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Kurodai Kinktober 2017

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It is late and Daichi should be asleep by now but he can't, not when Kuroo is touching him like that.

It has been way too long since the last time they met and Daichi can't blame Kuroo for wanting to get his hands all over him when he has missed him too. Daichi just can't keep his eyes open as Kuroo strokes his stomach, his hand trailing up to his chest before sliding all the way down, past the waistband of his pants. Daichi shivers as Kuroo wraps his fingers around his cock, coaxing the heat into his skin as he mouths at the back of Daichi's neck, his breath hot against his nape. Behind him, Kuroo shifts, his hips fitting perfectly against Daichi, his erection pressing up against the cleft of Daichi's ass through his boxers.

Daichi stifles a moan as Kuroo starts grinding up against him, slow and wanting. He turns over in Kuroo's arms, searching for Kuroo's face with bleary eyes through the dark. His boyfriend is like a cat, living up to the nickname of the school he goes to, and Daichi sees his eyes bright in the dark, reflecting the faint light coming through the window.

"Kuroo," Daichi murmurs, putting a hand on Kuroo's cheek with more force than intended and wincing at the sharp sound. "I'm sorry but I don't think I'm awake enough for this."

"Oh." Kuroo wraps his arms around Daichi and draws him closer. Even without looking at him, Daichi can hear the disappointment in his voice as he says, "I'll stop now then. We can just cuddle?"

Daichi knows how much Kuroo misses him and he can't blame Kuroo's body for reacting to him when they are finally this close again. Kuroo's erection presses up against Daichi's thigh and his body temperature burns hotter than Daichi's for once. It must be killing Kuroo to suggest cuddling when what he really wants would need more energy than Daichi has at the moment.

Daichi slides his hand to the back of Kuroo's neck, pulling him closer so that he can murmur into his ear, "No, I'm just saying sorry in advance if I doze off in the middle of this. I love you but I'm really way too sleepy."

Kuroo's cheek burns hot against Daichi's face as he mutters, "You must be really sleepy if you're saying that out loud."

"Hm?" Daichi yawns, already forgetting what he just said.

"Nothing." Kuroo turns his face, his lips catching Daichi on the cheek. "I love you too, Sawamura."

Kuroo's hands reach for the waistband of Daichi's boxers, tugging it down and pulling his cock out. Daichi's eyes flutter shut again as Kuroo presses their cocks together and wraps a hand around them clumsily. His other hand goes to the small of Daichi's back and Daichi hooks a leg over Kuroo's waist, burying his face in the warm crook of Kuroo's neck as Kuroo starts stroking them in earnest.

With all his other senses dulled, lulled into sleep, his sensation of touch is heightened and Daichi finds himself gasping into Kuroo's shoulder as Kuroo works his hand over them, pressing their cocks together into the tight circle of his hand. His movements are frantic, his hips bucking against Daichi as he groans. He is trying to get them off as quickly as possible, overly conscious of Daichi's need for sleep, and Daichi puts a hand over his, stopping him.

"Slow down, Tetsu," Daichi murmurs. "I'm still here. Do whatever you like."

"Oh my god," he thinks he hears Kuroo say faintly.

The world shifts and Daichi finds himself suddenly on top of Kuroo, their hips still pressed together. Lips brush against his forehead, his cheek, his closed eyelids, and hands grip his ass hard, moving him in time to the hips under him. Daichi moans as Kuroo thrusts against him, his fingers digging into the fabric of Kuroo's shirt. The heat builds up between them, their cocks slick with sweat and precum, and the last thing Daichi remembers before his consciousness slips away is pleasure soaking into his body, sending ripples of warmth through his limbs and making him tremble against the body under him.


The next morning at breakfast, Kuroo is in an odd mood, shooting furtive glances at Daichi every time he thinks he isn't looking. Daichi has had enough of that over the entire summer before they got together and he looks up just as Kuroo glances his way again and asks, "What is it?"

Kuroo jumps, caught in the act of looking at Daichi, and he fidgets. Daichi raises an eyebrow at him and lowers his chopsticks, ready to hear him out.

At last, Kuroo asks, "Did you know that you're really affectionate when you're sleepy?"

Daichi scrunches his brow. "Affectionate?"

Kuroo fiddles with his chopsticks. "You know. Telling me you love me, calling me pet names, telling me to do whatever I want with you..."

Daichi's cheeks burst with heat. Now that Kuroo mentions it, he vaguely remembers saying something along those lines. As someone with regular sleeping times, he doesn't deal too well with sleepiness and it erases any filters he has between his mind and his mouth. He was probably speaking straight from his feelings since there wasn't much of his mind left at three in the morning and Kuroo, who was practically nocturnal, had been awake enough to remember that.

"You meant that, didn't you?" Kuroo asks, his cheeks pink.

He did, even if he wouldn't say it out loud under normal circumstances. It is embarrassing since it has only been a precious few months since they have been going out and Daichi still doesn't know how to act around Kuroo sometimes when he looks at him and his feelings come bubbling up from within overwhelmingly.

So Daichi settles for a compromise.

"I don't say things I don't mean," he says without meeting Kuroo's eyes, piling up his plates and utensils in a haphazard stack and moving away from the table quickly before Kuroo can react.

But Kuroo catches up with him at the sink, his arms encircling Daichi's waist and his head resting on Daichi's shoulder, a giddy smile on his face.

"I love you too, Daichi," Kuroo says into his ear warmly, without his usual teasing lilt. "Now that you've had your fill of sleep, are you free later?"