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A little less Black and White, a little more Gray

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“You must be the new guy” Ajax grinned as he sized up the new recruit. The man before him seemed like a good size for the job, even a few inches above his own height of 6’1. And, he looked solid enough, so there must be a decent amount of muscle underneath that cheap suit he was wearing. Ajax wondered if he knew what he was getting into though, honestly, he was a bit nervous for the guy. Hell, a lot nervous.


The man’s expression remained neutral during the scrutiny, dulling the lightness of his blue eyes. Ajax thought he could be quite handsome if he didn’t seem like such a tight ass.


“I guess you will do.” He finally added after reviewing the new addition. “Come with me, I’ll introduce you to the boss.” As he turned into the building he continued over his shoulder “Oh, your name’s Keegan Russ, right?”


“Yes.” The other man confirmed almost as a groan.


Ajax guided them through a nightclub to a backdoor guarded by an almost inhumanely large man. Keegan couldn’t imagine anyone getting through this guy unless he allowed it. As soon as he saw the two men he moved aside without hesitation. They moved through various rooms and halls before reaching a nondescript door at a dead end. Inside it looked to be casual room with couches, some tables and a hallway lined with more doors. Ajax greeted the few men that were present and introduced Keegan before leading him to the last door in the hallway. Ajax knocked on the door a few times and shouted.


“Hey Boss, I got the new guy. OK to come in?”


“Go ahead.” The voice on the other side of the door was faint.


Ajax opened and the two men entered. Keegan’s brows raised slightly in surprise once he saw the scene in front of him. Sprawled across the marble desk at the far side of the room was a completely naked busty brunette with who he imagined was the boss behind her pounding away vigorously despite the new audience. Keegan glanced at Ajax to gage his reaction. He noticed the man swallowing hard and shifting slightly, obviously uncomfortable. Perhaps this a slightly normal thing since Ajax wasn’t offering for them to come back after the boss had finished.


Both men stood stoically, Ajax seemed to find a painting on the wall beside them oddly fascinating while Keegan simply stared ahead unfazed. The room was filled with the cheap moans from the brunette and the sound of skin slapping skin. It took minutes before the boss gritted his teeth and let out a groan signaling that he was finished. He slipped away from the woman and opened a drawer at his desk, which produced a crisp white towel. He wiped and readjusted himself before zipping up.


The brunette rose seemingly almost bored by the events. She made her way to her clothes that were draped on a nearby couch before leaving the room with a sly wink towards the other two men. Ajax smiled sheepishly while Keegan only spared her a quick glance.


The boss moved to lean against the front of his desk where he took a deep breath and ran his fingers through his hair, attempting to return it to its pre-sex look, Keegan guessed.


“So, this is the new guy, huh?” He smirked slightly through a foggy gaze.


“Yes, sir. His name is Keegan Russ, the ex-cop that passed our inspection.” Ajax replied somewhat tensely. Keegan could gage the mix of respect and familiarity from the man beside him to his superior.


The boss let out a deep breath. “Mm, that’s right.” He tilted his head seemingly sizing up the new man under his command. Keegan met his gaze with a detached stare. This ‘boss’ was unarguably handsome with strong jaw, hazel eyes and a firm body accentuated by the impressively tailored three-piece suit he donned, Keegan could see how he would command respect.


“He’s to be your new bodyguard.” Ajax added, obviously trying to suppress a smile.


“Is that right?” The boss smirked remembering the fact. “Well, I suppose us two should get acquainted then. Ajax, you can leave us.” He gave a wave of his hand to dismiss him.


“Yes sir” He bowed his head before exiting the room.


A silence hung in the air as the two men, now alone, stared at each other…


Keegan’s thoughts wandered back to how he arrived here. Despite having been a cop, he had been sentenced to assault several years ago, following an event he’d soon like to forget. After passing extensive monitoring (stalking) he was allowed to be gifted the job of being a mob boss’s bodyguard (it paid well and he was in debt). Keegan was older than the boss’s 23 years, being in his mid thirties, but he still had the muscle to toss people around. He had already screwed up his life years ago, so even though he was a honorable cop for a decade, he didn’t particularly care what his job was now, as long as he got paid well.


“Take a seat” Logan commanded. Keegan obliged by sitting on the nearby couch. “So, you were once a cop, hm?” Logan approached, stopping when his shins hit the couch and Keegan’s knees were on either side of his legs. The nearness didn’t seem to unnerve the either of the men.


“Yes, sir.” He replied, his voice was deep and raspy from lack of use. Keegan was definitely the strong silent type, one could assume.


“Must’ve not been a very good cop if you’re willing to work for guys like me now. What’s your reasoning” He cocked his head, waiting curiously for the answer.


“I trusted a flawed system.” Was all Keegan said in return.


“Mm,” Logan thought for a moment, “makes sense if they put you away for a little beating” then seemed to approve of the response. “So, do you know of me then? I guess I may be a bit popular amongst the police.” Logan’s mouth twisted coyly as he leaned down resting each hand on Keegan’s thighs. He felt his own muscles twitch at his new boss’s touch. Their faces much closer now, Logan’s eyes darted quickly, probably noticing the scar over Keegan’s right eyebrow.


“I heard a few things.” Keegan’s eyes remained locked on the younger man’s despite them wandering.


“Oh? And what were these things pray tell?” Keegan noticed a subtle clench of the other man’s jaw before he answered.


“That… you are a sex addict.” He replied plainly.


Logan gave a quick deep chuckle. “Go on.”


Keegan hesitated for a brief moment. “That you have strange fetishes.”


Logan simply smiled at that one.


“And that you’re incredible hard to read, making you unpredictable and… dangerous.” Keegan added without being prompted.


The smile on his boss’s face dropped and the intensity in his eyes sent a wave of unease through Keegan.

“Is that so?” He leaned in closer so their faces were just inches apart. A lock of dark brown hair escaped it’s slicked back place to fall in front of his right eye. Without losing eye contact Logan leaned in and roughly kissed Keegan. His breath hitched as his boss’s lips and tongue teased at his. Keegan clenched his fists at his side as he kept perfectly still, not returning the man’s advances. He heard a guttural groan and Logan’s eyes flicker with annoyance. Keegan suddenly felt teeth against his lips and then a sharp sting as the man bit down hard on his upper lip.


“Ung.” Instinctively Keegan pushed him off but immediately regretted the action. Maybe this was some kind of hazing and pushing the boss away was disrespectful. He felt a drop of blood drip down his bottom lip and continue down to his chin. Logan seemed amused at Keegan’s reaction and didn’t hesitate to lean back in to lick the drop of blood from the bottom of his chin back up to his fresh wound on his top lip. Once there he began sucking the cut, Keegan felt the man’s tongue against it licking, stinging him.


Logan released his hold on the man’s lip and stood. Keegan watched the boss take a finger to the side of his own mouth, wiping away some of Keegan’s blood then sucking the finger clean. Keegan swallowed. Well, the rumors of strange fetishes weren’t exaggerated, he thought.


“I think you will do.” Logan returned to his desk and lit a cigarette. He took a long drag then glanced back at his new bodyguard. “You can go”


“Yes, sir.” Keegan stood, bowed his head slightly and left the room. As soon as the door shut he brought a hand up to his injured lip, assessing the damage. He let out a silent sigh and absentmindedly licked the wound then immediately retracted his tongue as if the skin was somehow tainted.


“I see you got acquainted with the boss.”


Keegan turned his head to see a dark haired young man wearing jeans, a white t-shirt and a dark grey sweatshirt. He looked like a college kid, a little out of place for someplace like this.


“I suppose so.” He answered calmly.


The young man smiled mischievously as he approached. Once close he seemed to examine the wound, then chuckled.


“Went and bit you, did he?” He smiled and brought a hand up to his mouth trying to stifle a laugh.


“He did.” Keegan replied, still trying to get a read on this whole new situation.


“He’s an enigma, honestly. But you get used to it. He’s a good boss though, so despite his… peculiarities… he’s respected.” The young man said thoughtfully. “Ah, I’m Kick by the way.” He held out his hand.


Keegan took it and shook then introduced himself “Russ.”


“So you’re the new bodyguard then?”


Keegan nodded.


“Mmm, I do not envy you.” He chuckled.


The comment didn’t bother Keegan, he knew what kind of job this was. However, he wasn’t quite expecting having to guard someone quite like the boss he just met.


“And you, what’s a young kid like yourself doing here?”


“Ah, well. I’m the tech guy you could say. And, the money’s good so…”


“I see.” Keegan could sense there was more to this kids story then he was letting on. The two talked for a few minutes more before Kick excused himself. There were no directions given to him so Keegan simply stood by the boss’s door until he was needed.