritating-as-fuck beeping noise and just made one long beep.  I looked at the monitor in horror….it couldn’t be happening; she couldn’t be dead.  I clutched at her hand, shook her shoulders, called her name, anything, to try and get her to wake up.  But it didn’t work.  She didn’t jolt, she didn’t snap at me to stop shaking her, she said NOTHING” he spat.  The tightening in his chest got worse, and now he was breathing shallowly again, tears streaming down his face.

            “I screamed for someone, anyone, to come and save her, but I knew she was gone.  And there wasn’t anything I could do to bring…to bring her back” he sobbed, breaths coming out in short gasps, chest tightening so hard that he thought his rib cage was going to crack and pierce his insides.  He felt light headed and he swayed, clutching at his chest.  He tried to balance himself, to stop this attack, this was bad, he shouldn’t have said anything.  Two attacks within a few minutes of one another…his father would kill him if he ever found out.  Matt tried again to steady himself, but instead of doing that he swayed and almost collapsed if Shiro wasn’t there to catch him.

            “Hey…Matt…Matt” Shiro growled, shaking the man’s shoulders.  Matt didn’t hear him and continued to tremble and breathe shallowly, brown eyes frantically looking everywhere else but at Shiro.  Shiro growled again and pulled Matt against him, grabbing Matt’s hand and placed it against his heart.  Matt could feel the steady heartbeat of the werewolf underneath his fingertips and he desperately tried to match his breathing to Shiro’s heartbeat.

            “Come on Matt…just breath.  Take a deep breath and count to ten” Shiro murmured gently, stroking Matt’s hand with his thumb.  Matt nodded shakily and did what Shiro told him to do: he took a deep breath and counted to ten.  He continued this until his breathing slowly steadied out, and he could breathe normally.

            “Are you okay now?” Shiro asked, still stroking Matt’s hand.  Matt let out a shuttering breath and nodded.

            “I—I think so” he whispered.  Shiro nodded and before Matt knew what was happening, Shiro had swept him off his feet and had him cradled against his chest.  Heat spread across Matt’s cheeks.

            “What are you doing?!” he exclaimed, burying his face in his hands.  Shiro growled low in his throat.

            “Well, you did almost pass out on me twice” he snapped.  Matt blinked before he blushed furiously.

            “Sorry” he murmured.  Shiro smirked.

            “Now I’m going to carry you to my house like this, and you’re not going to complain” he stated firmly.  The blush remained on Matt’s cheeks as Shiro began walking again, now with Matt in his arms.  Shiro’s soft footsteps crunching through the forest slowly lulled Matt to sleep and soon his head lolled against Shiro’s chest, one hand gripping the fabric of Shiro’s shirt like it was his life line.  Shiro said nothing and continued walking towards his house, the sounds of the forests singing a soft lullaby.

Chapter Text

Keith and Lance continued to walk through the forest until they came a small clearing where four houses were neatly arranged in a semi-circle around the pond that was in the middle and Keith swore it looked like a mini cul-de-sac.  Out of the corner of his eye he saw Lance motioning for him to follow.

            “Come on” he ordered, pointing to the second house, one that was painted a lovely shade of blood red.  Keith shuddered but continued to follow the werewolf as he walked towards the house.




Once they were inside, Lance began pushing him towards a small room.

            “Hey!  Hey!  What are you—” he sputtered and Lance just rolled his eyes.

            “Bath.  You need a bath” he stated as he shoved him into the room.  He then walked away and came back with an armful of clothes.  When Keith raised an eyebrow at them, Lance sighed and thrusted the clothes into Keith’s arms.

            “Just take them.  They were my dad’s clothes” he explained.  Keith raised his eyebrow again and looked down at the clothes.  When he looked back up to thank him, Lance had already walked into her room and slammed the door clothes.  Keith shook his head and closed the door, placing the clothes on the toilet cover.  He stripped then stepped into the shower, turning on the spray till it was almost scalding.  He enjoyed the hot spray for a few silent minutes before he grabbed the bar of soap, lathered himself up then rinsed off and stepped out of the shower.  He pulled on the new underwear, sweats, and gray shirt.  They were a little big on him but they were comfortable.  After he threw his dirty clothes in the bathroom hamper, he stepped out and began to look around the house.  He noticed a blue bayard in the corner of the living room, just like the one that he, Pidge, and Hunk carried and he raised an eyebrow at that.  How did Lance have a bayard?  He shook his head and continued to walk around until he came upon the kitchen.  His stomach growled softly and a blush creeped onto his cheeks.  He glanced over his shoulder at Lance’s door but it hadn’t opened an inch.  He breathed out a sigh of relief and walked over to the fridge.  He opened it and found two slices of cheese and a stick of butter, which he grabbed and put on the counter.  He then opened a cabinet and pulled out two cans of tomato soup.  He opened Lance’s bread drawer and pulled out four slices of bread.  He grabbed a skillet, turned on the stove top, buttered two slices of bread and placed the slices in the pan.  He waited for a sizzle before he placed a slice of cheese on one of the slices.  He let the cheese melt a little before he placed the other slice of bread on top.  He grabbed a plate out of another cabinet and placed it on the counter.  Once he thought that the grilled cheese was done, he grabbed a spatula and pulled it out of the pan and placed it on the plate.  He then pulled out a pot and placed that on the stove.  He popped the tomato soup can and pour its content into the pot before he turned on the burner.  As he was stirring the soup with a wooden spoon to try and heat it up, he didn’t hear Lance’s door open.

            "What are you doing?” he asked as he walked into the kitchen and sat down at the counter.  Keith jumped slightly before he looked over his shoulder at her and gave her a weak smile.

            “Making grilled cheese and tomato soup.  Would you like some?  I’m sorry I’m stealing some of your stuff, but I haven’t eaten since yesterday morning so I’m a bit hungry.  I’m sure you’re hungry too” he acknowledged, placing the grilled cheese in front of the werewolf.  Lance looked at the grilled cheese before he picked up a side and bit into it.  His eyes widened as the flavors caressed his tongue and let out a soft moan as he took another bite.  Keith smiled and grabbed a bowl out of his cabinet and poured the hot soup into it before placing it in front of him.  He raised an eyebrow at the soup then looked at Keith.  Keith chuckled.

            “Your sandwich will taste even better if you dunk it in the soup, trust me” he assured.  Lance looked at the red mixture before he dunked the sandwich into it and took a bit of the soup covered part.  A small gasp escaped his lips as he swallowed.

            “Oh my god…that’s so good” he growled softly.  Keith laughed as he started to fix his own grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.

            “I’m guessing you’ve never had grilled cheese and tomato soup before” he commented.  Lance chuckled.

            “Yeah…it’s been a while actually since I’ve had one.  My dad used to make it for me when I was a pup…I missed the taste.  After he died well…I stopped make it” he explained.  Keith nodded solemnly as he finished up making his sandwich and soup.  He pulled up a stool and sat in front of Lance and ate his own creation.

            “Oh god, you’re right, this taste awesome” Keith moaned.  Lance chuckled as he started to eat the other half of his sandwich.

            “I think you’re just hungry” he replied.  Keith nodded and dunked his sandwich into his soup before he took a bit.

            “I’m not denying that.  At all.  Man, this tastes awesome” he agreed.  Lance grinned as he finished up his sandwich and began to drink his soup.  Keith took his time while eating, savoring the cheesy goodness.  Once they had both finished eating, Keith grabbed their plates and put them in the sink.

            “Next time, I’ll make you my famous spaghetti.  All of my friends like it and they know I can’t cook” he teased.  Lance scoffed.

            “Could have fooled me” he replied.  Keith chuckled softly as he washed the dishes then put them in the dish rack to dry.  Once he had done that, he walked back towards his stool and sat down.

            “I have one quick question” he started, hoping that he wasn’t pressing.  Lance raised an eyebrow and motioned for him to continue.  Keith pointed to the bayard in the corner of the living room.

            “How do you have a bayard?  Those were only offered to freshmen at the Galaxy Garrison” he explained.  Lance sighed deeply and ran a hand through his hair.

            “You don’t remember, do you?” he asked.  Keith frowned and raised an eyebrow.

            “Remember what?” he replied. 

            “About a student that went missing almost two years ago?” he asked.  Keith frowned and wracked his brain until it hit him in the face like a sack of bricks.

            “You!  You’re the missing student!” he exclaimed.  Lance chuckled and did a sarcastic wave of his hand.

            “Yup, that’s me” he agreed.  Keith shook his head.

            “Wow, I had no idea” he murmured before he looked into Lance’s eyes.

            “How old are you?  Exactly?” he asked. 

            “Eighteen.  Why?” Lance replied.  Keith shook his head.

            “No, I was just wondering.  Curiosity killed the cat, you know” he replied with a smile.  Lance chuckled and shook his head as a smile graced his lips. 

            “Satisfaction brought it back” he added softly, making Keith laugh.  The two laughed together before they fell into a content silence, just enjoying each other’s company as they ate.

Chapter Text

Shiro continued to carry Matt through the forest, cradling his head against his chest, until he reached his house, the large white manor in the middle of the cul-de-sac.  He opened the door, walked over to the couch, then sat down, maneuvering Matt’s body so that his head was on his lap while the rest of his body was on the couch.  He then stroked Matt’s hair gently, slowly lulling himself to sleep.  As he slept, he dreamt of stroking Matt’s hand as he calmed him down from his panic attack, but his dream was soon disrupted by screams and curses.  He cracked open his eyes, only to see someone’s fist coming straight at him.  He tried to block it, but the fist was too fast, crashing into his face and knocking him out.  He woke up to find an angry Thace and Ulaz looming over him.  He lifted his head and looked around.  His home was trashed, photos were broken, things smashed, furniture and curtains slashed, and broken windows.  He tried to speak but his voice failed him.  He cleared his throat and looked around again, noticing that something was very off.  His eyes widened, and he looked up at Thace and Ulaz.

            “WHERE’S MATT?!” he roared.  Thace said nothing as he held out a note, which Shiro quickly snatched from his hand.

"If you want to see your precious Matthew again, you and your clan must meet my clan under the full moon tonight.  If you do not, you will never see Matthew again, and if you do, he won’t be the Matthew you remember...” the note read.  Shiro growled as he balled up the note and threw it somewhere in his trashed home.

   ‘Those dirty bastards...why would they take Matt? What do they want?’ Shiro thought to himself as he clenched his hands into fists.

            “Shiro…” Thace started, taking a step towards the man, who was tense as a pulled rubber band, ready to snap at any given time.

            “What?” Shiro snapped.  Thace’s eyes widened in surprise while Ulaz frowned.  Shiro looked at their faces before he sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.

            “Sorry...just on edge” he murmured as he plopped down on his couch, putting his head in his hands.

            “Look…Shiro” Ulaz started.  Shiro looked up at the blond man, who gave him a small smile.

            “I know Matt means a lot to you.  He means a lot to us as well.  I think it’s only fair that the others understand what is going on” he explained.  Shiro blinked before he nodded and shook his head, standing to his feet.  He then looked the two men in the eyes, his own dove grey eyes now the color of blood.

            “Let’s go” he ordered before he turned and walked out of the house, Ulaz and Thace not too far behind.

Chapter Text

Shiro stepped outside of his home and howled, which made Thace’s eyes widened in shock. Shiro was calling a meeting and Shiro never called meetings, which meant that this kidnapping was extremely important.  The three men waited for a few moments before Lance and Keith bursted through forest, panting as they reached Ulaz, Thace, and Shiro.  Allura and Hunk arrived next, Hunk carrying a still sleepy Pidge.  When they all arrived, Shiro counted them, ending up with eight.  The only one missing was…Matt.  The werewolf frowned and touched his chest, heart aching with the loss.  He had only just met the man and yet, he knew that Matt was his mate.  He could feel it in his bones.  As he was lost in thought, someone cleared their throat and drew him out of his mind and into reality, where seven pairs of eyes were watching him, waiting.  He then cleared his throat and stood up to his full height.

            “Matt…was kidnapped” he declared, waiting for a reaction.  Lance and Keith’s eyes widened, Allura and Hunk gasped in shock, and it took Pidge a moment to full grasp the words that were just spoken, but when her brain registered the words, her brown eyes burned with rage.

            “Who took him?” she growled.  Shiro shook his head.

            “I don’t know.  However, they left me a note that said to meet their clan under the full moon tonight and if we don’t, Matt will not be the same Matt that we remember” he explained.  Pidge growled and Hunk had to give her arm a reassuring squeeze to try and calm her down.

            “Are we going to rescue my brother or not?” she demanded, eyes still burning.  Shiro nodded.

            “Of course we are.  No one steps foot into our territory and takes one of our own” he growled, red eyes shining.  Pidge nodded, satisfied with that answer.  Shiro then frowned as a thought occurred to him.

            “Now, I know that the four of us can transform into werewolves to attack and defend ourselves, but how can you defend yourselves?” he asked.  The four humans looked at one another and smiled wickedly before Hunk handed Pidge over to Allura, who was surprisingly strong for someone of her build.  He then pulled out a strange looking weapon from his belt and held it up.  Allura frowned.

            “What is that?” she asked.  Hunk looked at her.

            “It’s known as a Bayard.  We were given them the first day of training.  They take a distinct shape for each fighter, forming a weapon that complements their individual fighting style and skills” he explained as his bayard transformed into a large energy cannon.  Shiro, Thace, and Allura’s eyes widened.

            “That’s so cool” Allura exclaimed, eyes gleaming with excitement.  Pidge laughed.

            “If you think that’s cool, watch this” she instructed as she pulled out her bayard, which transformed into an angular katar. 

            “It can also turn into a grappling hook with a cable and a shock prod” she added.  Ulaz smirked.

            “I don’t have a bayard, but I do have this” he stated as he pulled out a small blade like Keith’s and everyone watched as it turned into a large, curved sword.  Thace gulped.

            “That looks incredibly deadly” he commented.  Ulaz laughed.

            “Oh, it is.  It’s laced with poison that could kill any creature on the planet.  I concocted the poison myself” he explained.  Thace blinked before he took a step back, cautious of the blade in the young man’s hand.  Ulaz looked at the fear on his face and laughed as the blade transformed back into a small dagger, which he then sheathed in a holster on his belt.

            “Don’t worry, I won’t use it on you” he assured.  Lance then turned to Keith, who in return looked at the forest floor.

            “Keith, what can you do?” he asked.  Keith smirked before he pulled out his luxite dagger and his bayard, which then transformed into another sword.

            “Two swords?  Isn’t that a bit extra?” Lance teased.  Keith rolled his eyes.

            “How is this extra?  I’m not the one who has a freaking energy rifle in their living room” he replied.  Hunk and Pidge looked at Lance in surprise.

            “You have a bayard?” they exclaimed.  Lance nodded as he pulled his out of his jeans pocket and held it up, watching as it transformed into a blue energy rifle.

            “Holy quiznak, you’re Lance McClain!  The student that went missing from the Galaxy Garrison!” Pidge squealed.  Lance nodded in greeting.

            “Hello, nice to meet you” he replied.  Shiro then cleared his throat, gaining their attention.

            “Right then...let's go get Matt” he ordered before he shifted into a wolf and took off into the woods, his pack mates and the humans not far behind.

            ‘Hold on Matt...we’re coming....’ Shiro thought.




Meanwhile, on the other side of the forest, Matt awoke to a splitting headache and an aching side.  As he sat up, he noticed that he couldn’t find Shiro anywhere.  As cliché as it sounded, Shiro was like his security blanket, bringing him back from his panic attacks, twice, and caring for him when could have easily killed him.  While he was thinking of Shiro, a low growl outside of his door shocked him out of his thoughts.  He slowly got out of the bed that he was placed in (he had no idea how he got there) and walked over to the door, opening it to reveal four smirking men.

            ‘Who the fuck are these people? And where am I?’ he wondered as the man in front of the other three, a tall man with brown skin, yellow eyes with a long vertical scar over his left eye, and dark gray hair, stepped forward.

            “Hello Matthew.  My name is Zarkon Horvath, and this is Haxus, Morvork, and Myzack” he introduced as he pointed to each of the men, who nodded when their names were called.

            “Is there a reason why I’m here?” Matt demanded, crossing his arms.  The four wolves looked between themselves and snickered as their leader, Zarkon, looked back at him.

            “Well, you see Matthew, you have something that we want...” he started.  Matt looked at him, a bemused look on his face.

            “I have...something you want?” he repeated.  Zarkon nodded.

            “You see; your clan rules this forest.  You have a strong leader, Takahashi Shirogane, was his name, yes?  Not saying that I’m not a strong leader, but he is a TOO strong of a leader.  We want him out of power, and now, we’re using you as bait for him” he explained.  Matt’s eyes widened before he snarled and launched himself Zarkon, who growled in surprise, falling back from the attack.  Matt punched, bit, scratched, and snarled as he let all of hell loose onto Zarkon’s face.  Zarkon growled and shoved Matt off him before he pounced on top of him and wrapped his hands around Matt’s throat, slowly tightening his grip until Matt was clawing at his hands, gasping for air.

            “Zarkon, stop!  We need him alive!” Haxus exclaimed.  Zarkon blinked before he got off Matt and stood to his feet, wincing at the cuts and scratches on his face.

            “You little bitch...” he growled as he covered his face with his hands.

            “Take him back inside, and make sure that all the windows are barred and the door is locked from the outside.  And keep him there till I feel like dealing with him.  Right now, I need to go take care of my face!” he screamed before he walked into the forest.  The other three grabbed Matt and dragged him back into the room, tossing him on the floor like a rag doll.  They then closed the door and locked it, making sure that Matt wouldn’t be able to get out.  Matt stayed on the floor, breathing in deeply, trying to regain his breathing.  Once he had gotten some of his breath back, he shut his eyes and remained on the floor as pain spread to his head and he blacked out.

Chapter Text

On the other side of the forest, Shiro felt a sharp pang in his gut, so he followed it and wound up at a cozy home with three men sitting around a campfire.  As he crouched behind the bushes and watched them, the others soon caught up to him and hid with him.  As they sat and watched, one of the three started up a conversation.

            “Man, Zarkon looks like shit...” one commented.

            “Yeah, but he kind of had it in for him...” another added.

            “Why do you say that?” the first one questioned.  

            “Matthew had to be Shiro’s mate.  There is no doubt about it.  Did you see what he did to Zarkon’s face?” the third wolf asked.  As he listened, Shiro’s blood began to boil with rage.  They had Matt.  He then turned back to the others, eyes glowing in the dimly lit night.

            “They have Matt” he hissed.  Everyone’s eyes widened before they hardened in anger.

            “Let's go” Shiro ordered before he jumped out from behind the bushes into the clearing.  Around the campfire, the three men jumped, looking to see where the noise came from and noticed that eight wolves burst out of the woods, but one of them was running at them at full speed.  They all looked at each other and they all thought the same thing.





The three men then shifted into wolves before running head on into the fight.  As they were running, Ulaz ran out from behind Thace and pulled out his dagger, the small blade transforming into the larger blade.  He then ran up to the wolf and jumped into the air, raising the blade above his head before he stabbed down, stabbing the wolf through the torso, instantly killing it from the concentration of poison that was on his blade.  He then pulled his blade out of the wolf with a sickening squelch before he turned to look at Thace, who was smiling proudly at him.  The werewolf then walked over to him and pressed a kiss to his forehead.

            “Well done” Thace cooed as he pulled Ulaz in for a hug.




Another wolf went after Allura and Hunk while Pidge was off on the sidelines, since she couldn’t exactly walk.  Allura and Hunk fought hard against the wolf, Allura biting and nipping at the wolf, drawing blood, while Hunk pulled out his energy cannon, pointing at the wolf.  He wanted to fire his weapon, but he was afraid that he would hit Allura instead, so he just stood there, holding his cannon in his hand.  As he stood and watched, Allura continue to fight until the other wolf attacked and bit Allura on the back of her calf, sending her to the ground.  From the sideline, Pidge’s eyes widened and she quickly pulled out her bayard, which transformed into a katar, and threw it at the wolf, piercing it through the heart with deadly accuracy.  Once that wolf was dead, Hunk transformed his cannon back into his bayard and placed it in his back pocket before he ran over to Allura, who shifted back into a human, clutching at her badly bleeding leg.

            “Allura, are you okay?” Hunk asked, eyes full of concern.  Allura shook her head and groaned.

            “My leg hurts like a bitch.  Fucking wolf” she snarled, glaring over at the impaled wolf.  Hunk smirked before he walked over to the wolf and grabbed Pidge’s bayard out of the wolf, walking over to the injured young woman.

            “Nice throw” he complimented.  Pidge smiled.

            “Thanks” she replied.  She then looked over at Allura.

            “Is she going to be okay?” she asked. 

            “I’m fine Pidge!” Allura called back as she placed a hand on the wound and drained the pain away, her veins black and visible.




The third and final wolf went after Keith and Lance.  Keith had drawn his luxite sword and bayard sword, looking for the wolf when it suddenly appeared behind him and tackled him to the ground, forcing him to let go of his swords as the force of the impact made him loosen his grip.  He struggled under the wolf, trying to get away, when the wolf lunged down and bit him on his right shoulder, making him cry out in pain.   

            “Keith!” Lance exclaimed as he shifted into a wolf and jumped on the attacking wolf, yanking him off Keith by the scruff of his neck.  Since Keith was no longer the center of the wolf’s attention, the wolf turned and bit Lance this time in the neck, making the wolf grunt.  On the ground, Keith was whimpering in pain, clutching his wounded shoulder.  However, he couldn’t let Lance fend for himself, so he slowly pushed himself off the ground and grabbed his luxite blade with his non-injured arm, clutching it tightly in his hand as he watched Lance and the other wolf grapple and struggle with each other, yips and growls coming from both parties.  Keith watched, shoulder still aching, as anger began to bubble within his stomach.  When the wolf bit down on Lance again, this time making him whine, Keith couldn’t stand it anymore.  He gripped the sword tightly and ran forward, raising the sword above his head before he brought it down, slicing the wolf in half.  Lance fell out of the wolf’s clutch and quickly transformed into a human before he ran over to Keith.

            “Keith, Keith are you okay?” he asked, eyes fluttering over the man’s body.  Keith winced and slowly raised his injured shoulder.

            “My…my shoulder” he murmured.  Lance’s eyes quickly rushed to Keith’s shoulder and he snarled before he gently wrapped an arm around Keith’s waist.

            “Come on Keith…let’s get you to Coran” he murmured.  He then walked over to where Keith’s other sword was and picked it up, watching as it transformed back into Keith’s bayard.  He then helped the young man place his luxite blade back in its holster after it transformed from a large sword to a small dagger and helped him place his bayard in his belt before he led him away from the carnage.

            “Thank you” he murmured.  Keith looked up at him before he smiled slightly.

            “You’re welcome” he replied.




While everyone else was fighting off one of Zarkon’s lackeys, Shiro was running around, trying to sniff out Matt.  As he was searching desperately, his nose picked up the distinct scent of the young man from behind a locked wooden door.  He shifted into a human and walked over to the door, knocking on it.

            “Matt?  Is that you?” he called out.  Before he could ask again, a hand descended on his shoulder and spun him around, making him come face to face with what would have been a handsome man if his face was not covered with cuts and scratches.

            “What happened to you?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.  The man pointed to the door.  

            “That…that bastard went ballistic and attacked me” he growled.  Shiro stiffened, what the other three were talking about was true.  This was the leader with the scratched-up face, and the “bastard” behind the door was Matt.

            “So you’re the one who took Matt!” he snarled, grabbing the man by the collar.  The man smirked and shoved Shiro off.

            “It took you this long to figure that out?  Wow, you’re slow” the man sneered.

            “Oh, I’m being rude, I’m Zarkon” Zarkon introduced, holding out his hand for Shiro to shake.  Shiro slapped the hand away and peered at Zarkon.

            “What did you do to Matt?!” he demanded, swinging a punch at Zarkon, who dodged the blow, then countered, which Shiro blocked.

            “I didn’t do anything.  I just said that we were using him as bait to get you and your whole clan to come here.  See, you’re a great leader Shiro, and really powerful, but you’re just TOO great and TOO powerful.  See, my clan and I want you dead and disposed of.  But apparently, that brat” he spat, pointing to the door, “had other ideas.  He went crazy, jumped me, and started attacking me.  You always choose the strong ones, don’t you Shiro?” he teased, mocking him.  That was it, Shiro had had enough.  This guy just rubbed him the wrong way and the way he talked about Matt…oh he had it coming.  He shifted back into a wolf and jumped on Zarkon, catching him by surprise.  They growled and snapped, leaving claw and teeth marks on each other.  Once Zarkon became too tired and sluggish to react, Shiro shifted back into a human, and stood on his ribs, crushing them slowly.  Zarkon cried out all kinds of profanities, but Shiro kept on crushing.  Once he thought that Zarkon had had enough, he stopped and let Zarkon breath.  

            “Let me tell you something” Shiro snarled, leaning into Zarkon’s personal space.  Zarkon looked up at him, a pained smirk on his face.

            “And what, pray tell, would that be?” he asked.

            “That there is only room for one clan in this forest” Shiro answered as he brought his foot down hard on Zarkon’s chest, breaking his ribs, puncturing his lungs and arteries.  The light from Zarkon’s eyes faded just before Shiro kicked away the dead and broken body.  He then rushed over to the wooden door and barreled into the door, sending it flying inwards.  He raced inside, looking around frantically until he saw Matt lying on the floor, barely breathing.  His eyes widened and he ran over to him, picking him up bridal style, clutching him close to his chest.

            “Matt!” he exclaimed.  Matt did not open his eyes, but he seemed conscious enough to slightly move his head so that it was resting against Shiro’s chest.  Shiro let out a deep sigh of relief and pressed a soft kiss to Matt’s head.

            “Let's go home...” he whispered.

Chapter Text

Hunk was walking in the front, Pidge in his arms, while Allura was walking on the side of them, limping slightly.

            “Allura, are you seriously okay?  Like, should we see Coran?” Hunk asked, looking at the werewolf.  Allura shook her head.

            “My leg may hurt like a bitch, but I can still walk.  I’ll be fine” she assured.  Hunk and Pidge both gave her a look of disbelief and Allura chuckled.

            “I have a medical kit at home.  You can bandage my leg when we return” she promised.  Hunk and Pidge nodded and continued walking, a comfortable silence between them.




Keith and Lance were walking side by side, Lance’s arm around Keith’s waist while Keith clutched his injured shoulder, hoping to stop the bleeding.  Every few steps hurt but he pushed through, even though he was sure that both he and Lance looked like shit.  

            “How are you doing Keith?” Lance asked, placing a small kiss on the martial artist’s head.  Keith was about to answer when he stumbled, jarring his shoulder.  Lance’s eyes and he grabbed the man by the waist, steadying him.

            “Are you okay?” he exclaimed.  Keith hissed out a breath before nodding.

            “Shoulder hurts but I’ll be fine” he answered.  Lance frowned before he placed his hand on the man’s shoulder.

            “This should help” he murmured as his veins turned black and rose slightly out of his skin.  Keith hissed but within a few seconds, his shoulder did indeed feel much better.  

            “Thanks” he thanked as Lance pulled his hand away.

            “Well I’m glad I could be of service” Lance joked, hugging Keith close, being extremely careful not to jar his shoulder.  Keith smiled again and leaned into Lance’s embrace.




As Thace and Ulaz were walking back, Ulaz looked up at the man.

            “Thace…” he started.  The man looked down at him and raised an eyebrow.

            “Yes?” he replied.  Ulaz rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

            “We only booked to stay the evening…so we’ll have to leave in the morning” he explained.  Thace frowned.

            “Can’t you just stay forever?” he asked.  Ulaz shook his head.

            “I wish we could, but we still have school…and families at home who will miss us” he replied.  Thace frowned and shook his head.

            “Ulaz, you know that won’t work for the rest of the pack” he argued.  Ulaz sighed.

            “Can’t you work out a compromise?” he begged.  Thace shook his head again

            “Once a pack finds their mate, they together for life” he explained.  Ulaz sighed deeply as Thace wrapped an arm around him and pulled him close.

            “I don’t want you to leave” Thace admitted softly.  Ulaz smiled slightly.

            “And I don’t want to leave you either” he confessed.  Thace nuzzled the top of Ulaz’s head, making the young man’s grow a little.

            “Then stay” he whispered.  Ulaz sighed.

            “We’ll see” he replied.




Shiro was following behind all of them, carrying a now sleeping Matt, so it was just him and his thoughts.

            ‘Leaving?  So soon?  I don’t think so’ he thought to himself as he tightened his grip on Matt’s sleeping body.  He then leaned down and nuzzled Matt’s head with his nose.

            ‘You can’t leave…I love you’ he whispered.

Chapter Text

Once they returned to the cul-de-sac, Hunk, Pidge, and Allura walked into Allura’s home and Hunk ordered Allura to sit down on the couch so that he could bandage her leg.  He then placed Pidge on an armchair before he walked into Allura’s bathroom and grabbed her medical kit.  He then walked back into the living room and stood before Allura, quickly opening the kit to grab the gauze, bandages, and antiseptic wipes.  He then rolled up her jeans and cleaned the drying blood away with the wipes before he pressed an absorbent compress dressing to the area, then wrapped it in a roller bandage.  He then placed a pillow underneath the leg, cleaned up the packaging then walked over to the lounge chair, stretched out his long legs, and grabbed a book as he turned on the lamp to read for a little while as Pidge slowly succumbed to sleep in the arm chair and Allura closed her eyes and fell fast asleep on the couch.




The next morning, Allura awoke to find that both Pidge and Hunk were asleep still in the armchairs, Hunk’s book resting on his chest while Pidge’s head was lolled to the side of the chair.  She smiled at their sleeping bodies before she stood up and limped over to the kitchen, making a quickly breakfast of eggs and sausage for the three of them.  She then walked back out and gently shook both Pidge and Hunk’s shoulders, waking them.

            “Good morning” she greeted when they awoke.  Hunk waved in greeting while Pidge yawned and rubbed her eyes, ridding them of sleep.

            “I made breakfast.  Come on now, get up” she instructed as she limped back to the kitchen.  Pidge groaned and rubbed her neck before she pushed herself out of her chair and padded into the kitchen, Hunk right behind her.  They then sat down next to Allura and they all ate their breakfast in silence before Allura broke the silence.

            “So, I hear that you folks are supposed to go back today?” she asked.  Pidge and Hunk’s eyes widened before they looked at each other.  They then looked back at Allura and rubbed the back of their necks awkwardly.

            “Um…yeah…we are” Hunk affirmed.  Allura shook her head.

            “That’s too bad.  I liked you guys” she admitted.  Hunk and Pidge smiled.

            “We like you too.  Trust us, if we didn’t have to leave, then we wouldn’t” Pidge explained.  Allura’s eyes widened as a bright smile graced her face.

            “Really?” she asked.  Hunk nodded.

            “Oh yeah.  We really like your pack.  We feel very at home here” he explained.  Allura grinned.

            “Then there is a way for you to stay here!” she exclaimed.  Pidge and Hunk looked at her in shock.

            “How?” they asked at the same time.  Allura smiled.

            “If I give you the Bite, then you can stay!” she explained.  Pidge frowned.

            “What’s the Bite?” she asked. 

            “It’s something that werewolves do to other humans to transform them into werewolves” Allura explained.  Pidge’s eyes twinkled.

            “Are you fucking serious?  Hell yeah, sign me up!” she exclaimed.  She then looked over at Hunk.

            “Doesn’t that sound awesome Hunk?” she asked.  Hunk shrugged, looking a little nervous.  Allura smiled and shook her head.

            “If you don’t want it, that’s alright too.  I don’t want to make you do anything that you don’t want to.  It’s your choice Hunk” she assured.  Hunk smiled.

            “Then I’ll stay human for now, if that’s alright with you” he stated.  Allura nodded before she looked back at Pidge.

            “You want to become a werewolf, right?” she asked.  Pidge nodded.  Allura smiled.

            “Then hold out your wrist” she instructed.  Pidge raised an eyebrow before she held out her wrist to Allura, who gently nipped at the skin, drawing blood.  Pidge cursed and pulled her arm back as pain coursed through her body before she felt herself changing.  Her hearing became sharper, her scent of smell increased tenfold, and her eyesight was so much clearer.  She blinked and took off her glasses, blinking in shock at the clarity of her eyesight.

            “Oh wow” she breathed.  Hunk and Allura smiled.

            “You’re beautiful, Pidge” Allura complimented.  Hunk nodded in agreement.

            “Yeah, I like you much better without your glasses” he added.  Pidge smiled as she pulled out her bayard and transformed it into the katar.

            “Damn, I’ll have a much better aim now” she stated.  Allura and Hunk laughed before Allura looked at the two teens.

            “Will you stay?” she asked.  Hunk and Pidge looked at one another before they looked back at Allura.

            “Of course!” they exclaimed.

Chapter Text

As they were walking to Coran’s cottage, Keith tried to focus on anything else but his shoulder, which was throbbing dully in pain.

            “Are you okay, Keith?” Lance asked as they continued walking.  Keith shook his head.

            “Shoulder is aching again” he hissed.  Lance reached out and placed a hand on his shoulder, draining his pain.  Keith smiled gratefully before they continued to walk to Coran’s cottage, which they soon arrived at.

            “Well, here we are” Lance stated, motioning to the cottage.  Keith nodded and walked forward and moved to open the door when it suddenly opened and Coran stood there, smiling softly.

            “Lance.  So good to see you.  And I take it you’re Keith?” he asked, looking at the injured man.  Keith nodded.  Coran then glanced over at Keith’s shoulder and his lips thinned.

            “Come in and let me clean that up for you,” he murmured, smiling slightly.  Keith nodded and followed Coran inside, Lance not too far behind.  Coran motioned Keith to stay right where he was while he went to go and get his medical kit and a towel.  He doused the towel in alcohol and ordered Lance to rip Keith’s shirt from his shoulder so that he could get to the wound easier.  Lance did what he was told and Coran quickly wiped the blood away from the shoulder before he placed an absorbent compress dressing to the area, then wrapped it in a roller bandage.

            “Do try not to do anything that will injure your shoulder more” Coran advised.  Lance and Keith nodded and bid Coran goodbye before they left.  As they were walking away, Keith didn’t notice an uprooted tree root and tripped over it, sending him tumbling to the ground and onto his injured shoulder.  Lance’s eyes widened and he was at the young man’s side in an instance.

            “Keith!” he exclaimed as the young man sat up and hissed, shoulder throbbing.

            “Are you okay?” Lance demanded.  Keith nodded and stood to his feet, saying nothing about how much his shoulder hurt.  Lance frowned, not believing him as he reached out and placed a hand on the bandaged shoulder and closed his eyes, veins turning black as they slightly rose out of his skin.  Keith let out a grateful sigh of relief and Lance smirked before they began walking again.  Once they reached the cul-de-sac, Lance guided Keith over to his house and opened the door before pushing the martial artist over to the couch, sitting him down.  He then walked out of the room and into his bedroom, returning with a large throw.  Keith raised an eyebrow as Lance sat down next to him and placed the blanket over them.

            “What is this for?” he asked, glancing at the werewolf.

            “Just something to keep you warm once you drift off to sleep” Lance replied before he shut his eyes and leaned his head back.  Keith looked at him with a small smile on his face, before he leaned against him and rested his head on his shoulder, shutting his eyes as well.




The next morning Lance awoke to find Keith asleep on his shoulder, a look of peace on his face.  Lance smiled fondly and brushed the young man’s bangs out of his eyes before he gently moved the blanket off himself and stood up from the couch, walking over to the front door.  He then opened it and shifted into a wolf before he took off into the forest, leaving Keith to rest and recover.




A few hours later, Keith awoke to find that Lance was gone.

            “Lance?” he called out, only to receive no reply.  He quickly sat up, sleep completely gone from his body as fear overtook his body.

            “Lance!” he screamed.  He then jumped off the couch and ran out the door, wincing every now and then as his shoulder twinged in pain.

            “Lance!” he cried out, continuing to run.  As he ran, he wasn’t watching where he was going and accidentally ran into a black bear, knocking him flat on his ass.  As the bear turned around, Keith’s eyes widened.

            “Oh…quiznak” he swore before the bear roared, startling Keith into scrambling to his feet and taking off into the forest.

            “LANCE!” he screamed.




On the other side of the forest, Lance was going for a light jog when he heard his name echo through the forest.  He paused and shifted into a human, listening again.

            “LANCE!” a voice screamed, panic evident in its tone.  Lance frowned.

            “Who the fuck is screaming this early in the mor—” he started when he stopped and his eyes widened in horror.

            “Keith” he breathed.  He quickly shifted back into a wolf and took off towards where he thought he felt Keith’s frantic heartbeat.




Keith continued to run through the forest, shoulder twinging with every step.  As he ran, he could hear the bear heavily panting behind him, so he quickly picked up pace and jumped over rocks, ducked under low hanging branches, and dodged outreaching branches.  But it didn’t matter that he had picked up speed, the damn bear was still following him. 

            “Fuck off, god damn it!” Keith screamed as he continued to run, not watching where he was going as he tripped over a tree root and tumbled down into a clearing.  As he landed on the soft grass, the bear crashed through the trees and landed before him, snarling and growling.  Keith hissed as his shoulder began to ache but he fought through the pain and pushed himself to his feet, pulling out his luxite dagger, which immediately transformed into a khopesh.  He then pointed it at the bear, snarling as well.

            “Come at me, bitch” he spat.  The bear roared but before it could even take a step towards Keith, a black wolf bursted out of the trees and landed in front of Keith, blocking him from the bear.  Keith’s eyes widened as the wolf launched itself at the bear and began to claw at its eyes, blinding it, before moving to its neck and torso, making it bleed.  The bear tried to fight back, but since it couldn’t see and everywhere on its body hurt, it decided to fuck it and run off, leaving the wolf panting.  Keith stood absolutely still as the wolf slowly turned towards him before transforming into a very exhausted Lance.  Keith’s eyes widened in shock before he dropped his sword and ran over to the werewolf, throwing his arms around the man’s neck.

            “Lance!” he exclaimed.  Lance huffed out a breath before he wrapped his arms around Keith’s waist.

            “Are you hurt?” Keith demanded, pulling back to look into the man’s eyes.  Lance shook his head.

            “No, I’m alright.  Are you hurt?” he replied, looking the martial artist over before noticing that his right shoulder was much darker than his left.  Lance’s eyes widened.

            “Keith, your shoulder!” he exclaimed.  Keith shook his head.

            “It must be the shock, cuz I don’t feel anything” he stated.  Lance shook his head.

            “What were you doing out so early?” he demanded. 

            “Trying to figure out where you went!  You just left without leaving a note!” Keith snapped back, indigo eyes filling with tears.

            “I was worried, Lance.  I didn’t know what happened to you” he murmured.  Lance looked at the young man, shocked, before he smiled and pulled him into a hug, resting his chin on Keith’s hair.  As they stood like that in the middle of the clearing, Lance cleared his throat.

            “Keith…could I give you the Bite?” he asked hesitantly.  Keith pulled away and looked up at him.

            “What’s the Bite?” he replied.  Lance pulled away as well and rubbed the back of his neck.

            “Well… it’s something that werewolves do to other humans to transform them into werewolves” he explained.  Keith blinked before he blushed.

            “I would love to have the Bite…if you don’t mind” he murmured.  Lance smiled and shook his head.

            “Of course not” he purred as he took a step forward and nipped at Keith’s neck.  Keith let out a hiss of pain before he felt within himself a change.  His hearing became sharper, his scent of smell increased tenfold, and his eyesight was so much clearer.  Once Lance could tell that the transformation was complete, he smiled and wrapped his arms around Keith’s waist, burying his face into the man’s neck. 

Chapter Text

            “Thace, be reasonable! I have to go home!” Ulaz shouted as he and Thace walked back towards the cabin that he had rented for the weekend.  

            “But you just said that you wanted to stay here with me!” Thace shouted back.  Ulaz shook his head.

            “I do, but you know I can’t Thace!  You know that and asking me to stay isn’t fair!” he exclaimed.  Thace’s eyes flashed.

            “And having you leave is fair?!” he roared.  Ulaz looked into Thace’s amber eyes before he lowered his head and began to cry silently, clenching his hands into fists.  Thace’s eyes widened before he quickly walked over to the young man and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him close.  Ulaz buried his face in Thace’s shoulder, clutching the back of his shirt tightly.

            “Shh…don’t cry, don’t cry” Thace soothed as he held Ulaz comfortingly.

            “I don’t want to leave Thace…but I know I have to” Ulaz cried.  Thace nuzzled Ulaz’s cheek before a thought occurred to him.

            “Ulaz…the academy that you went to…it was free, right?” he asked.  Ulaz raised his head from Thace’s neck and raised an eyebrow.

            “Yeah…why?” he replied. 

            “And how big was the student population?  It was a large school, right?” Thace continued.   Ulaz frowned and nodded.

            “Yeah…” he answered.

            “And did you feel like no one noticed that you were ever around?” Thace continued.  Ulaz nodded.

            “Yes.  Is there a reason that you’re asking these questions?” he demanded.  Thace smiled widely.

            “Ulaz…if your academy is huge, free, and no one notices that you’re gone…you don’t have to go back.  None of your friends have to go back.  You can stay with us!” he exclaimed.  Ulaz remained silent, taking in the information that Thace just gave him, before his eyes widened and he gasped.

            “I can stay!” he exclaimed before he threw his arms around Thace and tackled him to the ground.  Thace laughed and wrapped his arms around Ulaz’s waist, holding him closely as they lay on the floor of the forest, Ulaz comfortably resting on Thace’s chest.  As they lay there, Thace slowly reached up and grabbed Ulaz’s hand, moving it towards his mouth.  Ulaz raised his head and watched as Thace pressed a soft kiss to his wrist.

            “What are you doing?” the young man asked, raising an eyebrow.  Thace looked back at him and smiled slightly.

            “This might hurt a little” he warned before he nipped at Ulaz’s wrist.

            “Ow!” Ulaz cried, yanking his wrist out of Thace’s hand.

            “What did you do?” he demanded, staring at his wrist.  Thace smirked.

            “Turned you” he replied.  Ulaz looked at him and frowned.

            “Turned me?” he repeated.  Thace nodded.

            “I gave you the Bite, which is something that werewolves do to other humans to transform them into werewolves” he explained.  Ulaz blinked and opened his mouth to say something when pain coursed through his body, forcing him to let out a hiss as he felt himself changing.  His hearing became sharper, his scent of smell increased tenfold, and his eyesight was so much clearer.

            “Oh…wow” he breathed as he looked around the forest, picking up on so many things that he hadn’t noticed before he looked down at Thace, who was smiling up at him.

            “You’re gorgeous” he purred as he reached up and touched Ulaz’s long blond ponytail.  Ulaz shuddered at the touch before he leaned down and rested his head back on Thace’s chest, sighing contently.  Thace smiled and placed a hand on the man’s back, shutting his eyes as they laid in silence, the world peaceful around them.

Chapter Text

Shiro returned to the cul-de-sac, walked over to his house, opened the door, walked over to the couch, then sat down, maneuvering Matt’s body so that his head was on his lap while the rest of his body was on the couch.  As he was sitting there with Matt asleep in his lap, he began to run his fingers through the young man’s hair, grimacing at the blow mark that Zarkon gave him.  He also noticed how Matt’s breath would hitch every few minutes, but after a while, he was breathing easily.  As he continued caressing his hair, Matt stirred and opened his eyes, waking up to seeing Shiro smiling softly at him, one of his hands on his head, and the other on his knee.

            “How are you feeling?” he asked softly, not sure how loud he should talk.  Matt winced as he tried to open his mouth, since his throat still hurt rather badly from Zarkon’s grasp. 

            “Like shit” he croaked.  Shiro frowned and placed a hand against his neck, black veins rising slightly as he drained the pain.  Matt smiled slightly.

            “Thanks” he whispered.  Even though his throat and larynx were healed, he still felt the bruising around his neck.

            “You’re welcome.  Now sleep” Shiro instructed.  Matt nodded and shut his eyes as Shiro ran his fingers through his hair, lulling him back to sleep.




Matt woke up to find himself in the same clearing when Shiro had left him to check out the forest for whatever the hell he was looking for.  Matt looked around a little bit and saw Shiro standing in the middle of the clearing, shadows surrounding him.  When Matt stepped into the clearing, Shiro whipped around and glared at him.  Matt frowned and took a step forward.

            “Takahashi…” he started when Shiro growled and took a step towards him, forcing him to step back in fear.

            “What are YOU doing here?” he growled.  Matt frowned again. 

            “Um…I’m a part of your pack” he replied.  Shiro looked him up and down before scoffing.

            “I would never allow someone so weak to be in my pack” he spat.  Matt flinched at the harsh words but steeled himself to remain where he was standing and not bolt because he had a few harsh words spat in his face.

            “But Takahashi…” he tried again, taking another step towards the werewolf, when Shiro roared and strode up to him, looming over him.

            “Get away from me.  I never want to see you.  Ever again” he growled before he swirled into nothingness.




Matt woke up with a gasp, making Shiro look at him in concern.

            “Are you okay?” the werewolf asked, placing a gentle hand on the man’s shoulder. Matt flinched away from his touch, making Shiro pull his hand away.  

            “What happened Matt?  I want to help” he soothed, staring down into Matt’s brown eyes.  Matt bit his lip before he sighed.

            “I had a nightmare…and in it you said that you would never allow someone as weak as me into your pack and that you never wanted to see me again” he murmured.  Shiro’s eyes widened before he reached out and grabbed Matt’s hand, lacing his fingers with the young man’s.

            “I would never do that to you, Matt.  Never in a million years” he promised.  Matt didn’t look up at him but he believed him.  As they stayed like that for a few silent moments, Shiro looked down at Matt and squeezed his hand gently.

            “Matt…” he started.  Matt finally looked up at him and Shiro smiled.

            “I have a question to ask you” the alpha continued.  Matt nodded, giving him the okay to go on.

            “Would you stay here and be my mate?” Shiro asked hesitantly.  Matt’s eyes widened before he frowned.

            “Why would you want me as your mate?  I seem to cause you nothing but trouble” he grumbled.  Shiro’s eyes widened as he clutched at Matt’s hand tighter.

            “Don’t say that.  Don’t you ever say that.  You never cause me trouble, ever, Matt.  I love you.  I am willing to go to Hell and back to protect you” he declared.  Matt’s eyes widened and he looked up at Shiro in shock.

            “Are you serious?” he breathed.  Shiro nodded and Matt blinked in disbelief.

            “I understand if it’s a lot to take in…but I want you to know that I love you” he murmured.  Matt smiled and squeezed Shiro’s hand gently, making the alpha raise an eyebrow in confusion.

            “I…love you too” he whispered before he shut his eyes, never letting go of Shiro’s hand.  Shiro smiled as he squeezed Matt’s hand, leaning his head back against the couch, the two falling asleep to the sound of silence.