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To know we're good enough

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To say that Maggie had a shitty day was the understatement of the year. Just this morning, she was actually excited when she got off the bed. A bit nervous for sure, but was so convinced of doing the right thing by putting that card in Eliza Wilkie's locker.

She had crushes before. The first had been her sitter who never complained and actually wanted to play with her. There was Mrs Laura in 8th grade. She had the longest brown hair and the greenest eyes she had ever seen. She was simply too gorgeous the the little town of Blue Springs. Always kind and willing to help. And there was her best friend Casey, with whom she played soccer with an entire summer before her family had to move.

But now, at 16 years old, Maggie thought that for once, it was possible that the girl she likes, would also likes her back. But boy, how she had been wrong. Eliza didn't just read the card with a half pity look and a disgusted smile but had chose to completely humiliated her by telling her friends about the invitation to the dance, who had then tell their not so close friends, which led to the whole school knowing about it. She was now outed to everyone except her family. And God, she did not want them to know. Not now. Maybe not ever.

No one had follow her after classes to make sure she was okay. It showed Maggie how delusional she was for thinking she had genuine friends, people looking out for her. They were all so stupid and jugdmental. She didn't want anything to do with them anymore. But fuck, she didn't wanted to feel this alone either.

Maggie slowed her aunt's triump down to the side of the road, rocks popping softly, soothing Maggie's ears a little bit, shutting off slightly the sound of their mean laughter. Kicking the stand on, she turned off the motor and pushed her keys deep in the pockets of her jeans jacket, keeping her hands there away from the small breeze.
Dragging her feet to the edge of the brigde, she noticed a pile of clothes on the ground. Jeans, boots, a white t-shirt and a leather jacket was forming a little mountain tooking Maggie by surprise. Looking around, she didn't see a living soul. Continuing her path, she stopped halfway the bridge, watching the sun gives it last rays of warmth.
The wind shutted down completely and what should have been a sereine scene was making Maggie suffocate .The sudden loud silence was overwhelming her. Leaning over the guardrail, she tried to keep her breathing steady. Closing her eyes only made it worse reseeing the crowd that had formed around Eliza's locker. A voice finally shook her out of her nightmare.

"I wouldn't jump if I were you."

Maggie turned around keeping her hand on the metal bar to balance herself. Right there stood a vision. A girl actually. A bit taller than her, young like her. Maggie was dumbstruck for a moment, taking it all in the stranger who had apparently just came out of the water. The sunset revealed the color of her jaw length hair. A reddish brown like an autumn leaf. Something warm was replacing the cold on Maggie's hands. Her fingertips were tingling with the desire to touch the tips of the stranger's wet hair.

"But again, I did jumped myself", said the girl with wit.

Maggie tilt her head, wondering if she had met her before. Her pale skin and her inquire brown eyes that were looking at her with a perfectly raised eyebrow and the start of a smile covering her thin lips. Surely she would have remembered her if they had met before.

"Are you alright Sawyer?" she asked teasingly and a tinge of worry in her voice.

Maggie finally moved, taking a step aside the rail crossing her arms and tipping her head back faintly, frowning.

"You know who I am?" she heard herself asking too loud.

Maggie tried not to stare at the girl, but she was now noting that the redhead was only wearing a muscle black tank top that seem too big for her but was now glued to her chest, showing her thin, long, strong arms. Dipplets of water was still falling down her wrist, to her veiny hands and slender fingers. Maggie instantly lifted her eyes, swallowing, when she saw the stringent boxers that were covering half her thights. The redhead was full on smirking before biting her lips.

"It hurts my feelings that you don't know I'm behind you in history, Maggie."

She was looking at her expectantly with big eyes. There was something in the way she said her name, like if she had imagined saying it a thousand times before. Maggie's whole body shivered at how good her name sounded out of the girl's mouth. Nodding three times, the redhead reached for her pants and put them on while she informed her:

"I'm Alex. Alex Danvers."

The name finally rang a bell that echoed loudly in the brunette's stomach.

"Wait, hold on," Maggie finally replied her hands in front of her, "The Alex Danvers? The one that led the basketball team to championship last year before I moved here? The one who actually won the International Science and Engineer Fair?"

A sad smile and a dark cloud covered her endless eyes. Alex simply nodded before stepping into her boots not even bothering tying the shoelaces. Maggie remembered now the story of the school's prodigy giving everything up, cutting her hair and outcasting herself when her father died in a plane crash. Not wanting to bring her back down the memory lane, Maggie changed the subject.

"Aren't you cold, Danvers?"

Alex finally smiled genuinely, her eyes shining brighter than the sun in August.

"I surf every morning at dawn, Sawyer. Cold is nothing new to me."

'God that girl was something else,' the brunette thought. Alex then took off her wet tank, twisting it to get the water out. Maggie bit her lips hard to not let her jaw fall on the floor. She did not expect her to be this ripped. She might have stop playing basketball but she was doing some kind of training for sure. She finally picked up her t-shirt and putted it over her head. Maggie looked at the water to her left, lingering, then returned her gaze to the redhead.

"Why did you jump, Alex?" she asked her voice suddently heavy.

She expected a reaction out of her but she only shrugged, her eyes flickering to the surface of the water.

"You never want the world to stop? Or at least want to stop existing for a moment and feel alive at the same time?" Alex rambled. "To shut down every feelings but also wish", she says pressing the word, "to feel something real?"

It amazed the brunette how changing Alex's eyes were and how they seemed to be so her. So broken, so complete. Like a repatched glass.

"Yeah", Maggie replied slowly, "I know the feeling. You ever ride a bike before, Danvers? It's where I get my freedom."

A flash of curiosity, clearly enticed at the idea, lit up her face, while she bent down to take her leather jacket. The brunette rushed to remove her jacket to slip off her sweatshirt. Handing it to the redhead, she put her coat back on.

"Come on, put it on", Maggie said smiling for the first time since the fiasco, "I'm gonna drive you home and I don't want you to freeze on the triump."
Biting back a smile, Alex putted the hoodie in place before swirling her leather jacket around and sliding her arms in easily.

"I'm more of a Ducati kind of girl, Sawyer but I'll accept the ride this time, okay?" She teased with a finger up pointing at me.

"Okay", breathed out Maggie silently not being able to look elsewhere.

The sun was now hiding away. The hundred bulbs on the bridge being the only source of light around them, the rest of the world seemed to have stopped, even just for a brief moment.


Alex hesitated between two things. Lifting her arms up in the air to feel the wind that was pushing Maggie's hair on her cheek. Or keeping her fingers safely tucked under the brunette's jacket on her hips. The skin there was so warm and soft, Alex couldn't stop smiling looking at the stars above her head. She chose the latter, recalling that she had wished for this moment the second Maggie Sawyer had crossed the doorstep of her biology class at the start of the year.

Alex met Maggie's eyes on the side mirror. The brunette seemed happy to have shared this with her. Alex was relieved to see her beautiful smile despite the awful event at school. She couldn't believe what Eliza had done. She's a popular girl but never showed any pettiness before. She never participated when Max and his football buddies were making fun of the freshmans. She had even apologize for their behavior once, when Alex had punched Mike right on the nose for calling her friend Winn names. But today, Eliza had acted cruelly and the redhead wanted to destroy the girl for making Maggie feel like she should be ashamed of herself.

Alex closed her eyes for a second trying to breathe and remember what her friend Sara had said during training with J'onn. She had started to go the DEO Club a few weeks after her dad's death. She had held so much anger in her, she had lost it in gym class one afternoon. J'onn, her teacher, was the one who had succeeded at calming her down. The tall man had then talked about the place he owned. A club, where a lot of people, kids and adults, came to lose their cool and tried to find a balance in themselves with diverse training. Alex and Sara had connected instantly, being both familiar with rage.

So, Alex focused on her surrounding, which was pretty much Maggie's smell. It was a mixture of fresh cutted woods and spices. She pulled the comfort link in her chest to undo the knot that had formed in her stomach. The redhead hid her proud smile behind the brunette's shoulder, sensing a rare, calm, honest wave of happiness flowing through her. She felt the Triump slowing down before coming to a full stop in front of her house. Both the girls could smell the ocean from the streets. Maggie turned off the engine and turn her head as much as she could with a smirk on her full lips.

"Home sweet home, Danvers."

Alex nudged the brunette's shoulder with her chin, a little sad that the ride was over. She feared that the second she gets off the bike, their sudden friendship, or whatever this was, would ends. And she wasn't ready for that. The redhead stood up, taking her time, her hands lingering on Maggie's back unnecessarily, pretending she needed support. Though it wasn't far from the truth.

Maggie's lung were full of the now cold air due to the fact she was holding her breath. Despite the weather, her neck was burning from Alex's thumb laying there between strands of hair while her fingers brushed against her collarbone. The tall girl finally swung her leg over the bike, her boot hitting the ground while her fingertips slid quickly down her arm.

"Thank you for driving me home, Sawyer", she said after clearing her throat, looking at the ground.

Maggie wondered why Alex was suddently unexpectedly shy.

"You didn't have to after the day you had"

The burden rushed to come sit down on her chest again. She had almost forgot the hell that was waiting for her the next day. But right now, all that matters was making Alex smile again. The brunette laid a hand on the girl's elbow making her lift her head instantly. Both girls couldn't help but smile the second their eyes met.

"Are you kidding?", Maggie replied with a scoff, "you were the best part of my day."

A blush crept up on her high pale cheeks, the girl biting her lips hard to not give in into the one too many smile that kept coming back. Alex didn't remembered the last time she had smiled that much in so little time. Maggie tilted her head toward the redhead's house, seeing the half open garage's door, noticing a green couch, Alex's surf board and a blue chevy pick-up.

''Though I don't get why you're not driving that truck sitting over there.''

The tall girl followed the brunette's gaze, a crinkle appearing between her eyes. Alex crossed her arms over her chest protectively, slightly shrugging, kicking her foot on the pavement.

"Yeah. It' was my dad's" Alex stuttered.

Soulful brown eyes flew to meet the redhead's, a soft comforting smile on her lips.

"For what it's worth, I'm sure he wouldn't want you to walk in the dark cold air",Maggie said before looking up the sky shortly thinking of something else,"well I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want you jumping off bridge either but..."

Alex let out a genuine laugh and Maggie took pride in that, beaming at her.

"You're probably right." Conceded Alex.

The brunette nodded three times not being able to shake off her dimples off her face.

"Damn right I am"

The taller girl finally dropped her arms before playing with the bike's handle with gentle fingers. She lifter her gaze from Maggie's cheek to her eyes, still not comprehending how someone can choose to hurt such a beautiful being.

"I'm really sorry for what happened today" she said with honesty.

It was Maggie's turn to close off a bit, shifting on her seat, clearing her throat.

"It wasn't your fault Danvers so..." she trailed off before Alex cut her off.

"I know that but I mean, I...kind of know what it feels like to lose a friend. A friend you likes... a that."

Alex was biting her lips, wide eyes, unsure of herself, but she just desperately wanted Maggie to know that she wasn't alone. Not like she had felt for the past year. The brunette lifted her head encouraging the tall girl to continue while she did her best to keep her tears at bay.

"The whole week after my dad's death, my best friend Vicky was there for me. Every single days and nights. She slept here" she says nodding at the second floor window of her house,"in my room, in my bed. And at the funeral, I was so piss at everyone you know...for offering their condoleances, as if they cared, as if I cared. I had lost a part of my world. The man who taught me to surf, to drive, the name of the stars, to look after my sister..." kept telling Alex with a barely controlled voice, ''everything that I am, before and after his death is because of him. And then he was gone. So that night, when Vicky crawled into bed with me. I couldn't hold back my feelings anymore. So I told her and I kissed her.''

Alex paused a moment looking over Maggie's shoulder as if she could see the scene in front of her.

"She had the decency of letting me down gently. She put it on grief and said we'd talk more about it the next day. But we just never spoke again and in one week, I had lost both of my best friend. So, I know it's not the same but, I get it."

Maggie's throat was dangerously tight. She didn't know if she wanted to cry for herself or for that girl in front of her she barely knew but chose to share this painful part of her life with her. For her. The brunette swallowed with difficulty before asking:

"How did you manage to cope with that?"

Alex let out a small scoff with a soft smile. She tipped her head toward Maggie.

"I have lots of anger issues since then and I joined Mr. Jonzz's club and it helped me a lot. I met other people like me there. Maybe you could come with me sometimes, or go see on your own or whatever..." rambled the redhead.

Maggie placed her hand on Alex's elbow calming her down.

"Relax Danvers. I'd love to check it out with you sometimes. I don't know if punching will be the solution for me but I'd love to see you train some times. "

Alex nodded and took a few steps back smirking slightly. Maggie didn't knew how she did it. Constantly going from shy and adorable to confident and sexy.

"So that means..." the redhead trailed on.

Maggie smiled once more not being able to stop herself.

"That means I'll see you tomorrow Danvers."

The redhead stopped moving in disbelief, not daring to blink wondering if she'll woke up to a world where Maggie Sawyer and her never spoke.

"Drive safely, Sawyer." Alex settled herself on saying with a light tone that she hoped ease down her genuineness.

The tall girl walked backward again toward the yellow house biting her lips as if she was stopping herself from saying more. She waved the brunette sweetly. Maggie smiled for the last time, copying her.

"You got it, Danvers."

Maggie's heart was still heavy and would probably be for a while. She was dreading going back to school the next day. She wanted to hide away. At least now she knew she had a friend who maybe would made it bearable for her. She didn't wanted to trust her so easily, so fast. But there was something about Alex's whole being that couldn't stop her from wanting to get closer. She didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. All she knew is that she was scared as hell and that maybe, just maybe, Alex Danvers was worth it.

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Alex walked up the stairs, her cheek hurting from how hard she's been smiling. She opened the door to her room to gather her stuff to take a quick shower but suddently stopped. Kara was there sitting on the bed smiling at her, her big blue eyes full of happiness. She was litterally eating popcorn leaving crumbs on her comforter.

"Kara," began Alex staring her down "did you spied on me again?"

The blonde's eyes got even bigger under the accusation. She scoffed slightly.

"Is it really considered spying if I couldn't hear what you guys were saying?" replied the younger lifting her hands up in fake indignation.

The older girl simply crossed her arms over her chest.

"But Alex!" exclaimed Kara getting up throwing most of the popcorn on the floor "You're focusing on the wrong thing here. You were talking to Maggie Sawyer!"

Alex wanted to block her ears from how high Kara's squealing was but instead she couldn't help but smile at her sister who seemed so happy for her. The redhead bit her lips thinking about why she got to talk to Maggie.

"Oh Kara, Maggie is so kind and sweet. It's just so horrible what happened to her today. And here I am, being happy because she talked to me".

Alex sat down on her bed dejected. Kara didn't lose time circling her sister's waist with her arms, laying her chin on her shoulder.

"You're right Alex. She didn't deserved that. Nodoby does. But more than that, she deserves better friends. People who actually care about her and you're that person."

The redhead sighed, closing her eyes. She had seen firsthand Maggie running away from the cafeteria when everybody started whispering and pointing fingers at her. Alex had wanted to go after her but the truth was, they didn't knew each other.

"How can I care about her this deeply when I don't know her?" replied the older girl.

Kara pulled her head back to be able to look at her sister.

"You know that tiramisu is her favorite food. You know that Maggie is the one taking care of Miss Mozz's bonzai tree and that also, despite her looking like the badass soccer player that she is, she loves country music." argued Kara.

The redhead looked at her back, dumbfounded. She blinked a few times.

"Jeez, way to make me sound like a stalker" blurted Alex.

The younger girl rolled her eyes exaggeratedly.

"Alex, you notice those kind of stuff that's all. You pay attention. That's why you're such a good sister. And I'm happy that Maggie will finally get to know you. She will though, will she?"

The older Danvers sister bit her lips looking down, a blush creeping on her face, still hearing Maggie saying she'll see her tomorrow. Kara laughed softly, nudging her sister.

"Okay enough about her" Alex decided even if she couldn't really put Maggie out of her head "You must be hungry despite the popcorn"

The blonde let herself fall on the bed dramatically groaning.

"Ugh, I'm starving! Jesse will be here soon. Eliza is working late again tonight."

Alex sighed thinking about how her mother was drowning herself into work. Just like her older daughter, she had trouble finding the right way to deal with her grief.

"Isn't it weird that we are on a first name basis with the pizza delivery guy?"

Kara seemed offended by her sister's comment. The redhead walked up to her dresser choosing comfy clothes.

"Pff. What's weird is that you once went out on a date with him!" she replied like a child.

Alex slowly turned around to glare at her sister who crawled further into the bed clutching a pillow closer to her chest.

"You had set us up Kara." reminded her Alex with a not so gentle tone but still teasing eyes.

Her sister rolled her eyes again and Alex is starting to think she's picking up too much of her habits.

"That was before I knew you were both gay."

Both sisters looked at each other for a moment before laughing softly.

"Jesse had a crush on Winn, sis. The whole thing was super awkward" recalled Alex.

Kara was still laughing eating some popcorn that was lying on the comforter. She shrugged while the older girl walked into the bathroom.

"At least I'm super" she said excitedly "We all are. The superfriends, remember?"

Alex couldn't help but smile at the nickname Winn came up for their group of misfits.

"Yes you are, Kar. You're just the worst mix-matcher" said the redhead tenderly.

A pillow knocked the side of Alex's head causing the younger girl to laugh hard.

"Hey! You know that Winn and Jessie dated for a while! And now I'm telling you that you and Maggie Sawyer will be the cutest couple ever."

Alex swallowed with difficulty turning the water on.

"I'm just glad she'll be my friend, Kara. The rest doesn't matter. Maggie doesn't need more problems."

The water being on the right side of a bit too hot, Alex stopped fidgeting with the handles. The girl stood up starting to take off her clothes. The redhead paused seeing her sister in the doorframe looking at her with prudence and admiration.

"Loving you isn't a problem, Alex. It's a privilege."


Maggie had barely slept last night. The day before had been exhausting and the thought of doing it all over again had kept her awake. When she had come home after driving Alex, her father had scowled her for taking his sister's bike without permission and driving it without an helmet. Maggie had only felt relief that her parents hadn't found out the truth about her.

And now she was standing in front of her locker, fixating on the big bold red letters forming the words DYKE and PERV. She felt like someone had punch her in the stomach, taking every inch of air out of her body. She knew her eyes were full of tears but she did not wanted to let those assholes win. She digged her nails into her right palm, pressing hard, the other curling around the metal of her skateboard. The brunette tried to focus on the pain but jumped when she felt a soft hand slipped into hers. Maggie turned her head fast almost giving herself a whiplash. The tears finally fell down her cheek when her eyes met Alex Danvers's. They were as hard as they were soft. As if the girl didn't knew if she wanted to comfort her or be angry and found the bastard that did this. The taller girl squeezed her hand hard, almost painfully. The brunette wiped the tears harshly accepting Alex's hand before looking at her locker again. A minute passed as more people started to get into the school, before the other girl talked:

"Give me the combination"

Maggie blinked at her, confused until Alex pointed her padlock.

"I mean I could cracked it, but it'd be much faster."

The younger girl lifted an eyebrow in disbelief while Alex leaned on the beige locker. She only now noticed that Alex was still wearing her sweater, the hood over her head. Maggie was jealous in someway, thinking she should have kept it to hide herself from the world. But she couldn't denied the taller girl wore it well with her black leather jacket over it.

"You can crack it?" she finally asked in a somewhat normal voice.

The redhead smirk sofly and shrugged.

"How about i tell you that story once we're out of here?"

Maggie nodded slowly letting go of Alex's hand, feeling suddently cold. She got closer to her locker, even if she just wanted to run away, and unlocked it. The brunette didn't moved and the girl next to her silently asked her permission. Maggie took a small step back letting Alex take the lead. The smaller girl stayed close to the redhead feeling surpringsly safe as the crowd kept walking behind and beside her. Most of them barely looked at her but others were saying the words and her name in not such low voices. The brunette focused on the smell of Alex's jacket. Leather of course but she could also feel remnant of the ocean and something that could be citrus shampoo.

The taller girl finally turned around with a few books in her arms. She put a hand over Maggie's shoulder, not quite touching it, again asking silently for permission. The brunette let her backpack slipped off her back, a bit dazed by Alex's actions. The redhead tucked the books in her bag before handing it back to her. Without turning her eyes away from hers, Alex slowly grabbed the skateboard from Maggie's still solid grip, her fingers lingering slightly on her skin, discreetly trying to comfort her. Alex finally put the board in the locker, closing it for good. She tipped her head to the side signaling the brunette they'd start walking. Maggie let out a deep breath as the bell rang loudly between the walls.

"How did you knew which books to take?" Maggie asked trying to distract herself.

The redhead bit her lips shyly putting her hands in her sweater's pocket.

"Hum, we're together in most classes and your schedule is in your locker."

They turned the corner and entered the classroom, everybody shutting up. Alex glared at everyone before sitting at her regular spot near the window making sure Maggie was following her.

"Yo Danvers, you picked up another stray dog for your group of rats" shouted Rick Melverne.

Maggie's head turned itself toward a blond guy with a arrogant smile, his back leaning on the wall trying to look cool. A slim girl with long light brown hair slapped him on the arm reprimanding him. Maggie felt Alex stiffen beside her, her fingers curling themselves into fist. For a second, she thought the taller girl would just jump on the guy right there but then, the redhead looked at Maggie studying her, trying to slow down her breathing. The brunette frowned wondering what the other girl was thinking at the moment. Alex's pupils were flying between Malverne and Maggie until they settled themselves on the brunette. She fixated her eyes with such intensity, Maggie had to look away. The redhead's hands finally relaxed as she bit her lips swallowing whatever insults she wanted to throw at Rick.

Alex finally turned around on her seat, facing the board up on the wall. She brought her hands up under her chin, interlacing her fingers, covering her mouth with them. Maggie didn't know what to do watching the taller girl struggle. She was surprised by Alex's reaction. Sure, she didn't knew the girl that well but so far Alex seemed pretty cool all the time but right now her body was as hard as steel. The brunette touched the taller girl shoulder hesitantly and she could pratically feel Alex melt under her touch. She turned toward Maggie sighing.

"I'm sorry. I don't want him to get away with this but I just thought you wouldn't want more drama than you already do."

Maggie tipped her head seeking her eyes.

"So you didn't respond for me?" the brunette replied surprise.

The redhead scoffed letting her arms fall down on her desk.

"I don't want to make this about me" Alex shook her head frowning "I can take a few comments but when it comes to my friends, I..."

Alex shrugged and Maggie let a small smile tug at her lips, looking up at the other girl. Her fingers were dangerously close to Alex's elbow. The tips of them were burning and the brunette's heart was getting louder in her chest.

"You're very protective of your people, Danvers. Those who have you are pretty lucky."

Alex's eyes flew to hers full of hesitation. Like she wanted to believe her but didn't. She contented herself with with wary kind smile as if she didn't wanted to show Maggie too much of herself, but knew she actually already did. The redhead pointed a finger at the smaller girl.

"Well, you got me, Sawyer."

'Thank god I do' the brunette thought. She kept hold on Alex's gaze ignoring the second bell announcing the start of classes.

"I'm sorry" whispered Maggie as the teacher closed the door loudly behind him.

Alex frowned confused leaning her head on her hand.

"For not knowing you were in most of my classes" explained Maggie.

Both girls turned away a moment to get their books out of their bags as the teacher told them the plan for the next hour. Once everyone was settled in, pen in hand, a bored expression on their face, the teacher started his tirade of the importance of english lit in their life. Alex got closer to Maggie, whispering in her ear:

"If you didn't knew who I was, it's because I didn't wanted anybody to." Alex said in a half amused, half uneasy tone taking off her hoodie as if to prove her point.

Maggie tried to control her body to stop it from shivering but she failed immensely. She slightly pivoted toward the taller girl, breathing in her mint toothpaste. She watched as Alex backed up a bit with a innocent smirk on her lips. Maggie then realized the redhead had no idea of the effect she had on her.

"But if you had moved here before, then you would have know me because I was an annoying smarty pants. I even had the habit of correcting the teachers."

Alex expected a smile from Maggie but instead the girl just kept looking at her in silent. She scratched an eyebrow with her thumb getting a bit uncomfortable under her gaze. Maggie didn't like that the older girl seemed to be embarassed of her old self.

"I'm just saying I was a real Hermione Granger" added Alex hoping to break the sudden seriouness in her new friend's eyes.

Maggie laughed silently trying to not get people's attention on them. She looked around the class and only saw one girl staring at them. The brunette sitting beside Rick Melverne. She had a pensive frown and a regretful look on her face. Maggie turned her head toward Alex again.

"Did you just compared yourself to a fictional character? From Harry Potter no less?" teased the brunette.

Alex rolled her eyes and shrugged.

"Nerd" laughed Maggie, her dimples appearing.

The taller girl forced herself to look away after a few seconds, her chest threathening to explode from the warmth that was overwhelming her body. Maggie's eyes were simply setting her on fire. And Alex was never one to run away from danger. She knew the risk. Getting her heart broken. Again. Harder than ever. But she couldn't stop it even if she tried.


An hour and an half later the bell had finally rang but the teacher had asked to speak to Maggie for a minute. Alex had promised to wait for her outside.

The redhead was watching the students getting out of class when a tall blond finally made his way out. She stood in front of him solidly. He lifted his chin up trying to intimidate her by making himself taller. Alex only smirked angrily.

''Were you the one who wrote those words on Maggie's locker?'' She asked slowly, breathing evenly.

Rick snickered shaking his head, boring his hateful eyes into hers.

''You think I got time to lose on dykes?'' he snarled starting to get away from her.

Alex grabbed him by the wrist and twirled him around, pushing his thumb up, raising it higher and higher until Malverne cried out. He tried to get out of her grip, lifting his fist to knock her off but Alex blocked him easily like she did once in training with Oliver. She pushed Rick into the nearest wall, her forearm on his throat.

''Well, Rick, I think if you can't defend yourself against rats, you should know better than to mess with them'' Alex growled lowly into his ear.

Malverne breathed loudly through his nose, his face red with anger. He pushed himself off the wall, his weight on Alex, causing her to step back. She dodged Malverne's punch with a smirk, raising her hands up showing him she doesn't intend to have a full fight with him even if every part of her wanted to. The crowd was lingering against the walls whispering. Malverne's jaw tightened not enjoying the fact there was a public. Malverne was obviously pissed and done to pushed around as he gestured the crowd to move along. He moved to come at Alex but a deep angry voice stopped them:

''Miss Danvers!''

Alex turned around seeing a tall black man with his arms behind his back, giving the impression he was calm, but the redhead knew him well enough now to know Mr. Jonzz was displeased with her behavior, his dark eyes expressing more than words would. She lowered her head, ashamed that she lost her cool but still too angry to care. She could feel Rick stumbled beside her, annoyed that they got interrupted. Jonn got closer to them, towering the boy.

''I suggest you to go to your next class Mr Melverne and try to be better than what you and your friends settled yourselves to be.''

Rick barely looked at him as he glared at Alex who rested her hands on her hips, refusing to look away first. He stepped back slowly until he disappeared in the crowd with a silent promise to finish this one of these days. Once he was gone, both Alex and Jonn sighed. The girl lifted a hand up.

''I know, I know...I shouldn't have come at him. I was angry...''

Her fingers balled into a fist again. Jonn gently put his hands on his protégé's shoulder.

''Alex, I'm well aware of how difficult it must be to stay calm when you're in a storm of emotions. But we can't lashed out every time someone piss us off.''

The redhead nodded, focusing on the white tiles of the floor. Jonn sighed again and stepped back looking over her shoulder. Alex turned around suddently remembering where she was as Maggie was standing there leaning on the classroom's threshold, her arms crossed over her chest, frowning. Maggie tipped her head seeking her eyes. Alex seemed like a confident person overall but right now she looked vulnerable.

''You okay, Alex?'' the brunette asked with worry in her eyes.

The taller girl shrugged too fast, imitating Maggie's posture.

''Of course.''

Maggie got closer to her letting her arms fall. Her fingers were twitching as if they wanted to touch Alex more than anything but didn't know if it was the right thing to do.

''Do you always shove your feelings down like this?'' Alex finally met Maggie's eyes ''I know you got your people's back but who got yours?''

The redhead couldn't tear her eyes away but forced herself to as she felt tears watering them. She shuffled on her feet when Jonn cleared his throat with an almost invisible smile on his lips.

''I like her Alex, keep her around.'' He comes to go back to his classroom but stopped for a second ''Oh and tell Winn to come to see me at dinner break, he forgot his lunch again.''

Alex smiled, lifting her head up, looking at Maggie again.

''Will do, Sir.''

Chapter Text

Maggie and Alex weren't together in second class so after exchanging phone numbers and a promise to meet in the cafeteria at lunch, they had both went on seperated ways. Maggie had been nervous to be left alone but the need to be able to face the crowd on her own had gave her strenght. The brunette had walked the hallways chin up, wanting to prove that she wasn't ashamed of anything, even if deep down, she felt humiliated and wanted to crawl into a hole for a few days. But so far, Alex had been a lifesaver and Maggie didn't wanted her to think she was weak.

And right now, it seemed Maggie wasn't the target of nasty comments and jerk guys knocking her hard on the shoulder. In front of her stood a tall brown haired football player pushing away a small brunette guy who was trying to get his lunch back. Maggie shook her head disgusted by teenagers's behavior.

''Please Mike, just give me my sandwich back!'' pleaded the smaller guy with green eyes.

Maggie recognized Mike from a few parties she went to with Eliza, the guy always made out with differents girls, he was quite popular. The football player actually thought his charm could make up for all the things he did. And now he just rolled his eyes at the kid, drawing his lunch bag even further behind his back.

''Come on, Winn, I already told you, accept to tutor me and I'll stop troubling you'' replied the tall guy with a cocky smile.

Maggie got closer to them, realizing that this Winn guy was actually Alex's friend, the one who had to get his lunch from Mr. Jonnz. She watched as the green-eyes kid with a light blue plaid shirt seemed to think about the tall guy's offer, visibly not comfortable at the idea of being alone with Mike a few times every weeks. Maggie finally stepped in behind the football player, snatching the brown bag from his hand and walked fast past him.

''Let's go Winn!'' called Maggie turning around witnessing the dumbfounded kid rushing to rejoin her as the taller guy just groaned and lifted his hands up in annoyance.

Winn followed her good step, his backpack making a lot noises as it jumped up and down. Maggie eyed him curiously as she tossed him his lunch. The younger guy let out a tiny happy squeal.

"Ugh thank you Maggie! I can't seem to convince Mike to leave me alone." He mumbled lowly.

Maggie felt bad for him. She knew what it was like to be harassed by jocks and popular girls because they thought there was something different with you that didn't fit into their stupid boxes. Back in blue spring, being one of the few brown kids in the whole small town had been apparently a good reason enough for people at school to insult and make fun of her. Maggie had been glad when her dad had had a job offer here in Midvale at the police station.

''Yeah, he's a jerk'' agreed Maggie ''that the lunch you got from Mr. Jonnz?''

The hallways were pretty much empty by now as everyone were already buying their food at the cafeteria. Maggie turned a corner waiting for Winn's answer even though she already knew it.

"Yes! Papa bear is the best!" Winn smiled with closed eyes, tipping his head.

The girl frowned at the boy with a amused smile not understanding his statement.

"Jonn is my foster father'' he shrugged sheepishly.


Winn waved Maggie's concern sensing she was afraid that she overstepped.

"It's okay, don't worry. Things are definitely better since I live with him."

The brunette nodded in relief.

"I'm glad kid. " she simply replied with sincerity.

Loud conversations were starting to reach their ears as they closer to the cafeteria.

"So not to be rude, and not because I'm not happy that you did it, but why did you helped me back there?" asked Winn.

A small smile tug at Maggie's lips, the boy's rambling reminded her of Alex for a second.

"Um One, because I don't like assholes and Two well, Alex told me about you."

The boy stopped her suddently his hands up in the air with a sly chuckle.

"Wait, wait...Alex? Our Alex? Don't tell me she finally got the guts to talk to you?"

Both brunettes froze. Maggie's stomach did a somersault. So Alex had noticed her before? And apparently her friends knew it too. Was that why Winn immediately recognized her earlier? Or was that because of Eliza? Winn's whole face changed and seemed to pale even more in fear.

"Oh no. Don't tell her I said that. Not that it's such a big deal, I mean, people want to talk to people all the time...okay not Alex but...oh my god...she will kill me."

The kid kept walking around muttering pinching his nose. Maggie finally got him out of his trance putting her hands on the brunette's shoulder.

"Hey Winn, relax. I won't...say anything. Mostly because I'm not sure what just happened but also because you look like you're gonna shit in your pants."

Maggie nodded at him calmly as he lifted his head and his finger, a move that seems copied, his face hardening.

"I'm not gonna shit in my pants but just for your information, I totally could and wouldn't be ashamed of it because Alex Danvers is scary madwoman!"

The girl put a hand in front of her mouth to hide her laugh.

"Okay kid, I believe you."

The boy straightened his shirt and they both started walking again finally entering the cafeteria. Winn waved at a table close to the window. Maggie saw three girls sitting there and one tall black guy. She suddently felt nervous about meeting Alex and Winn's friends. The shorter brunette met the redhead's eyes and both faces broke into a smile. Maggie felt instantly at ease seeing her friend.

"Sorry it took me so long guys, Mike was bothering me again." said Winn as he sat beside the strong guy who was at the end of the table.

Everybody groaned and mumbled comments as the big guy clapped Winn softly on his shoulder. Maggie recognized him. James Olsen, the school's photographer who also runs the school's journal. On his other side there was a strong small black haired girl with a pixie cut. She had sharp smart brown eyes and was eyeing her with a grin until Alex elbowed her in the ribs. A small laugh made Maggie turned her head toward the blonde girl sitting in front of Alex with wide blue eyes, behind square black rimmed glasses. She seemed to shine just like the sun peeking through the window beside the group.

Maggie bit her lips not sure where her place was with this little group. Alex finally placed a hand on the brunette's elbow inviting her to sit down beside her which Maggie did.

"Maggie" started Alex with a shy smile "This is one of my asshole of a best friend Susan Vasquez"

The girl to the redhead's right saluted Maggie with two fingers at her temple before biting into a sandwich.

"You probably recognized James and obviously already talked to Winnslow Schott" continued Alex "and this is my sister Kara."

Alex was glaring at Kara quietly telling her to behave. The blonde seemed to refrained herself from jumping in her seat. The brunette was surprised to hear that Alex had a sister and that they looked nothing alike.

"Oh, a little Danvers!"

The blonde laughed at that fidgeting with her glasses.

"We're very happy to have you with us, Maggie" said the kind girl.

The brunette looked at her genuine eyes.

"Well, thank you guys for having me."

Maggie felt Alex bumped into her shoulder gently. Their eyes met and shared a short moment. The smaller girl was relieved to be with Alex again. She hadn't realize how much the other girl made her feel safe.

The redhead's fingers were toying with the fork hanging in the mac n cheese in front of her as if it gave her something to busied her hands with. Otherwise, she'd reach for the girl beside her. It was the first time, in a long time, Alex was longing to see someone, even if she had seen her not even an hour and half ago.

The feeling seemed foreign to Alex. Sure, she could relax with her friends but not like this. She couldn't let it go most of the time. She always felt the need to be the strong one who was there for everyone. After she lost her dad, her best friend and stopped playing basketball, she didn't wanted to count on other people. Sure, she had Kara but Alex was the big sister, so she always tried to shield her from the worst of herself.

"So, Winn" piped Vasquez "I'm sure Mike actually got a little crush on you and that's why he keep annoying you."

Alex's eyes rolled so hard, Maggie was afraid they would fall out of her head. James shook his head vehementely dropping his coke on the table.

"What is this? Kindergarden?" scoffed Olsen "The boy have a crush on a girl so he pulls on her ponytail and is mean to her to get her attention?"

Vasquez lifter her hands up backing up while Maggie was still surprised they were talking so openly about the possibility of a guy having a crush on another guy.

"I'm not saying he's smart. Hell, he keep harassing Winn to get him to tutor him. I'm just saying kids used to do that because they don't know how to process their feelings." Susan explained.

Winn seemed deep in thought until James snapped him out of it gently with a shake of his head as if he was telling him to not even think about it. The boy pouted with wide eyes.

"It is true Mike act like a little boy most of the time" commented Kara with two cupcakes in each hands.

"Well, my mama always taught me to be a gentleman." added James.

Vasquez slapped him on the shoulder with a proud smirk.

"I knew I liked you for a reason, Olsen" Alex said tipping her juice box toward him.

Maggie observed everyone with a smile. The redhead looked at her softly.

"What is it?" she asked

She shook her head while the conversation fell down, everyone now focused on her.

"It's just refreshing to be around people like you guys. You guys really talk and not just about the latest gossip in school but genuine stuff. You all seem open minded."

Kara was the first one to beamed at Maggie giving her a croissant. The others gasped in surprise. The brunette eyed them curiously as she finally took her lunch out of her backpack, accepting the blonde's croissant.

"Kara never give her food to anybody" Alex finally broke the silence in a fake whisper.

The blonde just rolled her eyes at everyone's antics.

"Back to a more important topic," the younger Danvers sighed replacing her glasses "just so you know Maggie, no one around this table will judge you."

"Beside 70% of us and our friends aren't straight!" Winn informed her with a teasing smile.

Maggie choke on the sip of water she had just taken. Alex drew big circle on her back. The brunette didn't know if her lung were burning because of the choking, Winn's statement or Alex's touch.

"Winn!" chastised Kara as Alex commented : "I don't think that calculation is right"

The small girl finally managed to breathe properly despite everyone looking at her.

"So some of you guys are...too?" Maggie says vaguely.

Both Kara and Winn nodded excitedly. They turned toward each other having a silent conversation until the blonde waved him to go ahead. He calmed himself down before he pointed both Alex and Vasquez.

"These two are giant lesbians and Vas here is dating Lucy Lane, this guy ex's girlfriend" he told Maggie quickly putting a hand on James who nodded with an awkward smile "Lucy is bisexual, so am I, and Kara here, is pansexual. She's in a very platonic totally non relationship with Lena Luthor."

Kara blushed immediately, sputtering an "excuse me" while her sister simply shook her head at her telling her to not even bother.

"Lena and I are...are friends and we work together at James's journal. Is she smart and beautiful and strong, sure but it doesn't mean..."

Everybody's unconvinced eyes were on her causing Kara to throw her arms up, giving up. Maggie patted the blonde's hand in comfort.

"Don't worry, little Danvers, I believe you."

Kara smiled widely at Maggie.


"No, sorry Kara, I've never seen you guys interact but you obviously have a crush on her."

The blonde pretended to glare at her as Winn chimed in:

"Well, at least she's not as obvious as..."

Four legs kicked Winn's under the table, the young brunette cried out in pain as the whole table moved noisily. Maggie frowned at everyone wondering which one of them they were all covering. Despite Winn being obviously hurt, it was sweet to see how tight this group was. Maggie tipped her head toward James.

"So, Olsen, you're the only one who's straight here?"

The boy smiled at her before Winn got in front of him mouthing exaggerately at Maggie: "To determined". The tall guy shook his head laughing as Vasquez pushed Winn away with a hand on his face. The whole group laughed loudly. Maggie was surprised to find herself at ease this fast with those people. But she had to admit, each time a part of her body accidently touched Alex's, a foot or a knee, it was burning her all over and she didn't knew if it was comforting or unsettling.

Maggie looked around the cafeteria wondering if people were looking at where she was sitting, but apart a few jocks and Eliza and her friends, leaving in Maggie's stomach the nausea, nobody paid attention to them. Except maybe one girl. The one from English lit who was looking at Maggie and Alex. More precisely at Alex. The girl seemed uncomfortable sitting on Rick Malverne's knee, laughing fakely, while simultaneously still looking at Alex from the corner of her eyes. Maggie remembered seeing her before around the school but didn't recalled her name. Was it Veronica? Ronnie or something?

The brunette's attention was brought back to the people around her table, all laughing at something Vasquez said. Maggie moved a leg over the bench, facing her new friends. Her knees bumped into Alex's thight. The girl looked at her immediately, wide eyes, surprise to see the smaller girl sitting so close. Maggie smirked as she saw the redhead blushing, covering her freckles. Maggie's smile became genuine as she noticed them for the first time. Alex cleared her throat, shying her eyes away from the brunette.

"So guys, what's the deal with Alex being able to crack locks?" asked Maggie curious.

An unexpected silent fell upon the table as everybody did their best to not look at Kara, who put her cupcakes down. Maggie noticed Alex eyeing her sister with a apologistic and comforting gaze. The tall girl finally turned her head toward Maggie with a forced proud smirk on her face.

 "Well, remember last year's valentine's day?"

The brunette thought about it for a moment. She only remembered one thing of that day. It was then she had realized she had a crush on Eliza. The school's dance had been canceled, so they both had went at Maggie's house and had watched horror movies in her basement. She had even stole a few cigarettes from her dad and they both had coughed hard and laughed at each other. Maggie swallowed, choking on her memories. Thank god, her dad had never found out.

"Only that it was celebrated a few days later, in the middle of class."

The morose vibe immediately dropped as Vasquez, Winn and Alex shared a known smile. James only shook his head as he and Kara rolled their eyes.

"Well, at that moment, I was single as always, Winn had just broke up with Siobbhan, Vas had been dumped and Lucy and James had ended things for real. So, we all weren't in the mood to celebrate the holiday..."

"No, Alex, not all of us " mumbled Kara grumpily.

Maggie smirked at the blonde.

"Let me guess you were excited to spend the day with your gal pal Lena?" dared Maggie to tease.

The whole gang gasped as Alex laughed and wink at Maggie, happy that she was already comfortable enough to tease them, while kara was blushing hard.

"Anyway as I was saying, we weren't in the mood to see people doing heart eyes at each other while we walked the hallways covered of hearts and artcrafts from the dollar store... "

Alex and Kara rolled their eyes for differents reasons.

"Lucy knew the decorations were in a small room beside the gym. So, Winn stayed in Vasquez's van taking care of the cameras because he was too scared to get into the school..."

"You told me to stay in the van because you didn't wanted me to get into trouble with Jonn and Child Services if we ever got caught!" refuted Winn with a frown and pointed finger.

Maggie smiled at how soft Alex actually was underneath the tough exterior. Vasquez bumped her fist against the redhead's thigh.

"Yeah, Danvers, don't pretend you don't have a heart."

The tall girl only scoffed in response and Maggie tried to stop herself from crushing on her new friend.

"So, Winn, the man in the van, turned off the camera temporarily while we girls went into the school to take away the decorations.."

The brunette's eyebrows reached her hair. It just dawned on her what those crazy people had done.

"You guys have any idea how many laws you broke?" exlaimed Maggie.

Alex only smiled at her, shrugging. 'Oh, that girl was something else' thought the smaller girl. James snapped his fingers pointing at Maggie.

"You. I like you. Maybe you'll knock some senses into Alex in the future."

The tall guy seemed relief and happy to have another reasonable person in the group. Alex turned her head toward him, glaring.

"Olsen, you gave us the key allowing us to get inside the school."

James swallowed, straightening his shoulder, shrugging a bit avoiding her eyes.

"So, I didn't wanted the superfriends to get caught, doesn't mean I have to agree with your plans." replied the young man with a miserable tone.

Winn circled his arm around his shoulder, a small smile tugging his lips, as he laid his head on his muscular arm while Maggie was amazed at how adorable they all were, calling themselves the Superfriends.

"Anw, he's just piss you chose Lucy over him for your plan!"

James winced at the boy obliviously not agreeing with his statement. The girls chuckled at them.

"So, anyway " Vasquez continued the story "we found the room but there was a lock on it. None of us had tools and we didn't wanted to destroy school's property either..."

"Hmhm, didn't wanted to destroy school's property, just wanted to steal it" commented Maggie before sipping her water.

"Potatoe, pothatoe " sighed Vasquez, rolling her eyes as Kara squealed "I love that expression!"

For a second, the brunette thought the blonde was gonna clap out of happiness. It was funny to notice how different Kara and Alex seemed to be on those kind of things.

"Jesus! Long story short, there was a lock and I cracked it by ear then we loaded the decorations in the van!" Alex rushed out of patience.

Maggie leaned closer to Alex in curiosity.

"But how?"

The tall girl shrugged with a nostalgic smile, scratching her thumb with her nails.

"When I was a kid, my dad used to made me solved puzzles all the times. Asking me enigma, giving me different kind of locks to pick up on. All that kind of stuff..."

The brunette looked at Alex softly. The other girl finally met her eyes, surprised to find so much kindness there. Maggie shook her head laughing a little.

"Your dad never gave you a chance, did he? He set you up to become the nerd that you are today."

Alex let out the cutest laugh Maggie ever heard. She took pride at the way the redhead was suddently shy. Maggie tipped her head trying to catch her eyes again.

"You didn't finished your story." she whispered exaggeratedly biting her lips to stop her smile.

Maggie forgot for a moment there were other people around the table and actually jumped back when Vasquez continued the tale:

"It took her twenty minutes to cracked it."

"It would have been faster if you and Lucy weren't distracting me by playing basketball in the next room." interjected the redhead annoyed.

"After that it took a while to load the decorations in the van" kept Vasquez going like if Alex hadn't even said anything "but within the hour, we were already back at the Danvers house."

Maggie was still impressed with how easy and fast it all went.

"Okay, but Valentine's Day still happened."

Vasquez, James and Kara laughed as Winn groaned glaring at Alex. The redhead played dumb shrugging.

"I might have brought the decorations back the next Monday." muttered Alex.

Maggie joined her laugh to the others before asking her why.

"Kara was so disappointed, she whined the whole weekend, I couldn't endure it any further. " explained the tall girl raising her hands up.

"Admit it, she pouted Alex." James said with a smile.

Alex breathed loudly through her nose, shaking her head. She pointed her thumb at Vasquez.

"I wasn't alone in this okay? This one and Lucy started flirting that night and suddently they wanted to go to the stupid dance together! And you all helped."

James winced at the memory.

"So what?" Maggie brought them back on track "You guys decorated the whole gym, started blasting music through the intercom and invited the whole school to join the party and got away with it?"

The whole group smirked and shrugged. Maggie laughed wholeheartedly.

"You guys are crazy" she commented.

The brunette catched Kara's eyes, the younger girl crossed her arms over the table, looking at her with kindness.

"Well, you are one of us now."

Maggie swallowed her tears once more. She's never been accepted this fast, this genuinely. Sure, when she moved here Eliza and her became friends, slowly, then fully, but Maggie hadn't specially liked her group of friends. She only had putted it up with them because of Eliza. But now, these friends were all looking at her with no pettiness, no judgment, only seeing her and embracing her.

The brunette felt Alex watching her from the corner of her eyes. Then her left knee burned. Maggie turned her head to the spot under the table and realized it was Alex's fingertips, caressing her softly. She lifted her head noticing the gentle smile on the redhead's lips and her raised eyebrows, asking silently if it was okay.

Maggie interlaced her fingers, lightly with no pressure, no real grip, with the tip of Alex's. It was more than okay. It was perfect.

Chapter Text

The day was finally over and Maggie couldn't be more relieved. Alex wasn't in any of her afternoon classes so she hadn't seen the taller girl since lunch break. At least James had been with her in Calculus and had invited her to sit beside him. Right after she had started her way toward him, one of Eliza's friend, Max, had made her tripped. James had thankfully catched her but still, her ankle was trobbing a bit as she was leaving the school to find Alex. The redhead had texted her, asking her if she was free to go check out the DEO after classes. Maggie was in no rush to go home and found herself excited, but a bit nervous, at the idea of spending more time with her new friend, so she had accepted Alex's invitation.

The tall girl was leaning on the brick wall beside the school's sign, the hood over her head, Maggie's skateboard in her hand. She was scanning the crowd looking for the brunette and the smaller girl thought the girl was absolutely beautiful. She had that tough look, glaring at people who dared to meet her eyes but the second they met Maggie's, they softened immediately, a wide happy smile gracing her face. The redhead frowned noticing Maggie's slight limping.

"What happened there, Sawyer?"

Not wanting to anger Alex, Maggie shrugged.

"Tripped in a chair, Danvers, no cool story here."

Alex squinted at her but Maggie kept her smirk in place. The tall girl bit her lips nodding softly, letting it go. She handed her skateboard.

"Hop on then, better not put too much weigh on it. " suggested the ex basketball player.

Maggie smiled at the gesture and indeed stepped on her skate. Alex grabbed her hand and the smaller girl almost tripped but the redhead finally placed Maggie's hand on her own shoulder. Alex started walking along the pavement, dragging the brunette beside her who managed to calm her heart down.

"I noticed you're into stars, Sawyer." commented Alex as she pointed her board.

Maggie recalled the drawing of the milky way under the piece of wood. It had been a gift from her aunt Celia for her 14th birthday, she had did it herself. It had definitely been one of her favorite gift, even still to this day.

"Eum, yeah, I mean, they just fascinate me. I don't even try to know more about them, I just like to speculate about the world you know."

Alex turned to her, smiling.

"You don't have to explain it to me, you're talking to a nerd remember."

Maggie laughed a little holding tight to the redhead's shoulder as they turned the curb.

"Right! But you seem to be a girl who likes facts more than theories."

The other girl lifted an eyebrow surprise of her assumptions.

"I don't know, maybe I could surprise you." she replied softly.

"Alright, hit me Danvers, what do you believe in?"

Alex lifted her head toward the sky, bloating her cheek.

"Hum...I do believe in equals rights and in infinity of numbers. The Schrödinger's cat theory and the Multiverses and also... in aliens and love at first sight."

Brown eyes met hers as a shy smile appeared on her pink lips. Maggie shifted on her feet as her fingertips burned on Alex's coat, causing her to almost fell off her board until Alex catched her, her strong hands on her hips. The brunette felt Alex huffed in her hair behind her ear and Maggie wanted to stay like this forever.

The taller girl simply helped Maggie stabilizing herself on the skateboard, keeping a hold of the corner of her jeans jacket between her fingers. Maggie said nothing as she chastised herself for being a mess as Alex started walking again.

"I mean, that's my little sister talking obviously, she's so obsessed with her romantic movies, they might be rubbing on me more than I'd like to admit. I need to do a chainsaw marathon soon." Alex mumbled trying to hide her shyness.

Maggie finally swallowed and shook her head, now smilling at the fact that Alex liked horrors movies too.

"Speaking of your sister, you guys share a few mannerism but other than that you guys are nothing alike" Maggie remarked.

The taller girl nodded and kept Maggie steady as they crossed the streets.

"My parents adopted her three years ago" explained Alex "Her parents died in a car accident. "

Maggie put a foot on the ground, stopping them, a hand on the redhead's elbow.

"Oh, that must have been hard...and she just seems so bubbly." Maggie commented.

Alex looked down at the pavement for a moment, biting her lips, before lifting her head up.

"Yeah, that's Kara. Always masking her pain behind happiness. I can always see through it. With time, she became truly happy but I know how heavy it gets to pretend everything's okay all the time. "

The brunette listened to her attentively, sensing it wasn't just about Kara but also herself.

"So tell me, only if you want of course, what's the other story behind you cracking locks? It seemed like your sister was involved."

The tall girl sighed, looking around, then strided to a bench and sat down. Maggie followed her but chose to sit on her skateboard in front of her instead.

"My mom was working the night shift at the hospital when she got the call of Kara's family accident. " started Alex biting her lips. "Her parents had died instantly on impact but Kara had been trapped in the car. Physically, she wasn't hurt too bad but, deep inside her, she was destroyed. "

It amazed Maggie at how much Alex seemed hurt by the story even if it hadn't happened to her.

"And my mom felt for her and wanted to give her a family knowing she could never actually replace hers. That day, that horrible day, Kara lost her whole world and I gained a sister. "

The redhead shook her head, laughing bitterly.

"And I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't enterily happy about it. It took me a while to get used to her following me around and me having to take care of her while my dad started a new job. There was a lot of changes and I was so self-centered that I..."

"Alex " Maggie cut her gently. "You were a kid. It's perfectly normal that you needed time to get used to all this."

The tall girl nodded a few times and sighed again, squaring her shoulder, her palm curling around the wood of the bench.

"When I was friend with Vicky and that at first I didn't knew how I felt about her, about...myself, she had wanted to go on a double date with her boyfriend, me and...Maxwell Lord."

Maggie straightened her back, tipping her head, wincing.

"No way..."

Alex nodded, her face similar to Maggie.

"Yes and I obviously told her no but she begged so I reluctantly went. And at some point, Max tried to make a move on me and my first reaction was to push him away and he fell in the middle of the Big Belly Burger so he was basically humiliated..."

A part of Maggie wanted to laugh at the image but the other part of her was frustrated by Max's behavior. He hadn't even asked Alex if that's what she wanted. He just went for it, not even bothering to check in. Typical teenager guy. And who bring a girl to the Big Belly Burger as a date? Maggie stayed silent keeping all this to herself as she felt Alex stiffened.

"The next day at school during break" continued Alex before stopping shortly, swallowing "I heard the crowd yelling and laughing. Then Winn was running, finding me and telling me that Max had locked Kara in a locker."

Maggie's whole body tensed. Her fist curled on the board as Alex was still nodding, her eyes lost in her story.

"He didn't..." muttered Maggie between her teeth.

Alex took a deep breath, releasing it. She scratched her forehead closing her eyes.

"Since the accident, since Kara had been trapped in the car, she had started having panic attacks when she was in a too small place. So over everybody's yell, the loudest voice I was hearing, was my little sister crying, begging, screaming my name for me to come and save her..."

The brunette moved, rising to sit on the bench beside Alex, laying a hand around her knee in comfort as she slid a strand of hair behind the redhead's ear. Alex followed her movement, her body adjusting itself toward Maggie naturally.

"James and Vicky had managed to get the crowd to pull back while Winn was running again to find the janitor. I rushed to my sister, to calm her down. I could hear her struggling, I knew she wasn't breathing properly. So, I talked to her, reassured her, told her I got her and once I managed to stop the attack, I kneeled down and started working on the lock, recalling the ones my dad made me work on when I was a kid. And...somehow, someway it worked. I pulled my sister out and she fell right into my arms."

Maggie wiped a tear with her thumb under the other girl's gorgeous eyes.

"No wonder she's looking at you like you're her hero. It's because you are." Maggie noted with a low calming voice.

Alex shook her head scoffing.

"In that moment, I swore to myself I'd never let anyone hurt my sister again. Not if I could prevent it."

Maggie frowned at the implication. She squeezed the redhead's knee softly.

"You know it wasn't your fault right, what Max did to your sister..."

Alex kept silent, swallowing back tears.

"I felt so guilty for so long and...Kara took a while to be okay again. And back then, my mom had blamed me for going out with Max, for not being there for my sister...saying I could have avoid it..."

The small girl breathed through her nose slowly, grabbing locks of Alex's hair between her fingers.

"Alex, you...look I'm sure your mom was just looking out for Kara, trying to avoid more trauma for her, but this...she shouldn't have put it on you. I don't know you that well, but
I'm starting to and I can tell that you're an amazing sister and that Kara loves you and think the world of you. As do I. "

Alex closed her eyes for a moment, leaning her head toward Maggie's hand and inhaling softly. Maggie noticed how at peace the taller girl seemed to be for the first time since she knew her. The sun was shining brightly as Alex's freckles came to life.

People would think that because Kara is the sun, Alex would be the moon, but Alex was the sun and the moon altogether. Sometimes light and warm, and other times fierce and dangerously burning. Also, cold and distant, calm and quiet, depending on who she felt safe with. But always bright, always beautiful and Maggie realized she never stood a chance. She was bound to fall for this girl.

Alex stood up suddently, claiming they should walk again, that they were close to the DEO. Maggie stumbled to her feet, riding her skateboard to rejoin Alex, blaming herself for being too close, too intimate with Alex.

"So at the DEO you can let yourself go?" questioned Maggie, curious and desperate to talk about something else.

The redhead kept walking ahead fastely.

"Hm yes and no. The DEO helps me control my emotions. Not to give in." She answered briefly.

Maggie shook her head as she grabbed Alex's elbow to catch her rythm.

"But you're human, Alex." rebuted Maggie "When do you let yourself feel?"

The tall looked at her from the corner of her eyes and shrugged, a small smile tugging her lips.

"When I jump off bridges?" she offered innocently.

The brunette scoffed and had to remind herself she had no right to judge her friend.

"Does your mom knows about all this?" asked the small girl.

Alex seemed to tense at the question as they got closer to a large gray building.

"Of course not." she replied slowly "She'd be disappointed in me for doing something so reckless.

Maggie thought about all the stuff Alex kept to herself. Her dad's death, her feelings for her best friend who abandonned her, her mom pressuring her, Mr.Jonzz teaching her to hold off her anger, and she thought about how exhausting it all seemed to be. Maggie shoved her hands into her jacket sensing her own anger starting to slip in into her skin.

Alex stopped in front of the black door and sighed as Maggie jumped off her skate, kicking it into her hand. The redhead turned toward her friend.

"Ever since my dad died, my mom has been working double time. She uses the excuse that we need the money but I know my dad, he did what he had to do to ensure we'd be fine. I know it's her way of dealing with things. I know she doesn't allow herself to feel just like I..." Alex lifted a hand in the between them "So, no. I don't want to tell her about the DEO, the bridge, any of it. She has enough on her plate."

The tall girl seemed more than ready to end the discussion but Maggie grabbed her arm again, softly. Maggie seeked the redhead's eyes for a moment before she finally lifted them, vulnerable.

"I just think that maybe, if you and your mom talked, you'd realized you're more alike than you think and that there's a high possibility that you'd understand each other."

Alex nodded a few times before letting out a deep breathe. She tipped her head toward the door, smirk forming slowly on her face.


Maggie shrugged, having no idea what to expect. The redhead opened the door, signaling her to get in first. The smaller girl rolled her eyes at the gesture even if a part of her appreciated it. She stepped into the building, Alex behind her, and whistled impressed at the sight. Right in the middle of the ground floor there was a sort of ring where two girls were fighting. Behind the ring, there were multiples punching bags station and wooden dummies. To the left side there were salmon ladder bars leading to the second open floor that was a whole parkour set. Maggie did a 360 admiring the whole place. Alex was watching her a bit nervous.

"I see why you like it here!" Maggie huffed out with a grin. "I totally see you being a badass and..."

She was cut off as the strong blonde girl from the ring jumped on the floor with a smirk.

"Hey Danvers, don't tell me you finally got yourself a girl?!"

Maggie and Alex blushed as the redhead pinched her nose muttering "Sara".

"Leave the kids alone, my love." Sara's partner from the ring joined them.

The tall woman with black hair and black eyes put an arm around the shorter blonde girl. Maggie was surprised once again at seeing a same sex couple being so comfortable together.

"Your girlfriend and I are the same age, you know that right?" scoffed Alex.

The dark haired woman barely reacted, not even blinking. Alex turned to Maggie.

"So Maggie, Vasquez was my asshole of a best friend number three. Lucy is number two and this is number one, Sara Lance."

"Anww I'm number one" Sara smiled cheekily, crossing her arms over her chest.

Alex rolled her eyes along with the tall brown woman.

"I think she meant on the asshole scale, my love."

Sara turned toward her girlfriend laughing.

"I know what she meant, Nyssa, doesn't mean I'm not touched." replied the blonde.

Maggie smiled at their antics.

"You guys been together for a long time?" asked Maggie with curiosity.

Alex and Sara winced as Nyssa kept a stoic face. The blonde bit her thin lips.

"Well, let's just say we're on and off since a few years." she commented shortly with a rough smile and hard eyes.

Maggie recognized a bit of Alex in her. Could go from down right cool to murderous in a second.

"And Sara enjoy her freedom a lot when we're on off times." added Nyssa with a baffling calm.

The small brunette suddently wanted to be away from them, thinking Nyssa could kill everyone in the room in a matters of second. She had a powerful stance and didn't seem to be the kind of person to take shit from anyone. Except maybe Sara.

Sara nodded looking at floor, not exactly uncomfortable but certaintly uneasy.

"Yeah, well, I'm not the one who got closer to your sister while you were away for a competition" retorted the blonde.

Nyssa slowly turned toward her girlfriend who bravely hold her gaze. Maggie got closer to Alex whispering in her ear :

"You think they would notice if we'd just leave?"

The redhead made a move to part her way but Nyssa simply held a hand stopping them.

"You knew there was no one else for me and that I got closer to Laurel because I missed you deeply and still you had your revenge when you kissed her" reminded her Nyssa, pointing at Alex "at the party we had to celebrate your victory."

Maggie felt a tiny twinge in her heart as she understood what happened. She looked at Alex who was standing there mouth agape, blushing.

"We were drunk and I pushed her away!" Alex refuted "Beside you're the one who nearly killed me. If Oliver and Laurel hadn't stopped you, you would have strangle me!"

Sara put a hand on each girl's shoulder as Nyssa seemed to make herself taller.

"Don't sell yourself short Alex, even drunk you're a great fighter, you wouldn't have gone down without a fight." complimented Nyssa.

Maggie raised her hands up, frowning, really confused by everything's going on as Alex muttered a thank you. A voice from upstairs called them all.

"Sara, Nyssa, go find yourselves a room" A tall black man appeared at the rail of the second floor "And Alex, why don't you show your girl around before the fight?"

The blonde and her girlfriend left them, laughing, as they winked to Alex who shook her head. Maggie hid her smile doing her best to not think about how good it sounded to be referred as Alex's girl.

"She's not my girl, Diggle! She's a friend" shouted Alex back as the man disappeared.

The redhead turned toward Maggie again and put her hands on her hips trying to keep her shyness away.

"I don't know why I brought you here, I hate them all." said Alex calmly.

Maggie laughed as she followed her friend around the place. The taller girl stopped in front the first station.

"This is James's favorite spot" Alex pointed the used punching bag. "He started training here a few months ago after I suggested it. I wasn't sure if it was a good idea at first since Lucy and Vas both come here but he's a good guy so, it's not a problem for him."

The brunette listened and nodded.

"Impressive of him." admitted the small girl.

Alex laughed, agreeing and walked to the wooden dummy with a carved A.D on it. Maggie couldn't help but find it cute. Alex took off her leather jacket, letting it fall down on the floor. Maggie copied her, then rolled her plaid up to her elbow.

"Annnd this is my spot." trailed the redhead "I mean I love to punch when I want to get it all out but this " she said as she knocked her forearms between the wood's stick in a demonstration "is better for gaining control."

Maggie tried to not look at Alex's arms too hard but failed. The obvious strenght in them was doing things to her. Maggie had seen pretty girls before, had wanted to kiss them. Hell, she had wanted to kiss Eliza two days ago, but she never had had this urge to push a girl into the nearest wall and sealed their lips together. Until now.

"You wanna try?" asked Alex tipping her head in front of Maggie.

The brunette jumped back, clearing her throat at the sudden proximity.

"Um, yeah sure" answered Maggie "like this?

She started slowly, messily. The small girl felt the redhead stepped in behind her. She tried to breathe as Alex curled her long fingers around her forearms. She could feel her hips grazing her back and Maggie was getting warmer and warmer.

"Here, keep them tight" she advised and then she smacked her palm against her closed fist.


Maggie prayed for this moment to never stop but also prayed for someone to come for them right now. They had been doing different kind of training for the last hour and knew it wasn't a good idea do so in a tight pair of jeans and a tank top but she didn't had a personal locker like Alex did. Though the redhead did offer her some clothes, Maggie had refused. She was barely surviving the sight of Alex in her old basketball shorts and jersey, she wasn't gonna wear them and smell them on top of it all.

Alex had showed different fighting techniques that Maggie had learned fastly. Younger, her dad had been adamant on her learning essential moves to be able to defend herself against strong strangers men and back in blue springs, she had started taking kick boxing classes until she had stopped because she had felt too much agressivity doing them.
And now, it seemed like it was all coming back and Maggie didn't liked it one bit. It also didn't help that her crush on her friend was increasing sorely. She didn't wanted to go down that road again. She couldn't bare to be hurt again. Humiliated again. Why did she always had to put herself into situations like this?

Maggie was hitting James's punching bag hard, frustrated. She did a fast serie of punch before groaning as she backed up, ripping the gloves off her hands. She could feel it in her muscles, the memories of old training, of old feelings, the habit of the stress and anger. The brunette punched the bag again with her bare fist, then rested her foreahead on it, trying to slow down her breathing.

Alex approached her carefully, a bit surprised by Maggie's behavior.

"Hey, are you okay?" questioned Alex quietly.

Maggie turned around shaking her head, lifting a hand up.

"There's a reason why I didn't wanted to do this, Alex." responded the brunette curtly.

The tall girl crossed her arms over chest and swallowed. There weren't anyone else on the ground floor except for the two of them.

"Okay, I'm listening." she said still low, but deep and honest.

Maggie looked around, suddently wanting to run. Alex must have sensed it because she put a hand on her wrist.

"You can talk to me, Maggie. I promise I'll listen."

The smaller girl pushed herself away from her touch. She shook her head laughing bitterly as she sat down on a bench close to them.

"When I talk Alex, shit happens. When I fight back, I'm the one who's punished, okay? And it's always my fault."

The redhead waited patiently for more explanation but it never came. Maggie seemed to be lost in her head and frankly, in her body. The brunette couldn't stop thinking about the mean kids from Nebraska and how when she had punched back a boy once, it had backfired. And just a few days ago, when she had admit her feelings to the girl she liked, she had end up being humiliated and crushed. And now, there was this amazing girl, her friend once again, that she was already caring for deeply. Too fast, too soon.

Alex joined her on the bench, leaving some space between them.

"Look, I can't pretend to understand what's going on...I can only tell you that nothing you will say to me will push me away. I'd never hurt you. Not the way she did. So, just know, I'm not going anywhere. And what happened with Eliza wasn't your fault. Not at all."

Maggie pushed her hair back huffing deeply. Alex was kind. Truly was. And Alex had told her about her own demons. Told her about her anger. If Alex could handle it all, surely she could too?

"I...I'm used to feeling helpless, to being afraid. In Nebraska, I felt those things all the time and I was tired of it, it made me feel...angry. And I hated it. Anger is not...good."

The brunette felt Alex stiffened by her side. Maggie sighed feeling unwieldy.

"I mean, Alex, you jumped right into anger right? Did you even mourned your dad? Or cried over the fact that Vicky didn't felt the same way you did, or that she abandonned you? Or talked to anyone of your frustrations about your mom?"

Alex's face got hard, her wrath visible and a tiny bit hurt. Her jaw was locked, a vein on her neck threatening to explode.

"Hey. No. I'm not saying I know what's best for you," corrected Maggie "I just think you need to take care of yourself at some point and you need to get through those things. You're just repelling the inevitable."

The taller girl was really confused by Maggie's words. One moment they were talking about her and the next, the brunette turned the conversation on Alex.

"So I'm delaying my sadness and you're delaying your anger" the redhead resumed "We make a pretty good team, don't you think?."

Maggie finally smiled and nodded, knocking her knee against Alex. The tall girl touched her foot with hers and Maggie thought she had set it on fire instead. Her smile fell at the feeling. She didn't knew how long she could resist Alex. The redhead frowned at Maggie's reaction and moved her leg. Maggie cursed internally.

"Anger is dangerous" muttered the brunette.

Alex stood up slowly as the main door of the DEO opened.

"You think I don't know that?" replied the girl calmly with a bit irritation "All of us here, we know we're dangerous. But here, we don't learn to keep it at bay, we learn to live with it, to control it, so it doesn't control us."

The small girl lifted her head at the confidence in her friend's voice. Their eyes met and they both noticed the fire in each of them.

"The real question is," continued Alex "are you scared of me?"

'Of you, no' thought Maggie 'Of what you make me feel, yes.'  Before Maggie could rushed out a reassurance, the superfriends joined them loudly.

"Hey Maggie!" piped up Winn "You excited to watch the fight?"

The boy sat beside her as she saw Alex slipped away joining James and Vasquez on the ring. Maggie forced herself to look away from the redhead to meet Winn's green eyes.

"Who is gonna fight?" she asked distracted.

Winn grinned widely as Kara laughed sitting beside her friend.

"Alex, of course!" she announced excitedly.

The brunette said nothing for a second, dumbfounded. She was gonna witness her crush getting all sweaty, showing off her muscles as she'd fight whoever she was gonna fight. Her crush who thought that Maggie was afraid of her. 'Great' Maggie thought 'That is just fucking great'.

Chapter Text

Maggie swallowed once more. Alex had took off her basketball jersey, now fighting in only a black sport bra and her shorts. Her skin was glistening from the sweat covering her abs, her back and arms. Maggie gulped some water from the bottle Sara had brought her before sitting beside her. Her girlfriend Nyssa had apparently left earlier.

The redhead in the ring catched Oliver Queen's arm before throwing the guy on his back on the mat. Oliver quickly grabbed Alex and keep her pinned in a grip with his legs. Sara whistled loudly, getting a laugh from her friends. They were a dozen of people watching the friendly, but competitive fight.

"I don't get how this is allowed" Maggie repeated for the third time since the fight started, more than five minutes ago.

Sara smirked not being sure if the brunette was worried about her friend's safety or if it was because she was being a gay mess watching her.

"Mehh well, between the what, twenty of us," commented Sara "we got like 5 parents, so cut us some slack"

Maggie frowned at the information. She now knew a few of her new friends's backstory, but apparently, most of the teenagers here had either a parent in jail, in the army, another dead or downright unpleasant borderline evil. She, herself, wasn't that close to her parents and actually felt lonely most of the time, not agreeing with their beliefs, but at least her mom cooked her dinners and her dad was paying for the roof over her head. Her father had even cared enough about her safety to move their family to Midvale to get a fresh start. If only he knew what Maggie had got herself into with Eliza and her shitty friends.

"Make sense. Except it totally does not." replied Maggie with a shake of her head as she watched Alex freed herself from Oliver's grip.

The teenagers tried to dominate each other as they rolled on their knees to get a hit.

"You get used to it, Sawyer." shrugged Sara with a wink "Here, we're all broken toys, not so broken."

The small girl smiled at the blonde, loving her wit and her honesty. Her gaze fell back on Alex. She saw the fire in the redhead's eyes, saw how focus she was, how determined. She felt a warmth pooled in her stomach as Alex catched her eyes. Sara whispered in her ear:

"You're right, it shouldn't be allowed to look this hot." Sara admitted ''I kissed them both, you knew that?''


Alex groaned as Oliver had his forearm against her throat from behind. She briefly saw Maggie in the crowd, watching her intently, biting her lips.

"You got something to prove to your girl, Danvers?" quipped Oliver.

The redhead rolled her eyes, hearing the smile in the guy's voice. She elbowed him in the stomach before grabbing his arm and twisting it behind his back.

"No" she growled in his ear "and she's not my girl, Oliver."

The young man managed to put a hand behind her knee, causing her to fall on her back, bringing him with her. She let him go, wincing at the pain. She rolled over herself to get up once more, Oliver doing the same. His pink lips still wore a tiny smile, his green eyes shining as much as his wet blonde hair.

"Want me to go easy on you? Let you win so you can impress her?" he offered in a low voice, lifiting his hands up.

Alex raised an eyebrow at the boy with a smirk of her own. They both put some distance between each other to catch their breath.

"I don't need you to do anything." scoffed the redhead "You're too cocky, Queen. I can win by myself."

The girl run toward him, taking him by surprise and jumped. Her legs hit Oliver's shoulders on perfect timing, pushing herself backward, her hands on the mat. She twirled the guy with herself, the teenager hitting the floor with a half groan, half laugh. They both laid there for a moment, breathing hard.

"How about we call this even?" Oliver mumbled, leaning on his elbow.

Alex laughed and pushed him on his shoulder, causing him to fall again.

"As always." she agreed.


Everyone parted ways after the fight, Oliver waved Alex goodbye, his other arm around Felicity, her girlfriend. The superfriends gave Alex the time to take a quick shower, before they all chose to go to their favorite pizzeria, to Winn's dismay because his ex boyfriend Jesse worked there.


Maggie noticed Alex being somewhat distant, talking about the fight with Vasquez, a pile of pizza in front of them. The black haired girl was analysing the other girl's best moves and Alex listened closely, her face stoic, while Maggie was sitting between Winn and Kara, trying to catch the redhead's gaze. The boy to her left was whining about seeing Jesse with his new boyfriend Shad, saying the guy was a brute and didn't deserve someone as gentle and kind as Jesse. Maggie tried to follow his rambling, the guy visibly upset, but the brunette felt uneasy, feeling Alex out of reach despite her being two seats away.

And now, the tall girl asked James if he could give Maggie a ride back home. She didn't added anything, simply nodded gratefully at the young man, barely looking at Maggie.
Kara noticed the small woman's discomfort. So, when her sister got up to pay for their food, taking everyone's contribution, she nudged Maggie as the girl was playing with a piece of crust, frowning. The brunette lifted her head meeting Kara's blue eyes. She forced herself to smile but Kara sighed, letting her know she wasn't buying it.

"What it is, Maggie?" prodded the younger girl.

Maggie let out a deep breath, shrugging, trying to wave her concern away but Kara's gaze was insisting as the blonde turned toward her to give her her whole attention. Maggie laughed dryly.

"It's nothing, it's stupid. I just, I think I offended Alex or something. I feel like she's ignoring me." The brunette explained with a tight smile, not used to tell people how she feels.

Kara's eyes drifted away from hers for a second, watching her sister. The redhead was obviously looking at Maggie with a frown and bitten lips, but quickly moved her eyes back toward the counter in front of her, the second she noticed Kara. The blonde tried to understand what was going with the barely informations she had.

"Look Maggie, my sister is stubborn and have a tendency to think that everything is her fault. I'm pretty sure it's all a misunderstanding." Kara told her, wishing her sister wasn't this difficult when it came to her happiness. "Trust me, she likes you and I know your friendship is fresh, but I don't think she had a connection like this with anyone before."

The young girl stopped herself, biting her lips, hoping she didn't revealed too much of Alex's feelings. Her sister would kill her for sure if she knew what she had just told Maggie. But for now, Kara didn't cared. Alex was too hard on herself and the blonde didn't remembered seeing her this comfortable, this soon, with someone. Kara just wanted her sister to be happy.

"So, if it's eating at you, you should definitely talk to her" advised her Kara.

For a moment, Maggie didn't reacted, her head tipped to the side, listening to the younger Danvers sister carefully. Then she nodded slowly, pensive, before getting up with a confident step, walking toward Alex.

The redhead's eyes widened, seeing Maggie rejoining her. She rushed to pay the casher, getting some changes back. She left the few dollars in the tips's bowl, turning to face Maggie who was leaning on the counter, imitating her pose.

"Are you okay?" asked the brunette with sincere eyes, frowning.

Alex still shocked by her presence after not being alone with the girl for the last two hours, lifted an eyebrow.

"Are you?"

The redhead watched Maggie's throat as the girl swallowed. The brunette looked down with a twisted smile.

"Well, I'm not if you aren't. You said there was nothing I could do or say to push you away, but I feel you pulling away anyway..."

Alex sighed and cursed herself for making her friend feel bad. She placed a hand on the brunette's elbow, her thumb caressing the jeans of Maggie's jacket.

"Maggie, I'm not. I'm sorry." apologized the taller girl "I just thought you could use some space to get to know the others. I mean, you don't have to stick with me...the others are more light, more fun. Instead of bringing you to the DEO, they'd bring you to games nights and..."

Maggie listened Alex's rambling, confused by her words. She thought the girl was upset with her and needed time away from her, she'd never had guessed that Alex didn't felt enough for her. She wanted to meet everyone who made the oldest Danvers sister feel this way about herself and shake them, to make them see the incredible person that Alex Danvers was.

"Alex, breathe." whispered Maggie, grabbing the redhead's forearms, getting closer "Yeah, your friends seems great... but they're not you."

The taller girl kept looking at her fingers in the hallow of the brunette's elbow, Maggie's own hands on her bicep. Alex was touched by the brunette's words, her heart thudding a bit faster. She finally lifted her eyes, meeting Maggie's shining ones. She smirked timidly.

"It was kind of my point, Sawyer." she murmured biting her lips.

Maggie shook her head, a bit relieved to see her friend smile, but still wanted to make sure Alex knew what she meant to her.

"Alex..." started Maggie before James interrupted her.

"Maggie, we gotta go if you still want a ride." informed her the yound man.

Both girls dropped their arms and Maggie nodded at James before turning back toward Alex, seeking her eyes.

"You coming with us?" she questionned her, hoping her voice remained calm.

Alex shook her head with a light smile, crossing her arms over her chest.

"I can't. There's something I gotta do. Text me when you get home?"

Maggie tried to hide her disappointment with a curt smile of her own.

"Of course. See you around, Danvers."

The redhead noticed Maggie lingering, as if she was hoping for her to say something. But the taller girl stayed silent not knowing what she should do. The brunette finally turned around, rejoining James and Winn at the door. The three of them left, waving everyone goodbye. Alex walked back to their table, Kara and Vasquez waiting for her.

"Any reason why you didn't wanted me to drive you and Maggie back together?" Vas asked with a raised eyebrow.

Alex sighed before turning the chair, sitting in front of the backrest.

"I need the both of you to fix something." announced Alex, taking a sip of Vas's coke.

Her sister frowned at her, surprise, and readjusted her glasses while Vasquez simply nodded, already into whatever Alex wanted to do.

"Annddd I'm being a part of this?" Kara questioned, making sure it wasn't a mistake.

Alex rolled her head toward her with a sly smile.

"You're the most important part of my plan, Kar. So, yes, you're being a part of this."

Kara nodded gravely, almost taking out her notebook out to write the next few minutes down. Vasquez drummed her fingers on the table, getting impatient about the plan.

"It's the first time you're willing to get me into trouble." The blonde noted "It must be important."

Vasquez smirked suddently, her eyebrows reaching her hairline.

"Does this have anything to with Maggie Sawyer?"



Maggie was eating the breakfast her mother made her, her dad already at the police station. Alex and her hadn't talked since last night at the pizzeria. She did texted the girl when she got home but the other girl had simply replied with 'Glad you're home safe. Goodnight, Maggie'. The words had made her smile, but still the brunette was worried that Alex wasn't entirely okay even after their conversation.

Her mom joined her at the table, a burning coffee in her hands. Maggie felt studied, sensing her mother's brown eyes on her. The older woman had a praticed smile on her face, her hair clipped in a tight bun.

"We don't talk much lately, mija, don't you think?" started her mom "What's happening with you?"

Maggie swallowed at the sudden inquisition, trying to not panic. Had she heard anything?

"Not much, mama." contented the teenager to say.

Her mom sipped her coffee, squinting at her daughter. Maggie wondered if her mom could have also been a cop.

"What about your friend? Eliza?"

The young Sawyer's heart skipped a beat. She tried to remain calm at the mention of her ex best friend.

"What about her?"

"Well she used to come here a lot. She's your best friend, right?" her mom said.

Maggie took a deep breath and ate a bit of her omelet.

"Hm no, she's not anymore, but that's okay. I have a new friend now, a real one." answered Maggie, trying to sound like her heart hadn't been shattered by Eliza.

Her mom frowned at the information, her hand reaching out to push Maggie's hair behind her ear. The young brunette closed her eyes at the touch, not used to those moments anymore.

"I wish you'd talk to me more, mija" her mom murmured softly.

Maggie inhaled, pushing her tears and frustrations away. She knew she had build walls around herself since blue springs. She wondered if she was at fault for not being close to her parents anymore. The young girl pulled herself away.

"There's nothing to talk about, mama."

Her mom let out a soft laugh recalling Maggie of the time she used to hear her sing.

"You always forget that I was your age once."

"Then you must know teenagers don't always want to talk to their parents." replied Maggie with a raised eyebrow.

The older Sawyer laughed once more.

"True. I remember when I started dating your papi, I hid it from your abuela..." she told her daughter before gasping "Is this it? Are you seeing a boy, Marguerita?"

Maggie's phone buzzed in her pocket. She tried to get it out discreetly. Seeing a new message from Alex, she forced herself to not smile as she opened it : I'm outside with breakfast. Want a ride for school?

"No, mama" sighed Maggie calmly, her heart beating faster at the idea of Alex being right out the door "I'm really not interested in boys."

The young girl got up, putting her dishes in the sink.

"It'll change one day, mija. Just wait and see!" her mom trailed off as Maggie ran upstairs to her room.

"Just wait and see" muttered Maggie as she changed into a pair of black jeans and a soft gray henley shirt. She kicked her feet into her short black boots.

The brunette heard a sharp car horn. She looked out the window and couldn't stop her smile now from breaking her face. Alex was sitting on the edge of the rolled down window of her dad's blue pick-up. She wore a gray floppy hat and her worn leather jacket. The girl had an eye closed, squinting and waving at her. Maggie couldn't believe Alex had drove here with her dad's truck.

Maggie ran to the bathroom, brushing her teeth roughly before grabbing her jeans jacket. She swirled it on her shoulders and catched her backpack by the door before forcing herself to walked down the stairs at a normal pace.

Her mom simply handed her a brown bag with her lunch. Maggie could tell she was curious about the girl hanging on her pick up's open window, but the young girl stayed quiet, biting off a smile and waved her mom goodbye.


Alex watched Maggie close the door behind her, her stomach doing a somersault at the sight. The redhead was leaning against her truck and opened the door for the brunette. Maggie's smile was so wide, her dimples were showing and Alex had to retained herself to not kiss them.

''Alex!'' exlaimed Maggie full of pride, her hands up ''You took your dad's truck!''

The tall girl swallowed and shrugged. Maggie nodded, understanding her friend for not wanting to make a big deal out of this. Alex bent exaggerately, inviting Maggie to get in. The brunette laughed at the ex basketball player's dorkiness.

She sat comfortably, putting her backpack on the floor at her feet, picking the box of donuts by her side. She waited for Alex to run around the truck, the girl jumping inside.

''Seriously, Danvers? Donuts, that's your definition of breakfast?''

The redhead winced and bit her lips.

''Is that not okay?'' she asked innocently with big eyes.

Maggie laughed wholeheartedly like she never had before.

''God, Danvers, you're cute!'' let out the brunette still smiling.

The smaller girl realized what she said, her whole face freezing while Alex blushed, her eyes wide, as she fumbled with her radio to find some background music. The radio creaked as her heart soared. The redhead wondered if Maggie really thought she was cute or if she only thought her diet was ridiculous. Her friend finally cleared her throat after she started the truck and drove away from the house.

''Any reason why you wanted to give me a ride an hour early before classes start?'' asked Maggie somewhat calmly.

She wished she had took herself a cup of coffee to busy her hands and her mouth with, so she could stop thinking about what she could do with them on Alex. The brunette almost groaned, irritated by herself as they reached the main road leading to their school.

''I want to show you something'' simply answered Alex with a small secretive smile.

Maggie tipped her head toward the girl. Yes, she was embarrassed that she had said out loud that Alex was cute, but she couldn't exactly regret it when she had spoken the truth. Alex Danvers was undeniably cute, pretty, adorable and beautiful as hell. How had she not noticed the girl around school before?

''Why isn't little Danvers with us?'' questioned Maggie again, trying to push away the curiosity of what Alex wanted to show her.

The redhead slightly smirked at her with a raised eyebrow, her fingers drumming on the stearing wheel.

''Her gal pal Lena Luthor gave her a ride'' Alex informed her in a teasing tone.

Maggie laughed at that, turning her gaze out of the window, watching the houses and the tree pass by. Alex's throat tightened a bit. Yeah, her sister was oblivious with her best friend, but Alex couldn't denied she had developped a crush on Maggie a long time ago. One that had deepened since she got to know the girl. So, she was probably worse than her sister. At least, she knew the blonde had a chance with her own black haired beauty while Alex had to keep her mouth shut, not wanting to succeed at making Maggie run away this time. She couldn't do that to the girl. The brunette needed genuine friendships right now and that was what Alex would offer her, her own feelings be damned.


They drove the rest of the way in a comfortable silence until they reached the school's parking lot. There weren't any living soul at the moment, only a few teachers's cars were there. Alex parked her truck into an empty spot. She turned off the engine and got out, picking up her bag. Maggie followed her nervously as they entered the school.

The redhead stopped suddently before a curve, causing the smaller girl to bump into her. Maggie's hands flew to the small of Alex's back to steady herself as she cleared her throat to mask a moan that had almost slipped past her lips.

Alex turned around, her body still close to Maggie's. The tall girl couldn't help but notice that the brunette's eyes were almost black despite the sun glaring through the window, illuminating her perfect olive skin. There were a few beauty marks on the small girl's jaw and Alex's fingers were aching to touch them. She held her breath.

''Do you trust me?'' asked Alex softly

Maggie suppressed a shiver, doing her best to not stare at the redhead's lips. She nodded, not trusting herself to speak. Alex smiled and bit her lips as she took off her floppy hat and put it on Maggie's head. The taller girl couldn't help but smile at how cute the girl looked. Slowly, she slipped the hat over the brunette's eyes. Maggie immediatly raised her hands but Alex's catched them, interlacing their fingers.

''It won't be for long, I promise.'' Alex swore.

The small girl breathed through her nose, choosing to trust her friend. She focused on the cold of Alex's fingers between her warm ones and thought about how perfectly they fit. She felt the redhead tugged her hands and started walking slowly.

Alex turned the corner, feeling Maggie tightened her grip.

''It's okay, we're almost there, alright? A few more steps.''

They finally stopped and Maggie sighed in relief. The taller girl let go of her hands and the brunette almost reached out for her when she felt her behind her back.

''I'm here. You can take it off now'' whispered Alex despite the fact they were alone in the hallway.

Maggie blinked as she took off the hat. Her eyes adjusted themselves to the low artificial light. She recognized the row of gray lockers. Her head snapped in front of her own.

Instead of mean words, there was a painting of a milky way, along with a bright moon and bright stars shining over a bonzai tree. It was astonishingly beautiful.

The brunette swallowed her tears, smiling wetly. She turned around toward the tall girl.

''Alex?'' breathed Maggie, not quite understanding what was going on.

The redhead was biting her lips nervously. She shrugged as if it was nothing.

''So, I might have break in into the school again.'' announced Alex adorably ''Vas helped with the camera this time and I had to ask my sister to do the painting because I have absolutely no artistic talents.''

'No need to when you're a piece of art itself' Maggie thought. The brunette felt a whirlwing in her stomach. She took Alex's hands in hers.

''I can't believe you did that for me.''

The redhead ducked her head down, blushing, swallowing what she wanted to say. That she would do anything for her.

''Thank you, Alex'' said Maggie vehemently.

The brunette tiptoed toward the tall girl, leaving a small lingering kiss on her cheek.

When Alex was young, her dad used to do a lot of bonfire in their backyard and Alex loved fire. Her mom had to constantly tell her to not touch it and of course one day, the five year old Danvers had defied her mother and had curled her tiny fingers around a flame. She had cried out and stepped back immediately, but still, she had been burned.

So, Alex knew what it was like to be burned. It had been hot and fast. But that was nothing compare to the ghost of Maggie's lips on her skin. Now, her face was burning, the heat spreading to her neck, to her fingertips, to the end of her toes. It was slow. So slow. The purest form of agony. Alex thought she could be hooked on this pretty fast.

Away from Alex's mind, a door was closed loudly, bringing both girls back to their reality. Their brown eyes met and Maggie smiled.

''What do you say, we go back to your car and eat that super healthy breakfast of yours?'' she proposed.

''Uh yeah, sure, breakfast, sounds great.'' rambled Alex in a acute tone, nodding a few times.


Instead of eating in the too close space of her pick-up, Alex decided to show Maggie one of her favorite spot. It wasn't extraordinary like the rooftop or the tallest tree in the nearby forest that the redhead loved to climb in, but it was quiet and warm and the scent of chlorine was comforting to her. So, with the box full of donuts in a hand and the other in Maggie's, she brough her to the pool of the school.

There, she dropped her backpack on the white tiled floor and crawled to the ten feet springboard. Maggie looked up at her, shaking her head, Alex's hat following the movement. The redhead had dropped the box and bent her legs a little, shaking the springboard with a smirk. The smaller girl grumbled, climbing the latter. She reached the top and sat down securily in front of the donuts, the smell of the water hitting her.

''Come on Sawyer you scared?'' taunted Alex as she sat down, her feet dangling over nothing.

Maggie scoffed as the tall girl picked a pink donut and took a big bite.

''What about you huh? Aren't you scared of anything? '' retorted Maggie.

Alex's smile disappeared slowly as she swallowed. She sighed, wiping her thumb on her jeans. Her eyes were fixated on the clock in front of her on the blue wall.

''I'm afraid of a lot of things. I'm scared that I'll never remember my dad enough, that I'll never protect my sister enough. That my mom thinks I'm not enough. I'm afraid of myself.'' continued Alex looking down at her open palms. ''Of what my hands can do. Of what I want to do with them sometimes. I'm scared that this diving board isn't high enough..and..''

The brunette's throat was tight as she fought the urge to take her friend's hands in hers.

''And what?'' pleaded Maggie.

Alex turned her head toward her, her vulnerable eyes boring into hers. She shrugged very briefly.

''I'm terrified be enough... to make all of those fears go away.'' she confessed in the smallest voice Maggie ever heard from her.

Maggie didn't hesitated this time, her fingers slipping into Alex's open hand, caressing her skin all the way, until they intertwined with the redhead's.

''Then I'll be here the whole time. To remind you, you're the best sister that Kara could have had and that your mom should be proud of you, just like I'm sure your father is. I'll be there to hold your hands to remind you that they're capable of love and safety too. To remind you that no matter how angry you get, how pure your heart is. I'll be there to tell you how strong you are. How smart you are. How beautiful.

A tear slid down the tall girl's cheek. Maggie wiped it with the thumb of her free hand.

''You think I'm beautiful?'' whispered Alex in disbelief.

Maggie tipped her head, shaking it slightly. She would never understand how this girl didn't knew what she was worth.

''I think you're breathtaking'' breathed out Maggie.


Somehow, someway, up there, in the quiet of the room, it reminded the girls of the time they truly first met on the bridge. Where they knew, there was something that would outcome this. Them. Something rare and powerful, overwhelming but not suffocating. It wasn't like drowning, it was like jumping and feeling alive. They were ten feet above the ground but it felt like they were higher, but neither were really scared anymore.

Chapter Text

It had been a few weeks now that Maggie Sawyer was in the superfriends's life and Alex was thrilled. She had been introduced to game nights, movie nights and Maggie was spending most of her time after school at the Danvers's household. She had finally met Lena and could now laughed with her friends about how oblivious Lena and Kara were. She wondered if the superfriends were also laughing at her and Alex, behind their back. The girls kept getting closer, spending lots of times together at Alex's favorite spots that were slowly becoming theirs, and during nights gathering the whole group, they mostly ended up in Alex's room, watching a horror movie or sitting outside the window, Alex listening to Maggie's own invented stories about the stars.

Maggie sat down the table in the cafeteria, her plate of pasta in front of her. The whole table was empty. The brunette saw Alex crossing the cafeteria in a couple of strides, a smirk already on her face. Maggie couldn't help but smile, still not believing that this tall beautiful redhead was her friend. Her heart derailed dangerously at the sight.
Alex sat down beside her, facing her, the bench between her legs. She took the second fork Maggie offered and digged in. The brunette thought the Danvers's meals were pretty ordinary when their mom wasn't cooking them dinners, so she had started bringing bigger portions of her mom's amazing dishes, sharing them with Alex and Kara. But mostly Alex, since Lena already shared most of her gastronomic meals with the younger Danvers sister.

"Hey!" welcomed Maggie "Where is everyone?"

Alex moaned at the bite she had taken. Maggie tried to not stare too much at her friend's frown and closed eyes, her pleasure all over her face.

"Hmm, Vasquez is having a date on skype with Luce. Kara is off at the lab to make sure Lena is eating and I send James to make sure Winn is eating while he and Lena are doing their project." Alex explained.

Maggie smiled once more. She had only seen Lucy once during a game night, when the army girl had called her girlfriend. The younger Lane sister had smirk, seeing Maggie there and had started making fun of Alex before the redhead had knocked the phone out of Vasquez's hands.

"It's cute how you look out for Winn like he's your little brother." commented Maggie.

The brunette expected the other girl to glare and scoffed but was surprised to see the redhead smiling at her.

"Yeah, well, my mom was supposed to foster him at first. But after my parents adopted Kara, they didn't renewed their license to foster. Jonn was working in the system before he was a teacher. He helped with Kara's adoption and when Winn's dad lost his mind, my mom was quick to bring him home. In the end, Jonn stepped up and chose to foster him."

Maggie nodded at the information. She had seen Jonn more than once in the past few weeks and she had noticed how he was a parental figure to pretty much all the superfriends. The man was always calm and he listened well. Even the brunette had the chance to talk and trained a bit with him. He had that strengh you could lean on. The kind Maggie had felt with her own dad, a very long time ago.

A loud noise at the east side of the cafeteria made the girls jumped and turned their head. Maggie noticed it was Rick and their friends clapping on their table excitedly. And beside Rick, there was still that brunette girl, forcing herself to laugh, as her boyfriend pulled her into him.

"That girl over there, sitting with Malverne?" Maggie pointed to her friend.

Alex followed her line of vision and swallowed.

"What about her?" she asked the brunette.

Maggie studied the redhead's face as Alex tried to be nonchalant.

"That's Vicky, isn't?"

The taller girl sighed and shook her head, hitting the pasta with her fork.

"How did you figured it out?"

Maggie kept eating, hoping the ordinary gesture would ease her friend's mind.

"Well she keeps looking at you with a ghost in her eyes and she doesn't seem comfortable sitting there, which tells me, they aren't exactly her friends, but her boyfriend's. And she didn't liked it when he made fun of you and your friends in English lit. And your reaction just now, sort of confirmed it." The brunette explained.

Alex doesn't answer for a moment, dumbfounded. Maggie took advantage of her stupefaction to stole a sip of her drink.

"If I want to be a detective one day, I gotta notice a thing or two." Maggie added with a wink.

"You want to be a cop?" the redhead swallowed, looking at her friend up and down, imagining her in a police uniform.

The tall girl snapped out of it, blushing, as she tried to ignore the sudden pool of heat in her stomach. She never had a thing for uniforms before, what was so different now? Right. Maggie Sawyer. The brunette nodded then shrugged.

"Not that I'm particularly good at it. I didn't even knew you were in most of my classes and I trusted Eliza..." sighed Maggie.

Alex shook her head, caressing Maggie's knee with her thumb.

"She was your best friend. She betrayed your trust. Stop beating yourself up."

The small girl tried to let the soft determined brown eyes and pointed finger convinced her.

"I know that. I just feel like I should have known." explained the brunette tiredly.

The redhead nodded softly, understanding. She got closer to her friend, their knees bumping into each other, both of their feet scotched together. Alex wondered if she'll be able to get up later or if her bones would be turned to ashes with the fire she felt from her toes to her belly.

"Look, obviously, it's harder to be objective about our own lives, our own feelings. It certainly doesn't mean there's something wrong with you." Alex shook her head almost pleadingly "It only means you're human. You don't have to build walls around your heart."

Maggie tipped her head listening carefully, knowing the girl was speaking the truth.

"Is that what you did?" asked the brunette with a soft voice.

She watched the tall girl stiffened, pulling back physically and emotionally.

"What are you talking about?" Alex retorted in a low tone.

The brunette felt cold from the sudden absence of Alex's skin on her, from the slight harshness in her voice.

"Come on, Alex," scoffed Maggie "you told me that ever since your father died, you didn't let yourself go or feel things completely. What I think, is that you're trying to prevent something else, someone else from hurting you again. But here's the thing, like you said, we're humans, we feels things."

The way Alex was looking at her stole Maggie's breath away. There was a mixture of anger, of acknowledgement and something close to love. And Maggie wondered if what she said was true. Because with her, Alex seemed to let herself go and feel fully.

"By allowing yourself to grieve your dad" Maggie whispered "doesn't mean you'll forget him. Keeping your anger about his unexpected departure inside, will definitely not help you or keep the memory of him alive. It will only kill you slowly."

The brunette didn't wanted to push her friend, but she wanted her to realize the gravity, the consequences of letting the anger consumes every good memories of her dad. They would rot in her.

Alex crossed her arms over the table, pushing the food away and tipped her head toward the brunette. The girl immediately focused on her, eyebrow raised.

"So what about you? I mean you've seen and met my whole world...but what about you, about you're family?"

Maggie's eyes were fixated on her lunch for a moment, trying to win time.

"Eum, there's not much to tell, my parents are pretty conservative. They're religious and I'm...not. But I respect my dad a lot, he worked really hard to be where he is. He's a cop here."

The redhead could feel her friend's discomfort and didn't wanted to linger on the subject despite her desire to know more about the girl.

"Is he the reason why you want to be a detective?" asked Alex kindly.

Maggie frowned and shook her head.

"Yes and no. I mean, yes, I want him to be proud of me, like I'm proud of him, but I don't want to be...him. He's strict and authoritative and he thinks laws and rules and his beliefs are the only way to think. But I'm not like that. And I want to be a cop to help people, not just to establish order."

Alex's eyes were shining, swallowing the brunette's words. The girls stared at each other, not saying anything for a while.

"Well, I didn't expect this dinner to turn this heavy, I'm sorry" mumbled Maggie.

The redhead caressed her friend's bicep for a moment, ignoring the goosebump on her smooth skin. She smiled at her softly.

"Don't be. I love our talks. I like how easy it is to be honest with you." Alex reassured her.

The taller girl wanted to slap herself. Honest. Yeah, sure. She was falling for her friend, well, more like her best friend now, hard and she didn't had the guts to tell her.

"Eum, I'm gonna go check on Lena and Winn's project. I'm very curious on what they're working on" Alex said "Wanna come with or..."

Maggie shook her head, needing a moment alone after their conversation. She didn't liked to talk about herself and even though she hadn't exactly said a lot, it had drained her.

"How about we meet after classes at the soccer field, under the bleachers?" Maggie suggested.

Alex swallowed, trying not to think of this a date. Trying not to think of how much she want it to be. How much she'd like to be cliché and kiss Maggie under the bleachers.

"Yeah, sure, I'll see you there." rushed Alex with a timid smile, before getting up and leaving Maggie behind her.


After the last school bell, Alex had to stop herself from running down every hallways. She managed to walk at a normal pace, stopping by her sister's locker to give her the keys to Jeremiah's pick up, telling her to go home, that she would walk.

The redhead crossed the sports unit, passing by the gym where a basketball practice was being held, and tried to not linger on the memories of when she used to play. Since Maggie was in her life, she felt the want to play again. She could imagine herself running down the court and throwing a winning shot in the hoop, Maggie in the bleachers, encouraging her. You helpless sap, Alex thought, sighing.

She pushed the door open, the fresh air welcoming her. She scampered the three stone steps leading to the soccer and football field. She finally sat down on her plaid shirt and laid back on her elbow, enjoying the sun on her skin. Alex had to focus, to calm her heart down. God, when will her body get used to her beautiful best friend.

Alex felt a shadow blocking the sun behind her eyelids. She opened her eyes and jumped back, seeing a girl towering her. The girl's blond-brown hair were down and tucked behind her ears. She wore her forever gray trench coat over a white blouse and blue jeans.

"Vicky?" breathed out Alex still shocked "What are you doing here?"

The other girl threw her bag on the grass and sat down beside the redhead.

"Hey Alex, I just...really needed to talk to you." her ex best friend said.

Alex straightened herself, her arms around her knees. She shivered at her name, recalling all the sleepover they had at each other's house. How Vicky always wanted to stay up all night, so every hours, she'd say "You still with me, Alex".

"Really, Vicky? You're kind of a year late, don't you think?" refuted the redhead.

The girl beside her sighed and turned toward her, taking her hand tightly between hers.

"I'm so sorry for the way I acted Alex. For not talking to you the next day when I said I would. The truth is I got no excuses, I only got scared. Of what people would say of us, of me. I lost you because I was stupid."

It was Alex's turn to sigh. She felt uncomfortable, her hand in Vicky's. They seemed too big and sweaty. She preferred Maggie's small warm hands.

"Don't be so hard on yourself." Alex said "I'm at fault too Vicky, I shouldn't have assumed.."

Vicky shook her head adamantly and scooted closer to her.

"No, don't do that Alex. You don't understand, I regret it so much. I shouldn't have done that...this is what I should have done.."

Vicky put a hand softly on the redhead's neck, tugging her toward her. Alex lost her balance as the other girl put her thin lips on hers. Alex blinked confused, before pushing the girl away gently, a hand on her forearm.


The girl smiled sadly and sighed.

"I know, don't worry." she reassured, wincing "I'm glad you have her, Alex. She seems great."

Alex took a deep breath, nodding, relieved that her ex best friend understood.

"Why are you with Rick, Vicky?" wondered the redhead.

The girl looked down, laughing curtly.

"I wasn't brave enough to be with you, but I knew how much he was bothering you, always asking you out. So, I thought I'd do you this one. And besides, after pushing you away I didn't had my best friend anymore. Had to find myself new friends." Vicky said.

The ex basketball player frowned at her explanation.

"Vick, please, don't do that anymore. God, you punished yourself enough as it is."

Vicky nodded a few times. Alex pushed a strand of her blonde-brown hair behind her ear. Vicky met the redhead's eyes, slapping herself mentally for letting that girl go.

"I'll talk to him, I promise."

"Good. Thank you, for telling me all this." Alex said with honesty.

She pulled her former best friend in a brief hug and finally let Vicky go. The other girl got up and waved at her shyly, before walking away. Alex closed her eyes for a second, smiling at the sun and at herself. She was glad that she finally had closure with Vicky.

Alex opened her eyes again, watching the exit door leading to the sport wing closed itself once more, not sure if she had imagined a brown haired girl walk away.


Maggie kept walking promptly, already feeling the tears slidding down her face. God, how she could have been so stupid? How she could have thought that Alex was interested in her as much as she was.

The brunette entered the pool changing room, throwing her bag at the wall, letting out a growl between her teeth. She fell down to her knee, fist tight against the floor. She could feel it. The humiliation again. The burn in her heart, in her shoulders, in her hands. She needed the pain to be out of her body.

She kept crying and hit the white tiled floor a few times, welcoming the hot sudden pain in her knuckles. She breathed in and out, trying to calm down as she let herself fall backward, sitting down. She wiped her tears roughly, pressing her palm against her eyes, as if she could erase what she had seen. Vicky kissing Alex. Alex pushing strands of hair behind her ear, like she had done to Maggie during movie nights. Alex hugging the other girl and smiling at her as she left.

Maggie felt stupid to feel the need to sob, but it slip out of her lips anyway. She heard the door being opened behind her. She stiffened when she recognized Alex's smell.

"Hey, Maggie, are you okay?!" the redhead asked as she rushed to sit beside her.

The taller girl came to touch the brunette's hair but Maggie pushed herself away.

"Maggie, I need you to tell me what's wrong..." Alex tried to sound confident, trying to let Maggie know she could count on her, but she had never seen her friend like this.

The smaller girl dropped her hand, scoffing. She turned her head toward the redhead, her eyes cold yet burning.

"What's not wrong, Alex?" she snapped "Clearly, there's something with me and there's something wrong with you..."

The brunette hated to see the flash of hurt in the taller girl's eyes but she couldn't help herself. She couldn't have been a complete fool, right? She couldn't have imagined the whole thing. Alex was incredibly soft with her, in a way that she wasn't with any of her friends.

"Maggie, I don't...I don't understand" whispered Alex, her voice cracking.

Maggie ran a hand in her hair harshly, avoiding the redhead's gaze. She focused on her closed fist.

"Neither do I, Alex. know what? I really don't want to talk about this, right now. Just go." Maggie said with conviction.

Alex was taken aback by the brunette's sudden attitude. She opened her mouth, blinking, confused.

"I'm not leaving you, Mags. You..."

"God, Alex, just leave, will you?! I don't want to see anyone!" Maggie cut her, getting up.

The redhead slowly followed her movement, before taking a determined step toward the smaller girl, still leaving space between them. She wanted to remind the brunette she wasn't just anyone.

"I'm here for you, Maggie. If being alone is what you truly need, then I'll leave you be. But if it's something else, if..."

"I don't want you here, Danvers!" cut Maggie again, a hand in front of her.

And that Alex understood. Perfectly. The tall girl nodded curtly before leaving the room quickly, already feeling a tornado forming inside of her. She made a few steps, then stopped, seeing a blonde girl leaning against the wall with a forced smile.

"Well, well. Did Alex Danvers finally realized her silly crush on her friend was pathetic? Because Maggie sure did. Did you really think she'd choose you? While she's still hung up on me? I mean, who would choose you ? Everybody knows you're crazy since the day your daddy died. Apparently, Maggie is simply not into freaks." Eliza finished with a shrug.

Alex closed her fists and growled, the blonde girl stepping back even more into the wall.

"One day, you'll get what you deserves. And nobody will feel sorry for you. I suggest you strongly to never talk to me or get in my way again. Or you'll be in a world of pain." Alex snarled before leaving.

She hurried to the exit door, kicking the door open. She took a moment to breathe outside, millions thoughts clouding her head. She hesitated between going to the bridge or to the DEO. But right now, she needed to drained herself. She needed to feel empty.

She ran down the streets full speed, not caring she was sweating her life off in her leather jacket. She didn't stopped even if she could barely breathe anymore, she just kept going until she entered the DEO building. She bent down, hands on her knees, trying to catch her breath, her lungs and her legs burning.

"Jeez Danvers, what happened to you?" she heard Sara says.

The redhead took off her jacket, throwing it on the floor. She met her friend's eyes, who was looking at her with an eyebrow raised, her hand on her girlfriend's shoulder. Nyssa was sitting down on a bench, her legs lifted up on a chair, ice wrapped around her ankle.

"What happened to her?" Alex asked Sara instead.

The blonde girl still glared at her, Alex imitating her.

"I was training with Laurel and I landed badly on my feet." explained Nyssa between her teeh, visibly frustrated.

Her girlfriend shook her head at her.

"Caitlin said she'd be fine in no time. Nyssa is just piss because she'll miss her fight."

Alex crossed her arms over her chest, curious, as Nyssa swore under her breath.

"What fight?"

"You know how sometimes she do some illegal fight to gain extra cash? There is one happening tonight near the Verdant club."

Nyssa started to raise on her feet, her face hard.

"It was my opportunity to finally beat my sister, but..."

Sara cut the girl off, pushing her girlfriend back on the bench. Alex frowned at the girls.

"I'll do it. I'll fight." declared Alex.

The blonde turned to her, her posture hard.

"No way, Alex. You're a good fighter, but you've been training for a year when Talia has been for the last five years at least." Sara refuted.

Alex didn't need someone else to tell her she wasn't good enough. She knew it already.

"I don't care. I'm doing it. No one will stop me." the redhead announced before taking back her jacket and walking out the building.

Sara came to go after her but Nyssa stopped her, a hand on her wrist. The blonde pushed herself away.

"What are you doing ? She's gonna get herself killed, Nyssa!" retorted Sara.

The black haired girl sigh.

"You'll never convinced her to back down, love. You gotta find someone who will." Nyssa said wisely.

Chapter Text

Maggie got out of the bathroom, her hair finally dry. After Alex had run out of the locker room, the brunette had swam for two hours straight, hoping her feelings would drown. When she had got out, her body exhausted as her heart, she had walked home heavily. But now after a warm shower, her muscles felt better. The young girl picked up her cellphone, opening it. She saw a couple of text and a few misses calls. She frowned, not recognizing the number. Her phone vibrated again and Maggie answered.


A short groan answered her.

"Sawyer?! Finally! At least Felicity was right, this is your number! Where the hell have you been? You know what? Doesn't matter. I need you."

Maggie sat down on her bed, frowning once more.

"Sara? Is that you, what's going on?" replied the brunette.

"What's going on?" repeated the blonde girl "What's going on is that your girlfriend is about to get her ass kicked!"

The brunette's heart fell down in her guts at the word girlfriend.

"Look, I'm really not in the mood for one of your crazy story, guys." sighed Maggie.

Sara growled in her ear.

"You don't understand, Maggie. I meant it literally. I don't know why Alex was so pissed when she came to the DEO, but now she's about to get into an illegal fight with a too well trained fighter, Talia Al Ghul. If you don't come here to convince her to not do it, you won't recognize your girl's face tomorrow!"

Her brain short-circuited. Was Alex this upset because of her? Fuck, that girl was too impulsive. Maggie got up, jumping messily into her black jeans, putting her cell on speaker.

"I doubt she'll listen to me, Sara. I'm pretty sure I'm the reason Alex is so mad." Maggie said, putting on a black t-shirt.

She heard the other girl sigh.

"You're still my best option here, Sawyer."

Maggie intented to show up and knocked some senses into the redhead, but she wasn't sure if she was gonna succeed.

"Look, if this is so dangerous, why aren't you calling Jonn?"

Sara scoffed.

"I want to save Alex's ass, not put her into more trouble. Beside Jonn is with Winn and James at some star wars convention or something and Vasquez left this afternoon to spend the weekend with her girlfriend."

Maggie pinched her nose, trying to absorb the information. It was up to her.

"So get your head out of your ass and come here, now! Shit, the fight is about to start. I'm texting you the adress!" Sara rushed out before hanging up.

The brunette's heart sped up, thinking about Alex putting herself into danger. That girl will be the death of her. Without any second thoughts, she grabbed her coat and put it on along with her boots. She tiptoed down the stairs quietly, taking a peek into the living room. She saw her mom dozing off in front of the TV. She passed by her and took her aunt triumph's keys, knowing fine well, her dad would yell at her when he'd come back from his shift.

She got out of the house and walked to the half opened garage. She lifted the door over her head before taking off the sheet of the motorcycle. She pushed the machine to the sidewalk and ran back to close the door.

She walked the triumph fastly down the street before starting the engine. She put on the helmet and drove down the neighborhood, her heart thumping as loud as the motorcycle, her worries threatening to overwhelm her. She had to get to Alex.


The brunette knocked on the Danvers household's door. She sighed, knowing Alex would probably never forgive her for involving her little sister into this, but Maggie knew the redhead wouldn't listen to her, not after this afternoon. She was so damn stubborn. The younger Danvers sister opened the door with a frown.

"Maggie? Alex is not here. Actually, I can't get a hold of her, she's not answering my calls." Kara informed her worriedly.

Maggie danced on her feet awkwardly.

"Hey little Danvers, I know where your sister is and that's actually why I'm here, I need you to come with me to go get her."

Kara crossed her arms over her chest, her frown deepening.

"Get her where?" she asked with a surprisingly hard voice.

The brunette noticed for the first time how this bubbly girl could also be scary when she wanted to.

"She and I fought this afternoon and now she's pissed off and apparently she's at some illegal fight." Maggie rambled, breathing too hard. "She's gonna get herself hurt Kara and I know she wouldn't want you to see her like this, but she won't listen to me."

The blonde put her hands on Maggie's shoulder, telling her to take a deep breathe. The smaller girl listened and complied. Kara went inside before coming back to Maggie, closing the door behind her. She gave her a moon keychain.

"We're taking Jeremiah's truck because there's no way I'm getting on that motorcycle."

Maggie was a bit dizzy by how serious the other girl had gotten. She ran to put her triumph in the driveway before getting into the pick up. She briefly looked at Alex's keychain and couldn't help but smile at how cute and nerdy it was. God, she had to talk to Alex. She had to know that she acted stupidly this afternoon, putting her jealousy on her, when the redhead had been nothing but a great friend. Because being Alex's friend was better than being nothing at all.


Alex smiled, spitting some blood. She lifted her hands up, taunting the stoic raven haired girl in front of her, ignoring the small crowd around them. Most of them were college students, trying to win some money, others were older men, enjoying a fight between two women, as they passed along some cheap alcohol bottle.

"Is that all you got?" Alex snarled.

Talia gave the girl a pitiful smile, shaking her head, her dark eyes squinting at her.

"Tsk, you poor girl. So weak, barely fighting properly, misguided by your emotions." Talia said looking at her up and down.

Alex closed her fist tighter, feeling the bloodied tape stuck to her skin. She refrained herself from growling, trying to not show her her frustration. She heard Sara calling her name once more, trying to convince her to drop it or at least fight back.

Talia sighed, getting annoyed and took a step forward. Alex grabbed her arm, turning her back to the black haired girl and hit her sharply, hearing the bone cracked, Talia crying out. She let her go and turned again, kicking the girl in the stomach. Talia recovered quickly, tackling the redhead to the cement floor. She gave her single punch and Alex fell back, her arms open.

"Like I said...weak. Maybe this will be a lesson for you."

Alex spit some more blood to the side before eyeing the girl still over her.

"I'm used to fail. There's nothing you can teach me about failures." whispered the redhead between her teeth.

Talia grabbed Alex's throat, crushing her, and shook her head, clearly frustrated.

"How about you don't let yourself be defined by them." she advised. "Or else, you're just pathetic."

Alex forced herself to laugh, her voice breaking. She heard the crowd roaring along with loud sweak of tires breaking suddently.

"How about less talking... and more punching?" she managed to say.

Talia released her with a hard glare and hit her across her face. Alex turned unto her stomach, on all four, coughing and laughing.

"That wasn't so hard, wasn't it?" she smirked, looking back at Talia.

The crowd laughed and clapped, enjoying Alex's obvious want to continue the fight.


Maggie turned off the truck. She saw Sara coming her way. The brunette eyed the rough crowd and turned toward Kara.

"You stay here, okay? If I'm not back with her in five minutes, then you rejoin me with Sara."

The blonde was about to argue, but simply nodded seeing Maggie's hard gaze. Maggie stepped out of the pick up, the excitment of the crowd hitting her. She couldn't believe those people were enjoying the violence of it all, enjoying her friend being...she stopped the thought. She needed to focus.

Sara welcomed her with a sligh nod.

"She's fighting badly, Maggie. She doesn't even seem to want to win. She let Talia hit her." informed Sara with a shake of her head.

Maggie sighed, feeling the anxiety crushing her chest.

"You stay with Kara, please?"

She didn't even waited for her answer before walking away, stepping into the crowd.


Talia kicked her in her belly and Alex gasped and smiled, welcoming the pain. She couldn't breathe for a second. Between a few guys yelling to her to get back up, she heard a familiar, heart-wrecking voice.


The redhead turned her head toward Maggie, meeting her confused and sad eyes. It felt like she hadn't seen them in years. What was she doing here? She didn't cared. She couldn't care. She didn't wanted to see her. She had a problem, she was the problem. Something was wrong with her, she had said.

Alex took a hit right then and fell unto her back once more, groaning. She saw from the corner of her eyes, Maggie trying to get to her, a man blocking her way. The brunette was panicking and Alex felt bad that she was the reason behind this whole mess. She lifted her eyes toward the sky, seeing the millions stars. She wanted to be up there, hanging with them with no purpose, being nothing but blinding light, being nothing at all. She wanted to be up there, to see if everything seemed less bad from there. If everything was more beautiful upside down, or if it was as messed up. She wondered if her dad was there, looking at her and being sad of what he was seing.

Her thoughts kept swirling in her head, feeling the words in her blood and on her skin. Failure, disappointment, unlovable. Alex shook herself out of it, hitting her head on the floor. She closed her eyes to hide from it all.

"Something is wrong with me" she murmured repeatetly. "Something is wrong with me"

Then she heard her again:

"Alex, stop! Alex, you gotta stop all this! Or at least fight back! Fight back!"

Why would she fight back for? Alex thought. She kept looking at Maggie and wondered if there was a science explanation behind the brunette's beauty. Because God, she was beautiful.

"Alex! I'd ask you to do it for me, but I wish you'd do it for yourself...but I know you won't do it for please?! For me? " Maggie pleaded.

For her? She'd do anything for her. But Maggie didn't wanted her. She made that clear. And right now, what Alex needed was the emptiness. The numb. The darkness to swallow her whole. She couldn't care anymore. She was too tired. She thought about Maggie's words from their lunch break. Yes, she was too tired. She was tired to kill herself.

Alex rolled over herself to avoid Talia's punch, whose fist knocked the cement brutally. Talia growled and tipped her head back, exposing herself. The redhead slid on her knee to her, grabbing her hair. She got up on her feet fast and hit Talia hard on her face. She hit her a couple of times, the black haired girl's blood on her fist. Alex growled and came to give one final hit that would allow her to win when she heard a new voice, freezing her right on the spot, her fist in the air.

"Alex?" her little sister called shakily.

The redhead turned toward her, shocked. She looked between her sister, Sara and Maggie, her eyes setting themselves on the brunette.

"You brought her here?" breathed out Alex, her body feeling suddently heavy.

Maggie swallowed with difficulty as the redhead let Talia go, stumbling back. A siren was heard somewhere behind them.

"The cops are coming" Kara yelled.

Everybody were scattering around, while the brunette rushed to Alex. She came to touch her, but the girl was still looking at her, dumbfounded and a bit...betrayed.

"Alex, please...let's get out of here." Maggie said.

She still didn't moved. It was Kara that put a secure arm around her sister, getting her to move. Maggie bit her lips, wondering if she wrecked her friendship with the girl for good. She nodded to Sara who imitated her and signaled her she'd stay back with Talia.

They all got into the car, Maggie behind the wheel and Alex between her and Kara. The brunette heard the sirens getting louder. She turned the engine on and rushed out of there, seeing Sara helping Talia on her motorcycle.

She personally would have left the girl there, but she knew that if Alex hadn't fought Talia, it would have been someone else. Beside, the girl was still Nyssa's sister. It was best if nobody was getting caught.


Maggie drove them back home relulanctly, wishing instead to bring Alex to the hospital. But the redhead had insisted she couldn't let her mom know and surely, the authorities would figure out where she had been. So she kept her mouth shut and drove them home anyway.

They reached the yellow house and this time, Maggie helped Alex getting out of the truck. The tall girl groaned and winced, but leaned on the brunette. Maggie sighed in relief. Kara went ahead of them, opening the froot door. Both girls passed by her and walked up the stairs.

Maggie helped Alex sit down on her bed. She kneeled in front of her and took off Alex's shoes, putting them aside. She felt the redhead's eyes on her. Maggie sighed, putting her fronthead on Alex's knee for a moment.

"God, Alex, what were you thinking?" she murmured in the material of her jeans.

Alex swallowed at the sight in front of her. Maggie's tension seemed to have finally left her and now she looked exhausted. She wanted to interweave her fingers in the brunette's hair to comfort her.

"I wasn't thinking." Alex answered in a raw voice.

Maggie lifted her head up, hearing her friend talked. She let out a shaky breathe, putting a hand on Alex's cheek, a bruise already forming. She got up and hugged her tight against her.

"Just...never do this again, Danvers." whispered Maggie.

She kissed her temple and turned around, entering Alex and Kara's bathroom. She opened the water, making sure the temperature was warm and waited for the bath to be full. In the meantime, she texted Kara, ordering the girl to text Eliza, to tell her what happened and to come home to her daughters.

Maggie heard Alex entering the bathroom and the sound of a shirt being dropped on the floor. She turned to face her friend, who was putting fresh underwear on the sink, assimilating the bruises on her belly and forearms. The brunette gulped, keeping the fact that Alex was shirtless in front of her for another time, and helped Alex get out of her jeans. She was relieved when she saw her long black boxer, similar to those the redhead had wear the first time they had met. She managed to ignore the warm skin right beside her cheek and focused on the task.

She helped her get into the bath, Alex keeping her underwear. Maggie sat on the floor across her as the tall girl closed her eyes, trying to let the warm water soothe her body. The brunette laid her chin on her elbow that was resting on the bathside. She traced every part of Alex's face with her eyes.

"I need you to talk to me. I need to know what's inside your head." Maggie finally said in a low voice.

Alex didn't moved but she opened her eyes, boring her burning gaze into Maggie's.

"That's all I've been doing since I know you, talk about me. I don't think I've ever done that with anyone before." Alex replied tiredly.

Maggie took the redhead's hand in the water, inspecting the redness on her joints, from the tape that Kara had took off in the car. She played with her fingers with the tips of her.

"What were you trying to prove tonight, Alex?" Maggie whispered.

She watched the redhead's throat as she swallowed.


The brunette squeezed her hand and scoffed.

"Bullshit. What I saw tonight wasn't nothing, Al." retorted Maggie.

"I wanted to stop the pain, okay?!" she snapped, dropping her hand.

She winced, her outburst hurting her ribs.

"By letting her beat the shit out of you?" Maggie refuted, confused.

Alex rolled her eyes, biting her lips briefly. The brunette felt a warmth in her stomach at the sight.

"The other pain, Maggie. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about."

Maggie looked down, clearing her throat.

"Yeah. Yeah I do, Danvers. But this, this is not okay" she said, her voice wavering "you gotta talk to the people closest to you."

The redhead's eyes went from soft to hard in a matter of second. Maggie froze at the change.

"Oh, like you wanted to talk this afternoon, right?" answered back Alex lowly, in a way Maggie had to pretended it didn't affected her.

"That's...different." she contented herself to say. She decided to change the subject. "I told Kara to call your mom."

Alex laid her head back on the wall, rolling her eyes once more.

"Great." she commented.

"I don't care if you're mad..." started the smaller before Alex cut her off.

"I'm not mad, Maggie, I'm..." she trailed off.

The brunette tipped her head to the side, seeking her eyes, but the taller girl kept looking forward.

"What?" insisted Maggie.

The redhead sighed, rubbing her fronthead with her thumb.

"I just never wanted them to find out." completed Alex.

"Find out what? That you're not superhuman? That you're a daughter, a sister, a whole person entirely?" Maggie said slowly.

Alex winced as she moved forward, laying her elbow on her knees. She was suddently close to Maggie and the smaller girl swallowed.

"Let's pretend I'm mad at you for this," Alex replied, licking her lips "how about you tell me what you were mad at me for this afternoon..."

The brunette felt her friend's breath on her face and she didn't dared to meet her eyes. She wasn't ready to tell her the reason she had lashed out this afternoon. She wasn't ready to tell her she was falling for her and that she had hated seeing her being kissed by another girl. Maggie got up, avoiding the redhead.

"You should wash up, I'll wait for you outside." The small girl mumbled, leaving the room.


Maggie walked around Alex's room, noticing all the little things. The surf competition's medals, the basketball's trophies, a picture of Alex with her dad as she won the science fair. The girl looked so young and carefree. Maggie sighed, caressing the redhead's face on the photo, wishing she had knew her then too. Could have been best friend with her instead of Eliza. Could have watched horror movies and talked about science and sports. They could have had their first kiss together too, on the bridge or the springboard at school, or right there on Alex's bed. She trailed her finger on the blue duvet and swallowed back tears, thinking back to that kiss between Vicky and Alex. Maggie shook her head as she heard her friend coming behind her for the second time that night.

She turned around toward the redhead who was standing there shyly, in a sport bra and boxer. Maggie shifted her eyes away, clearing her throat as she heard Alex opening a few drawers.

"Mags" Alex called in the softest voice, a bit embarrassed "I need you."

The brunette felt like she was dying. God, her voice. The smaller girl carefully turned toward her again. Alex had a hand on her ribs, trying to breathe properly, her other hand closed around a sweater and some jogging pant. She took her clothes from her, her fingers touching slightly her skin. She bent down, putting her feet in her pants, pulling them on. Slowly, she did the same with the sweater. While Alex's head was covered by the shirt, Maggie asked:

"Do you hate me?"

Her head appeared on the other side, her wide eyes looking at her. She looked adorable with her disheveled hair.

"Why would I hate you, Maggie?" Alex asked incredulous.

The brunette bit her lips, looking down at the redhead's feet for a second.

"Because I brought your sister over there and now your mom will know about the DEO and the fight." explained the smaller girl.

Alex let herself leaned on her dresser, sighing, crossing her arms painfully over her chest, Maggie still close to her.

"Maggie, you knew that the second I'd see Kara, I'd stop. You did the right thing and you were right, it's time for me and my mom to talk. Not that I'm really looking foward to it but...I could never be mad at you for caring." It was the taller girl's turn to look down at the floor "Did I scared you off for good?"

Maggie put her hand on Alex's neck, in her hair, forcing her to look at her.

"Alex, tonight, I wasn't scared of you. I was scared for you." assured Maggie with a soft hard tone.

The redhead swallowed, her eyes taking in everything that Maggie was.

"I don't get why you look at me like that..." whispered Alex.

The smaller girl inhaled deeply, blinking.

"Like what?" asked Maggie, scared that Alex figured out her feelings for her.

Alex shrugged, letting her arms fall down.

"Like, I'm something good...I don't get what you see in me." Alex insisted with sadness in her eyes.

Maggie let out a shaky breath, her fingers still between the redhead's hair. They were so close to each other, Alex playing with the front of Maggie's t-shirt.

"I see a girl incredibly strong, but also very tired. I see a girl who needs to rely on people just like they rely on her. I see a girl who deserves so much love..." Maggie stopped herself with a shaky smile.

The brunette took a step back, feeling suddently cold.

"Vicky is a lucky girl" she said turning around.

She saw Alex stumbled to her feet from the corner of her eyes, the girl forcing her to turn around. Maggie sighed, regretting saying something.

"Vicky?" asked the taller girl confused.

Maggie still couldn't looked into the redhead's eyes despite Alex's effort to seek her gaze.

"I saw you guys kissed this afternoon..." admitted Maggie softly.

Alex frowned, still gripping the smaller's girl elbow.

"Was that why you were upset?" the redhead asked.

The smaller girl pushed herself and ran a hand through her hair.

"I wasn't upset, Alex. I was crushed!" Maggie confessed, not able to stop herself.

The redhead stood there, dumbfounded, as she tried to get a grasp on the situation.

"Maggie..." She started, but the small girl turned around, her hands clasped together.

"Look, Alex, it's my fault, you were so kind to me, you were a real friend, I...that's all I need from you, okay? For you to stay my friend."

The brunette seemed ready to run but Alex stopped her, still shocked. She grabbed Maggie's face, her fingers curling themselves around her ears.

"She kissed me Maggie, but I pushed her away, you know?" she said with a high voice "I did Mags, I...I just...I wanted to kiss you. Only you."

A short moment passed with neither of them saying anything, their shallow breaths being the only sound in the room. They moved at the same time with hopeful eyes, their lips crashing together softly. Maggie tiptoed and grabbed the redhead's face, deepening the kiss. Alex breathed into her mouth, feeling a mixture of calm and excitment running through her body. No jump, no hit could compare to this. She never felt as alive as in that moment when Maggie let out a whimper between her lips.

They stopped to breathe for a second before kissing some more, Alex moving them to the closest wall to support them. They heard the front door downstairs being closed loudly.

"Alex?!" she heard her mom yell.

"Shit" Alex sighed as Maggie hid her face into her neck.

The brunette left a few kisses on her skin, moving up to her jaw and her mouth again, one last time before pulling away. Alex grabbed her, pulling her to herself once more.

"Wait, wait, we'll talk some more later, right? About...all this?" Alex asked shyly, moving her hands around with a smirk.

Maggie bit her lips, happiness threatening to cracked her chest open.

"Yeah, of course we will Danvers." she answered softly, still smiling at her.

Alex bent down and kissed her quickly, hearing her mom climbing the stairs. Maggie walked backward toward the door.

"So, that means..." insisted the redhead.

"That means I'll see you tomorrow, Danvers." Maggie reassured her with a wink, throwing back that line from the night they met.

She seemed pained to have to leave now when they were on the edge of starting something. When they just had their first kiss. Maggie touched her lips, trying to remember it all as much as she could. She needed to and Alex too. Because they were in for a long talk with their parents and they didn't knew what the outcame would be. One thing was sure, they weren't letting each other go. Not now, not ever.