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Bad Moon Rising

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It's been a week since Derek became the alpha and since Peter Hale died. Kaiden has pretty much moved in with Stiles due to them no longer living at the Hale house. The best part about that is that the Sheriff doesn't even mind anymore. He already knew Kaiden spent more time sleeping at their house than with his cousin and sister. His sister and Derek are currently living in some abandoned railroad cart. Tala has yet to find her mate again since the date and it's starting to take a toll on her.

Kaiden is currently with Stiles. The two were busy making out in the bed. "Mm, Kaiden." Stiles moans as he pulls Kaiden's shirt over his head.

"Hey, boys-

"Dad!" Kaiden pulls away from Stiles as the sheriff opens the door.

"Right, sorry, forgot to knock."

"Uh, yeah!" Kaiden grabs his shirt, slipping it back over his head. "Did you need something?"

"I'm heading over to the hospital."

"What for?"



"Lydia Martin left the hospital."

"She left the.... what?"

"Why would she do that? I thought she was still injured." Kaiden says.

"She is, we're going to go looking for her, I'll probably be home late... just stay out of trouble... the both of you." The sheriff says as he looks at Kaiden.

"Don't worry, I'll behave, sir."

"How many times do I have to tell you, Kaiden, just call me, Noah."

"Right, got it." Kaiden says as the sheriff heads out of the room.

"It's surprising how much my dad has grown to like you." Stiles says.

"Why? Everyone likes me." He says as he leans over Stiles and kisses his neck.

"Yeah, but he knows we have sex."

"Of course he knows that. He'd be an idiot not to."

"He doesn't even care though."

"Probably because he knows neither of us has a chance of teen pregnancy so...."

"Well, yeah, obviously, we're both guys, but-ow Kaiden!"

"Sorry," Kaiden says, licking Stiles' wound. "Your mark was fading slightly. I need to reapply it every few months."

"I thought we do that through sex."

"Not to reapply. I just bite." Kaiden smiles before biting Stiles' again, but not letting his teeth break the skin or hurt Stiles. It only causes Stiles to moan before pushing him off. "Hey! I wasn't done yet."

"I know, but we should go find Lydia. The hunters will be after her. They probably think she's a werewolf now."

"So what? Instead of us having sex we're going to go looking for Lydia."

"Yup." Kaiden glares at Stiles. "Alright, hold on." Stiles moves off the bed and pulls Kaiden to the edge. "I'll make it up to you." Stiles unzips Kaiden's pants and pulls his erection out.

"Fuck, Stiles." Kaiden moans upon his release from his restraints of his underwear. Stiles slips his mouth of Kaiden, causing the werewolf to growl, his eyes flashing gold and blue as Stiles gives him a blowjob. "Fuck, fuck, fuck." Kaiden moans his hip begging to just fuck Stiles' little mouth. Stiles sucks and nips Kaiden. "Shit, I'm-" He gets cut off as Stiles squeezes his balls, causing Kaiden to throw his head back and roar, spilling his seed into Stiles' mouth.

"That. Was. Fucken. Sexy." Stiles says after swallowing. he stares at Kaiden in awe.

"Yeah," Kaiden pants before falling back on the bed. "Sure."

"Come on, Kai, no sleepy time now. We have to go find Lydia." Kaiden nods and Stiles grabs Kaiden's hands and pulls him up to his feet. Kaiden fixes himself and gets his boots on before following Stiles out to the jeep.

They drive to the hospital where Stiles grabs Lydia's garments and Scott and Kaiden wait in the jeep. "Why am I stuck in the back?" Scott asks. "I was in Stiles' life first."

"First off, I'm his boyfriend. Second, of all, we take turns and it's my turn. Thirdly, I don't want to be here, so Stiles is making up." Scott rolls his eyes.

"You sure it's your turn?"

"Yes, Scott, it's my turn." Stiles hop into the jeep and hands the garment to Kaiden.

"Is this the one she was just wearing?" Scott asks as he leans forward, while Kaiden leans back to allow them both to smell it. Stiles nods as Kaiden nods back. "I'm not gonna let anyone hurt her." Scott promises. "Not again."

"I love Kai, but Lydia has because she's a special person in my life, totally just friends, but...." Stiles trails off, causing Kaiden to nod.

"We know." Stiles sighs. "Just show the thing in your faces and let's find her." He starts the car and jumps when Allison walks into the headlights.

"What are you doing here?" Scott asks. "Someone's going to see us."

"I don't care--she is my best friend and we need to find her before they do."

"We can find her before the cops can." Kaiden tells her.

"How about before my father does?"

"Shit." Kaiden leans his head back and groans.

"He knows?" Stiles asks.

"Yeah. I just saw him and three other guys leave my house in two suvs."

"Search party." Scott says.

"It's more like a hunting party."

"Let her in." Kaiden rolls his eyes and opens the door. Allison climbs over him and as she does she says,

"Stare at my ass and I kill you."

"Gay, remember? Nothing you have even sparks an interest. It's just... It's like you looking at other girls, nothing." Allison sits down beside Scott and Stiles drives out of the parking lot and headed down the road.

"Alright, but if she's turning, would they actually kill her?" Stiles asks.

"I don't know. They won't tell me anything, okay? All they say is 'we'll talk after Kate's funeral, when the others get here'."

"What others?" Stiles asks.

"I don't know, they won't tell me that either." Kaiden groans. "What?"

"They're bringing in the other hunters." Kaiden says.

"More hunters?" Scott asks.

"Scott, there's a whole bunch of Agents. You should have seen this place when I was a kid. The place was crowded with Argents. I'm sure they're bringing more hunters into this."

"Okay, your family got some serious communication issues to work on." Stiles tells her. "Especially if Kaiden has a better clue than you about who's supposedly coming here." Kaiden rolls his eyes as he continues to sniff the air. "Scott, Kaiden, are going the right way?"

"Yeah." Kaiden says.

"Take the next right!" Scott calls to them.


Tala follows Derek through the woods. "Where are we going?"

"I'm going to check out that mate of yours. See if he should join the pack or not."

"You found Isaac?" Tala has been trying to find Isaac for a week, but she hasn't been able to, not even at school.

"Yeah, I found him, stay in the shadows." He tells her as they walk onto the commentary.

"He is at the cemetery?"

"He works here." Derek informs her.

"Oh." Tala says as they enter the cemetery and see a crane flipped over. "Derek?" They see an omega tearing up some graves for food. "They hurt Isaac." Tala's eyes glowed, but Derek holds her back.

"Let me handle this." Derek takes a deep breath in before giving a deep snarl that sends chills down Tala's back and causes her to whimper as she lowers herself to the ground, submitting to her alpha. The omega whimpers and runs off as Derek pulls the crane off of the grave where Isaac is. Derek motions for Tala to follow him.

The two walk around the crane and over to the grave before looking down there at Isaac. Isaac lifts his head and sees Derek and Tala. Tala is in her usual leather jacket, gloves, and boots with a black tank top and skinny jeans. Derek is in a similar attire. "Need a hand?" Derek asks as Isaac falls to the ground.

"Come on, Isaac." Tala smiles, holding out her hand to the curly haired boy. Isaac looks at Tala before looking at Derek. Tala smile comforts jim enough to take her outstretched hand. Derek grabs his other hand and the two pull him up from the grave. "You okay?"

"I-i'm fine." Isaac stutters out in slight shock, fear, and awe.

"Derek and I were walking through the woods when we saw the crane being lifted. It was so weird." Tala lies. "You sure you're okay?" He nods to her.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Tala." Tala frowns upon seeing the bruise on his cheek. She reaches forward and runs a finger over his cheek, causing him to flinch.

"Are you sure about that?"

"I-I got it in lacrosse." Tala cocks her head to the side as he says that.

"You play lacrosse?" Isaac nods. "For the school?" He nods again. "My friends Scott and Stiles are on the team."

"Scott McCall's your friend?"

"Yup, his best friend Stiles is dating my brother." She tells him. She glances over at Derek who gives her a meaningful look. Tala takes out a pen from her back pocket and grabs Isaac's hand. She uncaps her pen and begins writing on his hand.

"W-What are you doing?"

"This is my number. Call me, so I know you got home, okay." She tells him. "I would feel awful if something happened. I got to get going, my brother needs me to pick him up, but I'll see you at school tomorrow, Isaac." He nods, staring at her with shock, as she heads over to her cousin and makes her way back the way they came.

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Kaiden walks with Stiles as they head through the woods with Scott and Allison behind them. "She came here?" Stiles asks as Kaiden looks up at the Hale house.

"Yeah, Sti, she came here for sure."

"Yeah, this is where the scent leads."

"Alright, but has Lydia ever been here?" Stiles asks.

"Not with me." Allison pipes up. Kaiden ignores Allison and Scott says as he walks around with Stiles. Stiles clears some leaves to show a thin wire.

"Ooh, hey, look at this." Stiles says as he holds the trip wire slightly. "You see this?" Allison crouches down. "I think it's a tripwire."

"Yeah, better not mess with it, Stiles." Kaiden says just as Stiles trips it.

"Stiles?" Scott calls.

"Yeah, buddy?" They turn and see Scott handing upside down, causing them to laugh.

"Told you, Stiles."

"Next time you see a tripwire.... don't trip it."

"Yeah, noted." Stiles sighs as they start forward to help him down.

"Guys, wait." Kaiden says.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait." Scott says. "Someone's coming. Hide." They look around, causing Kaiden to look at them as if they're idiots.

"Werewolf hearing, morons. Hide." Kaiden says as he leads them off behind some bushes.

"Scott." Kaiden hears.

"Mr. Argent."

"How are you doing?"

"Good. You know, just hangin' out. Is this one of yours? It's, uh, good. Nice design. Very constricting."

"What are you doing out here, Scott?"

"Looking for my friend."

"Ah, that's right. Lydia's in your group now, isn't she? Part of the clique? Is that the word you use? Or is there another way to put it? Part of your pack?"

"Actually, clique sounds about right to me."

"I hope so. 'Cause I know she's a friend of Allison's and one special circumstance, such as yourself-one I can handle. Not two."


"Scott, do you know what a hemicorporectomy is?"

"I have a feeling I don't want to."

"A medical term for amputating somebody at the waist. Cutting them in half. Takes a tremendous amount of strength to cut through tissue and bone like that. Let's hope a demonstration never becomes necessary." Kaiden waits until Argent is far enough way before hurrying back out to Scott.

"You okay?" Allison asks.

"It's just another life threatening conversation with your dad."

"Stiles, help me with this." Allison says as she and Stiles go to help Scott down.

"She does know you can just cut yourself free, right?" Kaiden asks as Scott leans up to cut himself free. "Or that I can."

"Thanks. But I think I got it." Scott says as he cuts himself free and lands on his feet.

"Yeah." Stiles says.

"Uhh." Allison says, causing Kaiden to roll his eyes as he starts for his old home.

"While we're here I should pick up the last of my things." Kaiden says, causing Stiles to nod.

"So did you pretty much move in with Stiles?" Scott asks.

"Pretty much."

"It was my dad's idea. Apparently, Kaiden has really grown on him." Stiles tells him. "When I was out with you I came home to them watching Lethal Weapon together. They had watched the entire series. I think I'm losing my boyfriend to my dad." Kaiden laughs as he looks at Stiles.

"They're good movies."

"Sre, whatever."

"Just because they were made in the 80s does not make them bad." They chuckle before heading for the house.


Tala leans against the tree as he watches Isaac being asked question by the sheriff. "I think it was his dad." Derek looks at Tala as she says that. "The one who gave him that black eye. His heart raced last night when he told me he got it from lacrosse. I think it was his dad. His dad seems to mean or at least weird." Derek nods in agreement as Isaac looks over at them, but as the sheriff turns they disappear back into the woods.

Tala rounds about and starts walking down the road, catching the eye of the sheriff. "Tala Hale." She stops and glances over to see Isaac, Isaac's dad, and the sheriff looking at her.

"Yeah?" She walks over to them. "What's up sheriff?

"Tala, shouldn't you be at school?"

"I was just on my way. This is the way I go to school."

"Not driving today?"

"Nope, car's getting worked on by Derek and Kaiden is already at school, so today I'm walking."

"Where were you last night?"

"Working on homework. My grades are slipping and Derek's not happy, so he made me stay in last night. Why is something wrong?"

"No." The sheriff shakes his head before looking at Isaac. "Just one more question. You guys get many grave robberies here?"

"A few. Usually, they just take stuff like jewelry." Isaac tells him.

"What'd this one take?"

"A liver." Tala makes a face. The sheriff looks down at the grave before looking back at them.

"Are we free to go, Sheriff?" Tala asks.

"Yeah, go on ahead." Tala nods and her and Isaac head off down the road.

"You lied." Isaac points out as they walk down the road.

"Derek has been arrested three times this year for things that were not his fault. The last thing we need is the sheriff asking why Derek and I were by the cemetery in the woods last night."

"Why were you?"

"I like taking nightly works, looking at the moons and stars. It's the only way I can fall asleep. Derek always takes me on walks before bed."

"Oh." Isaac says as they walk in silence for a moment. "Are your grades really slipping?"

"Yup and it'll be worst when I get to Chemistry and not have my homework done."

"You copy mine."

"I don't want to trouble you."

"It's fine, I don't mind. I can help you study too if you want." Tala smiles.

"Sure, Isaac, I'd love that."

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Tala places her tray down across from where Isaac is sitting at the table and sits down. "T-Tala." She gives him a kind smile.

"Mind if I sit with you?"


"I think my brother skipped class and went home early again. He does that a lot with his boyfriend. Scott is also off being busy with Allison, so... I have no one to really sit with."

"Y-You can s-sit with me." Isaac says, causing Tala to smile.

"Thanks, Izzy. Oh that reminds me, I give everyone nicknames, so I hope you do mind."

"N-No it's fine."

"Cool, thanks. Derek's Der-bear if you were wondering and Kaiden is Khola."

"What about Allison?" Tala frown before looking at Isaac.

"I don't have one for her."

"I thought you give nicknames to everyone."

"Allison and I are kind of opposing forces with friction."

"Meaning you don't get along."

"Nicely put... yes."

"So... I'm Izzy now?" Tala smiles.

"Hmm... Iz, Izzy, I'll probably come up with a ton more later." Isaac laughs as Tala stares at his eye. "Why did you lie to the cops and me."

"W-What are you talking about?"

"About your eye. You didn't get the black eye from lacrosse."

"Yeah, I did." Isaac says as his heart sped up.

"You don't have to tell, but please don't lie." Isaac stares at her as she looks down at her food. "I know your dad did it. I could tell. I'm really good at reading people and you lied last night, while also lying to the cops this morning. And I also so how you were with your dad, you were uncomfortable and tense as if you were waiting for him to flip."


"Like I already said, if you're just going to lie then don't bother commenting. I don't being lied to. I had it happen too many times within this school year already." Isaac closes his mouth and frowns. The two eat their lunch in silence before Isaac spoke again.

"Would it matter if I said my dad did it?"

"Yes." Tala looks up at him. "Your dad shouldn't be able to hit you. You should tell the cops about it and have them charge it."

"What? But he's my dad-"

"And I get it, but one of these days he's going to kill you." Tala gets up and picks up her tray.

"W-where are you going?"

"I'm not hungry anymore." She says before walking away and throwing her things away.

Tala walks out to find Kaiden standing outside waiting. "You, dear sister, have a temper."

"I'm not talking about it." Tala says as she walks down the hall.

"No, I get it. His father is beating him and he's letting him. You are upset because you don't understand why he doesn't try to stop him."

"I hate having you as a twin." Tala sighs as she stares at him.

"What because I know everything there is about you? Because we have a connection? Because I know what you are feeling when?"

"All the above." Kaiden smiles and wraps an arm around Tala.

"T, would you be able to kill dad even after knowing everything that he did?"

"No, but he didn't hurt us-

"No, he killed our cousin."

"Kai, can we not talk about dad?" Kaiden frowns and pulls her closer to him.

"If you want to know what I'm thinking, Tala-

"I know what you're thinking. It works both ways, Kai. You are thinking dad did what he did and he deserved what he got, but you still love him and feel sorry for him."

"Yeah, and I still miss him despite knowing everything that he did and knowing that he did it with the knowledge of what he was doing. Sure dad would never hurt us, but he would hurt others without blinking."

"So in a way you're saying you can relate to Isaac?"

"Same thing, but instead of our cousin getting killed, Isaac is getting beaten."

"I guess."

"Do you remember what dad was like before?"


"What if Isaac's dad wasn't always like this?" Tala frowns before looking up at him.

"Doesn't mean he should get away from it."

"Neither did Dad."

"Where are we going?" Tala asks, wanting to change the subject.

"To the Argent funeral."

"Kaiden!" Tala's eyes widen in shock. "We can't-

"Scott's meeting us there."

"Are you insane."

"I have to make sure the people coming here is, in fact, the people I think."

"So we're going to the person who killed our family-

"We'll be hiding so we won't be seen."

"That doesn't matter-

"Come on, stop arguing with me. We need to know."

"Kaiden you are insane."

"Tala, we need to know."


"Please." Tala sighs and heads out to Kaiden's car.

"Fine, but I'm telling Derek." Kaiden rolls his eyes.

"Yeah, go and tell the Alpha."

"What? Like you used to?"

"Oh shut up and get in the car." Tala laughs before hopping inside.

The two drive and park a mile from the graveyard in a section of the woods before heading off to meet up with Scott.

They find Scott hiding behind a very large tombstone, one that can cover three of them, but to be safe Tala and Kaiden hid behind a tombstone on either side of the one Scott is hiding behind. "Anything yet?" Kaiden whispers very softly so only Scott and werewolves could hear him.

"No, they just arrived." Kaiden nods as he peeks around. A whole crowd has gathered, all of them filming and taking pictures. Many reporters are shouting out questions, but no one is paying much attention to them. In fact, the Argent family is trying their best to ignore them.

Kaiden watches a boy slips under the barrackeds and begins to take pictures with his camera. "People are have very low morals." Tala whispers.

"Tell me about it. This is almost as bad as when our family got killed."

"Good thing we have our own Hale Cementary. We never had to go through this on the day of the funeral."

"I think Derek would have lost his temper if we did." Scott frowns as he watches a man wrap his hand around the boy's camera, causing the boy to look up and stop taking pictures.

The man was old and had a personal bodyguard like man behind him. "This looks expensive." The man says as Kaiden tries to figure out of this is the man that his aunt always talked about.

"Yeah, 900 bucks." The boy answers as the man takes his card out of the camera.

"And how expensive is this?" The man asks before snapping it in half and handing the camera back. Kaiden feels the hair on his arms rise as the man walks over to Allison's father and hugs him before moving to Allison's mother and kissing both her cheeks.

"I'm so sorry." Allison's mom tells him. Kaiden jumps as he feels someone move behind him. He turns and sees Stiles kneeling behind him.

"Hey, Kai." Stiles smiles as he watches the people before them. Kaiden instantly relaxes as he feels Stiles take his hand. "You okay?"

"Shush." Kaiden whispers.

"Do you remember me?" The man asks Allison, causing her to nod.

"Who the hell is that?" Stiles asks as Allison and the others look their way. They all move out of view and close their eyes, waiting a heartbeat for anyone to realize they were there.

"He's definitely an Argent." Scott tells them.

"Definitely." Tala agrees as they look back.

"I can practically feel it." Kaiden whispers.

"Considering I haven't seen you since you were three, I don't suppose I can assume you'd call me grandpa." The man says, causing Allison to give a small smile. "So if it's comfortable, call me Gerard for the time being. But I'd prefer grandpa." The man sits beside Allison as Kaiden curses under his breath.

"Language." Stiles says, causing Kaiden to roll his eyes."

Allison glances over at them and Scott waves to her, causing her to smile. "Hey, maybe they're just here for the funeral, I mean... what if they're the non-hunting side of the family?" Stiles asks. "There could be non-hunting Argents. It's possible, right?"

"No, it's not." Kaiden whispers. "I remember my aunt mentioning a man named Gerard, he was around at the time of the fire."

"I know what they are." Scott whispers.

"They're reinforcements." Tala adds, causing Scott to nod. Kaiden almost screams as suddenly the sheriff grabs Stiles and him by their collars.

"The two of you." He looks at Scott and Stiles. "Are unbelievable, but I never thought you Kaiden would have gone along with this." Kaiden's eyes move to where Tala had been, but he found no sight of her, causing him to glare at the spot. "Pick up my tie."

"Sorry." Stiles says as he picks it up. "I know, I'm supposed to ask."

The sheriff leads the three of them to his car and throws them into the back seat, causing them to be locked back there due to the stupid way cop cars are set up. "What if it's get hot?" Kaiden whines. The sheriff rolls his eyes before rolling the front windows down. "Thanks." Kaiden mumbles.

"Stay." The sheriff says.

"Woof." Stiles smiles at Kaiden as the sheriff gives him a look.

"What? It's not like we can go anywhere." Kaiden says as he tries opening the door, but can't. "The police cars are made for people in the back to be unable to get out."

"Just shut up." Kaiden pouts as the sheriff walks off.

"I think I ruin your dad and I's relationship." Stiles rolls his eyes as he leans his head back.

"There's not that much room back here." Scott sighs. Stiles looks at Kaiden, who rolls his eyes.

"Fine." Stiles smiles and hops into Kaiden's lap and snuggles up.

"Now I want to dig my eyes out with my claws." Scott grumbles.

The three sit in the car for a long, the sheriff moving to the front now as the radio goes off. "4-1-5 ADAM."

"Did you say 4-1-5 adam?" The sheriff asks.

"Disturbance in a car." Stiles whispers to them.

"They were taking a heart attack victim-D.O.A, but on the way to the hospital, something hit 'em."

"H-hit-hit the ambulance?" The sheriff asks confused.

"Copy that. I'm standing in front of it right now. Something got in the back." Stiles is leaning forward as everything is being said, causing Kaiden and Scott to look at him confused. "There's blood everywhere and I mean everywhere."

"Alright, unit 4, what's your 20?"

"Route 5 and post. I swear, I've never seen anything like this."

"Alright, take it easy, I'm on my way." The sheriff hangs up the radio speaker and turns to them, but Kaiden has used his claws to pick the lock and get them out. "Now, as for you three..."

Chapter Text

Tala, Kaiden, Scott, and Stiles move through the woods in the darkness towards the cop car and the ambulance, taking cover behind the higher ground. They can see the sheriff standing there talking to the other cop as they watch. "What the hell is Lydia doing?" Stiles asks.

"I don't know." Scott answers.

"What kept you from doing that?" Stiles asks.

"Derek." Tala and Kaiden say together. "And Laura."

"Was it Allison?" Stiles asks Scott.

"I hope so." Scott whispers.

"Do you guys need to get closer?" Stiles asks.

Scott sniffs and shakes his head. "No, I got it."

"I'll go with Stiles, you go with Tala and find Lydia." Kaiden says, causing Scott to nod before taking off. "Come on, Sti."


Tala and Scott run through the woods together, following the scent from the ambulance before getting on their hands and knees and running faster. They are chasing after both the scent and a shadow. Tala lunges and tackles the shadow to the ground, but when she pulls back she realizes the shadow she tackled was not Lydia. "You're not Lydia." Scott says as Tala jumps off the werewolf as if he had flees.

The werewolf comes at Scott growling and throwing punches, but Tala grabs him by the mess of hair and pulls him back, pushing onto his back and on the ground. The werewolf kicks Tala in the stomach, causing her to cry in pain and fall back as the werewolf tackles her to the ground, grabbing her by the hair and smashing her head into the ground. Scott grabs the werewolf and throws him off Tala. The werewolf pushes back into Scott and hits him into the tree before pulling away from Scott's arms, turning and growling a safe space away.

"Wait!" Scott yells as the creature runs off.

Tala groans and accepts Scott's hand, allowing him to pull her up before the two rush after the werewolf. "Wait!" Tala yells, holding her throbbing head.

"Stop!" Scott yells. Tala jumps back as the werewolf gets hooked by the hands in the Argent's trap. She dives back a safe distance from being seen. Scott tries to help, but Derek grabs him and throws him to the ground, pulling him to where Tala hid behind the tree. "What are you doing? I gotta help him."

"They're already here." Derek tells him.

"I can help him."

"Quiet!" Derek hisses as he holds Scott. Tala stands to the side of Derek, leaning against him for comfort.

The werewolf snarls as all the hunters gather around him, thrashing about. Chris Argent gets out an electrocuting stick, causing the werewolf to growl. Chris hits the werewolf with the end, causing both the werewolf to scream and the stick to spark.

Derek holds Scott tightly as Tala buries her face into Derek's arm. "Who are you?" Argent asks, but the werewolf doesn't answer. "What are you doing here?"

"Nothing. Nothing, I swear." The werewolf manages to say.

"You're not from here," Gerard walks forward. "Are you?!" Argent yells.

"No. No, I came- I came looking for the alpha." The werewolf says. "I heard he was here. That's all. Look, I didn't do anything. I didn't hurt anyone. No one living. He wasn't alive in the ambulance. He wasn't, I swear!"

"Gentlemen!" Gerard yells. "Take a look at a rare sight. You wanna tell them what we've caught?"

"An omega." Argent answers.

"The lone wolf!" Gerard clarifies. "Possibly kicked out of his own pack. Or the survivor of a pack that was hunted down. Maybe even murdered. And possibly alone by his own choice. Certainly not a wise choice."

"Der." Tala whimpers.

"Shh." Derek whispers as he holds Scott tighter as Gerard pulls out a large sword.

"Because," Gerard continues as he walks over to the omega. "As I am about to demonstrate.... An omega rarely survives.... on his own." Tala squeezes his eyes shut as Gerard cuts the man in half.

"Look," Derek orders Scott. "Look. Look at them!" Scott watches. "You see what they do? This is why you need me. Why we need each other. Why we all need each other. The only way to fight them is together."

"What are they doing?" Scott asks.

"Declaring war." Derek answers.

"We have a code." Argent says.

"Not when they murder my daughter." Gerard slams the sword down. "No code. Not anymore. From now on, these things are just bodies waiting to be cut in half. Are you listening? Because I don't care if they're wounded and weak. Or seemingly harmless..... Begging for their life with the promise that they will never, ever hurt anyone. Or some desperate, lost soul with no idea what they're getting into. We find them. We kill them. We kill them all."

Chapter Text

Tala leans against the subway cart as Isaac walks down the steps with a flashlight. His flashlight shines on her and she cocks her head. "Hey, Iz, didn't expect you to come to us." Derek moves beside her.

"You come for the bite?" Derek ask, causing Tala to glance at him.

"You told him about the bite?" She asks.

"I told him everything."

"Even the risks?"

"He told me everything, Tala." Isaac says. "I want it. I want the bite."


"I know what I'm getting into, Tala. I want the bite." Tala sighs and nods to Derek.

"Give him the bite, Der." Derek nods before letting his eyes glow and his fangs come out. He walks over to a trembling Isaac and motions for Isaac to lift his shirt. Derek bites Isaac, causing the boy to gasp in pain.

"Don't worry, it's the only painful thing with this." Tala promises. Isaac moves back once the bite is given and looks at Tala.


"Go home, Isaac. We'll talk more tomorrow. I'll help you get through the first change." Tala promises before showing him out.

Once he's out she turns and aims a fist at Derek, but he catches it. "He asked for it!"

"You shouldn't have given to him!"

"You said-

"Only because you set it in his mind and he knew about us, so I had no choice, but to let him get the bite!"

"Tala, he wanted the bite! I told him everything! The Argents, the changes he will go through, everything!" Tala runs a hand through her hair and sighs.

"I just don't want him to regret anything."

"When the affects come in then he won't regret it. Not when he looks at you." Tala frown and looks up at Derek.

"I don't want to control him."

"You aren't. He made his choices without knowing your connection to him."


"Tala, relax. Get some sleep." Tala sighs before heading into the subway train, going to a back room and laying down on the mattress in there and falling to sleep.


"Derek!" Tala groans as she hears shouting.

"What's wrong?" Tala climbs out of bed and makes her way down the subway cart.

"My dad." She glances over and sees Isaac and Derek.

"Der? Iz? What's going on?"

"I think he's dead." Tala's eyes widen.

"Wait, what? What the hell happened?"

"What did you do?" Derek asks.

"That's the thing. It wasn't me." Isaac says.

"Iz, what happened?" Tala asks. Isaac looks at Tala and freezes.

"Tala leave." Derek orders.


"Leave." Tala frowns before walking out of the room. She can hear Isaac whimper for her, but she ignores it and goes back to her room.

Tala waits in her room an agonizingly long time before she hears someone coming towards her. She looks up and sees Isaac standing in the doorway. "Are you okay?" Tala asks as Isaac takes a seat beside her.

"I don't really know."

"What happened?"

"My dad and I got into a fight. It got dangerous and I got cut. My dad saw me heal and I freaked out and ran. I got on my bike and rode off. My dad followed me and I had gone in this alley hoping to ditch him." Isaac begins to tear up, causing Tala to hold his hand.

"Go on, Iz, what happened after you went into the alley."

"I climbed the building and hid up there as my father walked into the alley. Something attacked him. It was weird, but it looked like some kind of lizard." Tala frowns as she holds Isaac's hand. "There was so much blood and..."

"Sh, it's okay, Isaac." She pulls him into her arms. "It's not your fault." He wraps his arms around her and buries his face into her neck. "Shh, just relax. Everything will be okay. You are to go to school tomorrow and act as if nothing is wrong." Isaac nods against her and she hums a soft melody, which relaxes Isaac even more. "Just close your eyes and get some sleep. You can sleep here for tonight." Isaac nods and lays down. Tala goes to get up, but he grabs her hand.

"Please don't leave me." She gives him a small smile before laying down beside him.

"I'm not going to leave you." The two lay down and fall to sleep beside each other.


Tala smiles as she holds Isaac's hand, skipping down the hallways towards the locker room. "So, you're new, but don't worry. Everything will work out. I'll help you learn control, while Derek helps you for tonight."

"What's tonight?" Isaac asks, smiling at Tala's good mood.

"Full moon."

"Oh." Isaac's smile falls.

"I know it sucks, but it something that must be done. Just be happy that you're a guy. Us girls have to go through it twice a month."

"So what are we going to do about it?"

"Lock you up until you get an anchor."


"Yeah, it's something that keeps you human."

"What's yours?"

"M..." She trails off with a frown. "My dad."

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay." She gives him a smile. "Anyways, you'll figure out what your anchor is in no time, but for now you need to be chain up."

"What about-

"Iz," Tala gives him a stern look. "Remember what I said, act as if nothing is wrong. You don't know about your dad. You and I had a study date at my house, okay?"

"Okay." Isaac nods.

"Good, now let's get you to practice and remember to listen to my voice during practice. Focus on calm thoughts, do not let the aggression get to you." Isaac nods as the two reach the doors. "I'll see you on the field." She turns to go, but Isaac stops her.



"Derek told me about mates." She looks at him and nods.

"He told me he was going to tell you."

"You're my mate." She nods.

"And you're mine."

"So... does that mean..." She takes his hand and smiles.

"It means the two of us are supposed to be together and trying to fight it is pointless, it never works." Isaac nods as he looks at her.

"I...I don't think I want to." She smiles before pulling away.

"You're going to be late."

"I don't want you to leave." Isaac whimpers, taking her hand again.

"I have to go, Iz, but I promise, I'll be around." She smiles before heading down the hallway.

"Bye, Ta." She smiles and rounds the corner.