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Kinktober 2017

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“Are you ready darlin?”

“Yes Jesse, I’m ready.”

“What’s your safe word sugar?”


“Alright sugar. Now, strip for daddy.”

Jesse McCree was sitting on the bed watching you intently, his hat and serape was off and hanging up on the wall, his armor was in the next room with his gun. He was wearing a simple long sleeve shirt, and a pair of jeans, he still had his belt on. His belt buckle shined in the low light of the room.

You began removing your clothes but stopped when you heard Jesse clear his throat, “Slower sugar.”

You slowly removed your tank top, and bent over and removed your shorts, you bent over and slowly pulled down your panties. You went to kick them to the side but he made a clicking noise with his tongue, “Good girls fold their clothes.”

“Yes daddy.” you nodded quickly and folded your clothes and put them away, the entire time you could feel Jesse’s eyes on your body. He was enjoying seeing your bare ass, the way your back looked and the curve of your legs. When you turned around he swallowed thickly, every time he saw you naked he was blown away with your beauty. He wanted to get down on his knees and worship you, but now wasn’t that time.

“Good girl, now come over here. On your knees in front of me.” he said, you walked over and slowly sat down on your knees. His hand cupped your face, his thumb ran over your lips and circled your mouth, you let out a low moan and gazed up at him. He’s so handsome, you thought.

“Alright sugar, you remember your words?”

“Yes Jesse.” You said with a soft smile.

“Now, you know what you did earlier was naughty right?”


“Yes what?” he growled, he grabbed a fistful of your hair.

“Yes daddy.” You said quickly.

“Good girl. You didn’t wash the dishes like I asked you too, I asked you several times today. Now, stand up and bend over my legs.” He ordered. You knew he wasn’t upset about the dishes, he didn’t care about one bowl in the sink. He knew you wanted to feel pain, he knew you liked it. He didn’t mind doing this for you, he loves you. He’ll do it for you anytime you ask.

You slowly stood up and positioned yourself over his legs, his hands ran over your ass and your back, his hands were so gentle as they went over your skin. His metal hand was cold and caused goosebumps along your skin. He was gentle until he gripped your ass tightly, you stiffened up and hissed.

“Now, daddy’s very upset with his princess. You ignored what I told you earlier, and that makes daddy very, very angry. As punishment, I’m going to spank you ten times. I want you to count each spank, you don’t or you mess up then I’ll start over. Do you understand me?”

“Yes daddy.”

“Good girl.” He rubbed your ass for a moment, then his flesh and blood hand came down on your ass sharply.

“One.” You whimpered, god did that hurt. He rubbed the sensitive spot and brought his hand down again, and again, and again. You counted and cried out and began wiggling on his lap, you could feel the tears forming in your eyes.

“Shhh baby girl. I know it hurts, you’re so sensitive. You have such a low tolerance, don’t you? But don’t worry, you’re only on number six. You’re doing such a good job.” He cooed, you moaned at his praises. His hand came down again.

“Ahh seven!” you cried.

“Good girl.” He whispered in your ear, he spanked you again, harder this time.


“Almost done sweet heart.” He slammed his hand down again.

“Ahh fuck nine!” you cried, the tears pricked your eyes.

“Shhh good girl. Just one more time, sweet heart.” He cooed, his hand was rubbing your ass tenderly. He brought his hand down again, harder than before.

“Ahh ten. Ten, daddy.” You cried out. Jesse rubbed your ass gently, he was whispering softly into your ear.

“You’re such a good girl sugar. Such a good girl for your daddy.” He stood you up and wiped away the stray tears on your face, “Now bend over the bed for me sugar.”

You nodded and bent over the bed. Jesse rubbed your red ass and rubbed against your opening, you were so wet from the spanking. Part of you always hated that pain turned you on, but the other part didn’t care because you loved it.

Jesse stood up and you heard him undoing his belt, you expected him to start fucking you, but when you felt something firm tap your ass you froze. Jesse chuckled when he felt you freeze, “Daddy’s very proud of you darlin. Now, do you think you can handle my belt?”

You were in for one hell of a night.