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Chapter One - Mischief


Stiles Stilinski wasn’t like other kids, he was special. His mother Claudia Stilinski was an intelligent woman she knew basically everything on the supernatural and the human world. When Stiles was 5, Claudia started to teach him everything she knew. She taught him about Werewolves, Vampires, Druids but most importantly Kitsunes.

Stiles loved learning about supernatural creatures but he loved figuring out human cultures and languages. Stiles’ favourite languages were Polish and French. Polish was his native language and French was just a hobby of his.

A year later Stiles was old enough to start school. His mother was worried for her son, she still hadn’t told him what he could do with his powers.


One day Stiles came running into his home all excited.
“Mommy, mommy!”
“My little Mischief calm down or you’ll hurt yourself.”
“Sorry mommy, guess what.”
“Mom that’s not how the game works you're supposed to guess something.”
“Ok, um you saw a unicorn.”
“I wish but no I met someone at school his name is Derek Hale and his a werewolf like the ones from your lesson.”
“Wow, my little Mischief I can’t wait to meet this Derek.”
“He is amazing mommy, he has bright green eyes with a bit of brown in them. He showed the colour of his werewolf eyes they were a bright yellow.”
“Sounds like my little Mischief has a crush.” Claudia joked. She smirked at her son’s embarrassed and blushed face.
“I’m going to go play in my room bye mommy.”
“Bye son I’ll call you for dinner.”


A four months later Stiles was woken up by a loud crash and shouting coming from the living room.
Stiles climbed out of bed, slipped on his fox slippers and crept downstairs.

As Stiles crept down the stairs he could hear people talking, he didn’t recognise the voices.
“My sweet Claudia give us your son and we won’t hurt you.” said one of the strangers
“Over my dead body.”
“That can be arranged.” Stiles’ heart dropped, someone had threatened his mother the most important person in the world to him.
“All we want is the boy give him to us now!” hissed another hunter.
Stiles felt a low growl rumble in his chest.
Stiles felt the urge to protect his mother and challenge the intruders.
“Your son can be worth a lot of money if sold to the right person, it’s very rare for any country to have an Ocean Kitsune.”
“My son isn’t and never will be sold to anyone, you hear me you, filthy hunter!”

Claudia had told Stiles all about hunters. Hunters were human haven't agreed with the supernatural and thought the world belonged to humans only. When Stiles first learned about Hunters it made his stomach turn and he felt sick for what the hunters did to any supernatural creature they could get a hold of.
Stiles researched into Hunters and found out that there were Hunter Families the most popular Families were the Calaveras and the Argents. After a lot of research Stiles found out that part of the Argent Hunter family had given up hunting after Two of their Hunters were bit and were turned into a Werejaguars.

“Claudia just hand out your son.”
“No!” The leader of the group grew impatient with Claudia and shot her in the stomach. Black blood started leaking onto Claudia’s shirt. Claudia roared in pain. Stiles yelped when the shot was fired revealing his location by the doorway.

One of the hunters smirked at Claudia. “Seems that your son wants to play.” Stiles jumped out from behind the doorway and hissed at the approaching hunter.
“Oh, the little bugger wants to fight he will get a fight.” The hunter had a strong British accent, his hair was slicked back and the man had bags under his eyes which made him look like he hasn’t slept for days.

The Hunter swung for Stiles. Because Stiles was small he could dodge the hunter’s attacks. Stiles jumped onto the man’s back, extended his claws and started scratching at his back. As Stiles attack one of the Hunters, Claudia raced forwards with her clawed hand sliced open the second hunter’s throat. The leader of the group jumped out of the way of Claudia scrambling across the floor.

After Stiles had finished slicing the first hunter’s back he crawled up the hunter’s back and starting attacking his head. The hunter tried to get Stiles off his back. The hunter stumbled around the room. Stiles held on by stabbing his claws into the hunter’s back. The hunter screamed in pain.

Claudia walked over to the leader and crouched down in front of him.
“Threaten me or my family again and you will be sorry.” the hunter just laughed.
“Oh, Claudia you shouldn’t threaten me either.” The hunter kicked Claudia’s ankle breaking it. As Claudia fell she roared in pain again.
“You Bastard.”
“I’m going to spare your son but only after I make him watch me kill his mother and I will make sure he will never forget my name.”

The hunter that Stiles was attacking dropped to the floor. The last hunter looked over to Stiles and saw blood dripping from his claws. Stiles growled at the hunter. Before Stiles could charge at the man, he grabbed Claudia and placed a knife on her throat.

“One more step and your mom will be dead, this knife is laced with Mountain Ash and Mistletoe it will be quick and painless.”
“Stiles honey do what he says.” Stiles nodded at his mother.
“Now boy I want if you agree to come with me I will let your mother go.”
“Who are you.” croaked Stiles
“My name boy is Gerard Argent, remember that now you coming with me.”
“Yes please let my mom go.” Gerard released Claudia from his grip. Stiles stepped forwards to go with Gerard. When Gerard shoved the knife into Claudia’s side.

“NO!” Stiles ran forwards to his mother as she fell to the floor. Claudia’s eyes started to close.
“Mom, mommy, mom please stay awake please.” Stiles pulled the knife out of his mother’s side.
“My little Mischief, I’m sorry my sweetheart. I’m going to have to leave you now, please look after your father.” Claudia started coughing blood. “Please run, my little kitsune run and don’t come back for a while.” Claudia cupped her son’s face and kissed his forehead.

“Mom I love you, I promise I will look after dad.” tears started pouring down his face. “Please mom, please don’t leave me.”
“I love you too munchkin.”

Claudia’s hand dropped from Stiles' face and her body went still. Stiles knew she was dead. Something inside Stiles snapped and his emotions started flooding his head. Stiles felt anger, fear, loneliness and lost.

Seconds later police sirens echoed around the neighbourhood and flashes of blue and red burst through the living room window. Gerard panicked and went running but Stiles jumped up and started slashing and biting at him. Unlike the first hunter, Gerard was stronger and smarter. Gerard slammed Stiles into the wall. Stiles fell to the floor gasping for air. Gerard ran out the back door just as the police broke the door down.

Stiles watched as a handful of deputies ran after Gerard. Before Stiles fell unconscious he saw his father run over to him. He could tell his father was speaking to him but he couldn’t hear him.

All Stiles knew was that he was going to run as far as he could and only come back when it’s safe he promised his mother that. Stiles knew that he wouldn’t forget the name of his mother’s murderer.

Gerard Argent.