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Our Lives That June

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A soft hum escaped Blu's lips as she rocked the smaller girl in her arms. 

"You are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are grey."

"You'll never know dear how much I love you please don't take my sunshine away.." 

Xanthe watched silently as her older twin rocked their younger sister Cerise to sleep. Xanthe gaped her mouth open to say something, but was quickly shushed by Blu. The three girls knew better than to talk at midnight, espically if their mother, White was in the other room. So quickly putting Cerise to sleep was vital since the younger girl was a talkative stuttering mess.  A shiver raced it's way through Xanthe's spine as she recalled the pre-days of Cerise's stuttering. How the young girl could only say a few words clearly and the rest of her speech was a abouslute mess of undispherable words. Blu believed the constant smart remarks and brutal verbal abuse their mother, put their younger sibling through caused her stuttering, but their mother digressed that thought and just flatly said Cerise was absoulute dumbass and couldn't talk to save her life. Hurting Cerise even more, and whenever Cerise did try to defend herself a mess of so called words spilled out of her lips, causing a slender white hand to hit her across her cheek.

"Speak right!" Their mother would scream causing the smaller girl to cry and cover her face.

Xanthe bit her lip as she felt tears spring to life in her eyes. She knew Cerise met no harm by her stuttering, but the girl subconciously did do harm to everyone, to the family. Every arguement, every beating, every fight was caused by Cerise. Xanthe honestly wanted the burden of bad luck gone from the family. But she knew that wouldn't happen anytime soon, unless she took manners in her own hands?


She couldn't do that to Blu, if there was one person who loved Cerise it was Blu. Xanthe hated their sickily sisterly love, there were times were Xanthe thought that maybe whenever her two siblings were left alone, they did things that only adults did.

Dirty things.

And sometimes in a blue moon whenever Xanthe was really deep in thought, she'd always wonder if maybe she could be apart of whatever Blu and Cerise did together, but then her rational thoughts came into play again at once. Shame on her sisters if they dared perform such disgusting acts on one another. 

"Xanthe, can you help me move Cerise to her bed?" Blu asked pulling Xanthe out of her thoughts.

"Yeah, yeah." She sighed, annoyed. Xanthe picked up the smaller girl, her body limp, making it harder to carry her weight. Blu helped Xanthe by bickering a on how she should handle the smaller girl, fussing on how Xanthe treated the smaller girl's body as if it was a ragdoll. Xanthe rolled her eyes as she dropped Cerise on her bed pulling the girl's covers up to her chin. The smaller girl honestly looked beautiful as she peacefully slept. Soft almost inaudible snores came out of her mouth.

 "Xanthe aren't you going to join me in the bed?" Blu asked causing Xanthe to whip her head around. "Um, yes, in just a second." Xanthe replied walking over to Blu, making sure to be quiet while doing so. It was no secret the two girls slept together, Xanthe did have her own bed, but she hardly ever used it, there were too many bad things that had happended to her while on that bed. Sleeping on it will only give her unimaginable night terrors that would haunt her until she returned back into non-existence. "Xanthe why do you look so tramatized?" Blu whispered making room for her younger twin. Xanthe slipped into bed with her twin and instantly felt bubbly inside, like a gazillon butterfiles just invander her lower stomach, causing her to feel somewhat sick. "I'm just...thinking is all, i'm not tramatized." Xanthe stated laying her head on her sister's pillow, whiffing in her twins rain like smell. 

"You know you can talk to me about anything, right?" Blu said resting on her elbow.

"Yes, but I like to keep my feelings to myself."


"Because even if I do tell you what's wrong with me it's not like you can do that much about it."

"Is this about Cerise?" Blu asked.

"Not everything has to be about Cerise." Xanthe murmured, agitated.

"Y'know she loves you dearly Xanthe, I don't understand why you don't let people love on you.."

"Can you shut up and let me go to sleep?" Xanthe asked through gritted teeth. Blu nodded and rested her head on her mattress facing the opposite side of her sister. Xanthe was honestly a mystery to her, there were days whenever the teen would hug and kiss on her siblings, then there were other days were she would terroize them. Her younger twin was like a bomb waiting to explode, and Blu feared that whenever she did blow, someone was going to end up dead. With a heavy sigh Blu closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Rays of sunshine came through the thick window as someone played Moonlight Sonata on the grand piano. Xanthe shifted in bed and let out a groan, sitting up. Oh God how Moonlight Sonata freaked her out, but alas that was one of her mother's favorite songs by Beethoven, so she always forced any of the three girls to play it for her in the mornings. Xanthe climbed out of her sister's bed and unsteadly walked downstairs, it always took her body a long while to fully wake up and function properly. Cerise would always laugh and point at her sister and comment how she acted like a drunk in the mornings. As Xanthe entered the main living room she saw Cerise sitting at the piano while their mother watched the young girl play like a hawk. Blu was on the couch glancing at a sheet of paper as she mumured polish words to herself in a harsh whisper.

"Well hello Xanthe." Their mother said glaring at the blonde headed girl. Xanthe's mouth went dry as she gazed into almost too familar eyes, for a split second it felt like she was staring into her own. "Did you have some nice beauty rest?" White asked walking towards the blonde cupping her cheeks in her hands.

"Yes Mother I did.." Xanthe replied blandly as she felt Cerise look their way with a glimpse of Jealously in her eyes. "That's wonderful." Their mother stated as she placed a chatse kiss on her daughter's jawline. The blonde quickly fell ill to her mother's sickly kindness, trying her best to surpass a gag. 

"Is there something wrong, apple of my eye?" Their mother asked, squishing her child's face with a seductive look in her eyes. Cerise banged on the grand piano and abruptly got up from it. 

"I-i-i-i-i'm duh-duh-done puh-puh-playing th-this st-stupid so-song!!" Cerise Exclaimed causing everyone in the elegant living room to jump. The brown haired girl shedded tears of frustration as she walked hastily upstairs slamming their bedroom door shut. Blu quickly got up and tried dashing to the stairs. "Not so fast you stay here and practice your Polish!! I'll take care of your sister!" Blu and Xanthe's face turnt into a unnatural white color as they knew what was to come. Blu sighed heavily her breath shaking as she covered her ears to mute out the screaming that would come in the next few moments. Xanthe moved next to her sister as their mother stomped upstairs. She wrapped her arms around her twin's body holding her close as screams could be heard from upstairs.

"I hate her so much Xanthe..I want her to die.." Blu whispered as tears fell down her cheeks.

"I know, I know..So do I, but there's nothing we can do, but weigh it out until we're adults."

"Why can't we just leave..?" Blu whispered softly.

"Y'know we can't do that, we're not old enough, and that idea is dumb.." 

"It's not, we can plan it out, we'll get out of this house and see the world, we'll be free, all three of us, we wouldn't have to listein to her anymore.." Blu whispered excitedly as her sister beamed at her words.

"We'll see the world? All of it..?" Xanthe asked her voice rising with excitement.

"All of it..We just need to get out of here, are you comfortable to try and run away with me?" 

Xanthe bit her lip and then nodded. "Yes, we can try, but not right away." Blu nodded and hugged her younger twin.

"I love you."

"I....I love you too.."

The three girls laid in bed once again as the moon rose with pride in the midnight sky. Cerise trembled as her breathing became harder as a layer of thick dry blood stuck to her nostrils making it harder for her to breathe. A pin size hole in her bloody left nostril was the only thing helping her breathe. Her black eye throbbed as she closed her eyes and tried to sleep. Tonight she slept with Blu as Xanthe took her bed. Blu's arm wrapped themselves around her sister lovingly as she petted her younger sibling's hair. Her lips brushed against the younger child's ear as she whispered a lullaby in her ear.

"Sleep my child peace attend thee, all through the night.." 

Blu's honeyed voice sent chill's up Cerise's spine as her older sister played with her hair, twirling a lock of her brown almost amber gold hair around her slender index finger. As Cerise's chest rose in a even manner, the door creepily creaked open, the hallway light shining through their massaive room. Cerise peeked through her eyelids as she felt Blu's heart beat faster, their mother entered the bedroom and was shocked to see Xanthe sleeping on Cerise's bed. She quickly sat on her youngest child's as she stroked Xanthe's hair causing the teen to wake up in a dazed condition. A few angry groans coming out of her mouth as she furrowed her brows at the person who woke her up.

Cerise gasped as she saw their mom grip at Xanthe's nightgown, Blu covered her younger sister's mouth and squeezed her own eyes shut. A distinct noise of kissing filled the room like a nasty black plague as quiet murmurs could be heard from Xanthe and White. Soon the duo exited the room in a hastily manner, Xanthe closed the door shut and glared at her two other siblings. There was a look in her eyes that confused Cerise, it captivated her. Her eyes were glazed in helplessness as her glare begged for help, help from Cerise or Blu, for christ sake help from anybody. It stunned the younger girl that her sister actually needed help. Her strong bold older sister, that would one day take over the family buisness and become a noble strong leader. Was begging for help from her useless stuttering freak kid sister.

What has Mother done to us?  Cerise thought as the door painfully closed shut, the hallway light turning off.

"Buh-buh-blu, W-w-why Were w-we ruh-ruh-robbed of e-ev-everything?" Cerise asked as she pulled away from her older sister's grip, tears welding in her eyes. "Wh-why wo-would G-god D-do th-this to u-u-us?"

Blu glared at her amber haired sister and kissed at her bruised cheek. "I don't know Cerise...But i'm sure God will help us sure enough." Blu lied, God wasn't going to come and help them anytime soon, and Blu was sure as hell aware of that, to be honest Blu was convinced a God didn't even exist, but alas she had to give Cerise hope. Hope that maybe one day they'll leave this hellhole and find better lives for themselves, that Cerise will over come her stuttering, Xanthe will find someone and know what it feels like to be properly loved, and for Blu herself to finally be free from worrying about her younger siblings.

"H-h-he su-sure is ta-taking h-his suh-suh-sweet a-a-ass tuh-tuh-time." Cerise stammered as she wiped tears away from her eyelashes.

"Oh Cerise don't talk like that, you know God loves you and will take care of his children." Blu smiled embracing her younger sister. Cerise nodded and hugged Blu back as tears rolled down her weary eyes.

"B-blue wh-what d-does Mo-mommy d-d-d-do to Yuh-yuh-yellow...?" Cerise asked, taking Blu off guard.

"Bad things...Things you shouldn't know about until you get older..."

"B-b-but B-Blu-"

"No buts! Don't worry about such things, ok? Yellow...Yellow is just sleeping with Mom tonight." Blu lied.

"D-does M-mommy b-beat her? Y-yellow al-always h-has b-bruises on her n-neck w-whenever sh-she c-comes buh-buh-back."

"No, Mom doesn't beat her...Just don't worry about it my sunshine..." Blu whispered gently laying her sister down. 

"O-ok...N-night M-mo- I-I-I M-mean B-b-blu.."

Blu smiled and kissed her sister's lips.

"That's ok if you call me Mom." Blu said softly. Cerise nodded and hummed in respones. "Goodnight Cerise.." Blu whispered gingerly as she laid next to her younger sister wrapping her arms around her sister's tiny waist. Cerise hummed and snored softly.

As Blu tried to sleep, very faintly she could hear cries and soft moans, she covered her ears and sighed.

"I'm so sorry Xanthe.."